Solve the Misthalin Mystery: OSRS Ultimate Quest Guide

The Misthalin Mystery quest in Old School RuneScape is a captivating adventure set in the realm of Gielinor, specifically starting in the southeastern part of the Lumbridge swamp. This quest is unique as it unfolds a murder mystery that the player must solve, set against the backdrop of a spooky mansion on an isolated island. The narrative drives the player through various puzzles, clues, and interactions with in-game characters to unveil the murderer. It’s a quest that combines elements of exploration, problem-solving, and narrative engagement to provide a memorable experience for players.

Overview of Misthalin Mystery Quest

“Misthalin Mystery” is a free-to-play quest, accessible to all players without any prerequisites in terms of skills or quest points. It begins when the player encounters Abigail and Hewey in the Lumbridge swamp, who seek help investigating strange occurrences and a series of murders at a mansion party they were attending. The quest leads players on an investigative journey, requiring them to collect clues, solve puzzles, and interact with various objects and NPCs to progress the story. The quest is heavily narrative-driven, with several cutscenes that add depth to the unfolding mystery. Players navigate through the mansion and its surroundings, collecting items like keys, a bucket, a knife, and a tinderbox, which are essential for solving the mysteries within.

Requirements and Recommendations


  • There are no skill or quest prerequisites to start the “Misthalin Mystery” quest. It is designed to be accessible for all players, regardless of their level or quest progress.
  • Players must start the quest with no items in their inventory and must not have any equipment on them. This ensures the quest begins on an even footing for all participants.


  • While there are no hard requirements to begin the quest, players are encouraged to approach the quest with a mindset ready for exploration and puzzle-solving. Paying close attention to the details within the quest narrative and the environment will be crucial for uncovering the mystery.
  • As the quest involves navigating through various locations and interacting with objects, a basic understanding of the game’s mechanics and controls can enhance the player’s experience.
  • Patience and attention to detail are recommended, as players will need to solve puzzles and collect clues to progress through the quest storyline.

Starting Misthalin Mystery Quest

Locating Abigail

To begin the “Misthalin Mystery” quest, players must first locate Abigail, who can be found in the southeastern part of the Lumbridge swamp. This location is pivotal as it serves as the entry point to the quest’s narrative. Abigail, alongside her companion Hewey, is situated near a notable landmark: the fishing spot in Lumbridge swamp. This area is easily accessible from the Lumbridge Castle by heading south, making it a straightforward starting point for players of all levels.

Initial Conversation and Quest Acceptance

Upon finding Abigail, the player must engage in a conversation with her to kickstart the quest. The dialogue involves Abigail explaining the situation: a series of mysterious events and murders at a mansion party they were attending. She appeals to the player for help in investigating these occurrences.

  • First Interaction: Players are prompted to choose dialogue options when speaking with Abigail. To initiate the quest, select the option that expresses willingness to help with the situation. The exact dialogue choices may vary, but the essence is to agree to assist Abigail and Hewey in their investigation.
  • Quest Acceptance: After agreeing to help, Abigail instructs the player to use a rowboat located near their position to travel to the mansion where the events unfolded. This marks the official acceptance of the quest, setting the player on their path to solving the mystery.

Arrival at the Mansion

Upon accepting the quest from Abigail, the player’s next objective is to reach the mansion where the mysterious events have occurred. This journey begins with locating and using a rowboat in the southeastern area of the Lumbridge swamp, just a short distance from where Abigail is found. The rowboat serves as the sole means of transportation to the isolated mansion, situated on a remote island, inaccessible by conventional means.

  • Using the Rowboat: Players must interact with the rowboat to travel to the mansion. This action is straightforward and requires no additional items or prerequisites. Upon clicking on the rowboat, players are automatically transported to the island, marking their arrival at the mansion’s exterior.

Collecting the Bucket and Key

Upon arrival at the mansion, players are immediately tasked with two critical objectives crucial for advancing the quest. These tasks involve collecting a bucket and subsequently finding a key, both of which are essential for navigating through the mansion and uncovering its secrets.

