A Taste of Hope OSRS Quest Ultimate Guide

The A Taste of Hope quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) stands as a pivotal adventure within the game, serving as a bridge to deeper lore and more challenging content. This quest is part of the Myreque quest series, which delves into the resistance against the oppressive vampyre overlords in Morytania, offering players a chance to further unravel the mysteries of this dark and perilous region.

The quest is characterized by its medium to high difficulty level, making it a significant step up from its predecessors. It requires players to navigate through treacherous terrain, engage in combat with formidable foes, and solve intricate puzzles. A Taste of Hope is not just a test of combat prowess but also of preparation and strategy, as it involves multiple boss fights, each with its unique mechanics and vulnerabilities.

Embarking on this quest, players will find themselves delving into the heart of vampyre territory, uncovering secrets, and making allies, all in the effort to bring hope to a land shrouded in darkness. The narrative is rich with intrigue, betrayal, and heroism, engaging players in a story that is both compelling and rewarding.

A Taste of Hope Quest Requirements

Skill Requirements

To undertake “A Taste of Hope,” players must have achieved the following skill levels:

  • 48 Crafting
  • 45 Agility
  • 40 Attack
  • 40 Herblore
  • 38 Slayer

These skills are essential for navigating the quest’s challenges, crafting necessary items, and engaging in combat effectively.

A Taste of Hope Quest Prerequisites

Players need to have completed certain quests to access “A Taste of Hope.” These include:

  • Darkness of Hallowvale, to delve deeper into Morytania’s vampyre-related storyline.
  • The preceding quests in the Myreque series, such as “In Search of the Myreque” and “Nature Spirit,” are necessary to understand the ongoing resistance against the vampyres and the background of the afflicted lands.

For a smooth questing experience, the following gear and items are recommended:

  • Weight-reducing clothing for agility-related tasks early in the quest.
  • A mix of melee and magic gear for the boss fights, with an emphasis on magic for the first boss, as it is weak to magic attacks.
  • High-healing food, prayer potions, and possibly a super restore potion for stat restoration during combat.
  • Specific items like a chisel, an emerald, cosmic and air runes for crafting, a vial of water, and a pestle and mortar for potion-making tasks within the quest.
  • The Rod of Ivandis, which plays a crucial role in the quest’s progression and combat. Instructions on how to reacquire the Rod of Ivandis are provided if it has been lost.

Boss Fight Preparations

Boss fights in “A Taste of Hope” are challenging and require strategic preparation:

  • The first boss is susceptible to magic; therefore, equipping a magic weapon such as the Ivandis staff and gearing up for magic defense is advised.
  • For the second boss, who is weak to the newly crafted Ivandis Flail, players should prepare with melee gear.
  • Both bosses have unique mechanics, with the second boss necessitating the use of the Ivandis Flail and strategic movement to avoid powerful attacks.
  • Stocking up on sufficient food, prayer potions, and possibly combat potions to enhance performance in these fights is crucial.

Starting A Taste of Hope Quest

Location and How to Get There

To initiate the “A Taste of Hope” quest, players must first navigate to the Theater of Blood, located within the vampyre-dominated region of Morytania. There are two primary methods to reach this destination:

  1. Using Mort’ton Teleports: Players can use Mort’ton teleport scrolls or the Barrows teleport and then proceed on foot towards the south side of Burgh de Rott. From there, board the boat located on the small dock, which will take them directly to Meiyerditch.
  2. Via Ectofuntus: For those opting for an alternative route, traveling to the Ectofuntus and then taking a boat to Slepe for a fee of 10,000 coins is an option. This method places players relatively close to the Theater of Blood, making it a viable option for accessing the quest’s starting point.

Speaking to Garth

Upon arrival at the Theater of Blood, players are to seek out an NPC named Garth. Positioned to the east of the theater’s entrance, Garth serves as the quest’s starting point. Engaging in dialogue with him and expressing a willingness to help triggers the quest’s commencement, accompanied by a cutscene that further sets the stage for the unfolding adventure.

Avoiding the Vyrewatch

As players embark on their journey towards the Myreque Hideout, they must exercise caution to avoid the Vyrewatch’s prying eyes. The Vyrewatch, vigilant overseers of the vampyre realm, can hinder progress. Players might need to offer blood tithes or employ stealth to navigate past these formidable foes.

