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GW2 Griffon Mount Unlocking Guide 

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on unlocking the elusive Griffon Mount in Guild Wars 2. The Griffon is not just any mount; it’s a prestigious symbol of dedication and mastery in the Path of Fire expansion. This majestic creature offers unparalleled mobility, allowing players to soar across the skies of Tyria with grace and speed. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Griffon’s unique abilities make it an invaluable asset in traversing the vast landscapes of the game, reaching previously inaccessible areas, and experiencing the thrill of flight.

Brief Overview of the Griffon Mount

The Griffon Mount is a high-flying, majestic creature that offers players a new dimension of exploration in Guild Wars 2. Unlike other mounts, the Griffon has the ability to glide, providing a seamless transition from land to air. This makes the Griffon ideal for reaching high places, exploring hidden nooks, and enjoying breathtaking vistas from the skies. The Griffon also features a dive and ascend mechanic, allowing for rapid vertical movement, which is not only functional but exhilarating to experience.


Before embarking on the quest to unlock the Griffon Mount, there are certain prerequisites you must meet. These are essential steps that pave the way for your journey through the collections and challenges ahead:

  1. Complete the Path of Fire Storyline: The journey to obtaining the Griffon begins only after you’ve completed the entire Path of Fire storyline. This is non-negotiable, as the storyline introduces you to the regions, characters, and lore that are integral to your quest for the Griffon.
  2. Accumulate 250 Gold: The Griffon does not come without cost. As you progress through the collections and various challenges, you’ll need a total of 250 gold to purchase specific items from heart vendors scattered across the Path of Fire maps. These items are crucial components in completing the collections necessary for unlocking the Griffon.
  3. Mastery of Movement: While not a formal prerequisite, it’s highly recommended that you have a good handle on the various mounts already available in the game, such as the Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, and Jackal. Each mount’s unique movement abilities will be instrumental in navigating the challenges and terrains you’ll encounter on your quest.

With these prerequisites in mind, you’re well on your way to starting your adventure to unlock the Griffon Mount. Remember, the path may be challenging, but the reward is a companion that will change your exploration of Tyria forever.

Initial Steps

Unlocking the Griffon Mount is a journey that begins with understanding its origins and the pivotal characters involved in its lore. The initial steps involve locating a significant figure, the Last Spear Marshal, and obtaining a crucial item known as the Spear Marshal’s Plea. These steps set the stage for the adventures and challenges that lie ahead in your quest for the Griffon.

Locating the Last Spear Marshal

The Last Spear Marshal holds the key to beginning your quest for the Griffon Mount. To find this pivotal character, you must venture into the Domain of Vabbi, a region known for its opulence and hidden dangers. Follow these steps to reach the Last Spear Marshal:

  1. Navigate to the Domain of Vabbi: Your journey starts at the Attendee Academy Waypoint. From there, head south until you reach a path, then follow the path eastward.
  2. Brace for the Environment: As you traverse through the Domain of Vabbi, be prepared to encounter Crockett or country. The area is rife with purple crystals that can harm you. However, safe zones scattered throughout the region provide respite where you can regain health.
  3. Cross the Waters: Upon reaching the water, aim to be directly across from the Vista near Yanonur Plateau. If you have the Tier 3 Jackal Portal Mastery, you can use a portal here to cross the water more efficiently. Alternatively, the Tier 3 Springer Mastery allows you to leap up the cliffside after descending to the water’s level.
  4. Final Approach: After crossing the water, continue eastward. The path leads you to a platform adorned with Griffons, where you’ll find the Last Spear Marshal waiting in the center.

