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Welcome to the ultimate OSRS Fishing Guide for F2P ( Free to Play ) Players, Fishing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a vital skill that allows players to extract resources from water bodies throughout the game world. It is a primary source of food, providing players with various types of fish that can be cooked and used for health restoration. This skill is integral for both combat-related activities and as a means of supporting other skills, such as Cooking.

Overview of Fishing in OSRS

Fishing in OSRS is a diverse activity, offering a range of methods to catch different fish at various levels of skill. Players can engage in activities such as net fishing, bait fishing, fly fishing, and harpooning, each requiring specific tools like fishing rods, nets, and bait. The act of fishing provides not just food resources but also serves as a tranquil, engaging activity that players can undertake to relax from the more combat-intensive aspects of the game.

Importance of Fishing for F2P Players

For F2P (Free to Play) players, fishing holds particular importance due to the limited methods available for obtaining food and generating in-game income. It stands as a critical skill for self-sufficiency, allowing F2P players to access reliable food sources for PvM (Player vs. Monster) activities and PvP (Player vs. Player) combat without the need to purchase from other players or rely on drops alone.

Fishing offers an accessible way for F2P players to start making money in the game. By selling caught fish, players can accumulate RuneScape gold, which is essential for purchasing gear, supplies, and other necessities. This aspect of fishing makes it not only a skill for personal sustenance but also a foundational economic activity for players who are navigating the game without the benefits of membership.

Getting Started with Fishing in OSRS

Fishing in Old School RuneScape begins with acquiring the basic equipment and understanding the fundamental supplies needed to catch fish. This section outlines the initial steps and essential tools for players embarking on their fishing journey, especially focusing on what is accessible to F2P players.

Essential Equipment and Supplies

The fundamental equipment for fishing includes a variety of rods, nets, and bait, each suited to different types of fishing activities. The basic tools are:

  • Small Fishing Net: Used for net fishing, allowing players to catch small fish like shrimps and anchovies.
  • Fishing Rod and Bait: Necessary for bait fishing, which is used to catch sardines, herring, and pike, among others.
  • Fly Fishing Rod and Feathers: Used for fly fishing, a method to catch trout and salmon, providing faster experience rates for leveling.
  • Lobster Pot: For catching lobsters, a higher-level activity that can be profitable and provides substantial cooking experience when lobsters are cooked.

These tools cater to the various methods available within the game, each unlocking at different levels of the Fishing skill, thus allowing progression through the skill by catching a variety of fish.

Where to Buy: Garen’s Fishy Business Shop

For F2P players, acquiring the necessary fishing equipment can be easily done at Garen’s Fishy Business in Port Sarim. This shop offers a range of fishing supplies, including:

  • Fishing rods
  • Fly fishing rods
  • Fishing bait
  • Lobster pots
  • Small fishing nets

Garen’s shop provides an accessible location for players to purchase their initial fishing gear, situated close to several prime fishing spots suitable for early levels. The proximity of this shop to key fishing areas ensures that players can quickly resume their fishing activities after stocking up on necessary supplies. Garen’s Fishy Business stands as a crucial resource for both novice and experienced anglers, offering the tools needed to explore the vast opportunities within the Fishing skill in OSRS.

Fishing Levels 1-20: The Basics

The journey to mastering the Fishing skill in Old School RuneScape begins with understanding the foundational levels, specifically levels 1 through 20. This initial phase introduces new anglers to the basic methods and locations for early fishing activities, setting the stage for more advanced techniques and catches.

Level 1-5: Catching Shrimp

  • Activity: Players start their fishing journey catching shrimp, which requires no Fishing level and provides a gentle introduction to the skill.
  • Equipment Needed: Small fishing net.
  • Locations: The most accessible places to catch shrimp for F2P players are the Lumbridge Swamp, south of Lumbridge Castle, and the coast near Al Kharid. These spots are ideal for beginners due to their proximity to starting areas, minimizing travel time and allowing for quick leveling.

Level 5-10: Bait Fishing for Sardines

  • Activity: Upon reaching level 5, players can advance to bait fishing, targeting sardines. This method introduces the use of fishing bait, adding a new layer to the fishing experience.
  • Equipment Needed: Fishing rod and fishing bait.
  • Transition to Herring at Level 10: As players hit level 10 Fishing, they also begin to catch herring at the same spots used for sardines, using the same equipment. This transition marks the first instance of catching different types of fish at the same fishing level, offering increased experience rates and a more varied catch.

Level 10-20: Advancing with Sardines and Herring

  • Activity: Continuing with bait fishing from levels 10 to 20 allows players to solidify their early Fishing skills while preparing for the next tier of fishing methods.
  • Efficient Fishing Spots: For maximizing efficiency during this phase, the spots near Draynor Village and the river east of Lumbridge Castle are recommended. These areas offer convenient access to banks for storing or selling the caught fish, making them ideal for players looking to accumulate resources or gain a little extra income from their catches.

