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Lost Ark Soul Eater Build [ Guide ]

The Soul Eater class, a recent addition to Lost Ark’s Assassin family, presents a dynamic and versatile playstyle distinguished by its unique class mechanics and the strategic use of its primary weapon, the scythe. This guide delves into the core aspects of the Soul Eater class, from its general overview, role in combat, to the distinct class identity and mechanics that set it apart in the realm of Arkesia.

Soul Eater stands out as an innovative class within the Assassin archetype, offering players a blend of agility, burst damage potential, and strategic gameplay. It integrates a complex yet rewarding system centered around the management of Soul Stones and an Identity Gauge, which are pivotal to unleashing the class’s full damage potential. The class’s design caters to players who enjoy a playstyle that requires foresight, timing, and the ability to adapt to the ebb and flow of battle.

At its core, the Soul Eater is designed for the player who seeks to deal significant damage while maneuvering swiftly across the battlefield. Wielding a scythe, this class excels in delivering high burst damage, courtesy of its specialized skills and abilities that capitalize on precise timing and positioning. The scythe is not just a weapon but a symbol of the class’s connection to the themes of harvest and destruction, seamlessly integrating into its visual and gameplay identity.

Soul Eater Identity and Mechanics

The Soul Eater’s gameplay revolves around two primary elements: the Soul Stones and the Identity Gauge. These components are central to understanding and mastering the class:

  • Soul Stones: These are crucial for activating the class’s high-damage “pink” skills. Managing these stones effectively is key to optimizing the Soul Eater’s damage output.
  • Identity Gauge: This gauge fills up through the use of specific skills, leading to a “berserk mode” when fully charged. In this enhanced state, the Soul Eater gains significant buffs to crit rate, movement speed, and attack speed, further amplifying its damage-dealing capabilities.

The class features two main engravings that define its playstyle: Knight’s Edge and Full Moon Harvester. Each engraving tailors the Soul Eater’s abilities towards either a crit-swiftness build (Knight’s Edge) focusing on fast, consistent damage, or a specialization build (Full Moon Harvester) emphasizing burst damage through the strategic generation and use of the Identity Meter.

Soul Eater Engravings Overview

The Soul Eater class in Lost Ark features two primary class engravings, each offering a distinct playstyle that caters to different player preferences. These engravings, Knight’s Edge (also known as Dark Moon) and Full Moon Harvester, fundamentally alter how the class operates, affecting everything from skill usage to stat priorities.

Knight’s Edge (Dark Moon)

Knight’s Edge, referred to as Dark Moon in some regions, tailors the Soul Eater towards a crit-swiftness build. This engraving emphasizes fast, consistent damage output and revolves around the strategic consumption of Soul Stones to generate the Edge meter. The core mechanic of Knight’s Edge is to maximize the use of Soul Stones for empowering pink (Death Lord) skills, which in turn, helps to fill the Edge meter rapidly. Once the Edge meter is full, the player enters a state where the cooldown and damage of non-pink skills are significantly enhanced, although pink skills can no longer be used during this state.

  • Skill Priorities and Builds: Players focusing on Knight’s Edge typically utilize a combination of purple, green, and pink skills, carefully selected to maximize crit rate and swiftness. The skill rotation and build aim to optimize the generation of Edge meter while maintaining high damage output.
  • Stat Distribution: The optimal stat distribution for a Knight’s Edge build leans heavily towards crit, with swiftness as a secondary focus. This distribution supports the build’s need for fast skill execution and high critical hit rates.
  • Gameplay Strategy: The gameplay revolves around managing Soul Stones to frequently enter and benefit from the enhanced state, making it crucial for players to master the timing and sequence of skill use.

Full Moon Harvester

Full Moon Harvester shifts the focus towards a specialization build, emphasizing burst damage through the efficient management of the Identity Gauge. This engraving alters the class mechanics to favor the rapid generation of the Identity Meter, allowing for the frequent activation of an enhanced mode. In this mode, the Soul Eater gains major boosts to damage output, particularly enhancing the pink skills, which become central to the build’s strategy.