Receiving the Spear Marshal’s Plea

Upon meeting the Last Spear Marshal, you will be entrusted with an item of great significance – the Spear Marshal’s Plea. This item is not only a symbol of the trust placed in you but also a practical tool that aids in your quest. Here’s what you need to know about the Spear Marshal’s Plea:

  1. Initiating the Collection: Speaking with the Last Spear Marshal initiates the Griffon collection journey. The Spear Marshal’s Plea is handed to you, marking the official start of your quest.
  2. Teleportation Utility: The Spear Marshal’s Plea serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it allows you to teleport back to this location at any time, ensuring that you can swiftly return to the heart of your quest. Secondly, it grants you the ability to use Eyes of Kormir, which bestow a wish once per day.
  3. Collecting Miniatures: As a side benefit, using Eyes of Kormir can yield new miniatures from the Path of Fire expansion. While the value of these miniatures may vary, they offer an additional layer of reward and collectability to your adventures.
  4. Testing the Griffon: Around the platform, you’ll find Griffons that you can mount and fly immediately. This offers a taste of the capabilities and exhilaration that come with the Griffon Mount, fueling your motivation to complete the quest.

As you conclude the initial steps and grasp the Spear Marshal’s Plea, you stand on the threshold of a grand adventure. With the Last Spear Marshal’s guidance and the teleportation utility at your disposal, the path to unlocking the Griffon Mount unfolds before you, filled with challenges, discoveries, and the promise of soaring heights.

Acquiring Necessary Items from Heart Vendors

A significant part of unlocking the Griffon Mount involves obtaining specific items from heart vendors scattered across various maps. These vendors provide unique items required to progress in the Griffon collection. This section will guide you through the process of acquiring the necessary items from heart vendors in the Crystal Oasis and Desert Highlands regions.

Crystal Oasis

The Crystal Oasis is your first stop in gathering the items needed for your Griffon collection. Here, you will interact with two heart vendors, each offering a distinct item for purchase:

  1. Temple of Kormir Waypoint: Priest Hakim
    • Location: Start at the Temple of Kormir Waypoint. Priest Hakim can be found in the vicinity, awaiting your interaction.
    • Task and Item: Complete the heart by engaging in activities that contribute to the preservation and protection of the temple. Upon completion, approach Priest Hakim to purchase the first required item, which costs 25 gold. The item’s significance is rooted in the lore of the area and contributes to the Griffon collection.
  2. Amnoon Waypoint: Priestess Karima
    • Location: Head to the heart vendor located east of the Amnoon Waypoint. Priestess Karima is amidst a cluster of tents, offering a blend of cultural richness and commerce.
    • Task and Item: Engage in heart activities that support the local community and its needs. After fulfilling the heart requirements, interact with Priestess Karima to acquire the second essential item for 25 gold. This item holds cultural and historical value, making it a key component of your collection.

Desert Highlands

Continuing your journey, the Desert Highlands present the next set of heart vendors. Each vendor here provides an item integral to your quest:

  1. Lommuld Kraal Waypoint: Groffmok
    • Location: Navigate to the Lommuld Kraal Waypoint, where you’ll find Groffmok located just south of the waypoint.
    • Task and Item: Participate in activities that involve the local wildlife and community welfare. Upon successful completion of the heart, Groffmok offers an item for purchase at 25 gold. This item is deeply connected to the region’s ecosystem and plays a vital role in the Griffon collection.
  2. Makali Outpost Waypoint: Tendaji
    • Location: From the Makali Outpost Waypoint, locate Tendaji to the north. Tendaji is known for his involvement in regional security and stability.
    • Task and Item: Complete the heart by assisting in tasks that ensure the safety and prosperity of the outpost. After fulfilling the heart’s objectives, you can procure an item from Tendaji for 25 gold. This item symbolizes the resilience and spirit of the Desert Highlands, making it an indispensable addition to your collection.

In each of these regions, the heart vendors not only offer items for your Griffon collection but also provide a deeper understanding of the local culture, challenges, and community. As you gather these items, you’re not just one step closer to unlocking the Griffon Mount but also more connected to the rich tapestry of the world of Tyria.

Continuing the journey to unlock the Griffon Mount, we venture into the Elon Riverlands, The Desolation, and the Domain of Vabbi. Each of these regions offers unique challenges and heart vendors who provide crucial items for your Griffon collection.

