OSRS Mastering Dragon Slayer 2: Defeating Vorkath and Galvek

Dragon Slayer 2 is a grand adventure that challenges players to dive deep into the lore of Old School RuneScape. This quest is a continuation of the legendary Dragon Slayer quest and takes adventurers on a journey to uncover the origins of dragons in Gielinor. Players will explore new lands, decipher ancient mysteries, and face formidable foes in battles that will test their mettle.

The quest is notable for its comprehensive requirements and challenging combat encounters. Players must have completed a series of prerequisite quests, including the Legends’ Quest, Dream Mentor, A Tale of Two Cats, Animal Magnetism, Ghosts Ahoy, Bone Voyage, Client of Kourend, and have a total of at least 200 quest points. Additionally, certain skill levels are required, such as 75 Magic, 70 Smithing, 68 Mining, 62 Crafting, 60 Agility, 60 Thieving, 50 Construction, and 50 Hitpoints. It’s also necessary to have started Barbarian Training to access the Ancient Cavern.

Key Rewards and Unlocks Dragon Slayer 2 in OSRS

Completing Dragon Slayer II offers a plethora of rewards and unlocks that significantly impact gameplay:

  • Access to the Myths’ Guild: A new hub for adventurers, located in the Feldip Hills area, offering various resources, including a bank, an altar, a cooking range, and more.
  • New Areas and Monsters: Access to Lithkren and the ability to fight new dragon types, including Adamant and Rune dragons.
  • Dragon Kite Shield: The ability to create this new piece of equipment.
  • New Spells and Prayers: Access to Wrath spells and prayers.
  • Quest Points and Experience Rewards: Players are awarded quest points and substantial experience in various skills, enhancing their character’s capabilities.
  • Additional Unlocks: The quest also unlocks the potential for more content, such as future quests and access to exclusive areas within the Myths’ Guild.

Quest Requirements for Dragon Slayer II in OSRS

Prerequisite Quests

Completing Dragon Slayer II requires players to have finished a series of prerequisite quests, which are foundational to starting this grand adventure. These quests include:

  • Legends’ Quest
  • Dream Mentor
  • A Tale of Two Cats
  • Animal Magnetism
  • Ghosts Ahoy
  • Bone Voyage
  • Client of Kourend

Additionally, players must have started Barbarian Training to gain access to the Ancient Cavern, which is crucial for part of the quest.

Skill Requirements

The quest demands a high level of skill proficiency across various disciplines. Players must meet the following skill requirements:

  • Magic: 75
  • Smithing: 70
  • Mining: 68
  • Crafting: 62
  • Agility: 60
  • Thieving: 60
  • Construction: 50
  • Hitpoints: 50

These skills are essential for navigating the challenges and puzzles presented throughout the quest. It’s important to note that these skill requirements are not boostable, meaning players must achieve these levels through regular skill training.

To successfully navigate the Dragon Slayer II quest, players are advised to equip themselves with a range of items and equipment. While the exact needs may vary as the quest progresses, some essentials include:

  • Combat Gear: For facing the various bosses throughout the quest. This includes a mix of melee, ranged, and magic equipment, depending on the specific encounters.
  • Pickaxe and Dig Site Pendant: Essential for certain quest segments involving excavation and travel.
  • Amulet of Glory and Dueling Ring: For convenient teleportation to key locations.
  • Goutweed: Required for a specific part of the quest. Players lacking this item will need to acquire it, potentially by stealing from the Troll Stronghold.
  • Anti-Dragon Shield: Crucial for protection against dragonfire.
  • Food and Potions: To sustain health and boost stats during combat encounters.

Starting the Dragon Slayer II Quest in OSRS

Location and NPC to Start

The Dragon Slayer II quest begins with Alec Kincade, who is found outside the entrance to the Myths’ Guild. The Myths’ Guild is located in the south-western corner of the Feldip Hills area, just south of the Fishing Guild and east of the Ranging Guild. Players can easily reach the starting location by using various teleportation methods, such as the spirit tree network or teleporting to a nearby city and walking.

Initial Conversation and Objectives

To initiate the Dragon Slayer II quest, players should engage in a conversation with Alec Kincade. Select the dialogue option, “How do I gain access to the guild?” to express your interest in joining the Myths’ Guild. Alec will explain that in order to gain access, you must undertake a significant journey to uncover the origins of dragons within Gielinor. This sets the stage for the quest, outlining the grand adventure that awaits.

