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GW2 Jackal Mount Guide Unlocking Guide

Guild Wars 2, a highly acclaimed MMORPG, offers a unique feature in its “Path of Fire” expansion – the introduction of several mounts, each with distinct abilities. Among these, the Jackal stands out as a fascinating and versatile mount, pivotal for enhancing the gaming experience in the vast world of Tyria.

The Jackal, a mystical and agile creature, is more than just a means of transport; it’s a symbol of finesse and adaptability in the game. This mount is visually striking, resembling a canine creature carved from sand and stone, imbued with magical essence. It possesses a sleek, elegant appearance that captures the essence of the deserts it hails from.

Jackal Mount

Key characteristics of the Jackal include:

  • Elemental Composition: The Jackal is made of sand, giving it a unique, ephemeral appearance.
  • Magical Abilities: It has the ability to teleport short distances, a feature known as ‘blinking.’ This ability allows players to traverse challenging terrains and obstacles effortlessly.
  • Appearance Customization: Players can customize its appearance with various skins, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Importance in Gameplay

In the context of gameplay, the Jackal holds significant importance for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced Mobility: The Jackal’s unique ability to blink (teleport) over short distances makes it an invaluable asset for navigating through complex terrains, especially in areas like the Desolation map where traditional movement is hindered.
  2. Strategic Advantage: Its blinking ability also provides strategic advantages in combat and exploration. Players can use this feature to dodge attacks, reach difficult areas, or explore secret locations that are inaccessible to other mounts.
  3. Versatility: The Jackal is not just about speed; its versatility makes it suitable for various in-game activities, ranging from questing to exploring and participating in dynamic events.
  4. Emotional Connection: On a deeper level, the Jackal offers an emotional connection to the game’s lore and environment. Its design, rooted in the game’s narrative, enhances the immersive experience of the Path of Fire expansion.
  5. End-Game Content Accessibility: For seasoned players, the Jackal is a key to accessing certain end-game content, making it an essential mount for those looking to fully experience everything Guild Wars 2 has to offer.

Prerequisites for the Jackal Mount Quest

Acquiring the Jackal mount in Guild Wars 2’s “Path of Fire” expansion requires players to fulfill specific prerequisites. These prerequisites ensure that players are adequately prepared for the challenges they will encounter in their quest to obtain the Jackal.

Required In-Game Currency

To purchase the Jackal mount, players need two types of in-game currency:

  1. Gold: A universal currency in Guild Wars 2, required in a sum of 20 gold coins for the Jackal mount.
  2. Trade Contracts: Specific to the Path of Fire expansion, players need 200 trade contracts for the Jackal.

Gold Accumulation Strategies

Accumulating enough gold can be achieved through various methods:

  • Participating in Events: Regular participation in world events, dungeons, and fractals offers substantial gold rewards.
  • Trading Post Operations: Buying and selling items on the Trading Post can be lucrative if players understand market trends.
  • Completing Daily and Seasonal Quests: These often provide gold rewards upon completion.

Trade Contracts and How to Earn Them

Trade contracts are another essential currency for obtaining the Jackal. They can be earned by:

  • Completing Events in the Path of Fire Regions: Most activities in these regions reward players with trade contracts.
  • Opening Chests and Containers: Found throughout the expansion’s maps, these often contain trade contracts.
  • Completing Bounties: Bounties in the Path of Fire areas frequently reward players with trade contracts.

Mastery Requirements

Before embarking on the quest for the Jackal, players must have certain masteries:

Skimmer Mastery
  • Functionality: The Skimmer mastery is crucial for crossing hazardous terrain, particularly the sulfur areas in the Desolation map.
  • Acquisition: Players need to unlock the Skimmer mount and advance in its mastery levels to effectively use it in the quest for the Jackal.
Springer Mastery
  • Importance: The Springer, with its high-jumping ability, is essential for reaching elevated areas in the quest.
  • Mastery Levels: Advancing the Springer’s mastery levels, especially to Tier 3, is recommended for ease in navigating to the Jackal’s location.