Elon Riverlands

In the arid and historical landscapes of the Elon Riverlands, you’ll encounter two heart vendors:

  1. Augury Shadow Waypoint: Follower Dawnwynn
    • Location: Starting at the Augury Shadow Waypoint, Follower Dawnwynn is located to the north, amidst the remnants of an ancient civilization.
    • Task and Item: Engage in tasks that honor the heritage and secrets of the Elon Riverlands. After completing the heart, approach Follower Dawnwynn to acquire a culturally significant item for 25 gold. This item bears the weight of history and is essential for the Griffon collection.
  2. Skimmer Ranch Waypoint: Skimmer Trainer Ardra
    • Location: From the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, find Skimmer Trainer Ardra to the east, in an area dedicated to the care and training of skimmers.
    • Task and Item: Participate in activities that contribute to the well-being and training of skimmers. Once the heart is completed, Skimmer Trainer Ardra offers an item for 25 gold. This item reflects the bond between the people of Elon Riverlands and their beloved skimmers, marking it as an important piece of your collection.

The Desolation

The harsh and unforgiving terrain of The Desolation hides treasures and secrets, guarded by two heart vendors:

  1. Bone Strand Waypoint: Keeper Pamir
    • Location: Venture southeast from the Bone Strand Waypoint to find Keeper Pamir, a guardian of the desolate lands.
    • Task and Item: Assist in preserving the fragile balance of The Desolation by completing the heart. Keeper Pamir then provides an item for 25 gold, a token of the harsh environment and the resilience required to survive here.
  2. Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint: Keeper Khurjja
    • Location: Keeper Khurjja is located near the Lair of the Forgotten Waypoint, a place shrouded in mystery and ancient lore.
    • Task and Item: Engage in activities that delve into the secrets and preservation of The Desolation. Upon heart completion, Keeper Khurjja offers an item for 25 gold. This item holds the whispers of forgotten tales and is crucial for your Griffon quest.

Domain of Vabbi

Finally, in the opulent and intricate Domain of Vabbi, two more heart vendors await:

  1. Necropolis Waypoint: Awakened Savant
    • Location: Just south of the Necropolis Waypoint, the Awakened Savant awaits, surrounded by the echoes of the past.
    • Task and Item: Contribute to the study and preservation of Vabbian heritage by completing the heart. The Awakened Savant then presents an item for 25 gold, a piece steeped in the rich history and sophistication of Vabbi.
  2. Vehjin Palace Waypoint: Priestess Karima
    • Location: Near the Vehjin Palace Waypoint, Priestess Karima can be found, a symbol of the divine and cultural opulence of Vabbi.
    • Task and Item: Engage in tasks that reflect the grandeur and spiritual depth of Vabbi. After the heart is fulfilled, Priestess Karima offers an item for 25 gold. This item embodies the elegance and complexity of Vabbian society and is indispensable in your quest for the Griffon.

Completing Open-World Content

The journey to unlock the Griffon Mount is enriched by participating in open-world content, which immerses you in dynamic events that contribute significantly to the collection process. In the Crystal Oasis and Desert Highlands, you will engage in distinct events, each demanding skill, strategy, and cooperation.

Crystal Oasis: Corrupted Facet Legendary Bounty

In the sun-scorched dunes of the Crystal Oasis, you will encounter a formidable challenge:

  1. Locate the Bounty Board: Begin your quest at the Destiny’s Gorge Waypoint. North of the waypoint, you’ll find a bounty board that may spawn the Corrupted Facet Legendary Bounty.
  2. Gather a Party: The Corrupted Facet is a formidable opponent, not meant to be faced alone. Utilize the in-game Looking for Group (LFG) tool to assemble a team of skilled adventurers. The collective strength, strategies, and abilities of your party will be pivotal in overcoming this challenge.
  3. Engage the Corrupted Facet: Once the bounty is active, engage the Corrupted Facet with your party. This legendary foe possesses powerful abilities and requires careful coordination and tactical prowess to defeat.
  4. Acquire the Rune: Upon the successful completion of the bounty, you will be rewarded with Gun’Deo, the Rune of Honesty. This rune is a symbol of your valor and a crucial component of the Griffon collection.

