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Lost Ark Best Summoner Build [ Guide ]

Are you looking for the best Lost Ark Best Summoner Build? The Summoner class in Lost Ark presents a unique and engaging playstyle, differentiating itself from other classes with its ability to summon and command pets to fight alongside them. This class introduces a novel aspect to Lost Ark’s combat system, heavily relying on these summoned entities to deal damage, control the battlefield, and support the player in various ways.

Overview of Summoner in Lost Ark

Summoners bring to the table a diverse array of capabilities, making them versatile and potent in both solo and group settings. Their skills range from summoning powerful pets for direct combat, casting spells for area control, to enhancing their summons for greater effectiveness. The pets can perform a variety of actions, including attacking enemies, providing buffs to allies, or debuffing opponents, thereby adding layers of strategy to the gameplay.

Unique Aspects of the Summoner Class

  • Pet-Based Combat System: The most distinctive feature of the Summoner class is its reliance on pets. Unlike other classes, Summoners can summon various pets with unique abilities to assist in combat. This ranges from the Awakening pet, Calcium, to other elemental and mythical creatures, each bringing its unique set of skills to the battlefield.
  • Class Engravings: Two main class engravings shape the Summoner’s playstyle: Communication Overflow and Master Summoner. Communication Overflow focuses on enhancing the synergy between the Summoner and their pets, increasing the effectiveness of summoned creatures. On the other hand, the Master Summoner engraving enhances the power and capabilities of the Ancient Spirits, making them deadlier and more resilient in combat.
  • Skill Synergy and Execution: Summoners must master the synergy between their skills and their pets’ abilities. This includes knowing when to deploy pets for maximum effect, how to use skills to buff and protect them, and understanding the optimal combos to maximize damage output and control over the battle.
  • Specialization in Combat Stats: While critical stats, specialization, and swiftness are important for all classes, Summoners benefit significantly from a balanced approach. Specialization increases the potency of their summons, critical stats enhance their damage output, and swiftness improves their mobility and the frequency of pet summons.
  • Engravings and Gear Selection: Choosing the right engravings and gear is crucial for optimizing a Summoner’s performance. This includes selecting engravings that enhance pet abilities, as well as gear that complements their chosen build, whether focusing on pet-based combat or the power of Ancient Spirits.

Understanding Summoner Builds

The complexity and versatility of the Summoner class in Lost Ark are highlighted through its two primary build paths: the Pet Build and the Master Summoner Build. Each build capitalizes on different aspects of the Summoner’s toolkit, offering varied playstyles and strategies.

Pet Build vs. Master Summoner Build

  • Pet Build: This build emphasizes the Summoner’s ability to summon and control pets, focusing on swiftness as the primary stat. The Communication Overflow class engraving is pivotal in this build, enhancing the interaction between the Summoner and their pets. The pets are not just for show; they are integral to the Summoner’s damage output, battlefield control, and utility. This build is recommended for players seeking a dynamic and engaging playstyle, where managing pets and maximizing their potential is key to success.
  • Master Summoner Build: Contrasting the Pet Build, the Master Summoner Build leans heavily on the Summoner’s Ancient Spirits, using the Master Summoner class engraving to amplify their power. This build prioritizes specialization as the main stat, enhancing the damage and critical rate of Ancient Spirits. It guarantees high DPS, making it suitable for players who prefer a more straightforward approach to combat, focusing on summoning powerful spirits to decimate enemies.

Pets and Ancients: A Comparative Analysis

  • Pets in the Summoner Build: Pets serve multiple roles, from dealing damage to providing buffs and debuffs. They are a constant presence on the battlefield, requiring active management and strategic deployment. The Pet Build is all about maximizing these creatures’ effectiveness through swift summoning, repositioning, and synergizing their abilities with the Summoner’s skills.
  • Ancients in the Master Summoner Build: Ancient Spirits, on the other hand, are more about unleashing powerful, high-impact attacks. These spirits, enhanced through the Master Summoner Build, deliver devastating blows to enemies, with less emphasis on micromanagement compared to pets. The build focuses on charging the Summoner’s identity gauge quickly to summon these spirits more frequently, achieving high DPS.

