OSRS Fremennik Trials Step by Step [Guide]

The Fremennik Trials in OSRS is a quest that challenges players to gain the approval of the Fremennik by undergoing a series of trials to prove their worthiness. This journey takes players into the heart of the Fremennik culture, located in the town of Rellekka, as they seek to become honorary members of this proud tribe. The quest is set in a Viking-like community and involves a variety of tasks, including puzzles, battles, and diplomacy, as players interact with various Fremennik characters to earn their respect and votes. It’s a quest that not only tests the player’s skills but also immerses them in the lore and traditions of the Fremennik people.

Overview of Fremennik Trials Quest

The Fremennik Trials quest is multifaceted, involving several mini-quests or trials that the player must complete to earn the votes of the Fremennik council members. Each trial is designed to test different aspects of a player’s abilities, such as combat, crafting, problem-solving, and negotiation. The ultimate goal is to gather enough support from the council to be accepted as a Fremennik tribe member, which grants access to various benefits, including new areas, equipment, and activities unique to the Fremennik province.

Fremennik Trials Quest Requirements

  • Requirements:
    • To start The Fremennik Trials, there are no strict skill level requirements mentioned, but the quest involves tasks that imply having certain levels in skills such as Woodcutting, Crafting, and Fletching could be beneficial. Specifically, completing the quest without relying on alternative methods (like killing an NPC repeatedly for an item) suggests having at least 40 Woodcutting, 40 Crafting, and 25 Fletching.
    • The ability to defeat a level 69 NPC is necessary, indicating that a reasonable combat level is required.
    • Players must also be prepared for combat situations where they cannot use any weapons or armor.
  • Recommendations:
    • While the quest can technically be attempted without meeting the implied skill requirements through alternative methods (such as obtaining a required item through combat), it’s recommended to have the skills for a more straightforward experience.
    • Having access to teleportation methods, particularly to Camelot, can significantly reduce the amount of running around, making the quest less time-consuming.
    • Bringing along food, armor, and a weapon is advised for the combat portions of the quest. For the specific trial where players must fight without equipment, items that can still be used, such as rings of recoil, potions, and any allowed magical items, are recommended.
    • Energy or stamina potions are suggested to facilitate quicker travel between the various quest locations.
    • A sum of coins (5250 mentioned in one source) is required for certain quest tasks, so having this amount on hand is necessary.

Starting Fremennik Trials Quest

The Fremennik Trials quest begins in the Fremennik Province, specifically within the town of Rellekka. Players looking to embark on this quest should seek out Chieftain Brundt, who is located in the longhall at the heart of Rellekka. The longhall is easily identifiable as the largest building in the town, situated towards the northern part of the area. Upon finding Chieftain Brundt, players must engage in a dialogue with him to initiate the quest, expressing their interest in undertaking the trials to become an honorary member of the Fremennik tribe.

Location and NPC to Initiate the Quest

To start The Fremennik Trials, players need to navigate to Rellekka, which lies north of the Sinclair Mansion. The key individual to speak with is Chieftain Brundt, found within the longhall, the central and most significant building in Rellekka. Brundt serves as the starting point of the quest, setting the scene for the trials the player must complete. His approval and guidance are crucial for players to gain the acceptance and recognition of the Fremennik people.

Preliminary Advice and Preparations

Before embarking on The Fremennik Trials, it is advisable for players to ensure they are adequately prepared for the variety of challenges they will face. Although specific skill levels in Woodcutting, Crafting, and Fletching are not mandatory, possessing around 40 in Woodcutting and Crafting, and 25 in Fletching, can significantly streamline the quest. Combat readiness is essential, as players will encounter a level 69 NPC in combat. Furthermore, the quest involves a unique fight where players cannot use any weapons or armor, highlighting the need for strategic preparation.

Players are recommended to bring sufficient food, appropriate armor, and a weapon for the combat segments of the quest. Teleportation methods, particularly to Camelot for its proximity to Rellekka, are highly beneficial for reducing travel time. Energy or stamina potions can aid in navigating the extensive travel demands of the quest. A financial reserve of at least 5252 coins is required for various quest-related expenses, including buying specific items and engaging in certain activities integral to the trials.