Desert Highlands: Escort and Defense Events

Venture into the rugged terrain of the Desert Highlands to participate in critical events that test your resolve and ability to protect:

  1. Escort Event: Diviner’s Reach:
    • Starting Point: The event begins in Diviner’s Reach. Keep an eye on event notifications in the area to join the escort mission.
    • Mission: Escort Second Spear Nayrim, ensuring her safety as she travels to a secluded cove. The journey is fraught with dangers, and your role is to safeguard Nayrim against any threats that emerge.
  2. Defense Event: Secluded Cove:
    • Location: Upon reaching the cove with Nayrim, prepare for a defense event. The cove’s location becomes a battleground as awakened forces launch a relentless assault.
    • Objective: Defend Nayrim and the cove from waves of awakened attackers. The enemies will emerge from various directions, requiring vigilance and strategic defense to ensure the safety of Nayrim and the success of the event.
    • Teamwork: While the escort event might be manageable solo, the defense event’s intensity often necessitates a collaborative effort. Rally fellow adventurers to stand united against the awakened onslaught.
  3. Acquire the Rune: Successfully protecting Nayrim and repelling the awakened attackers results in the acquisition of Zek’lm, the Rune of Loyalty. This rune is a testament to your courage and dedication, serving as a key element in your pursuit of the Griffon Mount.

Your quest for the Griffon Mount takes you deeper into the heart of Tyria, where the Elon Riverlands, The Desolation, and the Domain of Vabbi await with their unique events and mastery insights. Engaging in these activities not only progresses your collection but also enriches your experience with the lore and challenges of these diverse landscapes.

Elon Riverlands: Events and Mastery Insight

In the Elon Riverlands, you’re tasked with engaging in events that test your prowess and require you to seek out Mastery Insights to enhance your understanding of the land.

  1. Completing Events:
    • Skimmer Ranch: Travel to the Skimmer Ranch Waypoint. Here, you will partake in an event that involves defending against and defeating a champion Djinn. This event may require additional players for support due to the challenging nature of the Djinn.
    • Acquiring Rune: Upon the event’s successful completion, you will be rewarded with Yuhboa, the Rune of Humility. This rune symbolizes your triumph and is a vital component for your Griffon collection.
  2. Acquiring Mastery Insight:
    • Shadi’s Equipment Quest: Interact with an NPC named Shadi, who will send you on a quest to gather her lost equipment scattered across the map.
    • Gathering Equipment: Retrieve Shadi’s equipment by exploring various locations, which may include challenging terrain and engaging with NPCs or foes to reclaim the items.
    • Returning to Shadi: Once all equipment is collected, return to Shadi to complete the quest.
    • Receiving Rune: After returning her equipment, engage in a dialogue with Shadi and choose the specific dialogue option related to the Griffon collection. This conversation will grant you Ghulsa, the Rune of Honor.

The Desolation: Events and Mastery Insight

Navigate through the harsh and unforgiving environment of The Desolation, where events and mastery insights test your resilience.

  1. Completing Events:
    • Deadhouse Event: Locate the Deadhouse and participate in an event that involves defeating Warden Jabari. It’s advisable to bring allies as Jabari presents a formidable challenge.
    • Acquiring Rune: Successfully completing the event rewards you with Limwe, the Rune of Justice, marking another milestone in your Griffon collection journey.
  2. Acquiring Mastery Insight:
    • Engage with Events and NPCs: Throughout The Desolation, engage in various events and interact with NPCs to uncover the secrets and stories embedded in this desolate land.
    • Locate and Absorb Mastery Insight: Find Mastery Insights scattered throughout the region. Absorbing these insights not only contributes to your overall mastery but also provides a deeper connection to the lore and essence of The Desolation.

Domain of Vabbi: Events and Mastery Insight

In the opulent and intricate landscapes of the Domain of Vabbi, events and mastery insights await to be discovered and conquered.

  1. Completing Events:
    • Academy Event: Near the Vehtendi Academy Waypoint, participate in an event that requires you to infiltrate the academy, uncovering secrets and confronting challenges within its walls.
    • Acquiring Rune: Completing the academy event successfully rewards you with a unique rune, signifying your prowess and wit in navigating the complex halls of Vabbian knowledge.
  2. Acquiring Mastery Insight:
    • Explore and Interact: The Domain of Vabbi is rich in culture and history. Engage with the environment, events, and NPCs to unravel the tales and wisdom that permeate this region.
    • Locate and Absorb Mastery Insight: Seek out Mastery Insights, often hidden or guarded in locations that require exploration and sometimes puzzle-solving. Absorbing these insights not only enhances your mastery but also deepens your bond with the land and its ancient stories.