  • Skill Priorities and Builds: The Full Moon Harvester build prioritizes skills that efficiently generate meter and enter the enhanced mode quickly. The skill setup often includes a mix of auto-attacks and selected skills tailored to fill the Identity Gauge as swiftly as possible.
  • Stat Distribution: Specialization becomes the primary stat for players adopting the Full Moon Harvester engraving, as it directly enhances the effectiveness of entering and performing in the enhanced mode. Critical rate is also important but to a lesser extent.
  • Gameplay Strategy: Players utilizing Full Moon Harvester focus on entering the enhanced mode as often as possible to unleash burst damage. The rotation strategy involves a delicate balance of using skills to generate meter and timing the activation of enhanced mode to maximize damage output.

Skill Types and Utilization

The Soul Eater class in Lost Ark is characterized by its unique skill set, divided into three primary categories: Purple (Ghast) Skills, Blue (Stygian) Skills, and Pink (Death Lord) Skills. Each skill type plays a crucial role in the Soul Eater’s combat strategy, influencing the class’s mechanics, resource management, and overall damage output.

Purple Skills (Ghast Skills)

Purple, or Ghast Skills, are fundamental to building the Soul Eater’s Identity Gauge, crucial for entering the class’s enhanced state. These skills are designed to consume Soul Stones, a unique resource for the Soul Eater, facilitating the activation of the class’s high-damage abilities.

  • Functionality: Ghast Skills are primarily used to generate Soul Stones, which are essential for executing the class’s most powerful attacks. Effective management and usage of these skills are vital for maintaining a steady supply of Soul Stones, enabling the continuous use of high-damage abilities.
  • Strategic Use: Players need to strategically deploy Ghast Skills to optimize Soul Stone generation, carefully balancing their use with the consumption of Soul Stones through other skill types. The timing and sequence of these skills can significantly impact the class’s performance in combat.

Blue Skills (Stygian Skills)

Blue, or Stygian Skills, serve a dual purpose: they contribute to the generation of Soul Stones and also help fill the Soul Eater’s Identity Gauge. These skills are versatile, providing both offensive capabilities and utility in managing the class’s unique resources.

  • Functionality: Stygian Skills increase both the Soul Stone count and the Identity Gauge, making them integral to the Soul Eater’s resource management system. They bridge the gap between generating the necessary resources and utilizing them effectively for damage output.
  • Strategic Use: The judicious application of Stygian Skills is crucial for efficient combat flow, ensuring that the Soul Eater has access to a consistent stream of Soul Stones while also progressing towards activating the enhanced state. These skills require tactical foresight to maximize their utility and contribution to the class’s overall strategy.

Pink Skills (Death Lord Skills)

Pink, or Death Lord Skills, represent the pinnacle of the Soul Eater’s damage-dealing capabilities. These high-impact abilities require Soul Stones for activation, directly consuming the resource to unleash devastating attacks on enemies.

  • Functionality: Death Lord Skills consume Soul Stones to deal significant damage, serving as the primary means of executing the class’s most powerful attacks. The effectiveness of these skills is directly tied to the player’s ability to manage and utilize Soul Stones efficiently.
  • Strategic Use: Optimal utilization of Death Lord Skills involves careful planning and timing, ensuring that Soul Stones are available when needed to maximize damage output. Players must balance the generation and consumption of Soul Stones, using Ghast and Stygian Skills strategically to prepare for the deployment of these high-damage abilities.

Identity Gauge Mechanics

The Soul Eater class in Lost Ark operates around a unique combat system that leverages an Identity Gauge, which is central to its gameplay mechanics. This system is intricately designed around the use of Soul Stones and the activation of a Berserk Mode, each playing a pivotal role in maximizing the class’s combat effectiveness. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these mechanics based on the video scripts provided.