  • Finding the Bucket: The bucket is located near a fountain to the west of the mansion’s entrance. Players must navigate around the exterior of the mansion to locate this fountain. The bucket is collected simply by clicking on it when near the fountain, adding it to the player’s inventory.
  • Acquiring the Key: With the bucket in possession, the player’s next step involves filling it with water from a barrel of rainwater found in the vicinity of the mansion. This barrel is part of a scripted event where the player witnesses a cutscene upon approaching. After the cutscene, using the bucket on the barrel allows the player to empty it, revealing a key hidden within. This key is crucial for unlocking the main entrance to the mansion, allowing players to proceed with their investigation indoors.

Inside the Mansion

Acquiring the Knife

Once inside the mansion, players embark on a journey through its ominous halls and rooms, each step bringing them closer to unraveling the mystery. An early task upon entering involves acquiring a knife, a crucial item for progressing through the quest.

  • Location of the Knife: The knife is found on a table located just inside the mansion’s main entrance. This room serves as a central hub, connecting to various parts of the mansion. The knife’s acquisition is straightforward; players need to click on it to add it to their inventory.
  • Use of the Knife: The knife is not merely a collectible but plays a vital role in the quest. It is used to interact with specific objects within the mansion, enabling players to uncover hidden paths, clues, and items essential for solving the mystery.

Discovering the First Clue

Following the acquisition of the knife, players are directed towards discovering the first major clue of the quest. This clue is pivotal for understanding the narrative’s direction and the nature of the mystery enveloping the mansion.

  • Finding the Clue: The first significant clue is encountered through an interaction with a painting located in a room adjacent to where the knife was found. Players are required to use the knife on this painting, revealing a hidden compartment behind it.
  • Content of the Clue: Upon interacting with the painting, players discover a key hidden within the compartment. This key is essential for unlocking further areas of the mansion, guiding players deeper into the quest. Additionally, a note is found alongside the key, offering cryptic insights into the mansion’s mysteries and hinting at the sinister events that have taken place.

Uncovering Secrets

The Mysterious Painting

A significant part of the “Misthalin Mystery” quest involves interacting with a mysterious painting within the mansion. This painting not only serves as a decorative element but holds the key to progressing further into the investigation.

  • Interaction with the Painting: After acquiring the knife and using it on a marked painting found in one of the mansion’s rooms, players are led to a hidden compartment. The act of slashing the painting with the knife reveals this compartment, which was not initially visible. This interaction underscores the theme of uncovering hidden truths and secrets that permeate the quest.
  • Revelation and Significance: The act of uncovering the compartment behind the painting is symbolic of peeling back the layers of the mystery surrounding the mansion. It represents a turning point in the quest where players begin to engage more deeply with the environment, using their wit and resources to discover clues.

Finding the Ruby Key

The discovery of the Ruby Key is a direct outcome of interacting with the mysterious painting. This key is crucial for unlocking new areas within the mansion, allowing players to delve deeper into the investigation.

  • Discovery Process: The Ruby Key is found within the compartment behind the mysterious painting. This discovery is pivotal as it enables access to previously locked or inaccessible areas, broadening the scope of the investigation.
  • Utilization of the Ruby Key: With the Ruby Key in hand, players are equipped to unlock doors within the mansion that are essential for uncovering further clues and progressing the quest narrative. The key symbolizes the player’s advancement in solving the mansion’s mysteries and their readiness to confront the challenges that lie ahead.

The Candle Room Mystery

Gathering the Tinderbox

After navigating through the initial mysteries of the mansion, players encounter a room that further tests their problem-solving skills. This segment involves finding and utilizing a tinderbox, a common yet crucial tool in Old School RuneScape.

  • Finding the Tinderbox: Inside the mansion, players must search the shelves located in the southeastern room. This action rewards them with a tinderbox, an item pivotal for the next set of tasks. The quest design ensures that players engage with their surroundings, encouraging exploration and interaction with various objects within the mansion.

Lighting the Candles and the Barrel Fuse

With the tinderbox in hand, players are tasked with lighting candles within the same room. This act is not merely for ambiance but serves a critical purpose in solving the room’s mystery.