Each region presents its unique challenges and narratives, woven into the fabric of your quest for the Griffon Mount. Engaging with these events and mastery insights not only propels you closer to your goal but also offers a rich tapestry of experiences, embodying the essence of adventure in Guild Wars 2.

Collecting Griffon Eggs

One of the most enchanting aspects of the quest for the Griffon Mount involves collecting Griffon eggs scattered across various terrains. These eggs are not only a testament to your exploratory skills but also a significant milestone in completing your collection. Let’s delve into the locations and strategies for finding Griffon eggs in the Crystal Oasis and Desert Highlands.

Crystal Oasis: Locations and Strategies

In the sun-drenched lands of the Crystal Oasis, Griffon eggs are nestled in locations that offer both a challenge and a view of the stunning landscape:

  1. First Egg – Near Maculate Fringe:
    • Starting Point: Use the Maculate Fringe waypoint and head south towards the cliffs.
    • Strategy: Utilize the Springer mount to scale the cliffs. The first Griffon egg is located on a ledge that overlooks the desert expanse. Be cautious of the terrain and potential enemies.
  2. Second Egg – On the Sifuri Sand Sea:
    • Starting Point: From the first egg’s location, glide or use your mount to travel northwest towards the Sifuri Sand Sea.
    • Strategy: Look for a large, distinctive rock formation. The Griffon egg is perched atop one of these rocks. Climbing or gliding carefully is essential to reach this precarious spot.
  3. Additional Eggs:
    • Strategy: For the remaining eggs in the Crystal Oasis, keep an eye on the sky and the edges of cliffs. Griffon nests tend to be in high or hidden places. Use a combination of Springer and gliding to navigate and reach these secluded spots.

Desert Highlands: Locations and Strategies

The rugged terrain of the Desert Highlands offers a unique backdrop for your Griffon egg hunt, with each egg presenting its own set of challenges:

  1. First Egg – Brightwater Inlet:
    • Starting Point: Use the Brightwater Inlet waypoint and head towards the nearby cliffs.
    • Strategy: The Springer mount will be your ally here, as you’ll need to hop up the terraced cliffs. The first egg is nestled on a plateau that offers a panoramic view of the inlet.
  2. Second Egg – Auburn Hills:
    • Starting Point: From the first egg, glide east towards the Auburn Hills.
    • Strategy: Look for a secluded cave hidden among the hills. The Griffon egg rests inside, shielded from plain sight. Be prepared to deal with any creatures that call the cave home.
  3. Additional Eggs:
    • Strategy: As you continue your search in the Desert Highlands, remember that Griffon nests can often be found near landmarks or unique geological formations. Use your mounts strategically to traverse the varied landscape, from the sandy dunes to the towering peaks.

The quest for the Griffon eggs continues across the varied landscapes of Tyria. In the Elon Riverlands, The Desolation, and the Domain of Vabbi, each egg is a gem waiting to be discovered, offering not just progress towards your Griffon Mount but also an adventure into the heart of these unique regions.

Elon Riverlands: Locations and Strategies

The Elon Riverlands, with its rivers and ruins, offer a diverse terrain for Griffon egg hunting:

  1. First Egg – Augury Rock:
    • Starting Point: Use the Augury Shadow Waypoint and navigate towards Augury Rock, a significant and towering structure in the area.
    • Strategy: Use the Springer mount to scale Augury Rock. The Griffon egg is perched near the top, offering a splendid view of the surroundings. Precise jumps and an awareness of your surroundings are crucial.
  2. Second Egg – Elon Flow:
    • Starting Point: From Augury Rock, glide or traverse towards the Elon Flow, where the river carves through the land.
    • Strategy: Along the riverbanks or on small islands within the river, look for the Griffon egg. The water and the terrain provide both a picturesque setting and a challenge in navigating to the egg’s location.
  3. Additional Eggs:
    • Strategy: The Elon Riverlands are rich in history and natural beauty. Explore ancient ruins, hidden oases, and high cliffs. The Griffon nests are often in places that command a view or are steeped in the lore of the land.

