OSRS Desert Treasure: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unleashing Ancient Magicks

Desert Treasure is a challenging and adventurous quest in OSRS, famed for its rewards and the unlocking of powerful Ancient Magicks. This quest takes players across various perilous locations, requiring them to defeat formidable foes and solve intricate puzzles. The narrative centers around the player’s quest to uncover the lost treasures of Azzanadra, a powerful Mahjarrat, which are scattered across the vast desert of Gielinor.

Overview of Desert Treasure OSRS Requirements

To embark on the “Desert Treasure” quest, players must fulfill several prerequisites, including both skill level requirements and completion of other quests. The skill requirements are as follows:

  • 50 Firemaking
  • 50 Magic
  • 53 Thieving
  • 10 Slayer (which can be bypassed with a gas mask, face mask, or Slayer helmet)

Additionally, players must have completed the following quests:

  • The Dig Site
  • Temple of Ikov
  • The Tourist Trap
  • Troll Stronghold
  • Priest in Peril
  • Waterfall Quest

Players are also advised to have a high combat level, preferably with access to at least level 43 Prayer, to effectively combat the high-level bosses encountered during the quest.

Importance of Ancient Magicks

The completion of “Desert Treasure” is notably significant for unlocking access to the Ancient Magicks spellbook, a coveted reward that fundamentally enhances a player’s magical capabilities. Ancient Magicks is critical for both Player versus Player (PvP) combat and various Player versus Environment (PvE) activities due to its powerful spells, including teleportation spells to key locations and potent combat spells such as Ice Barrage. This spellbook is essential for high-level content, making the quest a pivotal moment in a player’s OSRS journey.

Preparation and Requirements

Quest Prerequisites

To start the “Desert Treasure” quest, players must have completed a series of prerequisite quests. These include:

  • The Dig Site
  • Temple of Ikov
  • The Tourist Trap
  • Troll Stronghold
  • Priest in Peril
  • Waterfall Quest

Skill Level Requirements

Players need to meet the following skill level requirements:

  • 53 Thieving
  • 50 Firemaking
  • 50 Magic
  • 10 Slayer (or a gas mask, face mask, or Slayer helmet to bypass this requirement)

Item Checklist

Essential Items
  • 650 Coins (for various transactions throughout the quest)
  • 12 Magic logs
  • 6 Steel bars
  • 6 Molten glass
  • Ashes
  • Charcoal
  • Blood rune
  • Bones
  • Garlic
  • Spice
  • Lockpicks (multiple recommended due to potential breakage)
  • Climbing boots or Spiked boots
  • Shantay passes (for desert access)
  • Stamina potions or Super energy potions for extensive running
  • Prayer potions for battles and protection prayers
  • Food for health restoration during combat
  • Antipoison potions or Superantipoisons due to poison damage from certain enemies
  • Teleportation methods (such as Amulet of glory, Ring of dueling, Ectophial, or teleport scrolls) to quickly navigate Gielinor
  • Ice gloves to protect against Fareed’s weapon-disarming ability (if choosing to combat using melee or ranged without the gloves, players need to manually cast spells)

Obtaining the Ice Gloves (Optional)

The Ice Gloves are optional but highly recommended for the battle against Fareed, one of the quest’s bosses. They can be obtained by defeating the Ice Queen located in the Ice Queen’s Lair under White Wolf Mountain. Players need:

  • Level 50 Mining to access the lair
  • Combat equipment to defeat the Ice Queen (level 111)
  • Ice gloves are picked up upon the Ice Queen’s defeat

Starting the Desert Treasure Quest OSRS

Locating the Archaeologist

The quest begins with the player finding the Archaeologist at the Bedabin Camp, located in the western part of the desert, southwest of the Shantay Pass. The Archaeologist can be found standing near a small pool of water. Players can reach the Bedabin Camp by using a magic carpet ride from the Shantay Pass or by walking through the desert. Upon speaking to him, he will introduce the quest and provide the initial direction for the adventure.

Delivering the Etchings

After accepting the quest from the Archaeologist, he will hand over some etchings that need to be delivered to an expert for translation. The player must take these etchings to Terry Balando, the archaeological expert, who is located at the Exam Centre, just south of the Digsite. The fastest ways to reach the Digsite include using a Digsite pendant, Varrock teleport and then walking east, or using the Gnome glider network to land near the Digsite. Upon delivering the etchings to Terry Balando, he will translate them and give the player a translated copy to return to the Archaeologist.

Gathering Information in Bandit Camp

With the translated etchings, the player must go back to the Archaeologist at the Bedabin Camp. Following the discussion with the Archaeologist, the player is directed to gather more information from the nearby Bandit Camp. To proceed, players should ensure they are not wearing any Saradomin or Zamorak items, as this will cause the bandits to become aggressive.

