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GW2 Amalgamated Gemstones Guide

Amalgamated Gemstones are valuable items in Guild Wars 2 that serve as a significant source of daily income for players. These gemstones are primarily obtained through participation in various meta events across the game’s maps. Each event offers the chance to receive Hero chests, within which Amalgamated Gemstones can be found.

Overview of Amalgamated Gemstones

The process of acquiring Amalgamated Gemstones is straightforward: participate in meta events to receive Hero chests, which contain these gemstones among their rewards. Players are allowed to collect one gemstone per map per day, enabling the collection of up to 8 gemstones every day if they participate in events across different maps.

Importance for Daily Income

Farming Amalgamated Gemstones is a lucrative activity that can significantly boost a player’s daily income. By participating in the meta events and collecting these gemstones, along with other loot along the way, players can earn more than 20g with relatively little effort. This makes the farming of Amalgamated Gemstones not only a rewarding activity in terms of gameplay but also an effective method for players to generate in-game currency on a daily basis.

Getting Started with Amalgamated Gemstone Farming

To begin farming Amalgamated Gemstones in “Guild Wars 2,” players need to engage with meta events across various maps in the game. These events are large-scale activities that require coordination among a significant number of players and are designed to offer various rewards, including the sought-after Amalgamated Gemstones.

Understanding Meta Events

Meta events are scheduled activities that occur at fixed times throughout the game world, inviting players to come together and achieve common objectives. These events are typically complex, involving multiple stages or tasks that need to be completed to achieve success. The rewards for participating in these events include Hero chests, which contain Amalgamated Gemstones among other items. To maximize the farming of Amalgamated Gemstones, players can jump from map to map, participating in multiple meta events in a single day.

Prerequisites for Farming

Before engaging in the farming of Amalgamated Gemstones, players must be aware of a few prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of Event Timings: Since meta events start at predetermined times, having a schedule or accessing a timer (like the one provided on the game’s wiki) is crucial to plan participation effectively.
  • Participation in Semi-Organized Groups: Many of these events require at least semi-organized groups to complete successfully. Organized maps fill up quickly, necessitating that players keep an eye on the Looking For Group (LFG) tool and join at least 10 minutes before the event’s scheduled start.
  • Key Management: For certain events, especially those in the Auric Basin, players need keys to access the grand chests that contain Amalgamated Gemstones. Therefore, participating in meta events periodically to collect these keys is necessary.

Meta Events and Amalgamated Gemstones

In “Guild Wars 2,” Amalgamated Gemstones can be obtained through participation in meta events across the game’s expansive maps. These events are key to the acquisition of Amalgamated Gemstones, offering players the opportunity to collect these valuable items on a daily basis.

Role of Hero Chests in Gemstone Acquisition

The primary method of obtaining Amalgamated Gemstones is through Hero chests, which are awarded to players upon successful completion of meta events. Each map that hosts these events provides a Hero chest once per day, per player, which may contain an Amalgamated Gemstone among other rewards. This mechanism ensures that players who actively participate in different meta events across various maps can accumulate these gemstones regularly.

Daily Farming Strategy

Maximizing Daily Gemstone Yield

To maximize the daily yield of Amalgamated Gemstones, players are encouraged to participate in meta events across as many maps as possible. Since each map allows the collection of one gemstone per day, engaging in events across multiple maps can significantly increase the daily haul of these gemstones. This approach can yield up to 8 gemstones every day, alongside additional loot that can further enhance the player’s income.

Tips for Efficient Farming

  • Plan Your Route: Considering the fixed start times of meta events, planning a daily route that allows for participation in multiple events sequentially can optimize time and increase gemstone acquisition.
  • Monitor LFG: To ensure participation in meta events, especially those requiring semi-organized groups, monitoring the Looking For Group (LFG) tool and joining groups at least 10 minutes before the event starts is crucial.
  • Event Participation: While some events require active participation throughout, others, like the Auric Basin’s Tarir Meta, may only require presence at the event’s conclusion to access the grand chests. Understanding the requirements of each event can save time and effort.
  • Key Collection: For events where keys are required to open grand chests, maintaining an adequate supply of these keys is necessary. This may involve periodic participation in certain meta events specifically for key farming.
  • Utilize Timers: Utilizing external resources such as the game’s wiki for event timers can aid in planning and ensure that no opportunity for gemstone farming is missed.

Event-Specific Strategies

Verdant Brink Night Bosses

Event Timing and Participation

The meta events in Verdant Brink are split between day and night cycles, with the night bosses appearing as the crucial part for farming Amalgamated Gemstones. To participate, players should be aware of the night cycle’s timing, specifically targeting the bosses that spawn with 20 minutes remaining on the night timer.

Matriarch Boss Strategy

One of the easiest night bosses to target for Amalgamated Gemstones is the Matriarch, located above the Pact Encampment waypoint. Players can use the chopper that lands nearby to reach the Matriarch, making this boss not only accessible but also a straightforward option for those looking to farm gemstones efficiently.