Exploration of the Desolation Map

  • Familiarity with the Map: Understanding the layout of the Desolation map is crucial. This includes knowing waypoints, hazardous areas, and the location of the Jackal quest.
  • Navigational Challenges: The map contains challenging terrain, requiring strategic use of the Skimmer and Springer mounts to navigate effectively.

Navigating to the Jackal Mount quest location in Guild Wars 2’s “Path of Fire” expansion requires players to traverse the challenging terrain of the Desolation map. This journey is not only a test of navigation skills but also an opportunity to explore the intricate landscapes of the game.

Accessing the Desolation Map

The Desolation is an arid, hazardous map in the Path of Fire expansion. To access it:

  • Complete Preliminary Quests: Ensure you’ve progressed enough in the Path of Fire storyline to unlock the Desolation map.
  • Use the Waypoints: If you’ve previously visited the Desolation, you can use waypoints for quicker access.

Specific Waypoints and Routes

Upon entering the Desolation map, players need to navigate to specific waypoints and follow certain routes to reach the Jackal Mount quest location.

Starting at Djoko’s Domain Waypoint
  • Locating the Waypoint: Djoko’s Domain Waypoint is a crucial starting point. It’s located in the central part of the Desolation map.
  • Initial Directions: From this waypoint, begin your journey by heading west.
Crossing the Bridge to Awaken Camp
  • Bridge Location: The bridge is a key landmark that players will encounter as they head west from Djoko’s Domain Waypoint.
  • Entry into Awaken Camp: After crossing the bridge, you will enter the Awaken Camp. This area is controlled by hostile NPCs, so be prepared for potential encounters.
Finding the Spiral Staircase
  • Navigational Cue: Inside the Awaken Camp, look for a spiral staircase. This is a critical path leading towards the Jackal Mount quest.
  • Path Following: After locating the staircase, ascend to the top. Then, take the hallway at the top, which will lead you towards the quest area.
  • Visual Indicators: You will know you are in the correct location when the environment adopts a yellowish-green hue, characteristic of the Desolation’s sulfur-laden areas.

Successfully navigating to the Jackal Mount quest location in the Desolation map is a blend of strategic waypoint use, careful observation of environmental cues, and readiness to handle hostile encounters. This journey is not just about reaching a destination; it’s an adventure that immerses players in the rich, challenging world of Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire expansion. By following these directions and waypoints, players can effectively find their way to the coveted Jackal Mount quest area.

Overcoming Environmental Challenges

In the quest to obtain the Jackal Mount in Guild Wars 2’s “Path of Fire” expansion, players must navigate through the Desolation map, an area fraught with environmental challenges. Overcoming these obstacles is key to successfully reaching the quest location and acquiring the mount.

Dealing with Sulfur Damage

The Desolation map is notorious for its sulfur-laden areas, which can cause significant damage to players. To effectively deal with this:

  • Understanding Sulfur Hazards: Recognize areas with sulfur damage, usually indicated by a yellowish-green color on the ground.
  • Health Management: Continuously monitor your health bar when traversing sulfur areas. Use healing abilities or items to recover health lost due to sulfur damage.
  • Avoid Prolonged Exposure: Plan your route to minimize the time spent on sulfuric ground. Quick navigation is key to reducing health loss.

Utilizing the Skimmer Mount

The Skimmer mount, one of the unique mounts in the “Path of Fire” expansion, is particularly useful in the Desolation:

  • Skimmer Abilities: The Skimmer hovers above the ground, making it ideal for crossing sulfur areas without taking damage.
  • Strategic Use: Deploy the Skimmer when crossing hazardous terrain. Its hovering ability allows you to bypass the sulfur damage completely.
  • Alternate Routes: Look for patches of safe ground where you can briefly dismount if needed. Use the Skimmer to reach these safe spots strategically.

Platforming with the Springer Mount

The Springer mount’s high-jump ability is crucial for navigating the vertical challenges in the Desolation:

  • High Jump Mastery: Ensure your Springer mount has at least Tier 3 mastery for sufficient jumping height.
  • Identifying Jump Points: Look for elevated areas or ledges that can be reached with the Springer’s jump. These often lead to shortcuts or essential quest locations.
  • Precision Jumping: Practice controlling the Springer’s jumps to land accurately on small platforms or across gaps. This skill is vital for navigating the spiral staircase and other vertical obstacles in the quest area.

