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GW2 Siege Turtle Mount Unlocking Guide

The Siege Turtle Mount is a significant addition to GW2, introduced in the “End of Dragons” expansion. It stands out as a two-player mount, which not only adds a unique aspect to the gameplay but also enhances the cooperative experience within the game. The owner of the Siege Turtle has the ability to drive it, while the passenger can operate its guns, making it a formidable asset in combat situations.

Siege Turtle Mount

Siege Turtle Mount

The Siege Turtle Mount is designed for two players, with the driver controlling the movement and a slam attack, and the passenger managing the artillery, capable of unleashing powerful attacks against enemies. With masteries, the Siege Turtle can deploy a shield and activate a speed boost, further enhancing its utility and making it a versatile companion in various game scenarios.

Importance and Benefits of the Siege Turtle Mount

  1. Firepower: The Siege Turtle possesses incredible firepower, making it an invaluable asset during meta events. Its slam ability can destroy the defiance bar of any enemy it faces, providing strategic advantages in combat.
  2. Health Increase for Mounts: With the mastery “Sharing is Caring” unlocked, the Siege Turtle can increase the health of all your mounts by 50 percent. This boost significantly enhances the survivability of your mounts in all aspects of the game.
  3. Showcasing and Social Aspect: The Siege Turtle serves as a great way to showcase achievements and status within the Guild Wars 2 community, especially in beginner areas. It symbolizes accomplishment and dedication in the game, offering a sense of pride to its owners.
  4. Versatility: The mount’s design for two players adds a layer of strategy and cooperation not seen with other mounts. This encourages teamwork and provides a unique way to experience the game’s content together with friends or guildmates.

Getting Started to acquire the Turtle mount

Embarking on the journey to acquire the Siege Turtle Mount in Guild Wars 2‘s “End of Dragons” expansion involves understanding the pre-requisites and the collection process needed to unlock this unique mount.

gw2 Siege Turtle Mount

Pre-requisites for Starting the Quest

To begin the quest for the Siege Turtle Mount, players must first engage in the meta event in the Dragon’s End, the last map of the expansion. The initial step to unlocking the collection is to successfully complete this meta event, which rewards players with a turtle egg. This egg is essential as it triggers the start of the collection process towards acquiring the mount.

Overview of the Collection Process

The collection process to unlock the Siege Turtle Mount is designed to be straightforward and accessible, with an emphasis on engagement and exploration within the game. After receiving the turtle egg from the meta event, players will receive an in-game mail that officially starts the collection journey. Here’s an outline of the process:

  1. Starting the Collection: With the turtle egg in possession, players are guided to visit Arborstone to initiate the collection. This involves speaking to a specific NPC, Rota, who will guide players through the subsequent steps required to nurture and grow the turtle from the egg.
  2. Feeding Your Turtle: The first phase of the collection involves feeding the turtle with specific items to help it grow. Players are tasked with gathering various food items such as carrots, kale, lettuce, and strawberries for the initial growth stage, followed by different types of fish fillets for further development.
  3. Enhancing the Turtle: As the turtle matures, players are required to collect additional materials and complete certain tasks to enhance the turtle’s capabilities. This includes acquiring plans for a saddle and turret, participating in specific events for essential components, and ensuring the turtle is ready for combat.
  4. Completing Achievements: Throughout the collection process, players must complete a series of achievements that track their progress in nurturing and enhancing the turtle. Each achievement brings the player closer to unlocking the Siege Turtle Mount.
  5. Final Steps: Upon fulfilling all the requirements and completing the necessary achievements, players will unlock the Siege Turtle Mount, granting them access to this powerful and versatile two-player mount.

Acquiring the Turtle Egg

The journey to unlock the Siege Turtle Mount in Guild Wars 2’s “End of Dragons” expansion starts with acquiring a turtle egg. This foundational step is crucial and can be achieved through participation in a specific meta event or an alternative purchasing method.

Participating in the Dragon’s End Meta Event

To obtain the turtle egg, players are required to complete the meta event in Dragon’s End, the last map of the expansion. This event is significant as it directly rewards participants with the turtle egg upon successful completion.

Tips for Success in the Meta Event

  1. Organized Groups: Use the LFG (Looking For Group) tool to find an organized map. Participation in an organized squad is essential for success due to the event’s complexity and challenges.
  2. Optimal Builds and Gear: Bring your best build and gear to the event. It’s crucial to use a character and build you are familiar with, ensuring you can contribute effectively to the group’s efforts.
  3. Utilize Buffs: Make use of food, utility buffs, and specific buffs like the Jade Tech Protocol to enhance your character’s stats, improving your chances of success.
  4. Follow the Commander: Adhere to the instructions from the squad’s leader. If unsure about any aspect of the event, ask for clarification before it begins.
  5. Persistence: The meta event is known to be challenging, often requiring multiple attempts. Maintaining patience and a willingness to learn from each try is key to eventually overcoming the event.

