OSRS Commander Zilyana [2024 Comprehensive Guide]

Commander Zilyana’s encampment is located within the God Wars Dungeon in OSRS, requiring players to navigate through the dungeon with specific requirements and gear to reach her. The process involves completing the “Death Plateau” and partial completion of the “Troll Stronghold” quest to gain dungeon access. To enter Saradomin’s section, you’re required to have 70 Agility, which cannot be boosted. It’s recommended to carry three ropes on your first visit: one for the initial entry into the dungeon and two more to access the encampment itself.

Commander Zilyana in God Wars Dungeon

Commander Zilyana, as the leader of Saradomin’s forces in the God Wars Dungeon, holds significant value for players seeking to engage in high-level PvM (Player versus Monster) content. The encampment is a crucial location for obtaining rare and valuable drops such as the Saradomin sword, Saradomin’s light, and the highly coveted Armadyl crossbow. These items not only have high utility in the game but also command substantial prices on the Grand Exchange, making Zilyana a popular target for both solo and team players aiming to maximize their profits and enhance their equipment.

Preparation for Commander Zilyana Battle

Hard Requirements and Suggested Levels

  • Hard Requirements:
    • Completion of the Death Plateau quest is necessary.
    • Partial completion of the Troll Stronghold quest, specifically up to defeating the troll dad, to access the God Wars Dungeon.
    • First-time visitors to the God Wars Dungeon need a rope, and two additional ropes are needed to access the Saradomin encampment, requiring Level 70 Agility (non-boostable).
  • Suggested Requirements:
    • Ranged Level: A minimum of 85 is recommended for decent DPS, with Level 80 acceptable if using a Twisted Bow.
    • Defense Level: At least 80 for damage reduction against minions.
    • Prayer Level: Level 70 for a decent amount of prayer points, though Level 44 is sufficient for Eagle Eye and protection prayers.
    • Completion of the Eadgar’s Ruse quest for the Trollheim Teleport, facilitating easier access to the dungeon.

Quests and Skills

  • Completion of Eadgar’s Ruse for Trollheim Teleport is emphasized for strategic access.
  • Skills highlighted include Agility (70), Ranged (85/80 with Twisted Bow), Defense (80), and Prayer (70 or 44 minimum).
  • Gear setups are proposed across low, medium, and high tiers, addressing a wide player base.
  • Essential gear components include the best available crossbow, enchanted diamond bolts, protective and prayer-enhancing gear.

Gearing Up

  • Low Tier Setup: Emphasizes basic yet effective gear like Varrock helmet, Ava’s accumulator, and Dragon Crossbow with enchanted diamond bolts.
  • Medium Tier Setup: Upgrades to Armadyl Helmet, Ava’s Assembler, Necklace of Anguish, and Armadyl Crossbow for enhanced performance.
  • High Tier Setup: Best in slot gear including Twisted Bow, full Armadyl, and Ring of Suffering for optimal DPS and protection.

Low to High Tier Gear Options

  • Tailored suggestions cater to varying levels of player wealth and access, from basic dragon crossbows to the premium Twisted Bow.

Alternative Gear Suggestions

  • Suggestions include using rune crossbows for Ironmen or those with limited access to higher-tier weapons, emphasizing versatility in gear selection.

Inventory Setup

  • Solo and Duo Loadouts: Comprehensive inventory setups are outlined, including potions (Bastion, Stamina), Saradomin brews, super restores, and emergency food like Anglerfish.
  • Special mentions include the Toxic Blowpipe for minion management and Bones to Peaches for additional sustain.

Getting to Saradomin’s Encampment

Access Routes and Key Locations

To access Saradomin’s Encampment within the God Wars Dungeon, players must navigate several prerequisites and key locations:

  • Initial Requirements: Players must complete the “Death Plateau” quest and progress through the “Troll Stronghold” quest up to defeating the troll dad to gain access to the God Wars Dungeon.
  • Ropes for Access: Upon your first visit, it’s essential to bring three ropes: one for entering the God Wars Dungeon and two more for descending into Saradomin’s Encampment. This encampment demands a Level 70 Agility, which cannot be boosted, to enter.
  • Path to the Encampment: After entering the God Wars Dungeon, head east until encountering a rock requiring the first rope. Continue south to use the second rope, descending to the lowest level of the dungeon, leading directly into Saradomin’s Encampment.

Utilizing the Trollheim Teleport

The Trollheim Teleport significantly streamlines the journey to Saradomin’s Encampment:

  • Eadgar’s Ruse Quest: Completion of this quest is necessary to unlock the Trollheim Teleport, which transports players to the top of Trollheim Mountain.
  • Navigating from Trollheim: From the mountain’s summit, proceed east, utilizing two agility shortcuts (requiring Agility levels irrelevant due to the 70 Agility requirement for the encampment). Head north past thrower trolls (activating Protect from Range prayer is advised) to reach the entrance crevice.
  • Entry to the Dungeon: After entering the dungeon, a combination of agility or strength (60 in either skill) is required to pass through obstacles leading to the encampment. This ensures direct access to the area without the need for combat or further exploration.

