The Ultimate Kraken Guide OSRS

Welcome to the best Kraken guide OSRS, The Kraken boss in Old School RuneScape, nestled in a cave accessible via Fairy Ring code BJQ, presents a unique challenge for players with a Slayer level of 87 and a recommended Magic level of 75. This engaging encounter involves activating smaller tentacles before taking on the main Kraken, suitable for various player levels with its semi-AFK combat style.

Players gear up with setups ranging from mid-level, featuring the Trident of the Swamp and mage defense armor, to high-level gear like the Sanguinesti Staff and Ancestral Outfit, with the Slayer Helmet being essential for those on a Slayer task.

The battle strategy focuses on magic attacks, potentially enhanced by an Imbued Heart or Battle Mage potions, allowing for an efficient kill rate of 50 to 80 per hour. The Kraken is also known for dropping food, which helps extend players’ trips, and in a private instance, loot can be collected leisurely as it stays for up to 30 minutes. Among the notable rewards are the Kraken Tentacle, Trident of the Seas, Elite Clue Scrolls, and the rare Cave Kraken Pet, making this boss a lucrative target for adventurers seeking both challenge and reward.

Kraken Guide OSRS

Requirements for Kraken Boss:

  1. Magic Level:
    • Recommended Level: 75 Magic.
    • Reason for Recommendation: At level 75, players gain access to significant upgrades that are beneficial for fighting the Kraken. The most notable upgrade is the Trident, which is a powerful magic weapon ideal for this encounter.
  2. Slayer Level:
    • Required Level: 87 Slayer.
    • Importance: This is a hard requirement. Players must have a Slayer level of 87 to receive a Cave Kraken task. Without this level, players cannot engage with the Kraken as part of Slayer tasks.
Kraken Guide OSRS

Additional Insights:

  • No Absolute Magic Requirement: While 75 Magic is recommended, there’s technically no absolute magic level requirement to fight the Kraken. In RuneScape, players have managed to defeat tough bosses with lower levels than recommended, but higher levels generally make the encounter more manageable and efficient.
  • Trident’s Significance: The Trident, accessible at level 75 Magic, is emphasized as a crucial weapon for this boss fight. It significantly enhances the player’s combat effectiveness against the Kraken.

Notable Drops from Kraken Boss:

  1. Kraken Tentacle:
    • Drop Rate: 1 in 400.
    • Value: Typically valued at just under 500K.
    • Usage: This item is used to enhance weapons, such as the Abyssal Whip, making it a valuable asset for players looking to upgrade their combat equipment.
  2. Trident of the Seas (Charged):
    • Drop Rate: 1 in 512.
    • Value: Generally worth a little over 1 million GP.
    • Usage: As a powerful magic weapon that comes pre-charged, the Trident of the Seas is highly effective in magic-based combat, making it a desirable item for mages.
  3. Elite Clue Scroll:
    • Drop Rate: 1 in 500.
    • Usage: Elite Clue Scrolls lead players on treasure trails with challenging puzzles and clues, offering the potential for valuable rewards upon completion.
  4. Cave Kraken Pet:
    • Drop Rate: 1 in 3000.
    • Usage: This is a cosmetic pet, a rare and coveted companion that follows the player. It’s a status symbol in the game due to its rarity.

Additional Insights:

  • Earnings: Farming the Kraken boss can yield between 600K and 850K GP per hour, depending on the player’s efficiency and luck with drops.
  • Consistent Loot Source: The Kraken is known for its steady drop rate, providing players with a reliable source of income and valuable items, though the drops are not typically of extremely high value.
  • Food Drops: The Kraken also frequently drops food items, which can help players extend their farming sessions by reducing the need to leave for restocking.

Performance Metrics for Kraken Boss:

  1. Kills Per Hour:
    • Range: Between 50 to 80 kills per hour.
    • Factors Influencing Rate: This rate depends on various factors, including the player’s combat levels, gear setup, and overall efficiency in combat. Higher levels and better gear typically result in more kills per hour.
  2. Gold Per Hour (GP Per Hour):
    • Range: Approximately 600K to 850K GP per hour.
    • Factors Influencing Earnings:
      • Gear Setup: Interestingly, the highest earnings (around 850K) are not necessarily achieved with the most advanced (max) setup. This is because the max setup uses more expensive resources, like blood runes, which can offset the earnings despite a higher kill rate.
      • Efficiency and Luck: The actual GP per hour can also vary based on the player’s efficiency in killing the Kraken and luck with the drops, especially the rarer and more valuable items like the Trident of the Seas and Kraken Tentacle.