Auric Basin Tarir Meta

Grand Chest Access and Key Requirements

In the Auric Basin, the Tarir meta event concludes with the opportunity to loot grand chests, one of which contains the Amalgamated Gemstone. Importantly, players do not need to participate in the entire event to be eligible for the gemstone; instead, they must ensure they have the necessary keys to open these chests. These keys can be obtained by participating in the meta event periodically.

Tangled Depths Chak Gerent Rush

Lane Selection and Final Chest Loot

The Tangled Depths meta event culminates in a rush against the Chak Gerent, requiring players to select one of four lanes spreading from the Ley-Line Confluence waypoint. Participation involves dealing damage to the Gerent when it surfaces. To secure the Amalgamated Gemstone, players must ensure they are present for the final chest loot near the waypoint after all lanes have successfully completed the event. This strategy emphasizes the importance of selecting a lane where the player can contribute effectively while also positioning themselves to access the final chest promptly.

Dragon’s Stand Mouth of Mordremoth Fight

Event Participation and Final Fight

For the Dragon’s Stand meta event, players are required to engage in the final battle against the Mouth of Mordremoth. This event demands full participation from the beginning, as joining just for the final fight is nearly impossible due to map capacity constraints. Players must choose one of the lanes, assist with escorting NPCs, destroy towers, and then engage in the boss fight. This comprehensive involvement ensures eligibility for the Amalgamated Gemstone reward upon completion.

Crystal Oasis Choya Pinata

Timing and Participation

The Choya Pinata event in the Crystal Oasis follows the successful completion of the Casino Blitz meta event. This is one of the quickest and easiest opportunities to obtain an Amalgamated Gemstone. Players need to be present shortly after the Casino Blitz concludes, near the Amnoon waypoint, to participate in the Choya Pinata event. Direct participation in the Casino Blitz is not necessary for the gemstone reward; players must simply partake in defeating the Choya Pinata.

Elon Riverlands Path of Ascension

Event Sequence and Doppelganger Encounter

The Path of Ascension event in the Elon Riverlands is lengthy and involves multiple stages, including escort, clearing, and defense events, culminating in a battle inside Augury Rock against Branded Josso Esher. Following this, players must engage in a unique encounter with a Doppelganger, which requires collecting escaped magic and then defeating a legendary version of a randomly chosen player. Only the defeat of the Doppelganger is necessary for obtaining the Amalgamated Gemstone.

The Desolation Meta Events

Junundu Rising and Maw of Torment Strategies

In The Desolation, two meta events offer paths to the Amalgamated Gemstone: Junundu Rising and Maw of Torment. Both events are similarly lengthy but reward participants with a gemstone. Junundu Rising involves collecting sulfur and participating in large worm battles, while Maw of Torment focuses on escort missions leading to portal closures and a final battle against the Legendary Forged Demolisher. Participation in either event, up to the completion of the final objective, is necessary for the gemstone reward.

Domain of Vabbi Meta Events

Forged with Fire and The Serpents’ Ire Events

The Domain of Vabbi features two meta events, with Forged with Fire being the shorter and thus more appealing option for gemstone farmers. This event, located inside the Foundry near The Necropolis Waypoint, involves destroying cannons and commanders, ending with a battle against two legendary hounds. The Serpents’ Ire, on the other hand, is a more involved event starting in the Grand Court of Sebelkeh, requiring the defeat of Forgotten Zealots followed by a series of coordinated attacks on Zealot leaders, and culminating in a battle against Ysshi Hessani and his pet Hydra. Both events provide opportunities for acquiring Amalgamated Gemstones, with participation strategies differing based on event complexity and duration.

Additional Tips for Amalgamated Gemstone Farming

Efficient Use of Game Mechanics

Maximizing the efficiency of Amalgamated Gemstone farming involves leveraging various game mechanics to your advantage. Here are some key strategies:

  • Map Hopping: Utilize the game’s ability to join different instances of the same map to participate in meta events that are about to conclude or have a higher chance of success. This technique allows for participation in multiple events within a shorter timeframe.
  • Event Timing: Familiarize yourself with the event schedules and plan your gameplay around these timings. Using external resources like the official game wiki can help keep track of when and where each meta event occurs, ensuring you’re always at the right place at the right time.
  • Group Dynamics: Engaging with the community through the Looking For Group (LFG) tool can significantly enhance your ability to successfully complete meta events. Joining pre-formed groups not only increases the likelihood of success but also provides a more structured and efficient event experience.
  • Damage and Support Roles: Understanding the role you play in each event can make a significant difference. Whether you’re dealing damage or providing support, knowing how to effectively contribute to the event’s objectives can increase your efficiency and the overall success of the event.

Key Management for Chest Access

For events that require keys to access reward chests, such as the grand chests in Auric Basin, managing your keys is crucial for ensuring consistent access to Amalgamated Gemstones:

  • Key Farming: Regularly participate in events or complete specific tasks that reward keys. This ensures that you always have a sufficient supply to open grand chests after completing meta events.
  • Key Conservation: Be strategic about when to use your keys. If you’re planning multiple event participations in a day, consider which events offer the best rewards for your keys to maximize your returns.
  • Event Participation: Even if your primary goal is Amalgamated Gemstone farming, participating in the events leading to key rewards can provide additional benefits, including experience, gold, and other valuable loot. This approach can enhance your overall farming efficiency.

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