After this initial conversation, Alec Kincade will assign the first set of objectives, which includes traveling to various locations to gather information and items necessary for the quest. The immediate next steps involve going to Musa Point to meet with Dallas Jones in a bar just north of the banana plantation. Dallas Jones plays a crucial role in the early stages of the quest, providing insight and further instructions on how to proceed.

Gathering Information on Elvarg in Dragon Slayer II

Travel to Musa Point

To gather information on Elvarg, the first task in the Dragon Slayer II quest involves traveling to Musa Point. Players can easily access Musa Point by using the Karamja teleport available on the Amulet of Glory. Upon arrival, the destination is the bar located just north of the banana plantation, identifiable by a beer icon on the map. This location is pivotal as it serves as the meeting point with Dallas Jones, who holds essential information regarding Elvarg.

Conversation with Dallas Jones

Upon reaching the bar at Musa Point, players must find and converse with Dallas Jones. He expresses a desire to conduct further research on Elvarg, the dragon previously defeated in the original Dragon Slayer quest. Dallas Jones is intrigued by the peculiar circumstances surrounding Elvarg, notably her solitary existence away from other dragons. To progress, players must engage with Dallas Jones, discussing Elvarg’s unique situation and the broader implications it may have on understanding dragons in Gielinor.

Investigating Elvarg’s Lair

Following the conversation with Dallas Jones, the quest leads players to investigate Elvarg’s Lair, located within the depths of the Karamja volcano. The entrance to the lair is situated a bit to the west of the volcano’s dungeon entrance. Players must navigate through the dungeon, potentially encountering aggressive demons. Protective measures, such as combat gear or prayer, are advisable.

Upon reaching Elvarg’s Lair, the focus shifts to exploring the area for clues. A notable point of interest is a suspicious-looking wall within the lair. By mining this wall, players uncover a hidden tunnel, hinting at secrets lying beyond the known confines of the lair. Dallas Jones speculates the lair might have connections to the ancient Dragonkin, suggesting the existence of a laboratory used by this ancient race to create dragons. This revelation prompts an investigation into the ancient machinery and murals found within the newly discovered area, leading to the acquisition of old notes and the learning of the word “lith crin,” which signifies a new direction in the quest’s journey.

Discovering Lithkren in Dragon Slayer II

Journey to Fossil Island

The journey to Lithkren begins with a trip to Fossil Island. Players are instructed to use the Digsite pendant to teleport directly to the island, then utilize the magic mushroom tree network to travel to the House on the Hill. This location is crucial as it serves as the launching point for the quest’s next phase. Players are reminded to bind the teleportation magic of the Digsite pendant to the strange machine located at the House on the Hill for future convenience.

Uncovering the Map Pieces

Upon reaching Fossil Island and conversing with Dallas Jones at the House on the Hill, players learn of the existence of Lithkren and the necessity to locate a map to navigate there. The task requires players to find 24 pieces of the map scattered around the island. However, the task is simplified as players only need to search five specific locations:

  • The open chest in the House on the Hill
  • A stone chest north of the trapdoor
  • Fungi north of a staircase
  • Hook Briar to the south
  • A mush tree to the east of the building

These locations yield the necessary map pieces, which players then assemble on the floor of the House on the Hill, solving a puzzle to reveal Lithkren’s location.

Crafting the Boat and Sailing to Lithkren

To reach Lithkren, players must construct a boat. This step involves gathering materials, including oak planks, swamp paste, and nails, and heading to the beach west of the mushroom forest on Fossil Island. Here, players craft the boat, an action that marks a significant progression in the quest. With the boat ready, players must inform Dallas Jones of their preparedness to set sail.

Unraveling the Dragonkin’s Secrets

Entering the Ancient Laboratory

The quest kicks off with the explorer delving into a hidden laboratory believed to be used by the ancient Dragonkin. This discovery is made after mining through a suspicious wall inside a volcano, where Elvarg the dragon resided. Venturing into the laboratory reveals a setting far more sophisticated than anticipated, suggesting it was a place of significant importance.

Deciphering the Mural and Machinery

Within the laboratory, ancient machinery and a mural catch the adventurer’s eye. Interacting with these artifacts yields old notes and insights into the creation of dragons, hinting at the Dragonkin’s involvement. This ancient race, known for their powerful magic and mysterious endeavors, appears to have engineered dragons as their creations or weapons. The ancient mural, upon closer inspection and after a brief encounter with a guardian, reveals the word “Lithkren” — a name that resonates with tales and locations encountered elsewhere.

