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GW2 Roller Beetle Unlocking Guide

The Roller Beetle is a unique and dynamic mount introduced in the popular MMORPG, “Guild Wars 2,” as a part of the Living World Season 4. Unlike other mounts in the game, the Roller Beetle offers a distinct experience, characterized by its high-speed traversal capabilities and unique mechanics.

Roller Beetle Mount

  1. Uniqueness: The Roller Beetle is not just a reskin of an existing mount; it’s an entirely new addition to the game. It stands out with its model and animations, which are on par with other mounts in “Guild Wars 2.” The mount’s carapaces and legs move flexibly, and it even includes idles like a cool dance and various moving and bouncing animations.
  2. Momentum-Based Movement: One of the key features of the Roller Beetle is its movement built around momentum. It almost feels like riding a tennis ball, with a basic speed slower than the Raptor’s (about 80% of Raptor’s speed). However, it gains speed rolling downhill and slows uphill, adding a layer of strategy to its navigation.
  3. Boost and Drift Abilities:
    • Boost: This ability increases the Roller Beetle’s speed drastically, consuming all endurance once activated. The speed gain is significant, comparable to the griffon’s super speed. Endurance refills quickly, allowing for near-constant boosting with practice.
    • Drift: Drifting with the Roller Beetle is akin to maneuvering a fast car on ice. Gentle drifting allows for managing turns without losing speed, but steep angles or late turns can be challenging.
  4. Masteries and Abilities:
    • Engage Ability: With the first mastery, the Roller Beetle can roll over enemies, knocking them back.
    • Destruction of Marked Walls: The second mastery allows it to destroy marked walls and collect Volatile Crystals in the new map at sufficient speed.
    • Tricks for Endurance Regain: The third mastery introduces tricks that can be performed mid-air to regain endurance. These tricks involve flips and show-offs, requiring skill to execute effectively.
  5. Adaptability: While fairly situational, the Roller Beetle’s control requires a higher degree of personal skill due to its unique movement and speed mechanics. This adaptability makes it an interesting choice for players who enjoy mastering challenging controls and dynamics.

Overview of Roller Beetle Unlocking Process

To unlock the Roller Beetle in “Guild Wars 2,” players must engage in a multi-step process involving various tasks and collections. This process is time-consuming but rewarding, offering a blend of challenges across different areas of the game:

  1. Prerequisite Episode: Players need to have the “Long Live the Lich” episode from Living World Season 4.
  2. Completing Story Missions: The missions “Forearmed is Forewarned” and “Tactical Triage” must be completed to begin the Roller Beetle unlock process.
  3. Collections and Tasks:
    • The unlocking process involves completing three main collections: Beetle Juice, Beetle Saddle, and Beetle Feed.
    • Each collection has its own set of tasks, ranging from finding specific NPCs and collecting items to participating in meta-events and defeating world bosses.
    • The tasks span across various locations in the game world, including the Domain of Kourna, Tyria, and other specific areas.
  4. Skill and Timing: The process requires not only completing the tasks but also managing event timers and world boss schedules, as some items are obtainable only during specific events.
  5. Final Steps: After completing the collections and tasks, players need to interact with specific NPCs and their Roller Beetle, Petey, to finalize the unlocking process.

This guide provides a detailed and informative overview of the Roller Beetle mount, highlighting its unique features and the comprehensive process involved in unlocking it in “Guild Wars 2.”

Prerequisites for Unlocking the Roller Beetle

Unlocking the Roller Beetle in “Guild Wars 2” requires players to meet certain prerequisites that involve specific episodes and story missions from the game’s Living World content. This ensures that players are adequately prepared for the challenges and quests they will encounter during the unlocking process.