In the Bandit Camp, the player needs to:

  • Enter the bar and speak with the bartender. To extract information about the four diamonds required for the quest, the player must buy a beer for 650 coins from the bartender.
  • After learning about the diamonds, the player should talk to Eblis, who is found in a building to the east of the bar within the Bandit Camp. Eblis will disclose the necessity of gathering various items to create scrying mirrors for locating the diamonds

Acquiring the Diamonds

Overview of the Four Diamonds

The quest revolves around finding and securing four unique diamonds scattered across various dangerous locations in Gielinor. Each diamond is guarded by a powerful boss, and acquiring them is essential for completing the quest. The diamonds are:

  1. Smoke Diamond – Guarded by Fareed in the Smoke Dungeon. Players need ice gloves to handle Fareed effectively if fighting in close combat, or they can use water spells from a distance.
  2. Ice Diamond – Guarded by Kamil in the icy paths north of Trollheim. Players must navigate through snowstorms and ice trolls to reach and defeat Kamil, requiring stamina and anti-poison potions for the journey.
  3. Blood Diamond – Guarded by Dessous in the graveyard near Canifis. The fight with Dessous demands a strategy to manage his high damage output and potential for poisoning the player.
  4. Shadow Diamond – Guarded by Damis in the Shadow Dungeon. Visible only with the Ring of Visibility, Damis presents a unique challenge with his ability to drain the player’s prayer points rapidly in his second form.

Strategies for Safely Banking Diamonds

Once a diamond is acquired, it’s crucial to bank it safely to prevent losing it to the Stranger, an NPC who may attack players carrying any of the diamonds outside of a bank. Here are strategies to ensure the diamonds are banked safely:

  • Immediate Banking: After obtaining a diamond, use the fastest teleportation method available to reach a bank. This minimizes the time spent with the diamond in the inventory, reducing the chance of an encounter with the Stranger.
  • Use of One-Click Teleports: Keep a one-click teleport item, such as an Ectophial, Royal Seed Pod, or Teleport Crystal, in your inventory when acquiring or moving with the diamonds. This allows for a quick escape if the Stranger appears.
  • Avoiding High Traffic Areas: The Stranger is more likely to appear in areas with many players. When transporting diamonds, choose routes that avoid high player traffic areas when possible.
  • Banking Before Quest Continuation: Before proceeding to the next part of the quest after acquiring a diamond, ensure it is safely deposited in the bank. This practice should be repeated after each diamond is obtained.

Smoke Diamond

Entering the Smoke Dungeon

The Smoke Dungeon is located in the Kharidian Desert, southwest of Pollnivneach. To enter the dungeon, players must equip a face mask, gas mask, or Slayer helmet to protect themselves from the smoke within. Once properly equipped, players can enter the dungeon by finding and descending into the well just outside Pollnivneach.

Lighting the Torches

Within the Smoke Dungeon, the objective is to light four torches situated in the dungeon’s corners. This must be done within a specific time limit, as the torches will extinguish if not all are lit quickly enough. To accomplish this, players should:

  1. Bring a tinderbox.
  2. Use a stamina or super energy potion to ensure they have enough run energy to reach all four torches swiftly.
  3. Start by lighting the torch that is furthest from the dungeon’s entrance to minimize backtracking. A suggested order is to light the torches in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to ensure an efficient path is followed.
  4. Once all four torches are lit, a central door in the dungeon will unlock, granting access to Fareed’s lair.

Defeating Fareed

Fareed is a powerful genie who is especially vulnerable to water spells. Players should prepare for the battle by considering the following strategies:

  • Magic Approach: Equip the best available magic gear and use water spells for maximum effectiveness. Players should maintain a safe distance from Fareed to avoid his powerful melee attacks. The use of ice gloves is strongly recommended to prevent Fareed from unequipping the player’s weapon during close combat.
  • Melee and Ranged Approach: If opting for melee or ranged without ice gloves, players must manually cast spells, as Fareed can disarm players upon contact. This makes the fight more challenging but not impossible.
  • Protection Prayers: Activating the Protect from Melee prayer can significantly reduce the damage taken from Fareed, making the fight more manageable.

Upon defeating Fareed, the Smoke Diamond will be automatically added to the player’s inventory. It’s crucial to bank the diamond immediately following the battle to protect it from the Stranger, as described in the strategies for safely banking diamonds.

Ice Diamond

Reaching Trollheim

To start the journey towards acquiring the Ice Diamond, players must first navigate their way to Trollheim. This can be achieved by:

  • Using the Trollheim Teleport spell (requires 61 Magic and completion of the Eadgar’s Ruse quest). This is the most direct method.
  • Alternatively, players without access to the teleport can travel on foot from Burthorpe, passing through the Troll Stronghold. This route requires climbing boots to navigate the rocky terrain.

Upon arriving at Trollheim, players should head to the western side of the mountain, preparing to enter the icy paths that lead to the domain of Kamil.

