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Master GW2 Fishing: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

GW2 Fishing was introduced as the first new gathering resource in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) since the game’s release in 2012. This addition was not spur of the moment; developers had planned to include fishing in GW2 well before its initial launch. Finally realized in the End of Dragons expansion, fishing in GW2 allows players to engage with any body of water that is also navigable by swimming, enhancing the game’s interactive environment.

Fishing Mechanics in GW2

Fishing in GW2 is designed as a mini-game rather than a passive activity, offering an immersive experience with various mechanics to keep players engaged. To start fishing, players must equip a fishing rod, which they receive by progressing through the End of Dragons story. However, merely having a rod is not enough. The fishing process requires the use of lures and bait to increase fishing power, a crucial component that makes catching fish easier and more efficient. Different types of bait attract specific fish, and the use of appropriate bait is essential for successful fishing. The mechanics of fishing also involve reacting quickly and maneuvering effectively to reel in catches, adding a layer of skill to the activity.

The Importance of Fishing in GW2

Fishing in GW2 is not just a leisure activity; it serves multiple important roles within the game. Firstly, it introduces a new dimension to the gathering and crafting systems, allowing players to collect unique resources and craft items that can’t be obtained elsewhere. Fishing also contributes to the game’s economy by providing valuable items such as Chunks of Ancient Ambergris through the consumption of legendary fish. These items can be sold for a significant amount of gold, making fishing a potentially lucrative endeavor.

Moreover, fishing power is a concept that determines the ease of catching fish and the likelihood of catching rare or legendary fish. This introduces an element of strategy, as players must optimize their fishing power through masteries, equipment, and consumables to maximize their efficiency and yield. Fishing also ties into the game’s achievements, offering players goals to strive for and rewards to earn, further integrating fishing into the broader GW2 experience.

Getting Started with Fishing in GW2

Acquiring Your First Fishing Rod

To begin fishing in Guild Wars 2, players must first acquire a fishing rod. This essential piece of equipment is obtained as part of progressing through the End of Dragons (EoD) expansion storyline. Upon reaching a specific point in the EoD narrative, players are granted a fishing rod, marking their entry into the world of GW2 fishing. This rod serves as the basic tool for all fishing activities, enabling players to cast their line in suitable bodies of water and start catching fish.

Understanding Fishing Zones and Water Types

Fishing in Guild Wars 2 is not limited to random spots in the vast bodies of water scattered across Tyria. Instead, specific zones and water types are designated for fishing, each harboring different species of fish. These fishing zones are essentially nodes, similar to gathering nodes for other resources, where players can utilize their fishing rods. The success and type of fish caught can vary significantly depending on the water type and the zone where the fishing takes place.

Fishing zones are categorized based on the type of water body, such as rivers, lakes, or coastal areas, each with a unique set of fish available. Furthermore, the type of bait and lure used plays a crucial role in determining the kind of fish attracted in these zones. Understanding the distinction between different water types and selecting the appropriate bait and lure combination is essential for targeting specific fish species, including the sought-after legendary fish.

Moreover, fishing efficiency and success are influenced by the player’s location within the game world. Day and night cycles, as well as specific regions, can affect the availability of certain fish types, making the timing and place of fishing activities strategic decisions. By familiarizing themselves with fishing zones, water types, and the corresponding fish species, players can optimize their fishing efforts to collect rare and valuable fish more effectively.

Fishing Equipment and Resources

Types of Fishing Rods and Their Effects

In Guild Wars 2, the journey into fishing begins with acquiring your first fishing rod as part of the End of Dragons (EoD) expansion storyline. While the initial rod provided to players allows them to engage with the basic mechanics of fishing, the game does not delve deeply into varying types of rods and their specific effects. The primary focus instead is on how players can enhance their fishing efficiency and success through other means, such as the use of bait, lures, and skiffs. The fishing rod serves as the fundamental tool required to participate in fishing activities, but the depth of the fishing experience is enriched by the strategic use of additional equipment and resources.

Bait and Lure: Selection and Usage

Bait and lures are essential components of the fishing process in Guild Wars 2, significantly affecting the types of fish players can attract and catch. Each type of bait is designed to attract specific species of fish, making the selection of bait a strategic decision based on the player’s target fish. For instance, different water bodies and zones harbor various fish species, requiring players to use the appropriate bait to increase their chances of a successful catch.

  • Bait: Players can purchase different types of bait from fishing supply vendors located throughout the game. The choice of bait is crucial for targeting specific fish species, especially when aiming for rare or legendary fish. The game encourages experimentation with different baits to discover the optimal combinations for various fishing zones and water types.
  • Lure: Similar to bait, lures enhance a player’s ability to catch fish. Players must unlock certain masteries, such as the Local Legend mastery, to purchase and use more effective lures, like the Jade or Amber fishing lures. These lures provide a significant boost to fishing power, thereby increasing the efficiency and success rate of fishing endeavors.