Required Episode: “Long Live the Lich”

  1. Episode Availability: “Long Live the Lich” is a part of Living World Season 4. Players must have access to this episode, which can be acquired either through purchase in the in-game store or by having logged in during its initial release period.
  2. Significance of the Episode: This episode is crucial as it sets the stage for the Roller Beetle storyline. It introduces key characters, environments, and narratives that are integral to the Roller Beetle unlocking process.
  3. Gameplay Elements: “Long Live the Lich” offers a variety of gameplay experiences, from engaging story missions to new areas to explore, providing context and background to the Roller Beetle’s introduction into the game world.

Story Missions: “Forearmed is Forewarned” and “Tactical Triage”

  1. Mission “Forearmed is Forewarned”:
    • Role in Unlocking Process: This mission serves as the gateway to the Roller Beetle content. Players must complete it to start the journey towards unlocking the mount.
    • Gameplay Experience: The mission involves strategic gameplay elements and introduces players to the conflicts and challenges in the storyline that lead up to the appearance of the Roller Beetle.
  2. Mission “Tactical Triage”:
    • Starting Point: After completing “Forearmed is Forewarned,” players need to begin the “Tactical Triage” mission. It is not required to complete this mission entirely, but starting it is essential.
    • Narrative Progression: This mission further develops the story and characters introduced in the previous mission, adding depth to the player’s understanding of the game’s lore and the significance of the Roller Beetle.
  3. Interactions with NPCs:
    • Spear Marshal Zaim: In the course of these missions, players will encounter Spear Marshal Zaim. Speaking to him is a critical step in initiating the Roller Beetle unlocking process.
    • Gorik’s Role: Another key NPC is Gorik, who players will find and interact with. Gorik plays a pivotal role in unlocking the first collection necessary for the Roller Beetle.
  4. Strategic Gameplay:
    • Challenges and Objectives: The missions feature a range of challenges and objectives that test the player’s skills, preparing them for the type of gameplay they will encounter in the Roller Beetle collections.
    • Narrative and Exploration: Players are encouraged to immerse themselves in the narrative and explore the areas introduced in these missions, as they provide valuable context for the Roller Beetle’s story.

Completing the episode “Long Live the Lich” and the missions “Forearmed is Forewarned” and “Tactical Triage” are essential prerequisites for unlocking the Roller Beetle in Guild Wars 2.

Locating the Initial NPCs

The journey to unlock the Roller Beetle in “Guild Wars 2” begins with finding and interacting with two essential non-player characters (NPCs) – Spear Marshal Zaim and Gorik. These characters are crucial in initiating the collections needed for unlocking the mount.

Finding and Speaking to Spear Marshal Zaim

  1. Locating Spear Marshal Zaim:
    • Initial Interaction: After completing the “Forearmed is Forewarned” mission, players must find Spear Marshal Zaim to start the Roller Beetle questline. He is integral to the unlocking process.
    • Position in the Game World: Spear Marshal Zaim is located in an area relevant to the Living World Season 4 storyline. Players should explore the regions introduced in “Long Live the Lich” to find him.
  2. Dialogue and Quest Initiation:
    • Initiating Dialogue: Upon finding Spear Marshal Zaim, players need to engage in dialogue with him. This conversation is a prerequisite for starting the Roller Beetle collection tasks.
    • Quest Guidance: Zaim provides necessary guidance and may offer hints or instructions on what players need to do next. It’s important to pay attention to the details he shares.
  3. Narrative Significance:
    • Story Context: Interacting with Zaim also adds depth to the storyline, giving players a more enriched experience of the game’s narrative.
    • Character Role: As a prominent figure in the Living World content, Zaim’s role extends beyond just the Roller Beetle unlock process, making him a key character in the overall storyline.