Alternative Method: Purchasing with Writs of Dragon’s End

For players who find the meta event too challenging or prefer not to engage in it, there is an alternative method to acquire the turtle egg. Players can purchase the egg using Writs of Dragon’s End, which are earned by participating in various events within the same zone or trading in other resources to specific merchants marked with a red scroll icon on the map. This method offers a more flexible approach to obtaining the egg, accommodating different playstyles and preferences.

First Steps Toward Your Mount

After obtaining the turtle egg, the next phase in the journey to unlock the Siege Turtle Mount in Guild Wars 2’s “End of Dragons” expansion involves several initial tasks and achievements centered around Arborstone and nurturing the turtle.

Taking Your Egg to Arborstone

Upon successful acquisition of the turtle egg, players are instructed to visit Arborstone, a pivotal location for the mount’s unlocking process. Here, players will interact with an NPC named Rota, who plays a crucial role in guiding them through the subsequent steps necessary for the turtle’s growth and development. This visit marks the commencement of the turtle’s journey from an egg to a mount.

Initial Tasks and Achievements

The process in Arborstone initiates with a series of tasks and achievements aimed at nurturing the turtle. These tasks are sequential and designed to progressively prepare the turtle for its eventual role as a mount.

Starting Small: Feeding Your Turtle

  • Objective: The first task involves feeding the turtle to stimulate its initial growth phase. Players must gather specific quantities of vegetables to feed the turtle, namely 150 carrots, 250 kale, 250 lettuce, and 250 strawberries. These items can be acquired through farming or purchasing from the trading post.
  • Completion: After collecting the necessary food items, players must interact with a jade bot named Fidget, located near Rota, to feed the turtle. This action completes the “Starting Small” achievement and signifies the turtle’s growth from an egg to a juvenile stage.

Getting Stronger: Advanced Feeding

  • Objective: Following the initial feeding, the next phase involves providing the turtle with a more advanced diet to further its growth. This diet consists of a variety of fish fillets, including 100 fine fish fillets, 20 fabulous fish fillets, 10 flavorful fish fillets, and 5 fantastic fish fillets. Similar to the vegetables, these can be caught by engaging in the fishing activity or bought from other players.
  • Completion: Once again, players will interact with Fidget to feed the turtle the collected fish fillets. This completes the “Getting Stronger” achievement and marks the transition of the turtle from a juvenile to an adolescent stage, ready for the next steps in its journey towards becoming a fully-fledged mount.

Building the Siege Turtle

The phase of building the Siege Turtle Mount in Guild Wars 2’s “End of Dragons” expansion involves a meticulous process of collecting essential components and preparing the mount for battle. This stage is critical, as it transitions the turtle from being merely a companion to a fully functional and combat-ready mount.

Suiting Up: Preparing for Battle

This step symbolizes the final preparations required to equip the Siege Turtle Mount for the challenges ahead. Players must gather various components critical for enhancing the mount’s capabilities, particularly its combat effectiveness and resilience.

Collecting Essential Components

The process entails collecting a series of specific items that are vital for the Siege Turtle’s development. Each component plays a unique role in the mount’s overall functionality:

Luxon Tools

  • Purpose: Essential for the Siege Turtle’s maintenance and operational readiness.
  • Acquisition: Obtained from participating in the Jade Maw event in Dragon’s End. Players must defeat the Jade Maw and its minions to collect these tools.

Turret Plans

  • Purpose: Plans for constructing the turret, a key offensive feature of the Siege Turtle.
  • Acquisition: Purchased from an NPC vendor in Cantha, specifically in New Kaineng City, for a combination of gold and karma.

Turret Power Unit

  • Purpose: Powers the turret, enabling it to unleash devastating attacks.
  • Acquisition: Earned by completing the meta event in Seitung Province, with the unit awarded upon successful event completion.

Alloy Oil

  • Purpose: Essential for the smooth operation of the Siege Turtle’s mechanical components.
  • Acquisition: Gathered from participating in specific events in Echovald Wilds, where players must collect sap to transform it into Alloy Oil.

Deluxe Leather Seating

  • Purpose: Ensures comfort for the riders, enhancing the mount’s usability.
  • Acquisition: Acquired by defeating the Leviathan in either the Seitung Province or New Kaineng City, showcasing the need for teamwork in challenging encounters.

Thruster Plans

  • Purpose: Designs for the Siege Turtle’s thrusters, improving its mobility and speed.
  • Acquisition: Available for purchase from a heart vendor in Echovald Wilds, requiring gold and karma.

Thruster Control Unit

  • Purpose: Allows precise control over the Siege Turtle’s thrusters, crucial for maneuvering in battle.
  • Acquisition: Obtained by completing the Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission, emphasizing the importance of strategic combat skills.

Saddle Color Selection

  • Purpose: Offers customization options for the Siege Turtle, allowing players to personalize their mount’s appearance.
  • Acquisition: Players can buy this from the same NPC that provides the feeding tasks, utilizing Unidentified Dyes as currency.