The Diary of Robert the Strong

The quest further thickens the plot with the discovery of a diary belonging to Robert the Strong, found next to a skeleton within the same ancient laboratory. This diary unveils Robert’s encounters and confrontations with the Dragonkin, shedding light on his efforts to thwart their dark designs. The diary also hints at a divided key, essential for unlocking deeper secrets related to the Dragonkin and their dragon creations.

Finding Bob the Cat

Methods to Locate Bob

Bob the Cat is a central figure in deciphering the mysteries surrounding the Dragonkin. The quest involves two primary methods to find him:

  1. World Hopping: One approach is to visit places Bob is known to frequent, such as the anvils in Varrock, and hop worlds until he is found. This method, however, may prove tedious and is susceptible to limitations on frequent world switching.
  2. Cat Speak Amulet: A more efficient method involves using the Cat Speak Amulet. By adjusting the amulet’s whiskers and observing the direction in which its eyes light up, adventurers can determine Bob’s location relative to theirs. This technique is highly recommended for tracking Bob’s movements across Gielinor.

The Sphinx and Memory Potion

Upon locating Bob, it becomes apparent that he does not remember his past life as Robert the Strong. To unlock his memories, the quest leads to the Sphinx in Sophanem. The Sphinx, however, is unable to directly assist with Bob’s memories but suggests seeking the Onieromancer on Lunar Isle for a solution. The Onieromancer then provides instructions for crafting a memory potion, a concoction made from goutweed, water, and ground astral rune shards. This potion is pivotal for accessing Bob’s past and advancing the quest.

Battle with Robert the Strong

The memory potion facilitates entry into a dream where the adventurer must confront Robert the Strong. Preparing for this encounter involves gearing up with crush-attack weapons and ensuring protection prayers are ready, particularly against ranged attacks. Robert, showcasing his prowess with ranged and powerful special attacks, presents a formidable challenge. Successfully defeating him in this dream realm is crucial for recovering lost memories and progressing through the quest’s narrative.

Assembling the Dragon Key

Collecting Key Pieces from Various Dragons

The assembly of the Dragon Key is a pivotal task in “Dragon Slayer II,” involving a quest to gather key pieces from various dragons. This entails engaging in battles with different types of dragons, each holding a fragment of the key. These dragons are located in diverse, perilous locations, posing a unique set of challenges to the adventurer. The quest involves navigating through dungeons, mazes filled with traps, and enemies, all while under the threat of dragon fire. The collection of these pieces is crucial for piecing together the ancient key required to advance in the quest.

Forging the Key Parts

Once the key pieces are collected, the next step involves forging these parts into a single, unified key. This process is carried out at a very hot furnace located near anvils next to lava. The adventurer needs to click on any of the anvils to initiate the forging process. This step symbolizes the culmination of efforts in gathering the scattered pieces, transforming them into a functional key capable of unlocking the mysteries that lie ahead.

Using the Key on Lithkren

The final use of the assembled Dragon Key occurs on Lithkren, a location steeped in lore and the epicenter of the quest’s climax. Upon reaching a grandiose door, the Dragon Key is used, fitting perfectly and initiating a significant sequence of events. This action unlocks new chambers and leads to a deeper understanding of the ancient Dragonkin’s secrets. It is in these newly accessed areas that pivotal discoveries are made, including interactions with key characters and the unveiling of the Dragonkin’s dark projects.

Forming an Alliance Against the Dragon Threat

Meeting with King Roald in Varrock

The initiative to form an alliance against the dragon threat begins with a visit to Varrock, where the adventurer meets King Roald. The king is informed about the imminent danger posed by dragons, particularly the discovery of a mutant dragon on the loose. Understanding the gravity of the situation, King Roald commits to gathering troops and suggests contacting other rulers to unify efforts against the dragon menace.

Gathering Support from Other Leaders

Following King Roald’s advice, the quester embarks on a diplomatic mission to enlist the support of leaders from various kingdoms:

  • Sir Amik Varze in Falador: Located in the White Knights’ Castle, Sir Amik is briefed on the dragon threat. Like King Roald, he acknowledges the situation and agrees to contribute to the alliance.
  • King Lathas in Ardougne: The adventurer then travels to Ardougne to discuss the looming threat with King Lathas, who, upon hearing the details, also agrees to join the alliance.
  • Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka: The final stop involves securing the support of Brundt in Rellekka. With his agreement, the coalition against the dragons strengthens further.