The Trials Overview

The Fremennik Trials quest is structured around seven mini-quests or trials that players must complete to gain the approval of the Fremennik tribe. Each trial is unique, testing the player’s abilities in various ways, including combat, strategy, problem-solving, and diplomacy. The trials are designed to challenge players and immerse them in the rich culture and traditions of the Fremennik people. Successfully completing these trials is essential for players to be recognized as members of the Fremennik tribe and enjoy the benefits and access that come with this honor.

Brief Explanation of the Seven Trials

  1. Manni the Reveler: Players must outdrink Manni in a drinking contest. This involves a bit of trickery with switching beers to win his vote.
  2. Olaf the Bard: Requires players to prove their musical talent by acquiring and playing a specially enchanted lyre.
  3. Sigli the Huntsman: Involves tracking down and defeating a mythical beast, known as the Draugen, with the help of a special talisman.
  4. Sigmund the Merchant: Players must navigate a series of trades and favors among various NPCs to acquire a rare flower for Sigmund.
  5. Swensen the Navigator: A maze-like puzzle where players must navigate through a series of portals in a specific order that spells out Swensen’s name.
  6. Thorvald the Warrior: Requires players to fight Thorvald’s champion in the longhall’s basement without any weapons or armor.
  7. Peer the Seer: Players must solve a puzzle within Peer’s house, involving a variety of riddles and tasks without carrying any items.

Importance of Gaining the Council’s Approval

Gaining the council’s approval by completing the seven trials is crucial for players seeking to become a member of the Fremennik tribe. Each trial is designed to test the player’s worthiness and ability to embody the values and skills respected by the Fremennik people. Approval from the council not only signifies acceptance into the tribe but also grants players access to various benefits. These benefits include access to new areas, the ability to wear Fremennik helmets, and the recognition and respect of the Fremennik villagers. Completing The Fremennik Trials is a rite of passage, marking the player’s transition from an outsider to a respected member of the Fremennik society.

Trial One: Manny the Reveler

Challenge Description

The first trial in The Fremennik Trials quest involves Manny the Reveler. He challenges the player to a drinking contest in the Fremennik longhall. To win his approval and vote for becoming an honorary member of the Fremennik tribe, players must outsmart Manny in this contest.

Step-by-Step Guide to Winning the Drinking Contest

  1. Find Manny: Inside the longhall, locate Manny the Reveler and initiate the challenge by choosing to compete in the drinking contest.
  2. Prepare the Contest: Grab a tankard and a keg of beer from the table to the north of the longhall.
  3. First Attempt: After agreeing to the contest, you’ll quickly realize it’s rigged in Manny’s favor, as he drinks from a small tankard while you’re expected to consume an entire keg.

Switching the Beers Strategy

  1. Acquire Low Alcohol Beer: Travel to the pub in Seers’ Village and buy a keg of low alcohol beer from the poison salesman. This keg is crucial for the strategy to work, so ensure you have 250 coins for the purchase.
  2. Distract the Crowd: Before switching the beers, you need a distraction. South of the bridge leading to Rellekka, find a council workman and give him a regular beer to receive a cherry bomb in return.
  3. Set Up the Distraction: Use the cherry bomb on a pipe along the eastern wall outside the longhall. This creates a loud distraction.
  4. Switch the Kegs: With everyone distracted, quickly switch the regular keg of beer with your keg of low alcohol beer on the table inside the longhall.
  5. Win the Contest: Challenge Manny to another drinking contest. This time, thanks to the switch, he gets quickly intoxicated from the full keg, securing you the victory and his vote.

Trial Two: Olaf the Bard

Musical Talent Test Explanation

Olaf the Bard’s trial tests the player’s musical talent, a significant aspect of Fremennik culture. Olaf, found to the east of Rellekka’s longhall, challenges the player to prove their musical abilities by acquiring and playing a specially enchanted lyre. This trial not only assesses the player’s resourcefulness in crafting or obtaining the musical instrument but also their ability to enchant it, showcasing their dedication to earning Olaf’s vote.