Locations and Methods for Component Acquisition

Meta Events

  • Dragon’s End Meta Event: Players must participate in this challenging event to acquire the initial turtle egg, marking the first step towards unlocking the Siege Turtle Mount. Success in this event is crucial for starting the collection process.
  • Seitung Province Meta Event: Completion of this event is necessary for obtaining the Turret Power Unit, a vital component for the Siege Turtle’s offensive capabilities.
  • Leviathan Meta Event: Taking place in either Seitung Province or New Kaineng City, defeating the Leviathan is essential for acquiring the Deluxe Leather Seating, enhancing rider comfort.

NPC Vendors

  • Turret and Thruster Plans: These can be purchased from specific NPC vendors located in Cantha. For example, turret plans are available in New Kaineng City, while thruster plans can be bought from a heart vendor in Echovald Wilds. These purchases require a combination of gold and karma.
  • Saddle Color Selection: After collecting all necessary components for the Siege Turtle, players can buy the Saddle Color Selection from an NPC near the feeding tasks area, using Unidentified Dyes as currency.

Strike Missions

  • Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission: Completing this strike mission is necessary for obtaining the Thruster Control Unit. Strike missions require players to engage in more strategic and challenging combat scenarios, emphasizing teamwork and skill.

Event Participation

  • Jade Maw Event in Dragon’s End: To acquire the Luxon Tools, players must defeat the Jade Maw and its minions, emphasizing the need for effective combat strategies and coordination among participants.
  • Events in Echovald Wilds: Participation in specific events here is required for collecting Alloy Oil, essential for the Siege Turtle’s mechanical operations. Players must collect sap and transform it into Alloy Oil, demonstrating interaction with the environment and event mechanics.

Final Steps to Unlocking Your Turtle Mount

Completing the Final Collection: Suiting Up

Once players have gathered all necessary components for the Siege Turtle, the next step involves completing the final collection titled “Suiting Up.” This collection is pivotal as it represents the assembly and final preparation of the Siege Turtle Mount for its operational readiness. Players must:

  • Assemble the Components: Bring together all previously collected items, including the Luxon Tools, Turret Plans, Turret Power Unit, Alloy Oil, Deluxe Leather Seating, Thruster Plans, Thruster Control Unit, and Saddle Color Selection. Each component plays a critical role in the functionality and customization of the Siege Turtle.
  • Interact with Key NPCs: Return to Arborstone and engage with specific NPCs, such as Rota, to officially integrate the components into the Siege Turtle’s design. This step signifies the practical application of the collected items, transforming them from individual parts into a cohesive and functional mount.
  • Complete Achievements: The “Suiting Up” collection may also involve completing certain achievements associated with the assembly and customization process, ensuring that players are fully engaged in the realization of their Siege Turtle Mount.

Celebrating Your New Siege Turtle Mount

  • Unlocking the Mount: Upon successful completion of the “Suiting Up” collection and any associated achievements, the Siege Turtle Mount becomes officially unlocked. Players will receive notification of this significant milestone, marking the end of their journey and the beginning of a new chapter with their Siege Turtle.
  • Exploring Its Capabilities: With the Siege Turtle now available, players are encouraged to explore its unique capabilities. This includes the dual-player functionality, where one player controls the movement and the other operates the turret, alongside the mount’s ability to deploy shields and boost speed with mastered abilities.


Recap of the Journey to the Siege Turtle Mount

  • Starting with a Meta Event: The journey begins in the Dragon’s End meta event, where players first acquire the turtle egg, setting the stage for the quest. This event not only tests players’ combat skills and teamwork but also introduces them to the overarching goal of nurturing and eventually unlocking the Siege Turtle Mount.
  • Nurturing the Turtle: Players take their turtle egg to Arborstone, initiating a series of tasks aimed at feeding and caring for the turtle. Starting with simple vegetables and fruits, and then moving on to a more advanced diet of fish fillets, players contribute directly to the growth of their turtle, transitioning it from an egg to an adolescent stage.
  • Building the Siege Turtle: The next phase involves collecting essential components scattered across Tyria, including Luxon Tools, Turret Plans, and various other items necessary for the turtle’s combat readiness. This stage emphasizes exploration, participation in meta events, strike missions, and engagement with NPC vendors, showcasing the game’s diverse content.
  • Suiting Up and Final Preparations: With all components collected, players complete the “Suiting Up” collection, assembling the parts to finalize the Siege Turtle Mount. This process involves interacting with NPCs, integrating the collected items, and preparing the mount for battle.
  • Unlocking and Celebrating the Mount: The successful completion of the final collection results in unlocking the Siege Turtle Mount, a moment of significant achievement and joy for players. They are encouraged to explore the capabilities of their new mount, showcase it within the community, and use it to engage in various game activities, marking a new chapter in their Guild Wars 2 adventure.

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