Planning the Attack Strategy

Once support from the key leaders is secured, the adventurer returns to Varrock for a strategic meeting held in King Roald’s dining room. The assembly includes all the newly allied leaders, where they deliberate on the best course of action to counter the dragon threat. The discussion culminates in a unanimous decision to deploy a fleet of ships for a direct assault on the dragons. Despite the inherent risk of using wooden ships against fire-breathing dragons, the leaders are resolute in their commitment to neutralize the threat.

Final Battle Preparation

Required Gear and Potions

  • Dragonhide Armor: Provides good resistance to the various forms of dragonfire.
  • Anti-Dragon Shield: Essential for mitigating dragonfire damage.
  • Crossbow and Ruby/Diamond Bolts: For effective ranged attacks against dragons, with ruby bolts being particularly useful for their special effect and diamond bolts for accuracy.
  • Bastion Potion: Offers both defense and ranged attack bonuses.
  • Super Anti-Fire Potion: Provides complete immunity to dragonfire when used in conjunction with an Anti-Dragon Shield.
  • Prayer Potions: For maintaining prayer points throughout the battles.
  • Food: High-healing food for recovery.
  • Teleport Out: Safe escape if necessary.
  • Optional for Part 4.2: Antidote potion and Insulated Boots for protection against venom and electric attacks, respectively.

Strategic Overview of the Battle Phases

  1. Part 1 – Ship Repairs: No combat, involves fixing damages on a ship under a time constraint.
  2. Part 2 – Agility Course and Dragons: Navigate through an agility course while fighting regular dragons and avoiding attacks.
  3. Part 3 – Dragon Fights: Confrontation with standard dragons, relatively straightforward with proper gear and potions.
  4. Part 4 – Waves of Dragons:
    • First Wave: Includes Black, Steel, and Brutal Red Dragons. It’s crucial to adjust prayer and positioning based on the dragon’s attack style.
    • Second Wave: Features Mithril, Adamant, and Rune Dragons with special attacks like poison and electric. Antidote and Insulated Boots become crucial here.
    • Note: Teleporting out to bank after each wave for restocking is recommended.
  5. Part 5 – Galvek Fight: The final confrontation with Galvek, requiring movement to avoid firebombs and adapting to different attack phases (fire, air, water, earth) each with unique challenges.

The Final Battle Against Galvek

Phase 1: Repairing the Ship

  • Nature of the Phase: This phase involves no combat and is purely about making repairs to the ship over a duration of four minutes.
  • Activities Involved: Players need to address various disruptions that occur on the ship, including extinguishing fires, fixing leaks, aiding injured warriors, and repairing a broken mast. This phase is designed to be straightforward, with little risk of injury to the player.
  • Exiting the Phase: If a player wishes to leave this phase for any reason, they can do so by interacting with the character who is shouting orders, allowing them to return to the dock.

Phase 2: Agility Course and Dragon Encounters

  • Overview: This phase consists of a lengthy agility course peppered with dragon encounters. It tests both the player’s agility and combat skills against dragons.
  • Commencement: The phase starts as the player ventures westward from the ship, engaging in an agility course that involves navigating across gaps, jumping onto ships, and traversing through debris.
  • Dragon Encounters: Throughout this course, the player will encounter and need to defeat various dragons, including a normal Red Dragon and an Iron Dragon, each with standard dragon fight mechanics. Additionally, a Brutal Green Dragon is encountered, which also does not possess any special attacks beyond the typical dragon abilities.
  • Navigation Challenges: The agility course is known for its challenging navigation, including potential falls into the water when attempting jumps. This adds an element of difficulty and requires persistence and skill in agility.
  • Completion: Successfully navigating the course and defeating the encountered dragons leads the player to the main ship. Upon boarding the ship and conversing with Bob, the player progresses to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Battling the Metallic Dragons

In Phase 3, players engage in combat with a series of metallic dragons. This phase occurs after successfully navigating the agility course and dealing with previous dragon encounters. It’s a straightforward combat phase where players apply their combat skills against the dragons.

  • Combat Mechanics: Players will face two blue dragons and two green dragons in this phase. The combat is direct, requiring players to utilize their combat strategies, potions, and food efficiently to defeat these dragons.
  • Transition to Next Phase: After defeating these dragons, the scenario escalates as Zorgoth and Galvek enter the scene, marking the transition into the more complex and challenging part of the final battle.

Phase 4: Facing Galvek and Zorgoth

Phase 4 introduces a significant challenge where players confront two waves of dragons under the threat of Galvek’s attacks.

