Complete Bone Voyage in OSRS with Ease & Unlock Fossil Island

The Bone Voyage quest in OSRS is a pivotal adventure in Old School RuneScape that grants players access to the enigmatic Fossil Island. This quest involves aiding the Varrock Museum in their expedition to the island by organizing the necessary preparations and navigating through a curse that has left previous voyages unsuccessful. The quest is marked by its unique blend of problem-solving, exploration, and interaction with a variety of characters within the game.

Importance of Accessing Fossil Island

Fossil Island offers a wealth of activities and resources unavailable elsewhere in Gielinor. From uncovering ancient fossils to engaging in new skilling methods, the island is a treasure trove for players looking to explore new territories, enhance their skills, and participate in exclusive activities. Accessing Fossil Island opens up new avenues for adventure, making the completion of the “Bone Voyage” quest a gateway to exploring these rich and diverse experiences.

Prerequisites: Bone Voyage Quest

Completion of the Dig Site Quest

The “Bone Voyage” quest requires players to have completed the “Dig Site” quest as a fundamental prerequisite. This requirement ensures that adventurers have a basic understanding of archaeological exploration and are prepared for the challenges that Fossil Island presents. The “Dig Site” quest serves as an introductory adventure into the world of Gielinor’s ancient history, setting the stage for the deeper exploration and discoveries awaiting on Fossil Island.

Acquiring 100 Museum Kudos

In addition to completing the “Dig Site” quest, players must also acquire at least 100 Kudos from the Varrock Museum to qualify for the “Bone Voyage” quest. Earning these Kudos involves engaging in various activities within the museum, such as answering quiz questions, participating in the cleaning of finds, and contributing artifacts from completed quests. These activities underscore the player’s contributions to Gielinor’s archaeological community and secure their position as a key contributor to the museum’s expedition to Fossil Island.

Required Items

Two Vodka and Unfinished Marrentill Potion

For the completion of the “Bone Voyage” quest, players are required to gather specific items that are crucial for ensuring a successful voyage. Among these, two bottles of vodka and an unfinished marrentill potion are essential. These items play a significant role in the quest, particularly in concocting a potion that is pivotal for overcoming the curse affecting the journey to Fossil Island. The vodka can be purchased from various in-game locations such as the Grand Tree bar, while the unfinished marrentill potion can be obtained by slaying low-level monsters or through Herblore.

Optional Items for Construction on Fossil Island

Upon reaching Fossil Island, players have the opportunity to engage in construction activities to further enhance their exploration and utility on the island. Optional items for these construction tasks include an iron bar, two oak planks, nails, and a hammer. These materials enable players to build a bank chest for convenient access to their stored items, facilitating longer periods of exploration and skilling on the island. Additionally, further construction projects can enhance the island’s infrastructure, offering even more benefits to the adventurers.

Weight Reducing Clothing and Stamina Potions

To optimize efficiency and endurance during the “Bone Voyage” quest and subsequent exploration of Fossil Island, it is recommended that players equip weight-reducing clothing. This gear minimizes the player’s weight, allowing for longer runs and reducing the consumption of stamina. Stamina potions are also highly recommended, as they restore run energy, enabling players to traverse the vast expanses of Gielinor and Fossil Island more swiftly and effectively.

Teleportation Items: Dig Site Pendant, Varrock Teleport, Skills Necklace

Strategic use of teleportation items significantly enhances the questing experience by minimizing travel time. The Dig Site pendant is invaluable for quick access to the Dig Site and Fossil Island, streamlining the journey between key quest locations. The Varrock teleport facilitates rapid travel to the Varrock Museum and other central Varrock locations relevant to the quest’s prerequisites and steps. Lastly, the Skills Necklace offers convenient teleports to various skill-related destinations, including the Woodcutting Guild, which is pertinent for securing the wood supply for the voyage. Together, these teleportation items are instrumental in navigating the quest’s requirements efficiently.

Starting the Bone Voyage Quest

Conversation with Curator Haig Halen at Varrock Museum

To embark on the “Bone Voyage” quest, players must first engage in a conversation with Curator Haig Halen, located within the Varrock Museum. This initial dialogue sets the stage for the quest, where the curator informs the player about the discovery of Fossil Island and the museum’s intentions to explore it. Players express their interest in joining the expedition, marking the beginning of their adventure to Fossil Island. This conversation is crucial as it officially starts the quest and outlines its objectives.

Gathering Supplies and Information

Obtaining Wood from the Sawmill Operator

An essential step in preparing for the voyage to Fossil Island involves acquiring specialized wood to construct the barge necessary for the journey. Players are tasked with visiting the Sawmill Operator near Varrock to discuss the museum’s needs. However, the operator informs the player that the suitable wood cannot be sourced locally and directs them to seek a trade agreement with the Woodcutting Guild in Zeah for the required supplies, specifically pointing towards the use of redwood planks.

Securing the Trade Agreement from the Woodcutting Guild

Following the Sawmill Operator’s advice, players must then travel to the Woodcutting Guild located on the continent of Zeah. Here, they engage with the guild’s Sawmill Operator to secure a trade agreement for the delivery of redwood planks to the Varrock Museum. This agreement is vital for the construction of the barge, as the unique properties of redwood make it the ideal material for the expedition. Successfully securing this agreement demonstrates the player’s negotiation skills and marks a significant progress point in the quest, bringing them one step closer to setting sail for Fossil Island.