Entering the Theatre of Blood

The path to the Myreque Hideout necessitates re-entering the Theatre of Blood, a landmark that players will become familiar with throughout the quest. The theater’s grandeur and ominous ambiance underscore the challenges that lie ahead.

Journey to the Hideout

The trek to the Myreque Hideout is fraught with obstacles, requiring players to maneuver through Meiyerditch’s dilapidated structures and evade detection. This segment of the quest emphasizes agility and stealth, guiding players through a series of physical and strategic challenges to reach the hideout. The hideout itself is a bastion for the Myreque, a group of resistance fighters opposing the vampyre dominion, and serves as a crucial hub for the quest’s narrative progression.

Collecting Essential Items

Crafting the Potions

For the “A Taste of Hope” quest, players are required to craft specific potions as part of the quest’s objectives. The process involves several steps:

  1. Creating an Unfinished Potion:
    • Find a Mysterious Herb and a Vial of Water. The herb can be found within the quest area, specifically mentioned in the context of searching crates or similar containers.
    • Use the Mysterious Herb on the Vial of Water to create an unfinished potion.
  2. Completing the Potion:
    • Locate Mysterious Meat, which is also found within the quest vicinity, similar to the herb.
    • Use a Pestle and Mortar on the Mysterious Meat to obtain crushed meat.
    • Add the crushed meat to the unfinished potion to complete the concoction.

These potions are crucial for progressing through the quest, as they are used to overcome specific obstacles or challenges that the players encounter.

Finding the Mysterious Herb and Meat

The quest necessitates the collection of unique items, namely the Mysterious Herb and Mysterious Meat. These items are pivotal for potion-making tasks integral to the quest’s progression. Players are guided to locate these items by:

  • Searching Specific Locations:
    • searching in crates, barrels, or similar objects within the quest area to find these items.
    • These items are strategically placed and require players to explore and interact with their surroundings actively.
  • Use in Quest Puzzles:
    • Once collected, these items are used in crafting potions. This task underscores the importance of exploration and collection within the quest, demonstrating how players must gather resources from their environment to solve puzzles and advance the storyline.

  • Gear: Before engaging in the fight with The Abomination, which is an instance fight, it is advised to equip a magic weapon and stock up on high healing food. Additionally, carrying a super restore potion is recommended.
  • Abomination’s Attacks: The Abomination will utilize both melee and ranged attacks, with a maximum hit of 12, and is notably weak to magic. This boss can also launch a projectile that drains your stats by 2, making it advisable to use protect from missiles prayer to mitigate some of the damage.
  • Instance Fight Warning: Keep in mind that this is an instance fight, meaning you should only bring items you are willing to risk losing. Items dropped on death in this instance will be lost.

Completing the Fight

  • Entering the Fight: The fight against The Abomination takes place in an instance room. You’ll receive a warning about the potential to lose items upon death. When you’re ready, proceed with the fight.
  • Combat Strategy: Utilize your magic weapon to exploit The Abomination’s weakness. Keep an eye on your health and use your high healing food as needed. Activate protect from missiles prayer to reduce damage from its ranged attack and stat-draining projectile.
  • Post-Fight: Upon defeating The Abomination, you will need to proceed to Old Man Ral’s house. This victory progresses you further into the quest and brings you closer to tackling the subsequent challenges “A Taste of Hope” presents.

Creating the Ivandis Flail

Collecting Components

To craft the Ivandis Flail, you need to collect several components:

  • Silver Sickle Bless: Found by searching the open crate in the northwest and south within Old Man Ral’s house.
  • Emerald: Required for enchanting the Silver Sickle.
  • Chain: Also located within Old Man Ral’s house, necessary for the final assembly of the flail.

Crafting the Flail

  • Enchantment Process: Use the Emerald on the Silver Sickle to create an Emerald Sickle Bless. Then, cast a Level 2 Enchantment spell on the emerald sickle or use an enchant emerald or jade tablet if available.
  • Assembly: If you already possess the Rod of Ivandis, attach the chain to the Emerald Sickle Bless to craft the Ivandis Flail. If not, you’ll need to visit Berg de Rott, obtain the necessary crafting items (sapphire, mithril bar, silver bar, rod clay mold or soft clay, a cosmic rune, a water rune, and a rope), and speak to Veliaf Hurtz who resides underneath the pub. He will provide you with a new rod, which can then be used with the chain on the Emerald Sickle Bless to complete the Ivandis Flail.