  • First Wave: The initial wave consists of a black dragon, steel dragon, and a brutal red dragon. Players need to adapt their prayer and combat strategies according to each dragon’s attack style, making quick decisions to minimize damage and efficiently take down the targets.
  • Second Wave: After the brutal red dragon, players face a more challenging set consisting of mithril, adamant, and rune dragons. These dragons come with unique mechanics, such as poison and electric attacks, requiring players to use antidote potions and insulated boots to mitigate damage effectively.
  • Galvek’s Interference: Throughout this phase, Galvek intermittently launches firebomb attacks, necessitating constant movement and spatial awareness from the player to avoid significant damage.

Phase 5: The Ultimate Showdown with Galvek

Phase 5 is the culmination of the final battle, where players face Galvek head-on. This phase tests all aspects of a player’s combat abilities, gear optimization, and situational awareness.

  • Galvek’s Attack Phases: Galvek utilizes a diverse array of attacks, including melee (if in close range), firebombs, pink dragonfire (which disables prayers), and a unique ranged attack that bypasses Protect from Missiles prayer. Players must continuously adapt their strategies and positioning to mitigate these threats.
  • Strategic Movement: Avoiding Galvek’s firebombs is crucial, requiring players to anticipate and move promptly following Galvek’s attack animations to avoid massive damage.
  • Healing and Protection: Efficient use of food, prayer potions, and protective potions is vital to sustaining through Galvek’s relentless assaults. Players are encouraged to maintain high health levels while managing their prayer points for protection prayers.
  • Final Confrontation: Successfully navigating Galvek’s attack patterns and whittling down his health bar leads to the ultimate victory in the quest’s storyline. This phase demands the highest level of preparation, skill, and perseverance from the player.

Returning to Alec Kincade and Claiming Rewards

Upon the triumphant defeat of Galvek and the resolution of the quest’s epic storyline, your journey leads you back to Alec Kincade, the initiator of your quest, located at the entrance of the Myths’ Guild. To reach him conveniently, utilize the spirit tree network, directing your path to Feldip Hills, and proceed to the guild’s entrance. Here, a dialogue with Alec Kincade finalizes the quest, marking your success in this grand adventure.

Unlocked Features and Post-Quest Activities

The completion of Dragon Slayer II does not just signify the end of a quest but also opens the gateway to a myriad of activities, features, and beneficial resources, enhancing your RuneScape adventure.

Myths’ Guild Access: As a reward for your bravery and resilience, you gain access to the Myths’ Guild, a prestigious institution filled with resources, including:

  • Bank and Restoration Facilities: Convenient access to banking and a prayer altar to replenish your spirit.
  • Dragonstone Jewelry Charging: A unique basement area allows for the charging of Dragonstone jewelry, a valuable asset for teleportation and enhancement.
  • Exclusive Monster Access: The basement also houses red, green, blue, and black dragons, alongside Adamantite and Runite rocks, providing lucrative mining and combat opportunities.
  • Wrath Altar: For those adept in Runecrafting, the Wrath Altar offers a new avenue for crafting powerful runes.
  • Super Anti-Fire Potions: Engage with Pramula to unlock the ability to make Super Anti-Fire potions, an essential for high-level dragon encounters.
  • Unlimited Teleport Cape: A unique cape with not only impressive stats but also unlimited teleports directly to the Myths’ Guild, enhancing mobility across Gielinor.

Lithkren Unlocks: The mysterious island of Lithkren, once a battleground in the quest, now serves as a field for further exploration and combat:

  • Adamant and Rune Dragons: Engage in combat with these high-level dragons for valuable drops and combat experience.
  • Vorkath Re-encounters: Post-quest, Vorkath becomes a formidable boss with lucrative rewards, drawing adventurers back for intense battles.

How to Maximize Post-Quest Benefits

To fully leverage the benefits unlocked by Dragon Slayer II:

  • Regularly Utilize the Myths’ Guild Facilities: Make the guild a frequent stop for banking, prayer restoration, and accessing unique resources.
  • Engage in Combat with Newly Accessible Monsters: Test your skills against the dragons in the Myths’ Guild basement and on Lithkren for valuable loot and experience.
  • Craft Wrath Runes: Explore the Wrath Altar for high-level Runecrafting opportunities.
  • Capitalize on the Teleport Cape: Use the cape to enhance your mobility across RuneScape, making your adventures more efficient.

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