Stat Prioritization for Summoners

Critical Stats, Specializations, and Swiftness

  • Critical Stats: Critical stats increase the likelihood and damage of critical hits, essential for maximizing damage output in combat. For Summoners, achieving a high critical rate is crucial, especially when employing the Master Summoner build, which relies on the power of Ancient Spirits for damage. Critical stats synergize with certain engravings and gear choices to enhance the Summoner’s overall effectiveness.
  • Specializations: Specialization stats directly affect the potency and effectiveness of the Summoner’s summons, including both pets and Ancient Spirits. A higher specialization stat leads to stronger summons, making it a priority for builds focusing on maximizing the damage and utility of these entities. The Master Summoner build, in particular, benefits from high specialization, enhancing the Ancient Spirits’ abilities.
  • Swiftness: Swiftness impacts the Summoner’s mobility and the cooldown reduction of skills, allowing for more frequent summoning and skill usage. In the Pet Build, swiftness is a critical stat, enabling the Summoner to dynamically control the battlefield with quick pet summons and repositions. It adds a layer of strategic depth and flexibility to the Summoner’s playstyle.

Balancing Crit, Spec, and Swiftness Stats

Balancing these stats depends on the chosen build and the player’s preferred playstyle. A balanced approach is often recommended, but emphasis should be placed on the stat that complements the build’s focus. For the Pet Build, prioritizing swiftness ensures rapid deployment and utilization of pets. Conversely, the Master Summoner build benefits from a focus on specialization to enhance Ancient Spirits, with critical stats also playing a significant role in boosting damage output.

Class Engravings Overview

Communication Overflow and Master Summoner Explained

  • Communication Overflow: This class engraving is pivotal for the Pet Build, enhancing the synergy between the Summoner and their pets. It improves the pets’ effectiveness, allowing for more impactful contributions from them in combat. Communication Overflow ensures that pets are not only more durable but also deal more damage, making them indispensable allies on the battlefield.
  • Master Summoner: Central to the Master Summoner build, this engraving amplifies the power of the Summoner’s Ancient Spirits. It increases their damage output and critical rate, making each summon more devastating than the last. The Master Summoner engraving is ideal for players looking to leverage the raw power of Ancient Spirits to dominate encounters.

Senior Summoner Engraving: Enhancements and Benefits

The Senior Summoner engraving further enhances the capabilities of the Summoner’s summons, offering benefits across both pets and Ancient Spirits. It provides a comprehensive boost to the effectiveness of all summoned entities, making it a versatile choice for players seeking to maximize their summoning potential. The engraving offers enhancements such as increased summon size, which can lead to broader area effects and increased damage, among other benefits.

Gear and Equipment Strategy

Relic Set Recommendations

For Summoners, the choice of Relic Set plays a crucial role in enhancing their build’s effectiveness. Depending on the focus of the build (Pet Build vs. Master Summoner Build), different relic sets are recommended:

  • Hallucination Set: This set is particularly favored for builds emphasizing swiftness, making it an excellent choice for the Pet Build. The Hallucination Set enhances the Summoner’s ability to swiftly deploy and manage pets on the battlefield, ensuring that the pets are more effective and can be summoned more frequently.
  • Charm Set: For Summoners operating as an alt character or those focusing on a cost-effective build that still offers competitive DPS at item levels below 1500, the Charm Set presents an attractive option. It deals damage based on the Summoner’s attack power, which is influenced by the main stat and the weapon. This set benefits from the Summoner’s pets’ continuous attacks, making it a viable choice for those not fully invested in maximizing swiftness.

Gear Choices for Optimal Performance

Choosing the right gear involves focusing on items that complement the chosen build’s stat priorities. For a Pet Build focusing on swiftness, gear that enhances this stat along with critical hit chance will be optimal. Conversely, for a Master Summoner Build, gear that boosts specialization for stronger Ancient Spirits, along with critical stats for higher damage output, is recommended. Accessories and engravings should align with these stat priorities to maximize the Summoner’s performance in combat.