Overcoming the Ice Trolls

Before facing Kamil, players must traverse the icy path filled with aggressive Ice Trolls. These trolls can pose a significant threat with their powerful melee attacks. To safely navigate through this area, players should:

  • Equip items that offer high defensive bonuses against melee attacks.
  • Use the Protect from Melee prayer to minimize damage while running through the troll-infested area.
  • Consider bringing along stamina or super energy potions to maintain run energy, as moving quickly through this area is crucial to avoid being overwhelmed by trolls.

Defeating Kamil

Kamil is a formidable mage that uses potent ice spells to attack players, significantly reducing their stats and freezing them in place. To effectively combat Kamil, players should adopt the following strategies:

  • Equip items that provide high magic defense to reduce the accuracy of Kamil’s spells.
  • Using Protect from Magic can help mitigate some of the damage, but players must be prepared for Kamil’s ability to freeze them, which can prevent them from moving and retaliating.
  • Fire spells are particularly effective against Kamil, as he is vulnerable to this element. Players are advised to use the highest level fire spell they can cast to maximize damage.
  • Bringing along a supply of food and potions to restore health and thaw out from any freezing effects is essential. Additionally, prayer potions should be carried to maintain active protection prayers throughout the fight.

Upon defeating Kamil, the Ice Diamond will be rewarded to the player. Similar to the other diamonds, it is critical to immediately bank the Ice Diamond to safeguard it from potential attacks by the Stranger, ensuring its safekeeping for the completion of the “Desert Treasure” quest.

Blood Diamond

Investigating Canifis

The journey to obtain the Blood Diamond begins in Canifis, a village located in the Morytania region. Players can reach Canifis by:

  • Using the Ectophial to teleport to Port Phasmatys and running west.
  • Teleporting to the Salve Graveyard using a Salve Graveyard Teleport tablet and walking west.
  • Utilizing the Fairy Ring network with code CKS and heading east to the village.

Upon arriving in Canifis, players should seek out Malak, a vampire found in the pub. Malak reveals that the Blood Diamond is in the possession of Dessous, a vampyre located in the Graveyard of Shadows.

Crafting the Blessed Silver Pot

To defeat Dessous and obtain the Blood Diamond, players must first craft a Blessed Silver Pot, which involves several steps:

  1. Obtaining a Silver Pot: Speak to Ruantun, a smith located in the Draynor Village sewer, who will craft a Silver Pot for the player in exchange for a Silver Bar.
  2. Blessing the Pot: Take the Silver Pot to the High Priest in Entrana. The player must not carry any weapons or armor to Entrana, as they are forbidden by the monks who transport travelers to the island.
  3. Adding the Ingredients: After having the pot blessed, players must add the following ingredients to create a concoction capable of weakening Dessous:
    • Garlic: Crush a garlic clove using a Pestle and Mortar to obtain Garlic Powder.
    • Blood: Malak will fill the pot with blood when players return to him in Canifis.
    • Spice: Add Spice to the pot. Spice can be bought from the Grand Exchange or obtained from the Culinaromancer’s Chest.

Defeating Dessous

With the Blessed Silver Pot prepared, players can now confront Dessous in the Graveyard of Shadows, located in the eastern part of the Wilderness. The battle with Dessous requires careful preparation due to his formidable abilities:

  • Combat Strategy: Dessous attacks with a combination of melee and magic. It is recommended to use Protect from Melee prayer to mitigate his powerful physical attacks, and to engage him from a distance using Magic or Ranged.
  • Weakness: Dessous is particularly vulnerable to Wind spells. Players should use the highest-level Wind spell they are capable of casting to maximize damage.
  • Environment: The fight takes place in the Wilderness, so players should be wary of potential player killers. It is advisable to bring only items one is willing to lose.

Shadow Diamond

Retrieving the Gilded Cross

To begin the process of acquiring the Shadow Diamond, players must first retrieve the Gilded Cross for Rasolo the merchant. Here are the steps:

  1. Locate Rasolo: Rasolo can be found south of the Baxtorian Falls, near the fishing spots. He will inform the player about the Gilded Cross stolen by a bandit.
  2. Bandit Camp: The bandit camp is located in the desert. Travel to the camp and search for the tent with a chest inside. Players need to be aware that wearing any Saradomin or Zamorak symbols will make the bandits aggressive.
  3. Lockpicking the Chest: The chest is locked and requires multiple attempts at lockpicking to open. It’s recommended to bring a large number of lockpicks, as they can break. Inside the chest, players will find the Gilded Cross.