Gear Setups for Kraken Boss:

Mid-Level Setup for Kraken Boss:

  1. Main Weapon:
    • Trident of the Swamp: A powerful magic weapon ideal for this encounter.
  2. Armor and Accessories:
    • Imbued God Cape: Offers a significant magic attack bonus.
    • Occult Amulet: Increases magic damage, crucial for maximizing DPS.
    • Corils (Mage Defense Armor): Provides good magic defense, which is useful against the Kraken’s attacks.
    • Twisted Buckler: Offers defense bonuses, useful for mitigating damage.
    • Barrows Gloves: Provide good overall bonuses for the hands slot.
    • Infinity Boots: Offer magic attack bonuses.
    • Slayer Helmet: Essential when on a Slayer task for its damage and accuracy bonuses against the task monster.
  3. Inventory:
    • Magic Short Bow: Used for pulling the Kraken tentacles.
    • Dramen Staff: For accessing fairy rings, which is a convenient way to travel to the Kraken’s lair.
    • House Teleports: Useful if you have a fairy ring in your house for quick access.
    • Pineapple Pizzas: Chosen for healing; they are cost-effective and provide a decent amount of health restoration.
    • One Angler Fish: Eaten before starting the trip for a temporary boost in maximum health.
Kraken Guide OSRS

Lower Tier Setup for Kraken Boss:

  1. Main Weapon:
    • Trident of the Swamp: Remains the weapon of choice due to its effectiveness in magic combat.
  2. Armor and Accessories:
    • Downgrades from Mid-Level Setup:
      • Black D’hide: Replaces Corils for a more budget-friendly option while still offering decent magic defense.
      • Ceradomin God Book: Substituted for the Twisted Buckler, providing a good balance of magic defense and affordability.
      • Jester Boots: Obtained from the Fremennik Isles quest, these boots are a cost-effective alternative to Infinity Boots.
  3. Inventory:
    • Remains largely the same as the Mid-Level Setup, including the Magic Short Bow, Dramen Staff, House Teleports, Pineapple Pizzas, and an Angler Fish.
Kraken Guide OSRS

Strategy and Usage for Lower Tier Setup:

  • Cost-Effective Approach: This setup is designed for players who may not have the financial resources for more expensive gear but still want to effectively engage with the Kraken.
  • Balanced Performance: Despite being more budget-friendly, this setup still offers a good balance of magic attack and defense, ensuring players can handle the Kraken efficiently.

Max Setup for Kraken Boss:

  1. Main Weapon:
    • Sanguine Staff (Sanguinesti Staff): Offers high magic attack bonuses and the added benefit of healing the player with each successful hit.
  2. Armor and Accessories:
    • Ancestral Outfit: Provides the highest magic attack bonuses available, significantly increasing magic damage.
    • Eternal Boots: Offer superior magic attack bonuses.
    • Tormented Bracelet: Increases magic damage, essential for maximizing DPS.
    • Ring of Suffering (Imbued): Provides defensive bonuses and quality of life improvements.
    • Arcane Spirit Shield: Offers a significant magic attack bonus.
    • Occult Necklace and Imbued God Cape: As in other setups, these items boost magic damage and attack.
    • Slayer Helmet: Essential when on a Slayer task for its damage and accuracy bonuses against the task monster.
  3. Inventory:
    • Imbued Heart: Provides a significant boost to the magic level, increasing damage output.
    • Super Restore Potions: For restoring stats, particularly useful in conjunction with the Imbued Heart.
    • Magic Short Bow, Dramen Staff, and House Teleports: For engagement and travel.
    • Rune Pouch: Useful for longer trips or high-alching drops, saving inventory space.
Kraken Guide OSRS

Strategy and Usage for Max Setup:

  • Maximizing Efficiency: This setup is geared towards players who have access to the best gear and resources. It maximizes magic damage output while providing sustainability through the Sanguinesti Staff’s healing effect.
  • High-Level Play: Ideal for high-level players looking to optimize their kill speed and efficiency at the Kraken.

