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The Observatory Quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a unique adventure that guides players through the process of repairing a giant telescope within the Observatory, located north of Castle Wars. This quest involves various tasks, including gathering specific items, navigating through a dungeon filled with hazards, and ultimately observing the stars to learn about the fate of the player’s character. Completing this quest rewards players with experience in a skill, which varies depending on the constellation observed through the telescope, among other benefits. It’s an engaging quest that combines elements of exploration, puzzle-solving, and interaction with NPCs to enrich the player’s experience in the world of OSRS.

Observatory Quest OSRS

The Observatory Quest is a standalone quest in OSRS with no prerequisites in terms of skill levels or prior quest completions, making it accessible to all players who wish to undertake it. The quest’s central theme revolves around assisting the Observatory professor and his assistant in repairing the damaged telescope of the Observatory. Players will navigate through a series of tasks that include fetching items, crafting a special lens for the telescope, and finally using the repaired telescope to observe a constellation, which will determine the reward the player receives.

Observatory Quest Requirements

  • Skill or Quest Requirements: There are no skill levels or previous quest completions required to start the Observatory Quest. It is designed to be accessible for players of all levels and backgrounds, emphasizing the quest’s role in offering a varied experience to newcomers and seasoned players alike.
  • Items Needed:
    • Three Planks: These are essential for repairing parts of the Observatory and can be found in various locations around OSRS.
    • A Molten Glass: Required for crafting the lens of the telescope. Players can create molten glass by combining soda ash and a bucket of sand, both of which are purchasable from charter traders at any port.
    • A Bronze Bar: Necessary for certain repairs during the quest. Bronze bars can be crafted or bought, making them easily accessible for players.
  • Recommended Items:
    • Ring of Dueling: For easy teleportation to Castle Wars, which is close to the quest’s starting location.
    • Antipoison: The quest involves navigating through areas with poison spiders, making antipoison a useful precaution.
    • Stamina or Energy Potions: To maintain energy levels while navigating the quest’s various tasks and locations.
    • Coins: having some coins on hand for miscellaneous expenses is advised.

Preparation and Items Needed

Before embarking on the Observatory Quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players are advised to gather a specific set of items essential for completing the quest. These items are crucial for repairing the observatory’s telescope and navigating through the quest’s challenges. Preparing these items in advance will ensure a smoother quest experience, minimizing backtracking and potential delays.

List of Required Items

Three Planks

  • Usage: Necessary for various repair tasks during the quest.
  • Acquisition: Can be found north of the Barbarian Agility course. For players, especially Ironman accounts, sourcing these planks themselves adds an element of resourcefulness to the quest preparation.

A Molten Glass

  • Usage: Used to craft the lens for the observatory’s telescope, which is a pivotal part of the quest.
  • How to Make: Players can create molten glass by combining soda ash and a bucket of sand. Both ingredients are purchasable from charter traders found at any port in OSRS. This process not only requires players to engage in a bit of crafting but also ensures they are involved in every step of repairing the telescope.

A Bronze Bar

  • Usage: Integral for the repair work necessary to complete the quest objectives.
  • Acquisition: Bronze bars can be easily obtained either by smelting copper and tin ore together in a furnace or by purchasing from other players or shops within the game. This item emphasizes the quest’s reliance on basic crafting skills, making it accessible to players of all levels.

To ensure a smooth and efficient questing experience, players are advised to have a few additional items on hand. These items are not mandatory for the completion of the quest but can significantly enhance the convenience and speed at which players can navigate through the quest’s tasks and challenges.

Ring of Dueling

  • Purpose: Enables quick teleportation to Castle Wars, which is located close to the observatory, the starting point of the quest. This ring is particularly useful for saving time and avoiding long walks across the map.
  • Usage: Use the ring to teleport directly to Castle Wars. From there, players can easily make their way north to reach the observatory.


  • Purpose: Protects against poison attacks from spiders encountered within the observatory’s dungeon. Given the presence of poison spiders in the quest area, having antipoison can prevent health depletion and potential death.
  • Usage: Players should carry one or more doses of antipoison to use immediately if poisoned by spiders during the dungeon navigation part of the quest.

Stamina or Energy Potions

  • Purpose: Helps maintain the player’s running energy, allowing for faster movement throughout the quest. This is especially beneficial when navigating the dungeon or traveling between quest locations.
  • Usage: Consume as needed to replenish energy levels, ensuring that players can run for longer periods without needing to stop and recover energy naturally.

Starting the Observatory Quest

Location: How to Reach the Observatory

  • The Observatory is located north of Castle Wars, west of the Ardougne area, and south of West Ardougne. To reach the Observatory efficiently, players are advised to use a Ring of Dueling to teleport to Castle Wars. From there, travel north following the path that leads directly to the Observatory area. This route is straightforward and avoids many of the potential hazards found in the surrounding areas.

Initial Conversation: Talking to the Observatory Professor

  • To officially start the Observatory Quest, players must engage in a conversation with the Observatory Professor, who is found within the Observatory. Upon meeting him, players will go through a series of dialogue options. The correct sequence of responses to initiate the quest typically involves showing interest in the observatory’s troubles and offering help to repair the telescope. The dialogue options may vary slightly, but the general flow involves agreeing to assist with the Observatory’s restoration.

Observatory Quest Walkthrough

Step-by-Step Instructions

The quest begins in earnest once the initial conversation with the Observatory Professor is completed. Players are tasked with gathering specific items and performing actions to repair the Observatory’s telescope.