Crafting or Obtaining the Lyre

To craft the lyre, players need to follow these steps:

  1. Gather Materials: Obtain a cabbage, a potato, and an onion from the farming patch in Rellekka.
  2. Cut a Branch: Head east from Rellekka to the swaying tree icon on the map and cut a branch from it.
  3. Get Golden Wool: Interact with Lalli the troll, south-east of the swaying tree, to trade for golden wool. This involves a small quest of its own where you make “pet rock soup” for Lalli in exchange for the golden fleece.
  4. Spin and Craft: Take the golden fleece to the spinning wheel in Seers’ Village to spin it into golden wool, then use the wool on the unstrung lyre to complete the crafting process.

Alternatively, if players do not have the required Woodcutting and Crafting levels (40 each), they can repeatedly kill Lanzig in Rellekka until he drops a lyre.

Enchanting the Lyre Process

Once the lyre is crafted or obtained, it needs to be enchanted:

  1. Acquire Raw Fish: Secure a raw shark, raw manta ray, or raw sea turtle. These can be fished, bought, or obtained from other sources.
  2. Enchant the Lyre: Go to the strange altar located on the small peninsula south-west of Rellekka. Use the raw fish on the altar, and Fossegrimen, a spirit, will appear to enchant the lyre.
  3. Perform for Olaf: Return to Olaf in Rellekka with the enchanted lyre. Access the stage in the longhall’s east side and play the lyre in front of Olaf to impress him and earn his vote.

Trial Three: Sigli the Huntsman

The Hunt for The Draugen

Sigli the Huntsman’s trial tests the player’s prowess in hunting, a revered skill among the Fremennik people. This trial involves tracking and defeating a legendary ghost known as the Draugen. Sigli, located near the entrance to Rellekka, provides the player with a hunters’ talisman, a mystical tool essential for locating the elusive Draugen within the vast Fremennik Province. The Draugen is not a stationary target; it roams around the province, requiring players to use the talisman to track its current location. Once found, the Draugen, a formidable Level 69 ghost, engages in melee combat. Players must be prepared for this encounter, as defeating the Draugen is central to completing this trial.

Using the Hunter’s Talisman

The Hunter’s Talisman is a key component of this trial. Players must actively use the talisman to discern the direction of the Draugen’s location. The talisman provides directional hints, guiding players across the province in pursuit of the ghost. This chase is dynamic; the Draugen’s location changes, necessitating frequent consultations of the talisman. Successfully tracking and finding the Draugen showcases the player’s dedication and skill in the hunt, embodying the essence of a true Fremennik hunter.

Returning to Sigli with the Trophy

Upon defeating the Draugen, it’s imperative to return to Sigli to present evidence of the hunt’s success. The victory over the Draugen is symbolized by the player retaining the essence of the Draugen within the talisman, transforming it into a tangible trophy of the hunt. Presenting this trophy to Sigli not only marks the completion of the trial but also earns his approval and vote towards the player’s acceptance into the Fremennik tribe. This return to Sigli, bearing the fruits of the hunt, concludes the trial, furthering the player’s journey into the heart of Fremennik society and traditions.

Trial Four: Sigmund the Merchant

Complex Trading Sequence for the Rare Flower

To gain Sigmund the Merchant’s vote in The Fremennik Trials, players are tasked with obtaining a special flower through a complex trading sequence. This intricate process involves multiple NPCs and a series of item exchanges across Rellekka.

Detailed Steps for Each Item Exchange

  1. Initiate with Sigmund: In the market area of Rellekka, Sigmund instructs the player to bring him a special flower.
  2. The Sailor’s Flower: The first exchange occurs with a sailor by the docks, who agrees to give up the flower intended for his girlfriend if he can get a romantic ballad in its place.
  3. Olaf’s Ballad for Boots: Olaf the Bard, located on the eastern side of the longhall, agrees to compose the ballad but needs a sturdy pair of boots for inspiration.
  4. Ursa’s Boots for Lower Taxes: Ursa, in the western clothing shop, can provide the boots but only if the player can get the chieftain to lower taxes.
  5. Chieftain Brundt’s Agreement: Chieftain Brundt, inside the longhall, consents to lower taxes if Sigli the Huntsman shows him the best hunting spots.
  6. Sigli’s Bowstring for Fish: Sigli agrees to Brundt’s condition if the player can get him a custom-made bowstring from Skulgrimen.
  7. Skulgrimen’s Bowstring for a Map: Skulgrimen will craft the bowstring in exchange for a rare fish from the Fisherman by the docks.
  8. Fisherman’s Fish for a Map: The Fisherman needs a map of the best fishing spots, which Swensen the Navigator can provide.
  9. Swensen’s Map for a Weather Forecast: Swensen agrees to give the map in exchange for a weather forecast from Peer the Seer.
  10. Peer’s Forecast for Protection: Peer the Seer will provide the forecast if Thorvald the Warrior becomes his bodyguard.
  11. Thorvald’s Bodyguard Service for a Seat: Thorvald agrees to be Peer’s bodyguard if he gets a seat in the longhall, which Manny the Reveler controls.
  12. Manny’s Seat for a Drink: Manny will give up the seat for Thorvald if Thora, the bartender, makes him a legendary cocktail.
  13. Thora’s Cocktail for Askeladden’s Absence: Thora agrees to make the cocktail if Askeladden stays out of the longhall, which he will do for 5,000 coins.