The Role of Skiffs in Fishing

Skiffs play a pivotal role in the fishing experience of Guild Wars 2, offering players a platform from which to fish in deeper waters that are inaccessible from the shore. Obtained through the EoD expansion, skiffs allow players to explore various fishing spots across Tyria’s vast bodies of water. Beyond serving as mere fishing platforms, skiffs can be upgraded through masteries to enhance the fishing experience further:

  • Mobility and Accessibility: Skiffs provide the mobility to swiftly navigate across water bodies, enabling players to access a wider range of fishing nodes. This mobility is crucial for exploring different zones and water types to find the most lucrative fishing spots.
  • Fishing Party Buff: One of the skiff-related masteries introduces the Fishing Party buff, which increases fishing power based on the number of catches made from the skiff. This buff underscores the communal aspect of fishing in GW2, encouraging players to group up for more efficient fishing sessions.

Fishing Equipment and Resources in Guild Wars 2

Types of Fishing Rods and Their Effects

In the realm of Guild Wars 2, the fishing rod is your primary tool for engaging with the aquatic environment. Initially, players are introduced to a standard fishing rod upon embarking on their fishing journey within the End of Dragons expansion. This fundamental piece of equipment is indispensable for participating in the fishing mini-game, a dynamic activity that requires skill and precision to master. While the game doesn’t elaborate on a wide array of fishing rods with varying effects, the focus is instead placed on optimizing fishing success through strategic use of baits, lures, and mastering the fishing mini-game.

Bait and Lure: Selection and Usage

Bait and lure selection is pivotal to your fishing strategy, directly influencing the types of fish you can attract and capture. This aspect of fishing in Guild Wars 2 introduces a layer of strategic depth, requiring anglers to tailor their bait and lure choices to the specific fish species they aim to catch.

  • Bait: The use of bait is a nuanced art, with different types designed to allure specific fish species. Selection is based on the ecological preferences of the target species, mirroring the rich biodiversity found across the various ecosystems of Tyria. Mastery in bait selection maximizes your efficiency, enabling you to target rare and legendary fish with precision.
  • Lure: Lures enhance your fishing capabilities by boosting your fishing power, a critical factor in determining your success rate. Advanced lures, accessible through mastery progression, offer significant advantages, making the acquisition of prized fish more feasible. The strategic deployment of lures, combined with the right bait, is essential for optimizing your fishing endeavors.

The Role of Skiffs in Fishing

Skiffs revolutionize the fishing experience in Guild Wars 2, providing a mobile platform from which players can access the vast aquatic territories of Tyria. These vessels are not merely tools for transportation but integral components of the fishing system, enhancing both the accessibility and efficiency of fishing activities.

  • Mobility and Accessibility: Skiffs grant anglers the ability to explore remote and otherwise inaccessible fishing locations, expanding the geographical scope of fishing activities. This mobility is crucial for discovering diverse fishing spots, each with its unique fish species and challenges.
  • Fishing Party Buff: A remarkable feature of skiff usage is the Fishing Party buff, obtainable through specific skiff masteries. This buff, which amplifies fishing power based on collective catches from the skiff, underscores the communal aspect of fishing in Guild Wars 2. It encourages collaborative fishing efforts, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players and enhancing the overall yield of fishing expeditions.

Maximizing Your Fishing Power in Guild Wars 2

Enhancing Fishing Power through Masteries

Mastering the art of fishing in Guild Wars 2 involves leveraging the game’s mastery system to significantly enhance your fishing power. Each mastery point invested in the fishing track provides tangible benefits that make fishing more efficient and rewarding. Specifically, every fishing mastery completed adds a notable increment to your base fishing power, cumulatively enhancing your ability to catch more elusive and valuable fish. Additionally, certain masteries unlock crucial abilities, such as increased fishing range and improved fishing speed, further optimizing your fishing endeavors.

The Impact of Food and Buffs on Fishing Efficiency

The consumption of specific food items and the acquisition of targeted buffs play a critical role in maximizing fishing efficiency in Guild Wars 2. Foods like White Fish Sushi, when consumed, bestow a substantial boost to your fishing power, directly influencing your success rate in catching higher rarity fish. Furthermore, the game introduces a mastery-related buff, “Fishing on a Full Tank,” which grants additional fishing power when nourished, highlighting the importance of maintaining food buffs to sustain peak fishing performance.

