OSRS The Lost Tribe Quest Guide

The Lost Tribe quest in OSRS is an adventure that begins in the Lumbridge Castle, where players investigate a collapsed wall in the castle’s cellar, leading to the discovery of a long-lost goblin tribe known as the Dorgeshuun. The quest involves navigating through a series of tasks that include consulting with various NPCs, solving puzzles, and ultimately working towards establishing peace between the surface dwellers and the Dorgeshuun.

The Lost Tribe Quest


Required Skills

To start “The Lost Tribe” quest, players must meet the following skill requirements:

  • Level 13 Agility
  • Level 13 Thieving
  • Level 17 Mining

These skill levels are necessary for completing various tasks throughout the quest, such as navigating through tunnels and solving puzzles.

Required Quests

Players must have completed the following quests to be eligible to start “The Lost Tribe”:

  • Goblin Diplomacy
  • Rune Mysteries

Completing these quests is essential as they lay the groundwork for the storyline and access to certain areas required in The Lost Tribe quest in OSRS.

Required Items for the lost tribe Quest

Essential Items

To successfully undertake “The Lost Tribe” quest, players must have the following essential items:

  • Pickaxe: Any pickaxe that the player has the level to use is required for removing rubble within the quest. This is crucial for progressing through certain parts of the quest where physical barriers must be cleared.
  • Light Source: A light source is mandatory for navigating the dark tunnels encountered during the quest. The guide emphasizes the importance of choosing the best light source available to the player to minimize the risk of it extinguishing unexpectedly, which can be hazardous in the dark tunnels.
  • Tinderbox: Carrying a tinderbox is necessary to light the chosen light source. Given the possibility of light sources going out, having a tinderbox allows for re-lighting and continuous safe exploration of dark areas.

Recommended Items

While not strictly required, the following items are highly recommended to streamline the questing experience and facilitate rapid travel between key locations:

  • Teleports: Runes or teleport tabs for Varrock, Falador, and Lumbridge are suggested to speed up travel. These teleportation methods significantly reduce the time spent moving between the various NPCs and locations critical to the quest’s completion.

Starting the Lost Tribe Quest

Location and Initial NPC: Sigmund

  • Location: The quest begins in Lumbridge Castle. Specifically, it starts on the middle floor of the castle, within the royal bedroom, which also serves as the starting point for the Rune Mysteries quest.
  • Initial NPC: The key figure to initiate “The Lost Tribe” quest is Sigmund. He is the advisor to Duke Horatio and can be found in the same room where the quest begins. Players must approach and engage with Sigmund to kick off the quest.

How to Initiate the Quest

To formally start “The Lost Tribe” quest, players need to follow these steps:

  1. Find Sigmund: Navigate to the Lumbridge Castle and locate Sigmund on the middle floor within the designated royal bedroom.
  2. Dialogue with Sigmund: Initiate a conversation with Sigmund. During the dialogue, players should select the option that indicates their interest in helping or looking for a quest, typically phrased along the lines of “Do you have any quests for me?” or a similar inquiry that shows the player’s willingness to undertake a new task.
  3. Receive Initial Instructions: Sigmund will inform the player about a collapsed wall in the castle’s cellar and suggest that the player should ask around town if anyone saw anything related to this event. This sets the stage for the quest’s first objective, leading players to interact with various NPCs around Lumbridge to gather information.

Investigating the Collapsed Wall

Interacting with Lumbridge NPCs

After receiving the initial instructions from Sigmund to investigate the collapsed wall in the castle’s cellar, players are directed to engage with various NPCs around Lumbridge to gather clues. The quest specifies not to talk to generic NPCs like ‘man’ or ‘woman’ but to seek out named NPCs for information. Key NPCs to interact with include:

  • Duke Horatio: Located in the same room as Sigmund. He may provide initial insights into the situation.
  • The Cook: Found in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen, who might have noticed unusual activities given his location near the cellar.
  • Hans: Roams the castle grounds and can offer observations from his extensive wandering.
  • The Priest: Found in the Lumbridge Church, potentially offering a different perspective on the events.
  • Donie: A wandering NPC who might have seen something given her roaming nature.
  • Bob the Smith: Located in his shop, offering a viewpoint from a Lumbridge mainstay.

These interactions are aimed at collecting hints or admissions from NPCs about having seen a goblin or any suspicious activity related to the cellar’s collapsed wall.

Identifying the Investigation Area

The investigation area is pinpointed as the castle’s cellar, specifically:

  • Location: The cellar beneath the Lumbridge Castle kitchen. Players are directed to this location after gathering enough information from the NPCs around Lumbridge.
  • Objective: Once in the cellar, the player’s task is to examine the east wall, where a section of the wall has collapsed. This area is identifiable by the rubble blocking what appears to be a tunnel entrance on the eastern side of the cellar.

To progress with the quest, players must use their pickaxe to clear the rubble from the collapsed section of the wall, thereby revealing an entryway into the tunnel. This act of physically altering the environment serves as both a literal and metaphorical breakthrough in the quest, leading to the next phase of discovery and interaction with the Dorgeshuun tribe.

