OSRS Children of the Sun Quest: The Ultimate Guide

The Children Of The Sun quest in Old School RuneScape is described as a novice-level and short quest, marking the first quest released in 2024 with no prerequisites in terms of skills or quest completion. The quest serves as an introduction to the Varlamore update, allowing players to gain early access to this new area once it is fully released. The narrative centers around a delegation from Varlamore visiting Varrock, leading to a series of events that the player must navigate, including following a suspicious guard and identifying disguised bandits.

Importance of Completing Early:
Completing the Children Of The Sun quest is highly recommended as soon as possible due to several reasons:

  • Access to Varlamore: Upon completion, players are granted access to Varlamore, a significant new area with its release anticipated later in the year. Completing the quest early ensures players can immediately explore Varlamore upon its launch.
  • Ease and Accessibility: Being a novice quest, it has no entry requirements, making it accessible to all players, including those new or returning to the game. This accessibility means players can quickly complete the quest and reap its benefits without needing to level up or complete other quests first.
  • Strategic Advantage: Early completion offers a strategic advantage, allowing players to familiarize themselves with Varlamore’s layout, NPCs, and quests. This knowledge can be beneficial for future quests, activities, and events in the new area.

Children Of The Sun Quest OSRS

Quest Start Location:

  • Varrock Square: The quest starts in Varrock Square, where you are to find and speak with a specific NPC to initiate the quest. This NPC is easily located in the bustling square of Varrock, making the beginning of the quest straightforward for players.

Required Items and Recommendations:

  • No Requirements: There are no specific requirements or recommended items to start the Children Of The Sun quest, making it highly accessible to all players regardless of their level or progress in the game.
  • Optional for Efficiency: While not required, carrying one to three Varrock teleports can save a bit of time during the quest, offering a slight advantage in speed but not affecting the overall ability to complete the quest.

Quest Rewards:

  • Access to Varlamore: Upon completion, players are granted access to the new area, Varlamore, which will be fully accessible once it is released later in the year. This is the primary reward and incentive for completing the quest early.
  • Quest Points: Players will receive quest points upon completion, contributing to their overall quest progress in the game.

Starting Children of the Sun Quest

Finding the NPC in Varrock Square:

  • Location Details: The quest begins by speaking to a lady located right in Varrock Square. This NPC is crucial for initiating the quest dialogue and starting the journey.

Initiating Dialogue Options:

  • Dialogue Sequence: To officially start the quest, players go through a dialogue with the NPC, choosing specific options to proceed. Selecting the correct dialogue options is essential for triggering the quest’s beginning and subsequent events.

The Varlamore Delegation

Introduction to Varlamore:
Varlamore is presented as an isolated kingdom situated between seas and mountains, ruled by the Sun Queen and located to the south of Great Kourend. This introduction sets the stage for the quest, highlighting the significance of the Varlamore delegation’s visit to Varrock, showcasing the cultural and political interactions between distant lands in the world of Gielinor.

Cutscene Explanation:
The cutscene following the initiation of the quest showcases the arrival of the Varlamore delegation in Varrock. This visual narrative provides players with a glimpse into the grandeur and intrigue of Varlamore’s people, including knights and dignitaries, as they meet with the locals of Varrock. The cutscene serves to deepen the player’s engagement with the quest’s storyline, offering a visual representation of the interactions between Varlamore and Varrock.

Following the Suspicious Guard

Strategy for Stealth Following:
Following the suspicious guard involves a stealth-based gameplay mechanic reminiscent of the “Sins of the Father” quest. Players must tail the guard without being detected, which requires strategic movement and timing. The guide suggests staying out of the guard’s line of sight, utilizing the environment such as doorways and corners for cover, to successfully follow him without triggering an alert.

Key Locations to Hide:
Specific instructions are provided on where to hide during the pursuit:

  • Behind Louie’s Legs Armour Shop: Initially, players are advised to wait on the western side of Louie’s shop and move only when the guard turns away.
  • South of Louie’s Shop: After the guard checks for followers, players should move south and position themselves north of the building with two cooking ranges.
  • Old Marlo’s House: The final recommended hiding spot is at Old Marlo’s house, where players should wait in the southeastern corner until the guard enters a nearby building.

Following the Suspicious Guard

Investigating the Theft:
The quest progresses with the player witnessing a cutscene where the suspicious guard appears to be involved in a theft, stealing what seems to be costumes or disguises from Varrock. This scene raises questions about the guard’s intentions and sets the stage for the next part of the quest.