Soul Stones

Soul Stones are a fundamental resource for the Soul Eater, crucial for the activation of its most powerful skills, known as Death Lord (Pink) Skills. These stones are generated and managed through the use of specific class skills, and their strategic utilization is key to the Soul Eater’s gameplay.

  • Generation and Use: Soul Stones are primarily generated through the use of Purple (Ghast) and Blue (Stygian) Skills. Ghast Skills are directly responsible for adding Soul Stones to the player’s resource pool, whereas Stygian Skills contribute to both Soul Stone generation and filling the Secondary Identity Gauge.
  • Strategic Importance: The management of Soul Stones is central to executing the Soul Eater’s high-damage abilities. Players must judiciously use their skills to ensure a steady supply of Soul Stones, enabling the continuous deployment of powerful Death Lord Skills.

Secondary Identity Gauge

The Secondary Identity Gauge is another critical component of the Soul Eater’s combat system, gradually filling as players engage in combat through specific skill usage.

  • Filling the Gauge: The gauge is filled by employing Blue (Stygian) Skills, which contribute to both the acquisition of Soul Stones and the progression of the Identity Gauge. This dual-purpose functionality underscores the importance of Stygian Skills in the class’s resource management system.
  • Activation and Utility: Once the gauge is fully charged, it enables the Soul Eater to enter a special state, augmenting the class’s combat capabilities. The gauge’s management is therefore integral to unlocking the class’s full potential in battle.

Berserk Mode and Enhancements

Upon filling the Secondary Identity Gauge, the Soul Eater can activate a Berserk Mode, a heightened state that provides significant combat enhancements.

  • Activation: Berserk Mode is activated manually by the player once the Secondary Identity Gauge is full. This transition signifies a shift to a more aggressive combat stance, with notable improvements to the character’s abilities.
  • Enhancements Provided: In Berserk Mode, the Soul Eater receives boosts to critical rate, movement speed, and attack speed. These enhancements not only increase the class’s damage output but also its mobility and responsiveness in combat. Moreover, the mode alters the functionality of Pink (Death Lord) Skills, typically reducing their cooldowns or amplifying their damage, further emphasizing the mode’s impact on gameplay.

Build Strategies

The Soul Eater class in Lost Ark can adopt various build strategies to suit different playstyles and combat scenarios. One of the prominent builds is the Crit Swift Variant, known as Knight’s Edge. This build emphasizes speed and critical hits, making it a dynamic and fast-paced approach to gameplay. Below is an in-depth look at the key components of the Knight’s Edge build, including skill selection, tripods, stat distribution, and the recommended gear sets, as well as the important tripods and gems based on the provided video scripts.

Crit Swift Variant (Knight’s Edge)

This build variant focuses on leveraging critical hits and swiftness to deal fast, consistent damage. It utilizes a specific set of skills and tripods, optimized stat distribution, and gear sets to maximize the Soul Eater’s damage output and mobility on the battlefield.

Skill Selection and Tripods

  • Lunatic Edge: Selected for its damage amplification capabilities and the ability to apply useful buffs like movement speed enhancements. The recommended tripods are Damage Amplification, Shadow Snatch, and Nimble Movement, emphasizing speed and damage.
  • Guillotine Swing: Chosen for its high damage potential, with tripods like Concussion or Weak Point Enhancement (depending on the need for stagger or destruction), Cross Swing for speed or Scaffold for higher damage, and Faden’s Red Moon for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Reaper Scythe and Vestage: These skills are essential for their burst damage capabilities. Key tripods include Tenacity, Condensed Soul (turning it into a charge mode for higher damage), and Otherworldly Monarch for Reaper Scythe; and Mind Enhancement, Concentrated Attack, and Two Souls for Vestage, focusing on maximizing damage output.