Utilizing Lures for Increased Success

The strategic use of lures constitutes a pivotal aspect of enhancing your fishing power in Guild Wars 2. Lures, available for purchase from fishing supply vendors or obtained through mastery unlocks, offer significant increases to fishing power. Advanced lures, such as the Jade or Amber fishing lures, provide the highest boosts, enabling anglers to tackle more challenging catches with greater success. The correct application of lures, in tandem with suitable bait, sets the foundation for a fruitful fishing session, allowing players to attract and secure rare fish species more effectively.

Advanced Fishing Strategies in Guild Wars 2

Day and Night Cycle: Best Times for Fishing

The day and night cycle in Guild Wars 2 plays a crucial role in fishing, impacting the availability of certain fish species. Different fish have specific preferences for when they are more likely to be caught, with some appearing exclusively during the day and others only at night. For example, certain legendary fish may only be attracted to your lure under the cover of darkness, while others bask in the daylight. Mastering the rhythm of Tyria’s day and night cycle enables anglers to strategically plan their fishing expeditions to target these specific fish, optimizing both the experience and the potential rewards.

Targeting Specific Fish Types for Maximum Profit

Maximizing profit through fishing involves targeting specific fish types known for their value, either due to their rarity or the demand for them in crafting recipes. Legendary fish, for instance, yield Chunks of Ancient Ambergris when consumed, which can be sold for a significant amount of gold on the Trading Post. Successful anglers employ a strategic approach to fishing, utilizing the appropriate bait and lures to increase their chances of catching these lucrative fish. This strategy not only enhances the fishing experience but also turns it into a profitable endeavor, rewarding patience and precision with substantial in-game earnings.

Leveraging Fishing Achievements for Rewards

Guild Wars 2’s fishing system is intricately tied to a series of achievements, offering additional incentives for anglers to diversify their fishing activities. Completing these achievements often rewards players with valuable items, experience points, and sometimes even unique fishing gear or cosmetic items. For those looking to maximize their gains from fishing, actively pursuing these achievements can be a rewarding strategy. Not only do they provide tangible rewards, but they also guide players towards exploring diverse fishing locations and challenging themselves to catch a wide array of fish species, further enriching the fishing experience.

The Journey to Level 80 through Fishing in Guild Wars 2

The Concept of Leveling Entirely by Fishing

The innovative approach of leveling a character to level 80 solely through fishing in Guild Wars 2 breaks from traditional leveling methods, offering a unique and immersive experience. This concept involves utilizing the fishing mechanic, introduced in the End of Dragons expansion, as the primary means of gaining experience points (XP). Instead of engaging in combat, completing quests, or participating in events, the player focuses entirely on fishing activities across Tyria’s diverse ecosystems to accumulate the necessary XP for leveling.

Challenges and Milestones

Embarking on the journey to level 80 through fishing presents a series of challenges and milestones that test the player’s dedication and fishing prowess. One of the initial hurdles is adapting to the slow and steady pace of experience gain, which contrasts sharply with more conventional leveling methods. The player must navigate the vast world of Tyria, identifying productive fishing spots while managing resources like bait and tackle efficiently.

Milestones along this unique journey include mastering the fishing mini-game, optimizing fishing power through the strategic use of bait and lures, and achieving proficiency in navigating Tyria’s waters with a skiff. Each milestone not only marks progress towards level 80 but also enhances the player’s fishing skills and knowledge, contributing to a sense of accomplishment and mastery over the game’s fishing system.

Strategies for Experience Gain through Fishing

Maximizing experience gain through fishing requires a well-thought-out strategy, focusing on several key aspects:

  • Optimizing Fishing Sessions: Players should target fishing spots known for their high density of nodes and potential for rare catches. Fishing during optimal day and night cycles for specific fish types can significantly boost XP gains.
  • Utilizing Experience Boosters: While the primary focus is on fishing, employing experience boosters, when available, can accelerate the leveling process. This includes consumables and account bonuses that increase XP from all sources, including fishing.
  • Engaging in Fishing Achievements: Guild Wars 2’s achievement system offers additional avenues for experience gain. Completing fishing-related achievements not only provides direct XP rewards but also encourages exploration of diverse fishing locations, contributing to overall leveling progress.

Making Gold through Fishing in Guild Wars 2

Identifying Valuable Fish and Resources

In Guild Wars 2, certain fish and resources obtained through fishing stand out for their value, both in terms of in-game utility and their worth on the Trading Post. Legendary fish, for instance, are highly sought after because consuming them yields Chunks of Ancient Ambergris. These items are particularly valuable, fetching a high price when sold to other players. Additionally, specific fish are required for crafting recipes or achievements, which can also make them valuable. Identifying which fish and resources are in demand can significantly impact the profitability of fishing endeavors.