Identifying the Disguise:
After the cutscene, the player’s next objective involves identifying other guards who are not what they seem. These guards, disguised as Varrock guards but with subtle differences in their appearance or behavior, must be marked. Key indicators include standing out of place, wearing incorrect armor, or holding unusual items like a mace instead of a sword.

Reporting to the Sergeant:
Once the disguised guards have been successfully identified, the player must report back to the sergeant. This involves detailing the findings and pointing out the guards in disguise. Correctly identifying the disguised guards is crucial, as incorrect identifications may lead to redoing this part. The sergeant’s acknowledgment of the player’s successful identification moves the quest forward, bringing the player closer to unraveling the mystery behind the suspicious activities in Varrock.

Identifying the Bandits

How to Spot Suspicious Guards:
Identifying the bandits disguised as guards involves observing for anomalies in their appearance or behavior compared to regular Varrock guards. Key indicators include:

  • Guards not holding the standard weapon or armor.
  • Guards standing in unusual locations or displaying odd behavior.

Locations of Guards to Tag:
The specific locations and descriptions of the guards to be identified and tagged as suspicious are as follows:

  1. Near the Clothing Shop: The first guard is located in Varrock Square, standing by the clothing shop.
  2. By the Newspaper Stand: The second guard can be found near the newspaper stand.
  3. Next to the Ranging Shop: The third guard is identified standing up against the wall by the ranging shop.
  4. Holding a Mace: The final guard to mark is notably holding a mace, distinguishing him from typical guards who do not carry maces.

Confrontation and Resolution

Interacting with the Sergeant Again:
After successfully identifying and marking the suspicious guards, players must return to the sergeant to report their findings. The sergeant will acknowledge the successful identification of the bandits if the correct guards were tagged. If the wrong guards are chosen, players may be instructed to reassess and identify the correct individuals again.

Final Cutscene Overview:
The resolution of the quest is depicted in a final cutscene, where the actions taken against the identified bandits are shown, bringing the quest to a close. This cutscene serves as a narrative conclusion to the quest, highlighting the player’s role in thwarting the banditry and securing Varrock’s safety. It solidifies the player’s contributions and sets the stage for future adventures in Varlamore and beyond, rewarding them with quest points and access to new areas as part of their achievements.

Completing Children of the Sun Quest

Rewards and Access to Varlamore:
Upon completing the Children Of The Sun quest, players are awarded one Quest point and access to Varlamore. This access is particularly significant as it grants entry to a new area anticipated to be fully released later in the year. Players completing the quest immediately can explore Varlamore on day one of its release, making early completion highly beneficial.

Quest Point Allocation:
The quest provides players with quest points, contributing to their overall quest point tally. These points are valuable for unlocking various in-game achievements and access to certain areas or capabilities that require a specific number of quest points.

Common Issues During the Quest

Based on the walkthrough and tips shared in the video scripts, common issues players might encounter during the “Children Of The Sun” quest include:

  • Difficulty in Stealth Following: Players may struggle with the stealth aspect of following the suspicious guard without being caught. This section requires careful attention to the guard’s movements and using the environment to avoid detection.
  • Identifying the Correct Guards: Another common issue is correctly identifying the disguised bandits among the guards. Players might tag the wrong guards, leading to confusion and the need to redo this part of the quest.

Tips for Efficient Quest Completion

To navigate the quest more efficiently and avoid common pitfalls, consider these tips drawn from the video scripts:

  • Use Doorways and Corners: During the stealth following mission, utilize doorways and corners within Varrock to hide and avoid being seen by the suspicious guard. This strategy is key to progressing without being caught.
  • Pay Attention to Guard Details: When identifying the disguised bandits, closely observe the guards for any discrepancies in their appearance, such as different armor or weapons, and their behavior, like leaning against walls or not wearing a helmet. These details will help you spot the correct guards to tag.
  • Dialogue Choices: Make sure to select the correct dialogue options when interacting with NPCs to progress the quest without unnecessary delays. Paying attention to the dialogue can provide hints and directions for your next steps.
  • Prepare for the Quest: Even though there are no specific requirements or recommended items for this quest, having Varrock teleports can save time, especially when needing to report back to the sergeant or move quickly between locations in Varrock.

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