Fishing Levels 20-99: Strategies for F2P Players

As players progress beyond the foundational levels of Fishing in Old School RuneScape, the strategies and options for leveling from 20 to 99 become more varied and complex. This section delves into the most effective methods for F2P players, focusing on fly fishing for trout and salmon, the significance of tick manipulation for enhanced experience rates, and alternative methods and considerations for higher levels.

Level 20-58: Fly Fishing for Trout and Salmon

  • Activity: Starting at level 20, fly fishing becomes the premier method for efficiently gaining Fishing experience. This method allows players to catch trout (from level 20) and salmon (from level 30), significantly speeding up the leveling process.
  • Equipment Needed: Fly fishing rod and feathers for bait.
  • Best Locations: Barbarian Village on the River Lum is highlighted as the best location for F2P players to engage in fly fishing. Its accessibility and the density of fishing spots make it an ideal choice for continuous fishing without the need to move around much.

Tick Manipulation for Increased XP Rates

  • Technique Overview: Tick manipulation is an advanced technique that can substantially increase fishing XP rates by reducing the time between catches. It involves performing actions in a specific sequence to exploit the game’s tick system, allowing players to catch fish faster than the standard rates.
  • Application in Fly Fishing: By applying tick manipulation techniques while fly fishing for trout and salmon, players can achieve much higher experience rates, making the journey from level 20 to 58 significantly faster.

Level 58-99: Alternative Methods and Considerations

  • Beyond Level 58: Upon reaching level 58, players have the option to continue fly fishing or explore other methods that might offer more variety or benefits, such as fishing for lobsters or swordfish. However, for F2P players, sticking with fly fishing remains one of the most efficient methods due to the limitations in available fishing spots and types of catchable fish.
  • Efficiency vs. Profit: Players must weigh the efficiency of experience gain against the potential profit from selling higher-level fish. While fly fishing offers excellent XP rates, catching and selling higher-level fish can provide a more substantial income, which might be crucial for funding other F2P activities.

Importance of Cooking Trout and Salmon

  • Skill Synergy: Cooking the trout and salmon caught through fly fishing not only provides a reliable source of food for combat and other activities but also offers a great way to level the Cooking skill concurrently with Fishing.
  • Economic Benefits: Selling cooked fish can be more profitable than selling them raw, offering an additional income stream for F2P players. This aspect underscores the importance of balancing time spent between fishing and cooking to maximize both experience gains and economic returns.

Advanced Techniques and Tips for fishing in OSRS

For players looking to maximize their Fishing efficiency in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), understanding and employing advanced techniques can significantly enhance experience rates. Among these, tick manipulation stands out as a crucial strategy for accelerating fishing progress. This section delves into the intricacies of tick manipulation, highlights essential tools like the Snow Globe and Reindeer Hat, and outlines how to set up for efficient fishing.

Tick Manipulation Explained

  • Overview: Tick manipulation is a method used to reduce the standard cycle time of fishing actions, allowing players to catch fish more frequently than the default rate. This technique exploits the game’s tick system, which processes actions in intervals of 0.6 seconds.
  • Mechanism: By initiating a specific sequence of actions, players can “reset” the fishing action timer, effectively shortening the delay between catches. This advanced method can significantly increase XP rates, making it a sought-after technique among players aiming for high-efficiency leveling.

Tools: Snow Globe, Reindeer Hat

  • Snow Globe: Obtained from Christmas holiday events, the Snow Globe is a popular tool for tick manipulation. It allows players to perform an action (shaking the globe) that can be precisely timed to reset the fishing action timer.
  • Reindeer Hat: Similarly, the Reindeer Hat, another holiday event item, can be used for tick manipulation by initiating the “Bellow” action. Like the Snow Globe, it serves as a mechanism for timing resets in the fishing process.
  • Importance of Event Items: Both the Snow Globe and Reindeer Hat highlight the value of participating in OSRS’s holiday events, as these items provide unique advantages for players interested in advanced skilling techniques.

Setting Up for Efficient Fishing

  • Preparation: To maximize the benefits of tick manipulation, players should set up their fishing environment for efficiency. This includes choosing a fishing spot with minimal distractions and positioning the inventory for easy access to both the fishing spot and the tick manipulation tool.
  • Inventory Management: Efficient inventory management is key. Players should arrange their feathers (or other bait), fishing rod, and tick manipulation tool for quick use. The goal is to minimize mouse movement and clicks, speeding up the overall process.
  • Practice and Precision: Mastery of tick manipulation requires practice. Players should familiarize themselves with the timing of their chosen tool’s action and the subsequent click on the fishing spot. Precision in these actions leads to consistent fishing action resets, significantly boosting XP rates.