Skills and Tripods

Essential Skills for Summoner Builds

  • Pet Skills: Essential for the Pet Build, these skills summon various creatures to aid in combat. The effectiveness of these summons can be significantly enhanced through the right choice of tripods, focusing on reducing cooldowns, increasing damage, or adding utility effects.
  • Ancient Spirit Skills: Central to the Master Summoner Build, these skills call forth powerful spirits to deal substantial damage. Optimizing these skills involves selecting tripods that enhance their damage output, critical rate, or reduce cooldowns for more frequent usage.

Optimizing Tripods for Maximum Effectiveness

  • Cooldown Reduction Tripods: For skills that are critical to maintaining buffs, debuffs, or summoning pets, selecting tripods that reduce cooldowns ensures that these abilities can be used as often as possible.
  • Damage-Increasing Tripods: For both Pet and Ancient Spirit skills, tripods that directly increase damage output or critical hit chance are crucial for maximizing DPS in encounters.
  • Utility Tripods: Some skills benefit from tripods that add utility effects, such as increased movement speed, area of effect, or additional buffs/debuffs. These can enhance the Summoner’s flexibility and effectiveness in various combat scenarios.

Engravings Selection and Optimization

Keen Blunt and Raid Captain: When and Why

  • Keen Blunt: This engraving is highlighted for its ability to significantly increase critical damage, making it a cornerstone for builds that can achieve a high critical rate. Summoners, especially those focusing on the Master Summoner build, find Keen Blunt beneficial when they can maintain a critical rate over 60%, as it provides an approximate 18% increase in overall DPS. The synergy with critical stats makes Keen Blunt a powerful choice for enhancing damage output.
  • Raid Captain: Preferred for its utility in converting bonus movement speed into additional damage, Raid Captain is particularly effective for Summoners prioritizing swiftness. The engraving becomes optimally efficient when the Summoner’s movement speed, boosted by swiftness stats and possibly support buffs like the Yearning set from party members, reaches a high threshold. This makes Raid Captain a strategic choice for maximizing damage output based on the Summoner’s mobility.

Alternative Engravings: Cursed Doll and Grudge

  • Cursed Doll: Offering a straightforward damage boost at the cost of healing received, Cursed Doll is considered for Summoners looking for a direct DPS increase without the conditions tied to specific stats or buffs. This engraving is suitable for players confident in their ability to avoid damage and maintain high performance without relying heavily on healing.
  • Grudge: Despite its downside of increased damage taken from bosses, Grudge is a popular choice for its substantial damage increase against boss monsters. Summoners, especially those engaging in high-level raids and encounters where maximizing DPS is critical, may opt for Grudge, balancing the risk with careful gameplay and support from teammates.

Combining Engravings for Synergy

The strategic combination of engravings, such as pairing Keen Blunt with high critical rate setups or using Raid Captain alongside swiftness-enhancing gear and buffs, exemplifies the importance of synergy in engraving selection. The aim is to select engravings that complement each other and align with the Summoner’s build focus and stat priorities, thereby maximizing effectiveness in combat scenarios.

Combat Stat Optimization

Achieving Ideal Stat Distribution

The optimal stat distribution for a Summoner depends significantly on the chosen build. For the Pet Build, a balance between swiftness for cooldown reduction and mobility, and critical stats for damage, is key. In contrast, the Master Summoner Build emphasizes specialization to boost the effectiveness of Ancient Spirits and critical stats to enhance overall DPS. Achieving the ideal stat distribution involves prioritizing stats that align with the build’s objectives and the Summoner’s role in combat.

Impact of Support Buffs on Stat Allocation

Support buffs, such as those provided by party members using the Yearning set, can significantly influence a Summoner’s stat allocation. For instance, additional movement speed from support buffs can allow a Summoner to allocate fewer points to swifness and invest more in critical stats or specialization, depending on their build. Understanding the potential impact of these support buffs is crucial for optimizing stat distribution to achieve peak performance in group settings.

Skill Execution and Combo Strategies

High DPS Combo Execution

For Summoners aiming to maximize their damage output, executing high DPS combos involves a strategic blend of summoning pets or Ancient Spirits and utilizing their skills effectively. A notable combo for high DPS involves the precise timing of summon skills followed by the active use of the Summoner’s own abilities to complement and amplify the damage dealt by the summons. This synergy is crucial for unleashing the full potential of the Summoner’s arsenal.