Using the Ring of Visibility

After retrieving the Gilded Cross and returning it to Rasolo, players will receive the Ring of Visibility. This ring allows players to see and enter the Shadow Dungeon, which is crucial for the next part of the quest:

  1. Equip the Ring of Visibility: With the ring equipped, players can see a previously invisible ladder located close to Rasolo’s position. This ladder leads down to the Shadow Dungeon.
  2. Navigating the Shadow Dungeon: The dungeon is home to various aggressive shadow creatures. It’s essential to move quickly and efficiently to avoid unnecessary combat, especially since the focus is on reaching Damis.

Defeating Damis

The battle with Damis is one of the more challenging parts of acquiring the Shadow Diamond due to his two forms and the ability to drain the player’s Prayer points rapidly in his second form. Here’s how to approach the fight:

  1. First Form: Damis’ first form is relatively straightforward. Players can use Protect from Melee to negate his attacks and focus on dealing damage with their preferred combat method.
  2. Second Form: Upon defeating the first form, Damis will transform into his more powerful second form. This form can rapidly drain Prayer points if the player is within melee range. To combat this, players can:
    • Use hit-and-run tactics to avoid being drained.
    • Utilize the environment to create safe spots, using obstacles to keep Damis at bay while attacking him with ranged or magic.
    • Consider using snare or entangle spells to keep Damis immobilized while dealing damage from a distance.

Final Steps: Accessing the Pyramid

Placing the Diamonds

Once all four diamonds (Smoke, Ice, Blood, and Shadow) have been acquired, players must travel to the pyramid located in the far south of the Kharidian Desert, south of Bandit Camp, to unlock the entrance:

  1. Approach Each Obelisk: The pyramid’s exterior has four obelisks, each corresponding to one of the diamonds. Players must place each diamond into the correct obelisk to proceed:
    • The Smoke Diamond goes into the southeastern obelisk.
    • The Ice Diamond is placed in the southwestern obelisk.
    • The Blood Diamond fits into the northeastern obelisk.
    • The Shadow Diamond is set into the northwestern obelisk.
  2. Unlocking the Pyramid: After placing all diamonds correctly, the pyramid entrance becomes accessible. The entrance is located at the pyramid’s top, which becomes open, allowing entry.

The pyramid consists of four levels, each with traps that can send players back to the entrance and aggressive mummies that can hinder progress:

  1. First Level: The path is relatively straightforward but watch for floor traps.
  2. Subsequent Levels: Each level increases in complexity with more turns and dead ends. Players should move quickly and cautiously, using stamina or energy potions to maintain run energy and avoid traps.
  3. Finding the Correct Path: The goal is to reach the bottom level of the pyramid, where Azzanadra is located. The path involves descending ladders hidden in sarcophagi that become accessible as players navigate each level correctly.

The Final Encounter with Azzanadra

Upon reaching the bottom of the pyramid, players encounter Azzanadra:

  1. Dialogue with Azzanadra: There is no battle with Azzanadra. Instead, he thanks the player for freeing him and offers access to the Ancient Magicks as a reward.
  2. Switching to Ancient Magicks: Azzanadra enables players to switch to the Ancient Magicks spellbook by praying at the altar found within the same room. This spellbook includes powerful combat and teleportation spells not available in the standard spellbook.
  3. Completing the Quest: After the dialogue with Azzanadra and switching to Ancient Magicks (optional at this point), the quest is completed. Players receive quest points, experience rewards in various skills, and the ability to use the Ancient Magicks spellbook.

Completing the Desert Treasure Quest

Rewards and Access to Ancient Magicks

Upon successfully freeing Azzanadra and completing the “Desert Treasure” quest, players are granted several significant rewards:

  • Experience Rewards: Players receive a substantial amount of experience points allocated across several skills, enhancing their character’s proficiency.
  • Quest Points: The completion of the quest awards players with quest points, contributing to their overall quest progression.
  • Access to Ancient Magicks: Most notably, players unlock the Ancient Magicks spellbook. This spellbook is highly sought after for its powerful spells, including a variety of teleports to previously inaccessible locations and potent combat spells, particularly those in the Ice spell group which can freeze opponents.

Switching Spellbooks

The ability to switch between the standard spellbook and Ancient Magicks is a significant aspect of completing the “Desert Treasure” quest. Here’s how players can switch spellbooks:

  1. Praying at the Pyramid Altar: After the quest’s completion, players can switch to Ancient Magicks by praying at the altar located in the pyramid’s basement, where Azzanadra is found. This action changes their spellbook from the standard to Ancient Magicks.
  2. Reverting to the Standard Spellbook: Should players wish to revert to the standard spellbook, they can do so by praying at the altar again in the pyramid. Alternatively, players can use the Lunar spellbook if they have completed the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest and wish to switch back, which involves praying at the Lunar Isle altar.
  3. Spellbook Swap Spell: For players who have access to higher levels in Magic and have completed the “Dream Mentor” quest, the “Spellbook Swap” spell in the Lunar spellbook allows for temporary access to spells from another spellbook without permanently switching.

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