Trading Fish for Gold: A Step-by-Step Guide

Trading the fish you catch for gold involves a few key steps, ensuring you maximize your earnings:

  1. Catch Valuable Fish: Focus on fishing in locations known for spawning fish that are either rare or in high demand. Using the appropriate bait and lures can increase your chances of catching these valuable fish.
  2. Consume or Process Fish: Some fish, like the legendary ones, need to be consumed to yield items such as Chunks of Ancient Ambergris. Others might need to be processed or used in crafting to increase their value.
  3. Market Research: Before selling your fish or the items obtained from them, conduct research on the Trading Post to understand current market prices. This ensures you’re selling at optimal rates.
  4. Listing on the Trading Post: List your items on the Trading Post, considering the current demand and supply to set competitive prices. Keep in mind the Trading Post fees when setting your prices.

Tips for Efficient Gold Farming through Fishing

  1. Optimize Fishing Power: Higher fishing power increases your chances of catching rare and valuable fish. Maximize your fishing power through masteries, gear, and consumables.
  2. Target Specific Times and Locations: Fish availability can vary based on the day and night cycle, as well as the location. Plan your fishing trips around these factors to target the most valuable fish.
  3. Utilize Buffs and Boosters: Use any available experience and item drop rate boosters to increase the quantity and quality of your catches.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep up to date with the game’s economy and any shifts in the demand for certain fish or related items. Being adaptable can help you focus on the most profitable fishing activities at any given time.
  5. Participate in Fishing Events: Special events or festivals may introduce new, temporary opportunities for profitable fishing. Participating in these can provide access to unique fish or resources that are highly valuable.

Optimizing Fishing Sessions in Guild Wars 2

Managing Fishing Party Buffs for Enhanced Gains

The Fishing Party Buff is a significant boon for players looking to maximize their fishing efforts. This buff, which is stackable up to 99 times, enhances fishing power based on the number of catches made from the skiff, with each catch increasing the buff’s potency. Here’s how to manage and utilize this buff effectively:

  • Form or Join Fishing Parties: Collaborate with other players by forming or joining a fishing party. This collective effort allows all party members to benefit from the increased fishing power as the buff stacks grow with each catch.
  • Strategic Skiff Placement: Position your skiff in areas dense with fishing nodes to minimize travel time between spots. This efficiency not only maximizes your fishing attempts but also helps in maintaining and building the Fishing Party Buff stacks.
  • Sharing Buffs: Players can share their Fishing Party Buff stacks with new party members by having them board the skiff. This immediate boost can significantly enhance the newcomer’s fishing power, contributing to the group’s overall efficiency.

Choosing between using a skiff and a skimmer for navigating fishing spots can impact the efficiency of your fishing sessions. Here are considerations for each:

  • Skiff: The skiff offers a stable platform for fishing and is essential for maintaining Fishing Party Buff stacks. It’s suited for longer fishing sessions in concentrated areas. However, moving the skiff between distant nodes can be slower compared to skimmer mobility.
  • Skimmer: The skimmer mount provides unmatched speed and agility, making it ideal for quickly moving between dispersed fishing nodes. While it offers no direct benefits to fishing power, its use in reaching fishing spots swiftly is unparalleled. To balance skiff benefits with skimmer speed, strategically place your skiff and then use the skimmer to scout and reach nearby nodes rapidly.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Fishing Activities

Efficient fishing sessions also involve being aware of and avoiding common pitfalls that can hinder your progress:

  • Overlooking Fishing Conditions: Pay close attention to the day and night cycle and specific fish spawning conditions to ensure you’re fishing in optimal times and locations for your target catches.
  • Mismanagement of Resources: Efficiently manage your bait and lure resources to avoid running out during peak fishing times. Regularly stock up and use resources judaciously based on the value of the fish you’re targeting.
  • Neglecting Fishing Buffs: Failing to utilize available buffs, including food buffs and the Fishing Party Buff, can significantly reduce your fishing efficiency. Always aim to maximize your fishing power through these enhancements.

how to fish in gw2

To fish in Guild Wars 2, players must first unlock the fishing feature by progressing through the End of Dragons (EoD) expansion storyline. Upon reaching a certain point in the story, players are granted a fishing rod, which enables them to start fishing in any body of water where swimming is also possible. Fishing in GW2 is not a passive activity; it involves a mini-game that requires players to react quickly and maneuver effectively to reel in their catch. The fishing process can be optimized by using the appropriate bait and lures, which are essential for attracting specific types of fish, including rare and legendary ones.

how to unlock fishing gw2

To unlock fishing in GW2, participate in the EoD expansion’s content. As you advance through the storyline, you will be introduced to fishing, receive your first fishing rod, and learn the basics of the fishing system. This includes how to cast your line, how to engage in the fishing mini-game, and how to utilize baits and lures to improve your chances of catching valuable fish.

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