  • Lighting the Candles: The room contains four unlit candles placed strategically on the walls. Players must use the tinderbox to light each candle, a task that symbolizes shedding light on the darkness of the mystery they are unraveling. This step is indicative of the quest’s theme, where illumination both literally and figuratively plays a key role in discovery.
  • Activating the Barrel Fuse: The central puzzle of the room involves a barrel with a fuse, initially too damp to ignite. The lighting of the candles alters the room’s conditions, making it possible to light the fuse with the tinderbox. This action triggers an event that leads to the next phase of the quest. The explosion caused by lighting the fuse signifies breakthrough and progress, as it opens up a previously inaccessible part of the mansion, further deepening the intrigue and advancing the narrative.

Exploring the Mansion Grounds

Climbing Over the Broken Wall

After lighting the barrel fuse in the mansion, players are prompted to exit and re-enter the room, where they find a broken wall created by the explosion. This event leads to a new area of the mansion to be explored. Climbing over this damaged wall marks a significant progression in the quest, opening up previously inaccessible parts of the mansion for investigation.

The Second Note and Its Clues

Upon exploring the newly accessible area, players discover a second note. This note, found after a series of interactions around the mansion, provides crucial clues that guide the player deeper into the mystery. Reading and understanding the content of this note is essential for uncovering further secrets within the mansion and advancing the quest narrative.

Musical Clues

Playing the Piano

Players interact with a piano in the mansion, playing the sequence D-E-A-D to unlock a new clue. This task requires understanding musical notes and their arrangement, reflecting the quest’s theme of deciphering clues through various means.

Obtaining the Emerald Key

The successful completion of the piano sequence yields the Emerald Key. This key is crucial for progressing further into the mansion, unlocking doors that lead players closer to solving the mystery.

The Final Pieces

The Painting Room and the Sapphire Key

Exploration leads to a painting room where a key interaction reveals the Sapphire Key. This key is essential for accessing the final areas of the mansion, bringing players one step closer to unveiling the murderer.

Confrontation in the West Wing

The quest culminates in a confrontation within the west wing of the mansion. This encounter is pivotal, revealing significant plot twists and the quest’s resolution. The confrontation requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making, embodying the quest’s investigative and puzzle-solving element

The Final Battle

Strategy for the Mirror Puzzle

The final battle of the “Misthalin Mystery” quest involves a mirror puzzle where the player must reflect knives thrown by the killer using a mirror. The strategy requires positioning the mirror so it faces the cupboard from which the killer is attacking. Identifying the correct cupboard is aided by observing black mist. Successfully reflecting the knives back at the killer is crucial for advancing the quest.

Unmasking the Killer

After successfully navigating the mirror puzzle, the killer is unmasked in a climactic reveal. This moment is a significant plot twist, providing closure to the quest’s narrative and solving the mystery that has enveloped the mansion. The unmasking of the killer concludes the main storyline of the quest, leading to the resolution of the “Misthalin Mystery.”

Concluding Misthalin Mystery Quest

The Twist and Final Confrontation

The quest culminates in a surprising twist where the true antagonist is revealed, leading to a climactic showdown. This moment is pivotal, as it unravels the mystery that has been the quest’s central focus, providing players with a satisfying resolution to the narrative arc.

Returning to Mandy and Quest Completion

After the final confrontation and unveiling of the mystery, players return to Mandy to report their findings and achievements, marking the official completion of the quest. This return is a moment of closure, as Mandy acknowledges the player’s success in solving the mystery that plagued the mansion.

Rewards and Quest Wrap-up

Quest Rewards

Upon completing the quest, players are rewarded with 600 Crafting experience points and an assortment of uncut gems, including a ruby, an emerald, and a sapphire. These rewards not only serve as a tangible benefit for the player’s efforts but also symbolize the riches of uncovering the truth behind the mystery.

Reflections on the Mystery Solved

The conclusion of “Misthalin Mystery” leaves players with a sense of accomplishment and reflection on the journey undertaken. The quest challenges players with puzzles and twists, emphasizing the importance of observation, deduction, and critical thinking. The resolution of the mystery provides a narrative satisfaction, echoing the rewarding experience of engaging with the game’s storytelling and interactive elements.

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