OSRS Doric’s Quest Guide

Doric’s Quest is a classic and straightforward mission in Old School RuneScape that players can embark on to gain access to Doric’s anvils, alongside other rewards. This quest does not require membership to undertake and is known for its simplicity, making it accessible to all players, including non-Ironman accounts who can quickly complete it by purchasing required items from the Grand Exchange. The quest involves collecting specific ores for Doric to prove your worthiness in using his anvils.

Doric’s Quest

Upon completion of Doric’s Quest, players are awarded a variety of rewards:

  • 1 Quest Point – Essential for unlocking further quests and content within OSRS.
  • 1,300 Mining XP – A substantial boost to your Mining skill, useful for leveling up especially for beginners.
  • 180 Coins – A small monetary reward to aid your adventures.
  • Ability to Use Doric’s Anvils – Provides access to Doric’s anvils for your smithing needs.
  • Additionally, players receive a Bronze Pickaxe at the start of the quest, if they do not already have one, facilitating the mining activities required for the quest.

Prerequisites of Doric’s Quest

Membership Requirements

  • No Membership Required: Doric’s Quest is available to both Free-to-play and Member players, ensuring wide accessibility.

Quest Requirements

  • No Quest Prerequisites: Players can start Doric’s Quest without the need to complete any prior quests, making it an excellent starting point for new adventurers in RuneScape.

Item Requirements

  • Six Clay (not soft clay)
  • Four Copper Ores
  • Two Iron Ores These items are essential for completing the quest, as Doric requires them to grant you access to his anvils. Ironman players will need to mine these resources themselves, necessitating a Mining level of 15 to obtain iron ores. Non-Ironman players have the option to purchase these items directly from the Grand Exchange for a quick completion.

Starting the Doric’s Quest

Location of Doric’s Hut

Doric’s Hut is situated north of Falador and adjacent to Taverley, making it easily accessible from one of the game’s main cities. It serves as the starting point for Doric’s Quest, where players will meet Doric to begin their questing journey.

How to Reach Doric’s Hut

Using Falador Teleport

The Falador Teleport is the most straightforward method to reach Doric’s Hut quickly:

  • Players can use this teleport to arrive directly in Falador.
  • From there, it’s a short walk north towards the hut, located just outside the northern gates of Falador.
Alternative Routes

For players who do not have access to the Falador Teleport or prefer to save their teleport runes:

  • From Varrock: Players can travel south-west towards Falador, passing the Barbarian Village and continuing south until they reach the northern gates of Falador, then heading slightly north-east to find Doric’s Hut.
  • On Foot: Walking from any location in Gielinor to Doric’s Hut is possible by navigating towards Falador and following the path north out of the city gates.

Gathering Materials for Doric’s Quest

For Non-Ironman Players

Non-Ironman players have the convenience of purchasing the required items directly from the Grand Exchange, located in Varrock. This method significantly reduces the time needed to gather materials:

  • Six Clay (hard, not soft)
  • Four Copper Ores
  • Two Iron Ores

Purchasing these items allows for immediate continuation of the quest without the need for mining.

For Ironman Players

Mining Locations for Clay, Copper, and Iron

Ironman players will need to mine the required materials themselves. Here are the recommended mining locations:

  • Clay and Iron: The most convenient spot is just south-west of Varrock, in the mine located near the Champions’ Guild. This area has both clay and iron ores available for mining.
  • Copper: For copper ores, the best location is the mine south-east of Varrock or the mine found on the path towards Lumbridge from Varrock, which has numerous copper rocks.
Tips for Efficient Material Gathering
  • Mining Level: Ensure your Mining level is at least 15 to mine iron ore efficiently.
  • Inventory Space: Clear enough inventory space for the ores and clays to avoid unnecessary trips.
  • Pickaxe Upgrade: Use the best pickaxe available to your Mining level to speed up the gathering process. If you don’t have a pickaxe, Doric will provide a bronze pickaxe at the start of the quest.
  • World Selection: Choosing a less populated world might reduce competition for mining spots, especially for iron ore which can be highly sought after.

Completing Doric’s Quest

Interacting with Doric

Upon gathering all required materials, players must return to Doric’s Hut, north of Falador. The next step involves a direct interaction with Doric to progress in the quest.