  1. Delivering Items to the Observatory Professor
    • Players need to provide the Observatory Professor with three planks, a molten glass, and a bronze bar. These items are crucial for the repair and restoration of the Observatory’s telescope. The dialogue with the professor will prompt players to hand over these items one at a time, progressing the quest with each delivery.
  2. Interacting with the Observatory Assistant
    • After delivering the necessary items to the professor, players are directed to interact with the Observatory Assistant for further instructions. The assistant provides additional context and details on the next steps, such as how to navigate the nearby dungeon to find specific tools and components needed for the telescope’s repair. This interaction is vital as it guides players on their next objectives and how to accomplish them.

The dungeon beneath the Observatory plays a crucial role in the quest, housing essential items and challenges that players must overcome. Here’s how to navigate these obstacles:

Acquiring the Super Antipoison

  • Location: Inside the dungeon, a super antipoison potion can be found. This is crucial for mitigating the poison damage from spiders within the dungeon.
  • Strategy: Upon entering the dungeon, players should look for the super antipoison potion located in a designated spot, usually on a table or within a chest. If it’s not there, players might need to hop worlds to find it, as it’s a necessary item for safely navigating through poison spider-infested areas.

Finding the Kitchen Key

  • Objective: A key is required to access the goblin kitchen within the dungeon, which is essential for progressing in the quest.
  • Method: To find the kitchen key, players need to search through chests located in the dungeon. The exact chest containing the key can vary, so players may need to search multiple chests to find it. This key is crucial for accessing the next part of the quest within the dungeon.

Avoiding Poison Spiders

  • Challenge: The dungeon is home to poison spiders, which pose a threat to players due to their poison attacks.
  • Solution: Using the super antipoison potion acquired earlier is vital for protection against these attacks. Additionally, players should move carefully through the dungeon to avoid unnecessary encounters with these spiders. If poisoned, players should immediately use an antipoison potion to neutralize the poison.

Dealing with the Goblin Kitchen

  • Final Objective in Dungeon: After obtaining the kitchen key, players must navigate to the goblin kitchen, which involves bypassing a sleeping guard.
  • Approach: The key allows access to the kitchen. Inside, players need to distract or bypass the sleeping guard to inspect the goblin stove, which yields a lens mold. This mold is critical for repairing the telescope. Players can use the environment, such as pillars, to avoid waking the guard or can choose to dispatch the guard if necessary.

Crafting the Telescope Lens

This part of the quest involves finding the necessary mold to craft the lens, creating the lens itself, and then bringing it back to the Observatory Professor to proceed with the quest.

Locating the Lens Mold

  • Objective: The lens mold is a critical item needed to craft the telescope lens. It is located within the Observatory dungeon, specifically within the goblin kitchen area.
  • Method: After navigating through the dungeon and using the kitchen key to access the goblin kitchen, players must inspect the goblin stove. This action yields the lens mold. It’s essential for players to have dealt with the sleeping guard appropriately to access the stove without interruptions.

Crafting the Lens

  • Requirements: With the lens mold in hand, players also need a piece of molten glass to craft the lens. Molten glass can be made beforehand by players through the Crafting skill by smelting soda ash and sand in a furnace.
  • Process: Once players have both the lens mold and molten glass, they must use the two items together to craft the telescope lens. This process does not require a specific Crafting level, making it accessible to all players undertaking the quest.

Returning to the Observatory Professor

  • Next Steps: After successfully crafting the telescope lens, players must return to the Observatory Professor to hand over the newly crafted lens.
  • Dialogue: Upon returning to the professor with the lens, a dialogue will trigger where the player hands over the lens to the professor. This is a pivotal moment in the quest as it signifies the completion of a major objective – the repair of the Observatory’s telescope.
  • Outcome: The professor will then proceed to install the lens into the telescope, moving the quest towards its final stages. Players are required to follow any further instructions from the professor to continue towards the quest’s completion.

Observing the Stars

Following the Professor to the Telescope

  • Action: Once the telescope lens has been crafted and installed, players must follow the Observatory Professor to the telescope area to use it.
  • Process: This involves navigating to a specific location within the Observatory where the repaired telescope is situated. The professor leads the way, guiding players to the correct spot.

Identifying the Constellation

  • Objective: The task here is to look through the telescope and identify a constellation. This is a unique part of the quest where the constellation observed can vary between players.
  • Method: Players interact with the telescope to observe the stars. A cutscene or interface will display a specific constellation that players must identify.

Reporting the Observation to the Professor

  • Next Steps: After identifying the constellation, players must report back to the Observatory Professor with their findings.
  • Dialogue: A dialogue with the professor will occur where players relay the information about the observed constellation. This step is crucial for advancing to the quest’s completion.

Completing the Observatory Quest

Receiving the Quest Rewards

  • Rewards: The rewards for completing the Observatory Quest vary depending on the constellation observed. Generally, players receive:
    • A Crafting experience reward scaled to the player’s level.
    • A unique reward based on the observed constellation, which could influence the character’s future in the game lore.
  • Details: The exact amount of experience and the nature of the additional reward are determined at this stage, emphasizing the personalized aspect of the quest’s outcome.

Quest Completion Dialogue

  • Final Interaction: The quest concludes with a dialogue between the player and the Observatory Professor, where the professor thanks the player for their help in repairing the telescope and restoring the Observatory’s functionality.
  • Closure: This dialogue signifies the official completion of the quest, often accompanied by a message in the chat box confirming that the quest has been completed and detailing the rewards received.

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