The Desolation: Locations and Strategies

The Desolation offers a stark, haunting beauty, and the hunt for Griffon eggs here is a testament to resilience and exploration:

  1. First Egg – The Bone Palace:
    • Starting Point: Navigate from the Bone Strand Waypoint towards the Bone Palace, a landmark known for its eerie charm.
    • Strategy: The Griffon egg is located in the vicinity of the palace. Be prepared to navigate the sulphurous sands and use your mounts to reach elevated or distant areas where the egg might be hidden.
  2. Second Egg – The Shattered Ravines:
    • Starting Point: From the Bone Palace, head towards the Shattered Ravines, where the landscape is marked by deep gorges and jagged cliffs.
    • Strategy: Look for the Griffon egg in areas that are seemingly inaccessible, such as cliff faces or isolated ledges. Utilize the Springer and Skimmer mounts to navigate the challenging terrain and avoid environmental hazards.
  3. Additional Eggs:
    • Strategy: In The Desolation, the extreme environment is both a challenge and a guide. Follow the unusual formations of sulphur crystals, explore the remnants of structures, and brave the hidden caves. The eggs are often in places that resonate with the desolate yet hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of the region.

Domain of Vabbi: Locations and Strategies

The Domain of Vabbi, with its opulent architecture and hidden gardens, provides a luxurious backdrop for Griffon egg hunting:

  1. First Egg – Garden of Seborhin:
    • Starting Point: Start from the Garden of Seborhin, a place of beauty and tranquility amidst the grandeur of Vabbi.
    • Strategy: The Griffon egg can be found in or near the garden. Look for elevated structures, hidden alcoves, or beautifully adorned pavilions. The garden’s layout may offer clues and vantage points to spot the egg.
  2. Second Egg – Resplendent Trace:
    • Starting Point: From the Garden of Seborhin, make your way towards the Resplendent Trace, an area known for its intricate architecture and artistic heritage.
    • Strategy: The Griffon egg is often in a location that showcases the artistic and architectural marvels of Vabbi. Explore terraces, rooftops, and balconies, using your mounts to navigate the verticality and complexity of the structures.
  3. Additional Eggs:
    • Strategy: The Domain of Vabbi is a region where culture, history, and opulence intersect. Venture into theaters, palaces, and hidden gardens. The eggs are often in places that are not only visually stunning but also steeped in the rich narrative of the region.

In each of these regions, the hunt for Griffon eggs is more than a collection – it’s a journey through the very soul of Tyria, inviting you to explore, discover, and marvel at the wonders hidden in plain sight. As you gather each egg, you’re not just closer to your Griffon Mount; you’re also weaving your own story into the tapestry of this vast, vibrant world.

Final Steps

After a journey filled with exploration, battles, and discovery, you’re approaching the culmination of your quest for the Griffon Mount. These final steps involve returning to the Last Spear Marshal, investing mastery points to enhance your mount’s abilities, and ultimately, reveling in the freedom and joy that comes with your new aerial companion.

Returning to the Last Spear Marshal

Having collected all the necessary items, runes, and Griffon eggs, your path leads back to where your quest initially began:

  1. Use Spear Marshal’s Plea: Utilize the Spear Marshal’s Plea item to instantly teleport back to the location of the Last Spear Marshal in the Domain of Vabbi. This saves time and ensures a swift return to conclude your quest.
  2. Present Your Collection: Approach the Last Spear Marshal and present the items you’ve gathered throughout your journey. This symbolic act signifies the completion of your collection and your readiness to embrace the Griffon Mount.
  3. Receive the Griffon Mount: Upon verifying your collection, the Last Spear Marshal acknowledges your dedication and bestows upon you the Griffon Mount. This moment marks the transition from a quest seeker to a master of the skies.