Earning Money While Fishing

Fishing in Old School RuneScape offers not only a path to leveling but also a viable way to earn in-game currency, especially for F2P (Free to Play) players. This section explores strategies for maximizing profit through fishing, the best types of fish to sell for revenue, and how participating in fishing mini-games and events can augment both experience and earnings.

Fishing for Profit in F2P

  • Overview: For F2P players, fishing presents an opportunity to gather resources that are in constant demand within the OSRS economy. By focusing on specific fish, players can optimize their time spent by the water for both experience gains and profit.
  • Strategic Fishing: The choice of fish to target for profit depends on market prices and demand. Typically, higher-level fish offer greater profit margins, but even low to mid-level fish can be profitable due to their role in Cooking training.

Selling Fish: Which Ones and Where

  • High-Demand Fish: In F2P, lobsters and swordfish are among the most lucrative catches due to their use in combat training and quests. These fish provide a steady source of income when sold in the Grand Exchange.
  • Market Considerations: Prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Keeping an eye on market trends can help players decide when to sell their catch for the highest profit.
  • Location for Sales: The Grand Exchange is the central marketplace for selling fish. Players should familiarize themselves with this area to efficiently sell their catches and monitor market prices.

Fishing Mini-Games and Events in OSRS

Temporos: The Fishing Boss

  • Introduction: Temporos, the Fishing Boss, offers a dynamic and engaging way for players to level their Fishing skill while earning unique rewards. This mini-game is accessible to both F2P and P2P players, providing an alternative to traditional fishing methods.
  • Rewards and Experience Rates: Participating in the Temporos event can yield various rewards, including the Spirit Angler outfit, fishing XP, and resources like fish and caskets. While the XP rates may not match the fastest leveling methods, the potential for profit and valuable items makes it an attractive option.

Other Notable Fishing Activities

  • Fishing Trawler: While primarily a members-only activity, it’s worth mentioning for players considering a membership. This mini-game offers the chance to earn the Angler outfit, enhancing fishing experience rates.
  • Community Events: OSRS occasionally hosts community fishing events that can offer bonuses or unique items. Participating in these events can provide both a fun break from the grind and additional rewards.

Useful Items and Equipment

In Old School RuneScape, optimizing your Fishing skill involves more than just choosing the right spots and techniques. Certain items and equipment can significantly enhance your fishing efficiency, experience rates, and profitability. This section explores crucial upgrades, boosts, and how to obtain them, as well as the impact of fishing-related quests on your progression.

Upgrades and Boosts

  • Overview: Various items offer experience boosts or improve catch rates, making them invaluable for players looking to level Fishing quickly or more profitably.
  • Angler Outfit: A set that provides up to a 2.5% experience boost when the full outfit is worn. It’s essential for players aiming to maximize their Fishing experience gains.

Angler Outfit: How to Obtain

  • Fishing Trawler Mini-Game: The primary method for obtaining the Angler outfit is through participation in the Fishing Trawler mini-game, available to members. While it requires some investment in time, the outfit’s experience boost makes it well worth the effort for serious fishermen.
  • Temporos Reward Pool: Players also have a chance to receive pieces of the Angler outfit as rewards from participating in the Temporos fishing boss event. This provides an alternative method for players to acquire the outfit while engaging in this dynamic activity.

Fishing Rod Upgrades: Dragon and Crystal Harpoons

  • Dragon Harpoon: An upgraded fishing tool that not only increases the speed of catching fish but also comes with a special attack that temporarily boosts the Fishing skill by 3 levels. It’s particularly useful for high-level fishing activities.
  • Crystal Harpoon: An even more advanced version of the Dragon Harpoon, available after completing specific quests and activities. It offers a higher catch rate than the Dragon Harpoon, making it the best fishing tool for players who meet its requirements.
  • Importance: Both harpoons are especially valuable for players engaged in activities where catch rate and speed are critical, such as tick manipulation methods or when fishing for high-level creatures like sharks.

Quests Offering Fishing Experience

  • Quests as a Levelling Method: Several quests in OSRS grant Fishing experience as a reward. Completing these quests can provide a welcome boost to players’ Fishing levels, particularly in the early stages of skill development.
  • Notable Quests: “Fishing Contest” is an example of a quest that offers Fishing experience upon completion. Such quests can help players bypass the slower early levels of Fishing or reach milestones for accessing new fishing methods and areas.

Impact on Fishing Progression

  • Accelerated Levelling: By strategically completing quests that offer Fishing experience, players can accelerate their progression through the Fishing levels. This approach can be especially beneficial for players looking to access higher-level fishing methods and areas more quickly.
  • Strategic Planning: Players should consider the Fishing experience rewards from quests as part of their overall leveling strategy. Integrating quest completion into their leveling plan can make the journey to higher Fishing levels more efficient and enjoyable.

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