Dialogue Options

When speaking to Doric, players will be presented with dialogue options. To expedite the quest process, select the following:

  • Option 1: Express your desire to use Doric’s anvils. Initially, Doric will inquire if you could assist him by gathering materials.

Delivering the Materials

After expressing your willingness to help, you will need to provide Doric with the collected materials:

  • Six Clay (hard, not soft)
  • Four Copper Ores
  • Two Iron Ores

Doric will check if you have the exact quantities of each item. Assuming all items are present, the quest will proceed to completion.

Doric’s Quest Completion

Upon successfully delivering the materials to Doric, the quest concludes with Doric thanking you for your assistance. The game interface will update, indicating the successful completion of Doric’s Quest.

Rewards Overview

The completion of Doric’s Quest grants the following rewards to the player:

  • 1 Quest Point: Contributing to your overall quest points tally.
  • 1,300 Mining XP: Providing a significant boost in the Mining skill, especially beneficial for newer players.
  • 180 Coins: A modest sum of money to aid in your adventures.
  • Access to Doric’s Anvils: Permission to use the anvils in Doric’s Hut for your smithing needs.

Access to Doric’s Anvils

Gaining access to Doric’s anvils is a notable reward, as it allows players to engage in smithing activities without the need to find other anvils across Gielinor. This can be particularly convenient for tasks or quests requiring smithing in the vicinity of Falador and Taverley.

Additional Notes

  • Bronze Pickaxe: If players did not have a pickaxe at the start of the quest, Doric provides a bronze pickaxe to facilitate the mining of required ores.
  • No Additional Requirements: The quest does not have any further prerequisites, making it an excellent starting point for new players to Old School RuneScape.
  • Ironman Consideration: Ironman players benefit significantly from the Mining XP reward, as it assists in leveling up one of the more time-consuming skills in the game

Post-Quest Activities

After completing Doric’s Quest, players have a variety of activities and strategies they can pursue to make the most of the quest rewards and their new access to Doric’s anvils. These recommendations aim to enhance the gameplay experience and encourage further exploration and skill development in Old School RuneScape.

Recommendations for Using Quest Rewards

  • Leverage the Mining XP: The 1,300 Mining XP reward can be a significant boost, especially for new players. Consider using this momentum to continue leveling up your Mining skill by targeting ores that will soon be within your level range.
  • Use Doric’s Anvils for Smithing: With the new access to Doric’s anvils, players can practice their Smithing skill without the need to compete for anvils in more crowded locations. Crafting items like weapons and armor can provide both skill advancement and a source of income by selling these items to other players or NPCs.
  • Invest the 180 Coins Wisely: While 180 coins might not seem like a substantial amount, for a beginning player, it can be used to purchase essential supplies, such as food for health recovery, or saved as part of a larger fund for future investments, like better equipment.
  • Exploring Further Quests: Completion of Doric’s Quest may inspire players to tackle other beginner-friendly quests that do not require extensive prerequisites. Quests like “The Knight’s Sword” offer further exploration into the skills of Mining and Smithing, providing more in-depth knowledge and rewards.
  • Skill Progression: Encouraged by the quest’s focus on Mining, players might choose to further develop other related skills such as Smithing and Crafting. These skills are interconnected and can create a self-sustaining cycle of resource gathering and item production.
  • Exploration and Monster Hunting: With increased Mining levels, players can explore new areas that offer higher-level ores. These locations often feature more challenging monsters, providing opportunities for combat training and valuable loot.


Recap of Key Points

  • Doric’s Quest serves as an excellent introduction to the Mining and Smithing skills in Old School RuneScape, offering straightforward objectives and valuable rewards.
  • Quest Rewards include 1,300 Mining XP, 180 coins, and access to Doric’s anvils, which can significantly benefit early-game progression.
  • Post-Quest Activities recommended for players include leveraging the XP boost for further skill development, using the anvils for Smithing practice, and exploring related quests to expand their gameplay experience.
  • Future Directions might include focusing on skill mastery, engaging in more complex quests, and exploring new areas of Gielinor, all while utilizing the foundation built from completing Doric’s Quest.

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