OSRS Hosidius Favor %100 Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide for %100 Hosidius Favor, The Hosidius House is one of the distinct factions within the Great Kourend, known primarily for its focus on cooking and farming. This specialization makes it a critical area for players interested in these activities, offering unique opportunities and rewards that are not available elsewhere.

Overview of Hosidius House

  • Primary Focus: The Hosidius House is centered around cooking and farming activities. It stands out in the Great Kourend for its agricultural and culinary contributions, making it an essential faction for players with interests in these areas.
  • Location and Accessibility: Access to the Hosidius House can be achieved through several methods, including teleport spells (such as the Teleport to Kourend spell), fairy rings, Xeric’s talisman, and a boat from Port Sarim. This variety of access methods ensures that players can reach the Hosidius House with relative ease, regardless of their progression in the game.

Importance of Gaining Hosidius Favor

  • Unlocking Features and Rewards: Gaining favor with the Hosidius House unlocks several significant rewards, including access to the Woodcutting Guild, the ability to participate in the Tithe Farm minigame, and use of disease-free farming patches. These rewards are highly beneficial for players looking to advance in farming, woodcutting, and cooking.
  • Favor Mechanics: The favor system in Great Kourend is designed so that gaining favor in one house will result in losing favor with another, unless the player has locked in 100% favor by speaking to the house’s architect. This system encourages players to strategically plan the order in which they gain favor with the different houses of Great Kourend.
  • Strategic Advantages: Locking in favor with the Hosidius House not only provides immediate benefits but also strategically positions players to take advantage of the house’s unique offerings. The access to disease-free farming patches, for example, is invaluable for players looking to grow high-value crops without the risk of disease.

Getting Started with Hosidius Favor

Travel Options to Hosidius House

Players can reach the Hosidius House through various means, ensuring accessibility regardless of their progress or resources in the game.

  • Teleportation Methods:
    • Teleport to Kourend Spell: For players who have unlocked this spell, it provides direct access to Great Kourend, placing players within proximity to the Hosidius House.
    • Fairy Ring: Another convenient option is the use of fairy rings, which offer widespread locations across Gielinor, including near the Hosidius House.
    • Xeric’s Talisman: This talisman offers teleportation options that are close to Hosidius, making it a viable choice for quick access.
  • Boat from Port Sarim: For those without access to the above teleportation methods, taking a boat from Port Sarim represents an alternative route. This method is available to all players, requiring no specific unlocks or items, other than a small fee for the boat ride.

Understanding Favor Mechanics

The system of favor in Great Kourend is unique, impacting players’ interactions with the different houses within the kingdom, including Hosidius.

  • Impact of Earning Favor on Other Houses: As players earn favor with one house, they will lose favor with the others unless specific actions are taken to lock in the favor. This system requires players to approach favor strategically, deciding which house’s benefits align most closely with their goals before fully committing their efforts.
  • Locking in Favor: Once a player reaches 100% favor with a house, they can lock in this favor by speaking to the house’s architect. This action prevents the loss of favor in that house when gaining favor with another, allowing players to eventually unlock the benefits of all houses without penalty. This mechanism emphasizes the importance of planning and prioritizing activities in Great Kourend, ensuring that efforts to gain favor are not wasted.

Earning Hosidius Favor: The Initial Steps

From 0 to 5% Favor

Gaining initial favor with the Hosidius House begins with a simple yet foundational task: plowing fields. This activity is the only available option to start accumulating favor from scratch and requires minimal preparation but consistent effort.

Plowing Fields

  • Location: The fields designated for plowing are situated south of the Hosidius House’s market center. Players are advised to choose a field that allows for efficient back-and-forth plowing, such as a long, narrow field located to the north of the Tithe Farm.
  • Activity Overview: The process involves pushing a plow from one end of a field to the other. This is accomplished by interacting with the plow, which then moves automatically until it reaches the field’s edge or encounters a malfunction.

Necessary Tools

  • Hammer: The sole tool required for plowing is a hammer. This tool is essential for repairing the plow whenever it breaks down, which is a frequent occurrence during the plowing activity. Having a hammer in the inventory enables players to fix the plow on the spot and continue their task without significant interruption.

Plowing Strategy

  • Operation and Maintenance: Players initiate plowing by clicking on the plow, which then moves across the field. The character will automatically continue this motion, requiring minimal input from the player. However, vigilance is needed to address any breakdowns promptly by repairing the plow with the hammer.
  • Field Navigation: Upon reaching the end of a row, players must manually position their character on the opposite side of the plow to reverse its direction. This action is repeated, with players pushing the plow back and forth across the field to progressively accumulate favor.
  • Time and Effort: Achieving 5% favor through plowing is estimated to take approximately 15 minutes. This timeframe can vary based on the player’s efficiency and the frequency of plow breakdowns, which necessitates a balance between active engagement and patience.

Securing Favor: Advanced Steps

From 45 to 100% Favor

After accumulating 45% favor through previous activities, players can engage in cooking within the Hosidius House’s mess hall to secure the remaining favor necessary to reach 100%. This phase not only contributes to gaining full favor but also offers considerable cooking experience.