Completing the Heart Quest for Jackal Access

In “Guild Wars 2,” obtaining the Jackal Mount in the Desolation map involves completing a specific Heart Quest. This quest is crucial as it unlocks the ability to purchase the Jackal Mount.

Locating the Heart Quest Area

The Heart Quest is located in a specific area within the Desolation map. To find it:

  • Navigational Guidance: After ascending the spiral staircase and passing through the sulfuric areas using the Skimmer and Springer mounts, you will arrive at a platform where the Heart Quest begins.
  • Visual Indicators: The area is marked by a distinct change in the environment’s color to a yellowish-green hue, typical of the Desolation’s terrain. Look for a long staircase leading up to the heart symbol on your map.

Variety of Tasks in the Heart Quest

The Heart Quest requires players to complete various tasks, each contributing to the completion progress. These tasks include:

Destroying Remnants and Tormented Devils
  • Task Objective: Players must find and defeat remnants and tormented devils in the area.
  • Combat Strategy: Utilize effective combat abilities and strategies to defeat these enemies. Area-of-effect skills can be particularly useful.
Collecting Wisps and Runestones
  • Collection Points: Wisps and runestones are scattered around the quest area. Players need to locate and collect them.
  • Efficient Collection: Using a mount to quickly move around the area can speed up the collection process. The Springer’s jump can be especially useful for reaching elevated locations.
Dealing with Earth Elementals
  • Elemental Encounters: Players will encounter earth elementals in the quest area, which they need to defeat or avoid, depending on their strategy.
  • Combat Tips: Be aware of the elemental’s attack patterns and weaknesses to effectively deal with them.

Strategies for Efficient Completion

To efficiently complete the Heart Quest:

  • Task Prioritization: Focus on tasks that can be completed quickly or in groups to maximize your progress.
  • Use of Mount Abilities: Leverage the unique abilities of your mounts to navigate the area and complete tasks more efficiently.
  • Health and Resource Management: Maintain your health and resource levels to stay combat-ready and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Completing the Heart Quest is a pivotal step in obtaining the Jackal Mount in Guild Wars 2’s “Path of Fire” expansion. By efficiently locating the quest area, strategically engaging in various tasks, and effectively utilizing combat and mount abilities, players can successfully complete the quest and gain access to purchase the Jackal Mount. This quest not only tests the player’s combat and navigation skills but also enhances their overall gaming experience in the rich world of the Desolation map.

Acquiring the Jackal Mount

Once players have successfully completed the Heart Quest in the Desolation map of Guild Wars 2’s “Path of Fire” expansion, they are eligible to acquire the Jackal Mount. This section of the guide focuses on the final steps: understanding the cost and navigating the purchase process.

Cost and Purchase Location

The Jackal Mount comes with a specific cost, payable in in-game currency:

  • Gold: The mount requires 20 gold coins.
  • Trade Contracts: Additionally, 200 trade contracts are needed. These are specific to the Path of Fire expansion areas.

The purchase location is situated within the same area as the Heart Quest:

  • Heart Vendor Identification: The vendor for the Jackal Mount is typically near the completion area of the Heart Quest. This NPC is known as the “Heart Vendor.”
  • Vendor Location: In the Desolation map, look for an NPC named “Dragic” or “the Spirit Squall.” This is your vendor for the Jackal Mount.

Interacting with the Heart Vendor

To complete the purchase of the Jackal Mount, players need to interact with the Heart Vendor:

  • Approaching the Vendor: Once the Heart Quest is completed, approach Dragic or the Spirit Squall.
  • Initiating Interaction: Interact with the vendor by clicking on them or using the relevant game command.
  • Completing the Transaction: Choose to purchase the Jackal Mount from the vendor’s menu. Ensure you have the required 20 gold and 200 trade contracts.
  • Confirming the Purchase: Review and confirm your purchase. The Jackal Mount will then be added to your collection of mounts.