Stat Distribution and Gear Sets

  • Stat Distribution: The Crit Swift Variant prioritizes critical hit rate and swiftness. The ideal distribution focuses on maximizing crit to enhance the likelihood of critical hits, supplemented by swiftness to reduce skill cooldowns and increase attack speed.
  • Gear Sets: Depending on the player’s stat distribution, the recommended gear sets vary:
    • If the player opts for a higher crit ratio, the Nightmare set is suggested to capitalize on the crit-related benefits.
    • For those prioritizing swiftness, the Hallucination set can offer a balanced approach, enhancing both critical and swift attributes.

Important Tripods and Gems

  • Important Tripods: The focus is on tripods that enhance damage output, reduce cooldowns, and improve utility. Nimble Movement on Lunatic Edge is crucial for maintaining mobility and raid effectiveness.
  • Gems: Damage and Cooldown Reduction (CDR) gems are vital:
    • Damage gems should be placed on high-priority skills like Guillotine Swing, Reaper Scythe, and Vestage to amplify their damage further.
    • CDR gems are recommended for all skills to ensure that they can be used as frequently as possible, enhancing the Soul Eater’s agility and sustained damage potential in combat.

Spec Variant (Full Moon Harvester)

The Full Moon Harvester build for the Soul Eater class in Lost Ark emphasizes specialization, focusing on maximizing the potential of the class’s burst damage through efficient use of the Identity Gauge. This build strategy revolves around skillful management of resources to enter an enhanced mode, enabling the unleashing of major burst damage. Below is a comprehensive overview of the skill selection, tripods, stat distribution, gear sets, and the critical tripods and gems associated with the Full Moon Harvester build, derived purely from the provided video scripts.

Skill Selection and Tripods

  • Lunatic Edge: This skill is valued for its utility in providing movement speed buffs, crucial for repositioning and dodging. Recommended tripods include Damage Amplification for increased damage and Nimble Movement for enhanced movement speed.
  • Guillotine Swing: A core damage-dealing skill, with tripods focused on increasing its damage output. Selections like Concussion for stagger or Weak Point Enhancement for destruction, and Otherworldly Monarch for maximizing its burst capability, are suggested.
  • Reaper Scythe and Vestage: Both skills are pivotal for their high damage potential in the Full Moon Harvester build. Essential tripods for Reaper Scythe include Tenacity for push immunity, Condensed Soul for turning it into a high-damage charge mode, and Otherworldly Monarch for increased damage. For Vestage, the selection focuses on Mind Enhancement for reduced mana consumption, Concentrated Attack for increased charge damage, and Two Souls for double casting ability.

Stat Distribution and Gear Sets

  • Stat Distribution: Specialization is the primary stat for the Full Moon Harvester build, as it directly influences the effectiveness of the class’s enhanced mode and overall burst damage. Critical rate is also important but secondary to specialization.
  • Gear Sets: The choice between gear sets depends on the player’s preference for consistency or maximizing crit synergies:
    • Hallucination Set: Recommended for its consistency in boosting the class’s damage output, making it a preferred choice for players prioritizing reliability.
    • Nightmare Set: An alternative for those with access to critical synergies, enhancing the potential for higher burst damage during the enhanced mode.

Important Tripods and Gems

  • Important Tripods: The build prioritizes tripods that enhance the efficiency of entering and performing in the enhanced mode. Nimble Movement on Lunatic Edge for mobility, Otherworldly Monarch on Guillotine Swing and Reaper Scythe for maximized damage during burst phases, and Concentrated Attack on Vestage for increased charging damage are key.
  • Gems: The focus is on specialization and cooldown reduction (CDR):
    • Specialization Gems: Placed on primary burst skills like Guillotine Swing, Reaper Scythe, and Vestage to further amplify their damage in the enhanced mode.
    • CDR Gems: Essential for all skills to ensure more frequent usage, facilitating quicker access to the enhanced mode and maintaining high damage output.

Skill Prioritization and Combos

Skill Prioritization:

  • Focus on using skills that generate or consume Soul Stones effectively, ensuring efficient use of purple (Slaying) skills for DPS maximization.
  • For both Knight’s Edge and Full Moon Harvester builds, prioritize skills that contribute to filling the identity gauge or meter, with a special emphasis on blue (Necromancy) skills for meter gain and purple skills for stone generation and high damage output.