Finalizing the Merchant’s Trial

Once all exchanges are completed, the player returns to Sigmund with the special flower. This intricate series of trades demonstrates the player’s persistence, negotiation skills, and ability to navigate the social dynamics of Rellekka. Sigmund, satisfied with the player’s efforts, grants his vote, marking the successful completion of the fourth trial.

Trial Five: Swensen the Navigator

The Maze Puzzle Explained

Swensen the Navigator’s trial takes place beneath his house in Rellekka and involves a unique maze puzzle. The maze consists of a series of magical portals that the player must navigate through in the correct sequence. The key to solving the maze lies in Swensen’s name itself, with each portal corresponding to a direction based on the letters of his name: S-W-E-N-S-E-N. This puzzle tests the player’s ability to follow complex instructions and their navigational skills, reflecting the Fremennik value of exploration and seafaring.

Correct Sequence of Portals

To successfully navigate Swensen’s maze, players must enter the portals in the following order, each representing a direction based on the letters of Swensen’s name:

  • S (South): Start by entering the portal that corresponds to the south direction.
  • W (West): After emerging from the first portal, find and enter the portal that leads west.
  • E (East): Continue by selecting the portal that takes you east.
  • N (North): Follow up by going through the north-directed portal.
  • S (South): Head back south by choosing the appropriate portal once more.
  • E (East): Near the end, pick the portal that leads east again.
  • N (North): Conclude the sequence by going through the final portal that directs you north.

Completing the maze by following this precise sequence of portals fulfills Swensen’s trial, demonstrating the player’s navigational acumen. Upon exiting the maze, the player earns Swensen’s vote, moving one step closer to becoming an accepted member of the Fremennik tribe.

Trial Six: Thorvald the Warrior

Preparing for the Combat Challenge

For Thorvald the Warrior’s trial, players are required to engage in combat without the use of any weapons or armor, testing their bravery and combat skills in a bare-knuckle fight. Before heading into the battle, it is advisable to bank all unnecessary items and prepare adequately:

  • Allowed Items: While weapons and armor are prohibited, players can bring food, potions, amulets, necklaces, bracelets, rings (including rings of recoil), God books, and any other non-combat affecting items.
  • Drayman Branch and Knife: Players can bring a Drayman branch and a knife to craft a Dramen staff, which can be used during the fight. The Dramen staff, obtained during the Lost City quest, can slightly increase combat effectiveness in the absence of traditional weapons.
  • Prayer Potions and Strategy: Bringing prayer potions is crucial as Thorvald can drain prayer points. Setting quick prayers to melee protection can provide a significant advantage during the fight.

Strategies for Fighting Without Weapons or Armor

  • Rings of Recoil: Using rings of recoil can inflict damage on Thorvald, compensating for the lack of weapons.
  • Food and Healing: Stock up on high-healing food to maintain health throughout the battle. Efficiently managing health and prayer points is key to surviving the encounter.
  • Movement and Spacing: Utilizing movement and spacing can help avoid some of Thorvald’s attacks, especially for players with lower combat stats. This requires careful timing and positioning.