Combat Strategies for Commander Zilyana

Solo Combat Mechanics

  • For solo encounters with Commander Zilyana, it’s crucial to maintain a distance, utilizing ranged attacks for damage. Players are advised to have a Ranged level of 85+ for effective DPS, with 44+ Prayer for Eagle Eye and ideally 74+ for Rigour. Using Protect from Magic is essential to mitigate damage from Zilyana’s magic attacks while focusing on ranged defense against the ranger minion.

Kiting Techniques

  • Kiting Zilyana involves constantly moving around the room, staying out of her melee range to avoid rapid and accurate melee and magic hits. The strategy includes attacking Zilyana from the corners of the room and maintaining a gap of approximately 5 tiles to manage the distance effectively.

Managing Minions

  • After defeating Zilyana, the focus shifts to her minions. The recommended order is to first eliminate Starlight (melee minion), followed by Bree (ranger minion), and finally Growler (magic minion). Utilizing the blowpipe’s special attack on Growler can help in healing.

Duo Strategy Overview

  • In duo mode, the gear setup remains similar, but the inventory might include Guthan’s set for healing from minions. The strategy involves one player taking aggro from Zilyana, allowing the other to attack freely. This aggro-switching technique enables efficient damage while minimizing the consumption of resources.

Role Distribution and Tactics

  • Players should position themselves at opposite corners of the room to facilitate the aggro-switch technique. This method allows for continuous damage output and minimizes the need for movement, making the encounter more manageable.

Advanced Strategies

  • Venom Application: Incorporating a Serpentine Helm along with a Toxic Blowpipe allows players to venom the minions at the start of the kill. This tactic ensures that minions are weakened over time, reducing the effort required to eliminate them after Zilyana’s defeat.
  • Zero Stamina Method: A more advanced and resource-efficient method involves moving in a specific pattern around the room without using stamina potions. This technique requires precise timing and positioning, focusing on attacking Zilyana from designated tiles without engaging in unnecessary movement.

Boss Room Layout and Navigation

Understanding the Arena

The Saradomin boss room, where Commander Zilyana resides, follows a rectangular layout. For effective combat, players must familiarize themselves with this layout, particularly focusing on the room’s size and the movement patterns required to navigate it efficiently. Running and hitting tactics are crucial, emphasizing the need for strategic positioning and movement to maintain distance from Zilyana and her minions.

Positioning for Optimal Combat

The key to success in the Saradomin Encampment involves precise positioning and movement, commonly referred to as “kiting.” Players initiate combat by aggroing Zilyana and then continuously moving around the room’s perimeter to avoid melee attacks. The primary goal is to stay out of Zilyana’s melee range, as she can rapidly hit players with high accuracy and damage.

To effectively kite Zilyana, players should:

  • Start the encounter by targeting Zilyana to gain her attention.
  • Move in a manner that keeps Zilyana approximately 5 tiles away at all times, utilizing the room’s corners and sides to manage the distance.
  • Attack Zilyana from the corners or while transitioning between them, ensuring that only ranged attacks are used to maintain distance.

Key Mechanics and Attacks

Commander Zilyana’s Attack Patterns

Commander Zilyana, also known as Sara Doman, showcases a unique combat style that necessitates players to engage in constant movement to avoid her rapid and powerful attacks. Her attack speed is notably quick, with an interval of 1.2 seconds or two game ticks, making her capable of delivering rapid magic and melee hits. The effectiveness of her attacks emphasizes the importance of maintaining distance, as staying too close can result in receiving high-damage hits rapidly. To mitigate her formidable offensive capabilities, it’s crucial for players to utilize the strategy of kiting—running around the perimeter of the room—to maintain a safe distance while counterattacking.

Minion Roles and Strategies

Commander Zilyana is accompanied by three minions, each fulfilling a specific role within the combat triangle, adding complexity to the battle dynamics within the God Wars Dungeon:

  1. Starlight (Melee Minion): This unicorn-like minion specializes in melee attacks. It actively pursues the player around the room, attempting to deal damage through close combat. Players can manage Starlight by maintaining movement to avoid melee range, thus minimizing the threat it poses.
  2. Bree (Ranged Minion): Bree, a centaur, attacks with precision using ranged attacks. Its high ranged level and attack bonus mean it can inflict significant damage if not adequately defended against. Players should prioritize ranged defense and use protective prayers to mitigate the damage from Bree’s attacks.
  3. Growler (Magic Minion): As a lion, Growler exclusively uses magic attacks. Since players are advised to use Protect from Magic to defend against Commander Zilyana’s magic attacks, Growler’s threat is inherently reduced under this prayer’s effect. However, even with high magic defense from gear like Armadyl, Growler can still land hits, making it essential to manage prayer points and positioning effectively.

