Fremennik Exiles: Ultimate Guide to Norse Legends in OSRS

The Fremennik Exiles quest is a captivating journey set within the Old School RuneScape universe. This quest invites players to embark on an adventure that ties into the rich tapestry of Fremennik lore, challenging them to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and engage in combat with formidable foes. As part of this quest, players are tasked with aiding the Fremennik people, delving into a storyline that is both engaging and filled with surprises.

Overview of Fremennik Exiles Quest

The Fremennik Exiles quest is marked as a significant entry in the series of quests related to the Fremennik saga. Players are required to meet various prerequisites before embarking on this quest, including the completion of The Fremennik Isles, Lunar Diplomacy, Mountain Daughter, and the Heroes’ Quest. Additionally, skill requirements include 65 Crafting, 60 Slayer, 60 Smithing, 60 Fishing, and 55 Runecrafting.

In this quest, adventurers will navigate through multiple stages that involve crafting a unique shield, engaging with NPCs for crucial information, battling against new creatures known as Basilisks, and solving intricate puzzles. Players will also need to gather specific items, such as Kegs of Beer, a Rune Throwing Axe, Molten Glass, Astral Runes, a Pet Rock, a Fishing Rod, Ice Gloves, a Hammer, a Glassblowing Pipe, a Pickaxe, the Ring of Charos(a), and potentially 150K coins for certain quest components.

Preparation and Requirements

The Fremennik Exiles quest is set in the realm of Old School RuneScape, part of the Fremennik quest series. The quest involves assisting Brundt the Chieftain in a seemingly straightforward investigation that leads to unforeseen complications, including the player’s exile and subsequent efforts to regain trust and confront an ancient menace.

Skill and Quest Requirements

To embark on this quest, players must satisfy both skill and quest prerequisites:

  • Skill Requirements:
    • Crafting: 65 (not boostable)
    • Slayer: 60 (not boostable)
    • Smithing: 60 (not boostable)
    • Fishing: 60 (not boostable)
    • Runecraft: 55 (not boostable)
  • Quest Requirements:
    • The Fremennik Isles
    • The Fremennik Trials
    • Lunar Diplomacy
    • Lost City
    • Rune Mysteries
    • Shilo Village
    • Jungle Potion
    • Druidic Ritual
    • Mountain Daughter
    • Heroes’ Quest
    • Dragon Slayer I
    • Merlin’s Crystal
    • Shield of Arrav

Necessary Items and Equipment

To successfully complete the quest, players are required to gather a specific set of items and equipment:

  • Combat equipment
  • Mirror shield (to protect against basilisks)
  • 2 Kegs of beer (note: cannot be obtained in Rellekka during the quest; should be bought beforehand)
  • 1 Molten glass
  • 100 Astral runes
  • Pet rock
  • Fishing rod or fly fishing rod
  • Fremennik shield (distinct from the tradeable Neitiznot shield)
  • Optionally, Rune thrownaxes for accessing certain dungeon areas
  • Ice gloves or Smiths gloves (i)
  • Hammer
  • Glassblowing pipe
  • 3 Lunar bars or ores (alternatively, a pickaxe for mining if required, noting a 60 Mining skill requirement which is boostable)
  • Seal of Passage (if the elite Fremennik diaries haven’t been completed)

Initial Gear Setup

For the initial part of the quest, it’s recommended to have:

  • Combat equipment suitable for battling level 53 Basilisk Younglings and other basilisk variants encountered during the quest. This includes wearing a mirror shield to prevent the basilisks’ stat-draining attacks.
  • A recommended combat level of 80, with preparations including stamina potions, high-healing food like Monkfish or better, and teleports to quickly navigate between quest locations (e.g., Moonclan teleport tablets, Enchanted lyre, Fremennik sea boots).
  • It’s also advised to purchase the 2 kegs of beer from Thora the Barkeep before starting the quest to save time and effort later on.

Quest-Specific Items

Throughout the quest, players will need to acquire or create specific items crucial for progress:

  • Fremennik Shield: Obtainable as a drop from Dagannoths within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon or from market guards. Alternatively, Bardur, located deep within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, can provide one for 150,000 coins or for free with a Ring of Charos (a).
  • Lunar Glass and V’s Sigil: Requires crafting lunar glass with molten glass and astral runes at the Astral Altar, and creating V’s Sigil from lunar bars. These components are enchanted and combined to aid in the quest’s completion.
  • Polishing Rock: Involves a unique interaction with a pet rock and the large geyser in the Mountain Camp, requiring the use of ice gloves and a glassblowing pipe for the final assembly of V’s Shield.