Spending Mastery Points

With the Griffon Mount now part of your collection, it’s time to unlock its full potential through mastery points:

  1. Access Mastery Panel: Open your character’s Mastery Panel to view the available upgrades for your Griffon Mount. These upgrades enhance various aspects of your mount’s abilities, making it faster, more agile, and more versatile.
  2. Invest in Griffon Masteries: Allocate your mastery points into the specific upgrades you desire for your Griffon. Each upgrade unlocks new capabilities or enhances existing ones, such as improved diving speed, increased altitude gain, and more.
  3. Master the Skies: As you invest in these masteries, take the time to familiarize yourself with the new abilities. Practice diving, soaring, and navigating through the air to become a true master of the Griffon Mount.

Enjoying Your New Griffon Mount

With the Griffon Mount fully unlocked and enhanced, the skies of Tyria are yours to explore:

  1. Explore New Heights: Use your Griffon Mount to reach previously inaccessible areas. Discover hidden vistas, secret locations, and breathtaking views that only the Griffon can provide.
  2. Travel with Freedom: Experience the freedom of flight as you traverse over land and sea. The Griffon Mount offers a unique way to travel, making your journeys faster, more enjoyable, and filled with adventure.
  3. Share the Joy: Engage with the community of fellow Griffon riders. Participate in races, challenges, and events specifically designed for aerial mounts. Share tips, experiences, and the sheer joy of flying with others who share your passion.

The acquisition of the Griffon Mount is not just the end of a quest – it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your adventures in Guild Wars 2. Embrace the skies, explore the unknown, and let the Griffon guide you through the wonders of Tyria, both seen and unseen.

Tips and Tricks

Unlocking the Griffon Mount in Guild Wars 2 is an exhilarating journey, but it comes with its set of challenges. To ease your path and enhance your experience, here are some tips and tricks focusing on efficient gold farming techniques, strategies for event participation, and navigating difficult terrain.

Efficient Gold Farming Techniques

The quest for the Griffon Mount requires a substantial amount of gold. Here are some efficient techniques to accumulate gold quickly:

  1. Participate in Meta Events: Engage in meta events across various maps. Events like Tarir in Auric Basin or the Istan Palawadan provide substantial rewards that can be sold for a good amount of gold.
  2. Trading Post Flipping: Buy low and sell high on the Trading Post. This requires some market knowledge and patience, but it can be a lucrative way to increase your gold reserves.
  3. Daily Achievements and Fractals: Complete your daily achievements and participate in Fractal dungeons. These not only provide a steady source of gold but also valuable items that can be sold or used.
  4. Gathering and Crafting: Harvest valuable resources and craft high-demand items. Materials like Orichalcum, Ancient Wood, and high-tier cooking ingredients can fetch a good price.

Event Participation Strategies

Participating in events effectively can enhance your gameplay and ensure you’re making the most of your time:

  1. Use the LFG Tool: Utilize the Looking for Group (LFG) tool to join events and find groups. This is especially helpful for legendary bounties or meta events where collaboration is key.
  2. Understand the Event Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with the specific mechanics of events. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of bosses or the objectives of a defense event can significantly increase your efficiency and success rate.
  3. Be Prepared: Equip appropriate gear, stock up on consumables, and ensure your build is suited for the event. Being well-prepared can make a substantial difference in your performance.
  4. Communication is Key: Engage with your fellow participants. Use chat to coordinate efforts, especially in events that require teamwork, like defending or attacking multiple points simultaneously.

The landscapes of Tyria can be challenging to traverse. Here are some tips for navigating these areas:

  1. Master Your Mounts: Each mount has unique abilities suited for different terrains. Master the use of Springer for vertical heights, Skimmer for water and quicksand, and Jackal for evading dangers and teleporting through sand portals.
  2. Use the Griffon Wisely: The Griffon is excellent for covering large distances quickly. Practice diving and pulling up to gain speed and altitude efficiently.
  3. Plan Your Route: Before venturing into challenging areas, plan your route. Look for landmarks, safe spots, and paths with fewer enemies.
  4. Take Your Time: In particularly tricky areas, it’s better to take your time than to rush and potentially fall or get lost. Use stealth and distraction tactics if necessary to bypass dangers.

By incorporating these tips and tricks into your gameplay, your journey to unlocking the Griffon Mount and your subsequent adventures in Tyria will not only be successful but also immensely enjoyable. Happy exploring!

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