Locating and Interacting with Gorik

  1. Finding Gorik:
    • After Speaking to Zaim: Once the dialogue with Spear Marshal Zaim is complete, the next step is to find Gorik. He is crucial for the first collection related to the Roller Beetle.
    • Location Details: Gorik can be found in a specific location in the game. Players should explore the areas highlighted in the “Long Live the Lich” episode to locate him.
  2. Unlocking the First Collection:
    • Engaging with Gorik: Interacting with Gorik will unlock the first collection needed for the Roller Beetle. He provides the initial set of tasks and items to collect.
    • Instructions and Clues: Gorik gives detailed instructions and possibly clues, which are vital for progressing through the collection stages.
  3. Role in the Game’s Story:
    • Narrative Connection: Gorik’s character is interconnected with the broader narrative of “Guild Wars 2,” especially in the context of Living World Season 4.
    • Ongoing Interaction: Players might find themselves returning to Gorik for further guidance as they progress through the collection tasks for the Roller Beetle.

Completing the Beetle Juice Collection

The Beetle Juice collection is a key component in unlocking the Roller Beetle mount in “Guild Wars 2.” This section of the guide provides a structured approach to completing this collection, emphasizing the importance of efficiency and accuracy in gathering the required items.

Overview of the Beetle Juice Achievement

  1. Achievement Objective: The Beetle Juice achievement requires players to collect a set of specific items scattered throughout the Domain of Kourna. This achievement is the first step in a series of collections needed for the Roller Beetle.
  2. Strategic Approach: Players should plan their route and approach in advance. Given the spread of the items across the map, it’s more efficient to collect them in a sequence that minimizes backtracking.
  3. Awareness of Challenges: Some items might be located in areas with higher-level enemies or challenging terrain. Prepare accordingly with adequate gear and supplies.

Locations of Secret Caches in Domain of Kourna

  1. Cache Locations: The Domain of Kourna houses several secret caches that are part of this collection. They are not explicitly marked on the map, requiring players to explore or use external resources like online guides or community-shared information to find them.
  2. Visibility and Accessibility: While caches are not always in plain sight, they are designed to be discoverable. Look for subtle visual clues in the game environment that indicate their presence.
  3. Efficient Route Planning: To optimize time, plot a route that sequentially approaches each cache. Utilize waypoints and mounts to traverse the terrain more quickly.

Collecting Ten Specific Items

  1. Item List: The Beetle Juice achievement requires the collection of ten specific items. Each item has a fixed location, so it’s crucial to know exactly what you’re looking for in each area.
  2. Item Acquisition: Some items are simply found, while others might require completing a small puzzle or defeating enemies. Be prepared for varied challenges.
  3. Inventory Management: Ensure you have enough inventory space before starting the collection. Having to discard items or manage inventory in the middle of the task can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  4. Utilize Community Knowledge: If you find difficulty in locating any items, don’t hesitate to refer to community forums or guides. The collective knowledge can be very helpful.
  5. Verification: After collecting an item, always verify it has been properly added to your collection. Missing an item and having to backtrack can be a significant setback.

Beetle Saddle Collection

The Beetle Saddle collection is a crucial phase in the process of unlocking the Roller Beetle in “Guild Wars 2.” This stage involves collecting various items, including Inquest Beetle Notes, participating in bounty events, and defeating world bosses. The collection culminates in assembling the Beetle Saddle, enabling the use of the Roller Beetle mount.

Inquest Beetle Notes and Inquest Power Schematics

  1. Collecting Inquest Beetle Notes:
    • Location: These notes are obtainable by defeating Inquest enemies, typically found in specific locations within the Domain of Kourna.
    • Drop Rate: The drop is not guaranteed on every kill, so it may require defeating multiple Inquest enemies to obtain the notes.
  2. Acquiring Inquest Power Schematics:
    • Procedure: After obtaining the Inquest Beetle Notes, the next step is to interact with lab terminals within Inquest facilities. These are usually located in caves or Inquest bases.
    • Specific Task: Players need to hack into these terminals to acquire the power schematics, which are part of the collection.

Completing Bounty Events for Turbine

  1. Participating in Bounty Events:
    • Bounty Boards: Bounty events in the Domain of Kourna are initiated at bounty boards. Players must select and complete these events to progress.
    • Objective: The specific goal is to defeat the bounty target, which rewards the player with the Turbine, an essential item for the collection.
  2. Event Participation:
    • Teamwork: Bounty events often require collaboration with other players. Joining a group or forming a party can significantly improve the chances of success.
    • Event Timing: Keep track of event times and locations, as these bounties are not always active and may require players to wait or return at different times.