Fremennik Exiles Quest Walkthrough

Starting the Quest

  • Location: Speak to Brundt the Chieftain in the Rellekka Longhall.
  • Initial Preparation: Ensure you have a mirror shield and combat equipment to handle a level 53 Basilisk Youngling. It’s recommended to buy 2 kegs of beer from Thora in the Longhall before beginning the quest to save time later.

Talking to the Chief

  • Objective: Brundt will ask you to investigate a disturbance near the sandpit.
  • Action: After talking to Brundt, head north to Freygerd’s house next to the sandpit. Engage with Freygerd to learn about the event involving mysterious red eyes. Investigate the area for clues.

Gathering Initial Items

  • Search Areas:
    • Rockslide: West of Freygerd’s house to find a venomous fang.
    • Boxes: Outside the house to obtain a venom gland.
    • Sandpit: To confront and defeat a level 53 Basilisk Youngling, which drops an unsealed letter revealing information about an impending basilisk invasion and the re-emergence of the Jormungand.
  • Return to Freygerd: Provide her with the venom gland and fang, then report back to Brundt with the unsealed letter to discuss the next steps.

Crafting the V Shield

  • Components: To recreate V’s Shield, Brundt outlines the necessity for four components: the Fremennik Shield, Lunar Glass, V’s Sigil, and a Polishing Rock.

Obtaining the Untradable Fremennik Shield

  • Options for Acquisition:
    1. Waterbirth Island Dungeon: Combat dagannoths for the shield as an uncommon drop or market guards in Rellekka for a rarer drop.
    2. Bardur: Located deep within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, obtain the shield by either charming Bardur with a Ring of Charos(a) for a free shield or purchasing it for 150,000 coins.

Enchanting Materials

  • Lunar Glass and V’s Sigil:
    • Lunar Glass: Speak to Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle to convert molten glass into molten glass (i), which is then brought to the Astral Altar with 100 Astral Runes to create Lunar Glass.
    • V’s Sigil: Smelt three Lunar Ores into bars, then forge V’s Sigil at an anvil. Fossegrimen will enchant the Sigil when brought to her.
  • Polishing Rock:
    • Acquisition: Brundt suggests using the hot springs in the mountains east of Rellekka. Peer the Seer in Rellekka can erase memories of the pet rock, allowing you to submerge it in the large geyser at the Mountain Camp using ice gloves for the Polishing Rock.
  • Final Assembly: With all components and a glassblowing pipe in inventory, use the V’s Sigil on the Fremennik Shield alongside the Polishing Rock and Lunar Glass to create V’s Shield, essential for the battle against the basilisks and the quest’s progression.

Enchantment and Final Preparation

Polishing the Pet Rock

  • Requirements: Pet rock, ice gloves, a fishing rod, and a glassblowing pipe are essential for this part of the quest.
  • Procedure: Travel to the Mountain Camp east of Rellekka with your pet rock. Attempt to submerge it into the large geyser found on the south side of the lake near a climbable tree. Realizing the emotional attachment to the pet rock, you’ll need to seek Peer the Seer in Rellekka to erase your memories associated with it. Once done, return to the geyser with your now “emotionally unattached” pet rock, wearing ice gloves, and use the fishing rod to retrieve the polished rock from the geyser.

Forging the Shield

  • Components Required: With the polishing rock, V’s sigil (enchanting pending), lunar glass, the Fremennik Shield, and a glassblowing pipe in your possession, you’re ready to assemble V’s Shield.
  • Crafting Process: Use any of the components on each other while holding a glassblowing pipe to create V’s Shield. This item is crucial for the upcoming battles and serves as a symbol of your craftsmanship and dedication to the Fremennik cause.

The Final Battle Preparation

Gearing Up

  • Essentials: Equip yourself with V’s Shield and prepare your combat gear for an intense battle. Ensure you have high-healing food, possibly 1-2 Super Restore potions, and gear suited to your combat style. Given the Jormungand’s weakness to crush attacks, weapons like the leaf-bladed battleaxe or dragon mace are recommended. Note: The dwarven helmet, while offering the highest crush boost, may compromise defense compared to the helm of Neitiznot.