Animation Canceling Techniques

Animation canceling is a technique that allows Summoners to optimize their skill execution by reducing the downtime between skill casts. This can be achieved by using certain skills that naturally shorten the animation of others, enabling a smoother and faster sequence of attacks. For instance, casting a skill with a lengthy animation can be immediately followed by another with a canceling effect, effectively bypassing the delay and maintaining a continuous assault.

Advanced Gameplay Tips

Cycling Ancient Spirit Skills Efficiently

Efficiently cycling through Ancient Spirit skills is key to maintaining high DPS in combat. This involves managing the cooldowns of these powerful abilities to ensure they are used as soon as they become available. The Summoner must prioritize the replenishment of their identity gauge to enable the frequent summoning of Ancient Spirits. Achieving this requires a deep understanding of the Summoner’s skill set and the optimal order of skill usage to maximize damage output and identity gauge accumulation.

Survivability and Flexibility in Combat

For Summoners, maintaining survivability and flexibility in combat is as important as dealing damage. This includes mastering movement and positioning to avoid enemy attacks while keeping summons active and effectively contributing to the battle. Utilizing swiftness-focused builds enhances the Summoner’s mobility, allowing for quick repositioning and the avoidance of damage. Moreover, certain skills provide utility beyond damage, offering crowd control or temporary invulnerability that can be pivotal in challenging encounters.

Practical Guide to Building Your Summoner

Building a Summoner in Lost Ark from the ground up to an optimized, high-performance character involves careful planning, understanding of game mechanics, and strategic decision-making. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on the insights provided in the uploaded files.

Step-by-Step Build from Zero to Gigachad

  1. Stat Prioritization: Begin by understanding the core stats for a Summoner. Focus on Swiftness for cooldown reduction and mobility, Critical for damage amplification, and Specialization for enhancing the potency of your summons. The ideal distribution will depend on whether you’re leaning towards a Pet Build or a Master Summoner Build.
  2. Engravings Selection: Early on, identify which class engravings align with your desired playstyle. For pet-heavy gameplay, consider Communication Overflow; for an Ancient Spirit-focused approach, Master Summoner is key. Additionally, incorporate general engravings like Keen Blunt or Raid Captain to complement your build.
  3. Gear and Relic Sets: Opt for gear that enhances your chosen stats. If swiftness and pet dynamics are your focus, the Hallucination Set may offer significant benefits. For those prioritizing Ancient Spirits, gear that boosts specialization and critical rate will be more beneficial.
  4. Skill Optimization: Allocate skill points into abilities that either summon pets or invoke Ancient Spirits, depending on your build. Prioritize tripods that reduce cooldowns, increase damage, or offer utility to enhance these skills further.
  5. Advanced Techniques: Learn and master animation canceling to optimize skill execution. This will allow for smoother combos and potentially higher DPS output during combat.

Skill Builds, Combos, and In-Depth Strategies

  • Pet Build Strategies: Focus on skills that summon and enhance pets. Utilize tripods that increase your pets’ damage, survivability, or add additional effects to their attacks. Combos should seamlessly integrate pet summons with your direct attacks to maintain constant pressure on enemies.
  • Master Summoner Strategies: Channel your resources into skills that call forth Ancient Spirits. Look for tripods that amplify the spirits’ damage or reduce the cooldown of these powerful skills. Effective combos involve cycling through Ancient Spirits summons while managing your identity gauge to ensure these high-damage allies can be called upon frequently.
  • Survivability Tactics: Regardless of the build, maintaining mobility and using skills with defensive properties are crucial. Utilize the Summoner’s swiftness to dodge attacks and position strategically, ensuring you can continue to deal damage without taking significant hits in return.
  • Engagement and Disengagement: Master the art of engaging enemies with a full barrage of summons and skills, then disengaging to avoid counterattacks. This hit-and-run tactic can be particularly effective in high-level content where enemies deal substantial damage.

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