  • Skill combos largely depend on the build and current identity state. Combining blue skills for meter gain followed by strategic use of purple skills ensures optimal damage and resource management.

Knight’s Edge Skill Rotation

  1. Preparation: Ensure all three Soul Stones are filled to empower pink (Death Lord) skills.
  2. Execution: Use pink skills when the meter is full, entering the possessed state, where cooldowns and damage of other skills are dramatically increased.
  3. Optimization: Focus on utilizing blue and purple skills efficiently to refill Soul Stones and the secondary meter for continuous high damage output.

Full Moon Harvester Skill Rotation

  1. Initial Phase: Use blue skills to generate the identity gauge while using purple skills to consume only one Soul Stone, contributing to meter buildup.
  2. Activation: Once the gauge is full, activate it to reset pink skill cooldowns, enhancing their damage and reducing cooldowns significantly.
  3. Sustain Phase: Continue generating Soul Stones and meter through strategic use of blue and purple skills, maintaining enhanced mode for as long as possible.

Gear and Engraving Choices

Recommended Gear Sets:

  • Knight’s Edge: Opt for a mix of Crit and Swiftness gear, leaning towards full Crit with sub Swiftness for maximizing damage output. The Nightmare set is ideal for those focusing on Crit, while the Hallucination set caters to builds with higher Swiftness.
  • Full Moon Harvester: Prioritize Spec gear with sub Crit on the necklace and bracelet. Hallucination set is recommended for a balanced approach, whereas the Nightmare set is preferred for those seeking to maximize damage potential with sufficient Crit rate support.

Engraving Selection for Each Build:

  • Knight’s Edge Engravings: Focus on Knight’s Edge, Grudge, Keen Blunt, Raid Captain, and Adrenaline for maximizing damage and efficiency.
  • Full Moon Harvester Engravings: Essential engravings include Full Moon Harvester, Grudge, Keen Blunt, Raid Captain, and optionally Cursed Doll or Adrenaline, depending on gear set and playstyle preferences.

Awakening and Runes

Recommended Awakening Skills:

  • Deathbringer: Recommended for the Knight’s Edge build, this Awakening skill is ideal for initiating combat, providing an immediate boost by granting full Soul Stones, enabling a strong start with high-damage pink skills.
  • The End: Suggested for the Full Moon Harvester build, as it excels in DPS output. It fills up the Soul Stone meter upon hitting, facilitating a swift transition into using high-damage skills.

Rune Choices for Optimal Performance:

  • Conviction and Judgment Runes: Enhance skills like Soul Drain and Lunatic Edge to trigger Galewind on high-damage skills, ensuring rapid execution and enhanced mobility.
  • Galewind Rune: Applied to major DPS skills such as Guillotine Swing, Vestige, and Reaper Scythe, accelerating their execution for increased damage output.
  • Wealth and Focus Runes: Wealth runes are recommended on meter-gain skills for faster identity gauge filling, while Focus runes boost the damage of primary DPS skills.

PvE and Chaos Dungeon Strategies

Adjusting Builds for Different Scenarios:

  • In PvE, especially in boss fights, prioritize skill rotations that optimize meter gain and consumption, aligning with your chosen build’s strengths (Knight’s Edge for crit-swiftness synergy and Full Moon Harvester for spec-crit efficiency).
  • For Chaos Dungeons, adapt your skill set for area clearing efficiency, incorporating skills with wider AoEs and shorter cooldowns, regardless of the primary build focus.

Chaos Dungeon Specific Advice:

  • Utilize a mix of blue and purple skills to efficiently clear mobs, ensuring you maintain optimal Soul Stone and identity gauge levels for continuous high-output damage phases.
  • Opt for gear and engravings that enhance overall damage and cooldown reduction, such as the Hallucination set for sustained skill usage and Full Moon Harvester engraving for enhanced skill reset capabilities.

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