Strategy and Tips

  • Combat Approach: Upon solving the Mastermind-like puzzle to access the fight area, you’ll encounter Typhor and then The Jormungand. For Typhor, toggling between Magic or Melee prayers based on your defensive weakness is advised, as he can switch attack styles. Protect from Magic is crucial against The Jormungand, whose primary attacks are magical.
  • Special Attacks to Watch For:
    • The Jormungand’s Red Screen Attack: When your screen turns red, immediately turn your character away from The Jormungand to avoid a powerful attack that could deal up to 50 damage and drain stats significantly.
    • Stone Encasement: If The Jormungand launches a projectile that traps you in stone, frantically click to break free before it shatters, potentially dealing over 40 damage.

Puzzle Solution and Mastermind Puzzle Tips

Mastermind Puzzle Solution:

The Mastermind puzzle encountered during The Fremennik Exiles quest requires players to unlock a door by selecting the correct sequence of runes. Here’s a breakdown of how to approach this puzzle:

  • Puzzle Mechanics: Players are presented with a selection of runes at the bottom of the puzzle interface. The objective is to select runes in a specific order to match a hidden sequence.
  • Feedback System: After attempting a sequence, players receive feedback through green and red checkmarks. A green checkmark indicates that a selected rune is correct and in the right position. A red checkmark means the rune is correct but in the wrong position. This feedback system is crucial for deducing the correct sequence through logical deduction.

Mastermind Puzzle Tips:

  1. Starting Strategy: Begin with a sequence that includes different runes to maximize the information gained from the feedback. Using a variety of runes can help identify which runes are part of the sequence and their possible positions.
  2. Analyzing Feedback: Pay close attention to the feedback from each attempt. Use the green and red checkmarks to refine your guesses. If a rune receives a green checkmark, keep it in that position for subsequent attempts. Use red checkmarks to shuffle the positions of the correct runes.
  3. Elimination Process: If a sequence attempt results in no checkmarks, consider avoiding those runes in the next attempt, as they are likely not part of the solution.
  4. Sequential Testing: Once you have identified one or more correct runes, test different positions for the remaining runes, keeping the confirmed ones fixed.
  5. Using Tools: For players struggling with the puzzle, online Mastermind solvers can be used as an aid. These tools allow you to input your guesses and the feedback received, suggesting the most logical next attempt based on the possible combinations.
  6. Persistence: If the puzzle proves too challenging, it can be reset by exiting and re-entering the puzzle interface. Each reset provides a new sequence to solve, potentially offering a more straightforward solution on subsequent attempts.

Typho & The Jormungand Boss Fight

Strategy and Combat Tips

The Fremennik Exiles quest culminates in a boss fight that demands strategy, skill, and preparation. The boss fight involves two main phases:

  1. Typhor: The first phase of the battle is against Typhor. It is recommended to use Protect from Melee for the initial half of the fight, switching to Protect from Magic as his health decreases. This tactic is crucial for players employing melee armor to mitigate damage effectively.
  2. The Jormungand: The final confrontation is with The Jormungand. This formidable foe employs two special attacks that require quick reflexes and strategic movement:
    • Red Screen Attack: When The Jormungand prepares this attack, the player’s screen will turn red. To avoid significant damage, players must immediately turn their character away from The Jormungand. Failure to do so can result in up to 50 damage.
    • Stone Encasement: This attack traps the player in stone, immobilizing them. To break free, players must click rapidly. The quicker the response, the less damage received from the shattering encasement.

Dealing with Special Attacks

  • Quick Reaction: The key to mitigating damage from The Jormungand’s special attacks lies in quick reactions and strategic movement. Always be prepared to turn away or click rapidly to escape the stone encasement.
  • Prayer Usage: Maintain Protect from Magic throughout the battle with The Jormungand to reduce the damage from its primary attack mode.

Completion and Rewards of Fremennik Exiles in OSRS

Final Steps

Upon defeating The Jormungand and completing the quest’s final challenges, players are treated to a concluding cutscene that wraps up the quest narrative. Players then return to Brundt the Chieftain to officially complete the quest.

Quest Rewards

Successfully completing The Fremennik Exiles quest grants players several valuable rewards:

  • 2 Quest Points: Essential for accessing new areas and quests.
  • Access to the Island of Stone: Opens up new opportunities and adventures.
  • Ability to Create and Equip the Neitiznot Faceguard: Offers superior protection and combat benefits.
  • A New Fremennik Surname: Adds a unique touch to your character’s identity.
  • 15,000 Slayer XP: Boosts your Slayer skill level, essential for tackling high-level monsters.
  • 15,000 Crafting XP: Enhances your Crafting skill, useful for creating a wide range of items.
  • 5,000 Runecrafting XP: Improves your Runecrafting skill, key for creating runes for magic spells.

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