Gathering Items Across Tyria

  1. Diverse Locations: Items for the Beetle Saddle collection are scattered across various regions in Tyria, necessitating travel to different zones and environments.
  2. Specific Items: Each location holds a specific item required for the collection. Players should research these locations and plan an efficient route to minimize travel time.

World Bosses: Ley-Line Anomaly and Mark II Golem

  1. Defeating Ley-Line Anomaly:
    • Event Location: The Ley-Line Anomaly event occurs in specific areas like Iron Marches, Gendarran Fields, or Timberline Falls.
    • Objective: Players must defeat the Ley-Line Anomaly to obtain the required item for the collection.
  2. Confronting the Mark II Golem:
    • Event Location: This world boss is located at the Observation Platform in Mount Maelstrom.
    • Challenge: The Mark II Golem is a formidable opponent, and defeating it requires coordination and skill. It’s advisable to join a large group of players for this event.

Assembling the Beetle Saddle

  1. Final Assembly:
    • Once all items are collected, players must return to the Domain of Kourna to assemble the Beetle Saddle.
    • The assembly is typically done by interacting with a specific NPC or object related to the collection.
  2. Unlocking the Mount:
    • With the Beetle Saddle assembled, players are one step closer to unlocking the Roller Beetle mount. This achievement is a significant milestone in the journey.

The Beetle Saddle collection is a multifaceted task requiring players to engage in various activities across Tyria, including defeating enemies, participating in events, and assembling crucial components. Success in this collection phase is pivotal to unlocking the Roller Beetle mount in “Guild Wars 2.”

Beetle Feed Collection

The Beetle Feed Collection is the final and crucial phase in unlocking the Roller Beetle in “Guild Wars 2.” This phase involves participating in specific events, gathering unique items from various locations, and a final assembly process. Each task is integral to completing the collection and unlocking the mount.

Trample Scarabs Event in Domain of Kourna

  1. Event Participation:
    • Objective: Engage in the ‘Trample Scarabs’ event in the Domain of Kourna. This requires using a mount to trample over scarabs, thereby containing an outbreak.
    • Location Strategy: Utilize the Allied Encampment Waypoint for quick access to the event area.
  2. Event Mechanics:
    • Effective Trampling: Maximize the event by efficiently trampling as many scarabs as possible. Different mounts offer various advantages in speed and maneuverability.

Collecting Plague Scarab Egg

  1. Meta Event Involvement:
    • Engagement Required: Participate in the ‘End of the Plague’ meta-event in the Domain of Kourna. Completion of this event allows access to the Plague Scarab Egg.
    • Event Tasks: Engage in a series of objectives leading to a boss fight, crucial for the collection of the egg.
  2. Post-Event Collection:
    • Targeting Canisters: After defeating the boss, locate and destroy canisters on the map to obtain the Plague Scarab Egg.

Finding Janandu Ichor and Beetle Slime

  1. Janandu Ichor Collection:
    • Location: Travel to the Desolation, specifically the Janandu Hatchery. The Joko’s Domain Waypoint is the nearest access point.
    • Defeating Worms: Target Janandu worms in the hatchery to acquire the Ichor.
  2. Beetle Slime Acquisition:
    • Event Participation: Join the event to defeat the Giant Alpha Beetle in the Silverwastes, particularly in the northern area.
    • Navigating the Terrain: Utilize waypoints and mounts for efficient travel to the event location.

Additional Items Across Various Locations

  1. Item Hunt in Tyria:
    • Diverse Collection Points: Travel across Tyria to gather specific items, each located in a unique area with distinct challenges.
    • Route Planning: Consider the most efficient travel route to collect these items, saving time and resources.