Completing Thorvald’s Challenge

  • Combat Phases: Thorvald’s challenge consists of defeating him in three consecutive rounds of combat. Each round increases in difficulty, with Thorvald becoming more aggressive.
  • Fourth Round: In the fourth round, players are not required to win. Losing to Thorvald in this round does not result in a quest failure, but rather completes the trial. It’s a test of courage, not solely combat prowess.
  • Using the Environment: Players can use the environment to their advantage, positioning themselves to manage the pace of the fight. This strategy is particularly useful for players who need to manage their health and prayer more carefully.
  • Completion: Successfully navigating the combat challenge and either defeating Thorvald in the first three rounds or surviving until the fourth round completes the trial. Thorvald will acknowledge the player’s bravery and grant his vote towards their acceptance into the Fremennik tribe.

Trial Seven: Peer the Seer

Solving the Door Riddle

Peer the Seer presents a unique challenge that involves solving a door riddle to gain entry into his house. This riddle is a preliminary test of the player’s wit and analytical skills. The riddle varies for each player, requiring you to decipher a specific word based on clues provided in the riddle itself. Successfully solving the riddle allows entry into Peer’s house, marking the beginning of the trial proper.

Detailed Guide to the House Puzzle

Once inside Peer the Seer’s house, players are faced with a multi-faceted puzzle that requires careful observation, item manipulation, and logical deduction. Here is a systematic approach to navigating the house puzzle:

  1. Collect Items: Various items are scattered throughout the house, some of which are essential for solving the puzzle. Initially, players should collect all available items without trying to discern their immediate use.
  2. Riddle and Combination Lock: The first task involves a combination lock that must be opened by solving a riddle similar to the door riddle. The solution to this riddle will enable the player to adjust the lock accordingly and access a key part of the house.
  3. Water Puzzle: A significant part of the puzzle involves correctly measuring amounts of water to satisfy a specific requirement. This task tests the player’s problem-solving skills, as they must figure out how to use the containers provided to achieve the correct water volume.
  4. Elemental Puzzle: Another aspect of the house puzzle may involve manipulating elements within the house, such as lighting fires or cooling objects, to achieve certain conditions or retrieve items.
  5. Hidden Items and Clues: Some items or clues are hidden and require interaction with the house’s environment to uncover. This could involve moving or opening objects not initially apparent as interactive.

Completing the Seer’s Trial

The culmination of Peer the Seer’s trial involves using the items and knowledge gathered throughout the house puzzle to accomplish a final task. This task varies but is designed to test the player’s ability to apply the insights gained during the puzzle. Successful completion of this final task demonstrates the player’s wisdom and earns Peer’s vote, an essential step toward gaining acceptance into the Fremennik tribe.

Final Steps to Complete Fremennik Trials

After successfully completing all seven trials, the player must gather the votes from the council to officially become a Fremennik.

Gathering the Votes from the Council

The player needs to secure a majority of votes from the council to pass the trials. Each trial completed earns the player a vote, and upon completing all seven trials, the player has effectively gathered the necessary support. It’s crucial to ensure that each council member who promised their vote is accounted for, reflecting the player’s successful navigation through the challenges presented by each Fremennik trial.

Returning to Brundt the Chieftain

Once the votes have been gathered, the player returns to Brundt the Chieftain, located in the longhall of Rellekka, to finalize their acceptance into the Fremennik tribe. This moment is a formal acknowledgment of the player’s efforts and achievements throughout the quest. Brundt, representing the Fremennik leadership, officiates the player’s newfound status among the tribe.

Quest Rewards and Conclusion

Completing The Fremennik Trials rewards the player with numerous benefits, underscoring the significance of their journey and the challenges they’ve overcome:

  • Quest Points: Essential for unlocking further adventures and quests.
  • Experience Points: Awarded in various skills, such as Strength, Defence, Attack, Hitpoints, Fishing, Thieving, Agility, Crafting, Fletching, and Woodcutting, reflecting the broad range of skills employed throughout the trials.
  • Access to Fremennik Province: Including the islands of Miscellania, Etceteria, Neitiznot, and Jatizso, opening up new areas for exploration and further adventures.
  • Fremennik Name: Players are given a Fremennik name, a symbol of their acceptance into the tribe.
  • Ability to Wear Fremennik Helms: The quest unlocks the ability to wear specific Fremennik helms, signifying the player’s status within the tribe.
  • Other Miscellaneous Benefits: Such as reduced costs or additional privileges when interacting with certain Fremennik services or NPCs.

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