Starlight, Bree, and Growler

The trio of minions, each with their distinct attack styles, necessitates a strategic approach to combat. The recommended order of targeting post-Zilyana’s defeat starts with eliminating Starlight to remove the melee threat, followed by Bree to stop ranged attacks, and finally, Growler, whose magic attacks are already partially mitigated by prayer. This sequence allows for efficient management of threats and helps conserve health and prayer for sustained combat engagements within the dungeon.

Example Fights and Kills

Detailed Walkthroughs

Solo Strategy:

  1. Preparation: Before entering Commander Zilyana’s room, ensure you have adequate supplies. This includes potions for boosting your stats, such as Divine Bastion potions, stamina potions for maintaining your energy as you’ll be running around a lot, and high-healing food or Saradomin brews for emergencies.
  2. Entering the Fight: Use Protect from Magic and activate Rigour or Eagle Eye. Enter with a full run energy bar.
  3. The Kiting Method: The essence of soloing Commander Zilyana involves a technique known as “kiting,” where you continuously move around the perimeter of the room to avoid Zilyana’s melee attacks while landing your ranged attacks. It’s crucial to maintain a gap between you and Zilyana to minimize damage taken.
  4. Minion Management: After Zilyana is defeated, switch to your blowpipe to quickly dispatch her minions. Prioritize killing Growler (the mage minion) with your blowpipe to minimize incoming damage, then proceed to take down the other minions while managing your health and prayer points.

Duo Strategy:

  1. Coordination: Positioning is key. One player takes the northwestern corner while the other positions themselves in the southeastern corner. This setup is used to manipulate Zilyana’s aggro between the two players effectively.
  2. Aggro Switching: The players alternate attacking Zilyana to keep her moving back and forth between them, minimizing the chances of her reaching either player for a melee attack. This requires precise timing and coordination.
  3. Healing and Sustain: Players can use Guthan’s set for healing on the minions between Zilyana’s respawns to extend their trip duration. Sharing potions with the ‘Potion Share’ spell can also be beneficial for longer trips.

Special Tactics and Tips

  • Venom Strategy: In solo play, equipping a Serpentine Helm and using a Toxic Blowpipe to tag each minion at the start of the fight can apply venom, significantly reducing their health over time and making it easier to manage them after Zilyana’s defeat.
  • Zero Stamina Method: An advanced tactic involving precise movements and tile standing to minimize stamina potion usage. It requires exact positioning and pacing to avoid Zilyana’s attacks without running, thus conserving energy.
  • Thrall Usage: Casting the Thrall spells can add consistent additional damage throughout the fight. This is particularly useful in solo settings where every bit of damage counts.
  • Drop Trick for Inventory Management: Before entering the boss room, dropping certain items (like extra potions) outside, then teleporting out to restock on essentials like anglerfish, and then teleporting back to pick up the dropped items can maximize inventory space for longer trips.
  • Utilizing Ecumenical Keys: To bypass the kill count requirement for entering Zilyana’s room, speeding up the process to start the fight.
  • Gear Adjustments: While high-tier gear like Armadyl and the Twisted Bow offers the best performance, viable alternatives include using Crystal Armor with a Bow of Faerdhinen or a Dragon Crossbow with Diamond Bolts (e) for those with budget constraints.

Highlighting Key Drops

During the 10-hour grinding session focused on Commander Zilyana, a notable variety of drops were highlighted, significantly contributing to the overall profit. The most prominent drops included:

  • Armadyl Crossbow: Identified as the most coveted and valuable drop, with a staggering value of 32.9 million GP each. Two of these crossbows were obtained, marking a significant boost in the total earnings.
  • Saradomin Sword: Another notable drop, fetching a price of approximately 312k each. Multiple swords were acquired throughout the session, adding a considerable amount to the loot pile.
  • Saradomin’s Light: Valued at around 100k, although not as valuable as the crossbow or the sword, it still contributed to the overall profit.
  • Godsword Shard 3: Although not as high in value as the primary drops, it represented a nice addition to the collection, enhancing the total loot value.

These key drops, along with various runes, alchable items, and resources, were crucial in maximizing the profit from the grinding session.

Profit Expectations from 10 Hours of Grinding

From the 10 hours dedicated to soloing Commander Zilyana, the total profit amassed was a remarkable achievement, showcasing the potential lucrative outcome of such an endeavor. The breakdown of earnings is as follows:

  • Non-Rare Drops: Even without factoring in the rare drops, the session yielded about 6.1 million GP. This baseline profit, averaging 600k an hour, stemmed from regular drops, including coins, rune items, and consumables.
  • Total Profit Including Key Drops: The acquisition of two Armadyl Crossbows, multiple Saradomin Swords, and a Saradomin’s Light significantly elevated the total earnings. The combined value of the rare and regular drops amounted to approximately 72.6 million GP.
  • Overall Experience: The session not only proved to be the most profitable 10-hour video endeavor but also highlighted the efficiency and profitability of focusing on Commander Zilyana. A total of 238 kills were achieved, underscoring the effective strategy and preparation involved

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