Purchasing Desert Luciferin

  1. Gathering Currency:
    • Earning Inscribed Shards: Accumulate Inscribed Shards, used as currency for purchasing Desert Luciferin.
    • Vendor Interaction: Purchase the item from a specific vendor in the Domain of Kourna, accessible after completing a heart Renown challenge in the area.
  2. Inventory Considerations:
    • Managing Shards: Store Inscribed Shards in the material bank to use them for purchasing Desert Luciferin.

Final Assembly and Interaction with PD

  1. Collection Completion:
    • Assembly Point: Return to the Domain of Kourna for the final assembly of the collected items.
    • NPC Interaction: Engage with specific NPCs or objects for the final step in the Beetle Feed collection.
  2. Mount Unlocking:
    • PD Interaction: The ultimate step involves interacting with PD, the Roller Beetle, signifying the successful completion of the collection and unlocking of the mount.

Completing the Beetle Feed Collection requires a strategic approach to event participation, item collection, and navigation across Tyria. This phase not only tests the player’s in-game skills but also their ability to plan and execute a comprehensive collection strategy. Upon successful completion, players are rewarded with the unique Roller Beetle mount, a testament to their dedication and effort in “Guild Wars 2.”

Mastering the Roller Beetle

Mastering the Roller Beetle in “Guild Wars 2” involves understanding and efficiently using its unique abilities. This includes the Engage ability with a knockback feature, the capability to destroy marked walls, gathering volatile crystals, and performing aerial tricks to regain endurance. Each of these features enhances the overall utility and enjoyment of using the Roller Beetle.

Engage Ability and Knockback Feature

  1. Utilizing the Engage Ability:
    • Functionality: The Engage ability allows the Roller Beetle to roll over enemies, effectively knocking them back. This is not only useful in combat situations but also adds an element of strategy to navigating through enemy territories.
    • Tactical Use: Understanding the timing and targeting of the Engage ability can significantly enhance its effectiveness, especially in crowded or challenging areas.
  2. Mastering Knockback Mechanics:
    • Strategic Advantage: The knockback feature can be used to clear enemies from objectives or to provide breathing space during intense combat situations.
    • Skill Development: Mastering this ability requires practice, particularly in judging distances and the impact of the knockback on different types of enemies.

Destroying Marked Walls and Gathering Volatile Crystals

  1. Wall Destruction Capability:
    • Unlocking Paths: The Roller Beetle has the unique ability to destroy certain marked walls within the game, opening up new paths and areas that were previously inaccessible.
    • Identifying Marked Walls: Learn to identify these special walls, which are typically marked with distinct symbols or characteristics.
  2. Collecting Volatile Crystals:
    • Resource Gathering: In addition to wall destruction, the Roller Beetle can gather volatile crystals by rolling over them at high speed.
    • Map Awareness: Being aware of the locations where these crystals appear is crucial for efficient collection, enhancing the gameplay experience and resource accumulation.

Performing Tricks to Regain Endurance

  1. Trick Mechanics:
    • Performing Aerial Tricks: When the Roller Beetle gains sufficient speed and bounces into the air, players can perform various tricks by pressing the spacebar.
    • Endurance Regain: Successfully executed tricks result in regaining some endurance, allowing for prolonged high-speed travel and maneuverability.
  2. Skill-Based Management:
    • Timing and Execution: The key to successfully performing tricks lies in the timing and execution. Players need to gauge the right moment to initiate a trick for maximum endurance regain.
    • Risk vs. Reward: There is a risk element involved, as failing a trick can result in endurance loss. This adds a layer of skill-based challenge to using the Roller Beetle.

Mastering the Roller Beetle in “Guild Wars 2” offers a unique and dynamic gameplay experience. It requires players to not only understand the distinct abilities of the mount but also to skillfully integrate these abilities into their gameplay strategy. Whether it’s engaging enemies, navigating through the game world, or simply enjoying high-speed travel, the Roller Beetle provides a versatile and enjoyable addition to the player’s mount collection.

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