Location: How to Get to the Kraken

  1. Accessing the Cave:
    • Use a Fairy Ring to get close to the Kraken’s location. The code for the nearest Fairy Ring is BJQ.
    • If you have a Fairy Ring in your house, that’s a convenient option. Otherwise, use external Fairy Rings.
    • After using the Fairy Ring, head west to find the cave entrance.
  2. Cave Entrance:
    • The Kraken is located inside a cave. Upon entering, you have the option to go into a regular area or a private instance.
  3. Private Instance:
    • Opting for a private instance is recommended because drops stay on the ground longer (up to 30 minutes), allowing more flexibility in picking them up.

Strategy for Fighting the Kraken:

  1. Preparation:
    • Boosting HP: It’s recommended to eat an Angler Fish before the fight to boost your HP above its normal maximum. This provides an extra buffer of health, which can be crucial during the battle.
  2. Engagement Process:
    • Attacking Tentacles: The Kraken boss is initially dormant and surrounded by smaller tentacles. The first step is to attack these smaller tentacles. You need to activate all of them to make the main Kraken boss emerge.
    • Switch to Magic Gear: Once all the tentacles are up, switch to your magic gear or staff. This is when the actual fight with the Kraken boss begins.
  3. Combat Strategy:
    • Magic Attacks: Use your best magic attacks against the Kraken. The focus is on using high-damage spells to take down the boss efficiently.
    • Imbued Heart: If you have an Imbued Heart, use it to boost your magic level. This will increase your magic attack accuracy and damage, making the fight quicker and more efficient.
    • Semi-AFK Nature: The Kraken fight is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require constant attention. This makes it possible to semi-AFK during the fight, although staying alert to your health and surroundings is still important.
  4. Efficiency Tips:
    • Kill Rate: You can expect to achieve around 50 to 80 kills per hour, depending on your levels and setup.
    • Food Drops: The Kraken often drops food, which can help sustain longer trips by reducing the need to leave for restocking.
  5. Loot Collection:
    • In a private instance, drops stay on the ground for up to 30 minutes, giving you ample time to collect your loot without rushing.

Additional Considerations:

  • Safety: While the Kraken is one of the easier Slayer bosses, it’s still important to monitor your health and be prepared with adequate food and healing items.
  • Inventory Management: Efficient inventory management can extend your time at the Kraken, reducing trips to the bank and maximizing your loot per hour.

Combat Strategy for Kraken Boss:

  1. Initiating the Fight:
    • Use of Fishing Explosives: The fight is initiated by using fishing explosives on the whirlpool. These explosives are essential and can be purchased from a Slayer master.
    • First Strike Advantage: As soon as the Kraken emerges, you get a chance for a free hit. This is achieved by throwing the fishing explosive and then immediately attacking as the Kraken appears.
  2. Prayer Usage:
    • Mage Boost Prayer: Use Augury or your best mage boost prayer to increase your magic effectiveness.
    • Protection Prayers: Not effective against the Kraken, as its attacks are typeless.
  3. Combat Engagement:
    • Auto-Retaliate: It’s advised to turn off auto-retaliate. This allows for more controlled engagement and ensures you get the first hit advantage.
    • AFK Approach: Once engaged, the fight with the Kraken is relatively straightforward, allowing for a semi-AFK approach. However, maintaining awareness of your health and surroundings is still important.
  4. Special Attack Weapon (Optional):
    • While not necessary due to the relative ease of the boss, you can bring a special attack weapon like a Blowpipe, Eldritch Nightmare Staff, or Volatile Nightmare Staff for added efficiency.
  5. Stat Boosts:
    • If you have an Imbued Heart, use it for a magic level boost. If not, Battle Mage potions can be used as an alternative.

Loot Collection:

  • Private Instance Advantage: In a private instance, the drops from the Kraken stay on the ground for up to 30 minutes.
  • Benefits:
    • Less Rush to Collect Drops: This extended time allows players to focus on the fight without worrying about quickly picking up their loot, reducing the risk of missing valuable drops.
    • Inventory Management: Players can manage their inventory more efficiently, deciding when to pick up items based on their current space and priorities.

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