Cooking in the Mess Hall

  • Requirements: To efficiently participate in the mess hall cooking activities, a minimum cooking level of 65 is recommended, allowing for the preparation of pineapple pizzas, which are among the most favor-rewarding foods. However, players with a cooking level as low as 25 can still contribute by cooking stews and meat pies.
  • Strategy: The mess hall operates on a demand-based system, where different types of food are requested by soldiers. The demand for each food type is visually represented by bars in the upper left corner of the interface. Preparing and serving the most requested food yields higher favor gains.

Cooking Requirements and Strategy

  • Efficient Cooking and Serving: Players should focus on cooking food that is currently in high demand. This approach maximizes favor gains per item cooked. Ingredients for all dishes are available within the mess hall, ensuring a streamlined cooking process without the need for external resources.
  • Batch Preparation: Cooking in batches of 10 is advised to streamline the cooking and serving process. This method aligns well with the demand system, allowing players to quickly adjust to changing preferences and maximize their favor gains.

Food Types and Favor Gain

  • Pineapple Pizzas: Ideal for those with cooking levels of 65 and above, offering the highest favor gains due to their popularity and demand.
  • Stews and Meat Pies: Suitable for players with cooking levels between 25 and 64, these dishes provide a viable path to gaining favor, albeit at a slightly slower rate compared to pineapple pizzas.
  • Favor Gain Dynamics: The amount of favor gained is directly tied to the demand for the food served. Serving food that matches the soldiers’ current preferences results in efficient favor accumulation, with the potential to gain approximately 3% favor for every 10 dishes served when the demand is around 30%.

Locking in 100% Favor

Upon reaching the pinnacle of 100% favor with the Hosidius House, a crucial step remains to ensure that all your hard work stands the test of time and the whims of Great Kourend’s intricate political landscape. This step involves locking in your favor, akin to planting a flag atop a mountain you’ve just conquered, signifying your achievements are here to stay.

Speaking with the House Architect

  • The Gatekeeper of Favor: The house architect acts much like the keeper of a great vault, holding the keys to secure your hard-earned favor. In the case of the Hosidius House, this individual is a pivotal figure who can cement your favor, ensuring it remains unaffected as you explore opportunities in other houses of Great Kourend.
  • The Ritual of Commitment: Engaging in dialogue with the house architect is reminiscent of sealing a pact. It’s not just a casual conversation but a formal acknowledgment of your dedication to the house. Once you’ve expressed your intent to lock in your favor, the architect will perform the necessary rites to make it permanent.

Benefits of Locking in Favor

  • Unwavering Status: Imagine building a castle on sand versus stone. Locking in your favor is like laying a foundation on solid rock, ensuring that your status within the Hosidius House remains unshakable, no matter where the winds of ambition carry you next.
  • A Key to New Doors: With your favor locked in, the world of Great Kourend opens up in ways previously inaccessible. You can now pursue favor with other houses without fear of undermining your standing with the Hosidius House. It’s akin to holding a master key, allowing you to unlock the full potential of each house’s unique rewards and activities, one after another.
  • Peace of Mind: There’s a profound peace that comes with knowing your achievements won’t be eroded over time. Locking in your favor means you can embark on new adventures, tackle other challenges, or even take a hiatus from the favor race, all without losing the ground you’ve gained.

Benefits of 100% Hosidius Favor

Achieving 100% favor with the Hosidius House in Old School RuneScape unlocks several significant benefits, enhancing a player’s efficiency and capabilities within the game. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the rewards and their impact:

Access to the Woodcutting Guild

  • Description: The Woodcutting Guild is a premier location for players interested in woodcutting, providing access to a vast array of trees, including yew, magic, and the highly coveted redwood trees.
  • Requirements: At least 60 Woodcutting to enter.
  • Benefits: The guild not only offers a concentrated area for woodcutting activities but also provides an invisible +7 Woodcutting level boost, increasing the efficiency of woodcutting tasks.

Disease-Free Farming Patches

  • Description: The Hosidius House farming patches are immune to disease, allowing crops to grow without the risk of dying. This includes both the allotment patches and the herb patch.
  • Benefits: Players can plant high-value crops without the fear of losing them to disease, significantly boosting farming reliability and output.

Tithe Farm Minigame

  • Description: The Tithe Farm is a farming-based minigame that requires 100% Hosidius favor to participate.
  • Requirements: At least 34 Farming to participate.
  • Benefits: It offers an alternative method for gaining farming experience, providing rewards such as the farmer’s outfit, which increases farming experience gained by a percentage when worn.

Enhanced Cooking Facilities

  • Description: Near the Hosidius House bank, players find a kitchen equipped with a range that offers a reduced burn rate for foods. This kitchen is closer to a bank than the one in Lumbridge, making it an ideal spot for players looking to train Cooking.
  • Benefits: The proximity to the bank and the reduced burn rate makes it an efficient location for leveling up Cooking, especially for foods that have a high burn rate at lower Cooking levels.

Recap of Steps to Gain 100% Favor

  1. Initial Steps (0-5% Favor): Begin by plowing fields to slowly build up initial favor. This requires a hammer for repairing the plow.
  2. Intermediate Steps (5-45% Favor): Produce sulfurous fertilizers by combining saltpeter with compost and deliver them to gain favor rapidly.
  3. Advanced Steps (45-100% Favor): Engage in cooking tasks within the mess hall, preparing foods according to demand to maximize favor gains efficiently.
  4. Locking in Favor: Upon reaching 100% favor, speak with the Hosidius House architect to lock in the favor, securing all related benefits permanently.

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