Locating the Barge Foreman Near the Dig Site

The next critical step towards embarking on the voyage to Fossil Island involves navigating to the barge situated near the Dig Site. The Barge Foreman plays a pivotal role in the preparations for the journey. Players must locate him to discuss the logistics and requirements for the expedition. The barge, acting as the transportation means to Fossil Island, is stationed strategically close to the Dig Site, emphasizing its significance in archaeological explorations and the quest’s narrative focused on discovery and adventure.

Preparing for the Voyage

Conversations with the Barge Foreman and the Lead Navigator

Once players reach the barge, they engage in important conversations with both the Barge Foreman and the Lead Navigator. These dialogues are crucial for understanding the voyage’s needs and the specific roles these characters play in the quest. The Barge Foreman provides insights into the construction and readiness of the barge, while the Lead Navigator shares navigational expertise and the importance of proper preparation for a successful journey. These interactions underscore the collaborative effort required to reach Fossil Island.

Learning About the Curse and Required Fixes

A significant revelation during the preparations is the existence of a curse that has doomed previous voyages to Fossil Island. The Lead Navigator informs the player of the curse’s impact, highlighting the need for specific remedies to ensure the current expedition’s success. Players learn that overcoming the curse requires both a potion of sealegs, to instill confidence and stability among the crew, and a lucky charm, to ward off the curse’s effects. This knowledge sets the stage for players to undertake the necessary steps to gather these items, emphasizing the quest’s thematic elements of overcoming obstacles and the unknown.

Cursed Voyages and Solutions

Finding Jack Seagull in Port Sarim

To address the curse afflicting the voyages to Fossil Island, players are directed to find Jack Seagull in Port Sarim, a seasoned sailor familiar with cursed voyages. In the rustic environment of the Port Sarim pub, players engage Jack Seagull in a conversation, tapping into his wealth of knowledge on navigating cursed seas. Jack points towards the necessity of obtaining a lucky charm, a pivotal item believed to counteract the curse and ensure safe passage to Fossil Island.

Obtaining the Lucky Charm and Potion of Sealegs

The quest to negate the curse involves acquiring two key items: a lucky charm and a Potion of Sealegs. The lucky charm is procured from the Odd Old Man, known for his collection of peculiar and enchanted items, who resides near the Limestone Mine. The Potion of Sealegs, concocted from vodka and an unfinished marrentill potion, is obtained from the Apothecary in Varrock. These items are instrumental in safeguarding the crew against the curse, symbolizing hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

The Voyage

Steering the Ship: A Detailed Guide

With the preparations complete and the curse countermeasures in place, players take on the critical task of steering the ship towards Fossil Island. This phase of the quest is a test of skill and patience, as players must navigate the treacherous waters while keeping the ship on course. The process involves adjusting the sails and steering to counteract wind directions and maintain balance. Success in this endeavor requires attentiveness and timely reactions, embodying the adventurer’s role as a pivotal figure in the quest’s climax.

Reaching Fossil Island

The culmination of the “Bone Voyage” quest is marked by the successful arrival at Fossil Island, a moment of triumph over the curse and the challenges of the sea. Reaching the island signifies the beginning of a new chapter of exploration and discovery, with Fossil Island’s vast landscapes and mysteries awaiting the player. This achievement not only represents the completion of a significant journey but also unlocks the potential for new adventures and experiences on the enigmatic Fossil Island.

Post-Quest Activities

Rebuilding the Museum Camp

After completing the “Bone Voyage” quest, players have the opportunity to rebuild the museum camp on Fossil Island, enhancing its functionality for all adventurers. The initial phase of reconstruction involves building a bank chest, which requires two oak planks, an iron bar, five metal nails, and a hammer, demanding a minimum construction level of 21. For those aiming to completely refurbish the camp, additional materials include eight oak planks, three soft clay, two logs, two ropes, one iron bar, a tinderbox, a bucket, and further metal nails, with a higher construction level of 29 recommended for completing all camp improvements.

Unlocking Direct Teleport to Fossil Island

Unlocking a direct teleport to Fossil Island significantly eases the access to its numerous activities and resources. This can be achieved by using a dig site pendant on a peculiar machine located in the House on the Hill, immediately after arriving on Fossil Island. Once the pendant is enchanted with the island’s coordinates, players can teleport directly to this location, bypassing the need for a boat voyage from the mainland.

Establishing the Mycelium Transportation System

The mycelium transportation system serves as an internal network for navigating Fossil Island efficiently. Initially, players unlock the system by interacting with a magic mushtree near the House on the Hill. Subsequent exploration and interaction with other mushtrees scattered across the island expand this network, facilitating quick and easy travel to various key locations on Fossil Island, including the ancient wyvern cave and the mushroom meadow, among others.

Fossil Island Exploration

Introduction to Fossil Island’s Features and Activities

Fossil Island, unlocked upon completing the “Bone Voyage” quest, offers a diverse array of activities ranging from archaeology and agriculture to combat and skilling. Players can engage in unique endeavors such as volcanic ash collection, underwater exploration, and fossil excavation. The island is also home to the Deranged Archaeologist, ancient wyverns, and the Sulliuscep mushrooms, providing both challenges and opportunities for resource gathering. Additionally, the island features its own mini-games and a birdhouse trapping area, further enriching the player’s experience on this multifaceted island.

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