Mastering the Jackal Mount Abilities

After acquiring the Jackal Mount in Guild Wars 2’s “Path of Fire” expansion, players can greatly enhance their gameplay experience by mastering its unique abilities. The Jackal, known for its agility and mystical capabilities, offers distinct mechanisms that, when used effectively, can significantly aid in exploration, combat, and completing various in-game objectives.

Understanding the Jackal’s Unique Abilities

The Jackal Mount is not just a mode of transportation; it’s equipped with special abilities that set it apart from other mounts in the game:

  1. Elemental Composition: The Jackal is made of magical sand, giving it a unique, ethereal appearance and the ability to manipulate its form.
  2. Teleportation Ability: One of its most notable features is the ability to “blink” or teleport over short distances, allowing players to bypass obstacles and traverse gaps that would be impossible with other mounts.

The Jackal’s abilities are not just for show; they have practical implications in gameplay:

  • Blink (Teleportation):
    • Usage: The blink ability is activated by a specific command, enabling the Jackal to teleport forward a short distance.
    • Navigation: This ability is crucial for crossing chasms, quickly scaling terrain, and avoiding hazardous ground.
    • Combat Application: Blink can be used to escape or engage in combat situations, offering strategic positioning advantages.
  • Bounce:
    • Functionality: The Jackal has a bouncing movement, which provides a smooth and rhythmic traversal experience.
    • Terrain Adaptation: This movement is particularly useful for navigating uneven or rocky terrain, where maintaining speed and control is essential.

Practical Applications in Game

Mastering the Jackal’s abilities can significantly enhance a player’s effectiveness in various aspects of Guild Wars 2:

  • Exploration: The blink ability allows players to reach areas that are otherwise inaccessible, uncovering hidden locations and shortcuts across the map.
  • Puzzle Solving: Many in-game puzzles and challenges can be more easily tackled using the Jackal’s unique movement capabilities.
  • Combat Efficiency: In combat scenarios, the blink ability provides a tactical advantage, whether it’s closing in on an enemy, dodging attacks, or retreating from unfavorable engagements.
  • World Events and Quests: The Jackal’s abilities are often advantageous, or in some cases, necessary, to complete certain world events and quests effectively.


Obtaining and mastering the Jackal Mount in Guild Wars 2’s “Path of Fire” expansion is a rewarding journey that enhances the overall gameplay experience. Let’s summarize the key steps involved and offer final tips for successful mastery.

Summary of Steps

  1. Prerequisites for the Quest:
    • Accumulate 20 gold and 200 trade contracts.
    • Advance in Skimmer and Springer masteries for effective navigation.
  2. Navigating to the Quest Location:
    • Access the Desolation map and head towards Djoko’s Domain Waypoint.
    • Cross the bridge to Awaken Camp and find the spiral staircase leading to the quest area.
  3. Overcoming Environmental Challenges:
    • Use the Skimmer mount to avoid sulfur damage and navigate hazardous areas.
    • Utilize the Springer mount for jumping across elevated platforms.
  4. Completing the Heart Quest:
    • Engage in various tasks like defeating remnants and elementals, and collecting wisps and runestones.
    • Efficiently complete these tasks to fill up the heart meter.
  5. Acquiring the Jackal Mount:
    • Interact with the Heart Vendor (Dragic or the Spirit Squall) upon completing the Heart Quest.
    • Purchase the Jackal Mount for 20 gold and 200 trade contracts.
  6. Mastering the Jackal Mount Abilities:
    • Practice the unique blink and bounce abilities of the Jackal.
    • Apply these abilities in exploration, combat, and solving in-game puzzles.

Final Tips for Successful Mastery

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Spend time getting comfortable with the Jackal’s movement and abilities. Experiment in different terrains and situations to understand its full potential.
  • Strategic Use in Gameplay: Identify situations where the Jackal’s abilities provide a distinct advantage, such as bypassing obstacles or reaching high vantage points.
  • Health and Resource Management: Always be mindful of your character’s health and resources, especially when navigating challenging areas or engaging in combat.

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