Spying on the Vampyres

Utilizing the Environment
  • Initial Observation: To begin spying on the vampyres, you’re instructed to return to the Theatre of Blood, signifying the initiation of espionage activities against vampyric forces. This involves navigating through Morytania, utilizing stealth and guile to avoid detection.
Gaining Important Information
  • Strategic Intelligence: The process of creating the Ivandis Flail and engaging with the Meiyerditch citizens, as well as navigating through the vampyre-controlled areas, are critical in gathering intelligence on vampyric activities and weaknesses. This information is pivotal for the quest’s progression and sets the stage for confronting the vampyre menace more directly in the later stages of “A Taste of Hope.”

Second Boss Fight: Ranis Drakan

Preparations and Strategy

  • Gear Up: Equip melee gear and the Ivandis Flail, crucial for this fight as Ranis Drakan can only be defeated with it.
  • Inventory: Bring prayer potions, a combat potion for boosting your melee stats, and lots of high healing food to sustain through the fight.
  • Initial Setup: Engage Ranis Drakan with Protect from Magic active, as he will utilize both melee and magic attacks, with the potential to hit up to 20.

Phases of the Fight

  1. Initial Engagement: Attack Ranis Drakan until he reaches 75% health. He attacks with melee and magic, and can cast Blood Barrage to heal himself for half the damage dealt.
  2. First Minion Summon: At 75% health, Ranis will summon two level 87 Vyrewatch and then fly away, leaving you to deal with the minions. Meanwhile, he will throw bombs that deal up to 40 damage in a 3×3 area. Use these bombs to your advantage, as they can also damage the Vyrewatch. Avoid getting hit by moving away promptly.
  3. Resume Attacking Ranis: After defeating the Vyrewatch, Ranis will return to the fight. Continue battling him while maintaining Protect from Magic.
  4. Second Minion Summon: Once Ranis reaches 25% health, he will summon two more Vyrewatch. Repeat the strategy of defeating them while avoiding the bombs.
  5. Final Phase: With the second set of Vyrewatch defeated, Ranis Drakan returns for the last phase of the fight. Switch to Protect from Melee and finish him off.

Utilizing the Ivandis Flail

  • Key to Victory: The Ivandis Flail is essential for this battle, as it is the only weapon capable of effectively harming Ranis Drakan. Ensure it’s equipped throughout the fight.
  • Special Mechanic: The Ivandis Flail does not only serve as a weapon but also plays a crucial role in interrupting Ranis Drakan’s healing ability via Blood Barrage. Its use is intertwined with the mechanics of the fight, highlighting its importance beyond mere damage dealing.

Exiting the Fight

  • If you need to exit the fight for any reason, you can right-click a Meiyerditch citizen nearby to leave the area. Should you perish during the battle, your items can be retrieved from a chest located northwest of the noticeboard.

Completing A Taste of Hope Quest

Returning to the Myreque Hideout

After defeating Ranis Drakan, you must return to Safalaan Hallow underneath Old Man Ral’s house. This is a crucial step as it signals the nearing end of the quest and sets the stage for the final discussions necessary for quest completion.

Final Discussions and Quest Completion

Upon returning, a cutscene will trigger, indicating significant progress and essentially setting up the conclusion of the quest. It is during this phase that the narrative culmination of “A Taste of Hope” unfolds, wrapping up the storylines and character arcs involved.


Upon completing the quest, players are granted several rewards that bolster their character’s abilities and offer new opportunities for exploration and combat within the game.

  • Quest Points: 1 quest point is awarded, contributing to the player’s total quest points, which unlock various game features and are a measure of a player’s advancement in quests.
  • Items Received:
    • Ivandis Flail: A crucial item not just for the quest but also for combating vampyres outside of it. This weapon is symbolic of the victory over Ranis Drakan and serves as a potent tool against similar foes.
    • Drakan’s Medallion: An invaluable item that allows for teleportation to the Theatre of Blood, facilitating quick travel back to a key location within Morytania. This medallion is especially useful for players engaged in activities or further quests within the area.
    • Tome of Experience: Provides 2,500 experience points in any three skills of the player’s choice (as long as they are above level 35), allowing for a significant boost in chosen skills. This reward offers flexibility and can be strategically used to advance the player’s character in their preferred areas.

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