Clearing the Rubble

  • Action Required: Use any pickaxe that the player is eligible to wield on the rubble pile located in the east wall of the Lumbridge Castle’s cellar. This action is necessary to access the tunnel behind the rubble, marking the first physical task in the investigation phase of the quest.
  • Location: The specific spot in the cellar is southeast, near the kitchen area. It is identified by a visible pile of rubble blocking an opening in the wall.

Entering the Tunnel

  • Lighting the Way: Before squeezing through the newly cleared opening, players must ensure their light source is lit. This step is crucial for safely navigating the dark tunnel ahead.
  • Procedure: After lighting the light source and ensuring it remains lit, players need to interact with the hole in the wall by choosing the option to squeeze through it, thus entering the tunnel system beneath Lumbridge.

Finding the Brooch

  • Location Inside the Tunnel: Shortly after entering the tunnel, players will need to proceed a few steps southeast towards a notable spot marked by a small red dot on the mini-map. This spot indicates the location of an important quest item.
  • The Brooch: The item to be found is a brooch, which players must pick up. This brooch is crucial evidence that links to the Dorgeshuun tribe, signifying the presence and history of the tribe within the area.
  • Returning with Evidence: Once the brooch is secured, players are not advised to venture further into the tunnel. Instead, they should return through the hole to the cellar, bringing the brooch back as evidence to discuss with Duke Horatio.

Consulting with Reldo in Varrock

Varrock Library Location

  • Library Location: After discovering the brooch in the tunnel, players are instructed to consult with Reldo, the librarian, who is located in the Varrock Palace Library. The Varrock Palace is situated in the northern part of Varrock, making it easily identifiable on the map.
  • Finding Reldo: Upon reaching the Varrock Palace, players need to navigate to the library, which is located in the northernmost room of the palace. Reldo can be found within this room, surrounded by numerous bookshelves.

Obtaining the Goblin Symbol Book

  • Initiating Dialogue with Reldo: To progress in the quest, players must speak to Reldo about the brooch. During the conversation, Reldo will mention a book that might help identify the symbol on the brooch, indicating its significance to the quest.
  • Locating the Book: Reldo directs players to search the northernmost bookcase against the west wall of the library. This specific bookcase contains the Goblin Symbol Book that players need to obtain.
  • Interacting with the Book: Upon finding the book, players must click on it to add it to their inventory. It’s important to read the book, or at least flip through its pages until reaching the last page, which features a symbol matching the one found on the brooch. This action is crucial for linking the brooch to the Dorgeshuun tribe and advancing the quest narrative.

Learning About the Dorgeshuun

Visiting the Goblin Village

  • Location and Travel: After obtaining the Goblin Symbol Book from Reldo in Varrock, players are directed to the Goblin Village to uncover more about the Dorgeshuun. The Goblin Village is located north of Falador, making it accessible through various travel methods, including teleportation to Falador and walking north.
  • Objective: The primary goal of visiting the Goblin Village is to consult with the goblin generals, Wartface and Bentnoze, who are leaders of the village and may possess knowledge about the Dorgeshuun and the symbol on the brooch.

Dialogue with Generals Wartface and Bentnoze

  • Initiating Conversation: Upon arriving at the Goblin Village, players must seek out and speak to either General Wartface or General Bentnoze. These NPCs are usually found arguing with each other in the main area of the village.
  • Key Dialogue Choices: The conversation with the generals is critical for progressing the quest. Players should ask about the Dorgeshuun to prompt the generals into discussing the tribe. The dialogue options may vary, but the essence is to inquire about the Dorgeshuun and mention the symbol found on the brooch.
  • Learning About the Dorgeshuun: Through the dialogue, players will learn that the Dorgeshuun are a mythical tribe of goblins that chose to live peacefully underground, refusing to participate in wars against the gods. This revelation is significant as it highlights the peaceful nature of the Dorgeshuun, contrasting with the surface goblins’ aggressive demeanor.
  • Importance of the Dialogue: The interaction with the generals provides crucial background information on the Dorgeshuun, setting the stage for the quest’s goal of fostering peace between the tribe and the surface dwellers. Players are encouraged to pay attention to the conversation as it enriches the quest’s narrative and context.

Maze Navigation

Detailed Path Through the Tunnel

  • Entering the Tunnel: After making contact with the Dorgeshuun or learning about them, players must navigate a complex tunnel system. The entrance is through the hole cleared earlier in the Lumbridge Castle cellar.
  • Specific Directions:
    1. Start at the Brooch Location: Begin at the area where the brooch was found.
    2. East to the First Intersection: Move east until reaching the first intersection.
    3. Continue East to the Next Intersection: Proceed east again to encounter another intersection.
    4. Head North: Take a few steps north until a path going west becomes visible.
    5. Follow West: Continue west as far as possible, then the path will curve north and back around to the east.
    6. Southward Path: Look for a path leading south, follow it briefly, then take an eastward turn for a few steps, followed by a turn north.
    7. North to the Final Stretch: Continue north as far as possible, following the path as it curves east and then south. Ignore the south fork and proceed west to the final area.

Avoiding Hazards

  • Cautious Movement: The tunnel is fraught with hazards that can inflict damage if players take a wrong turn. It’s crucial to follow the path closely and avoid deviating from the instructions provided.
  • Light Source: Keeping the light source lit at all times is imperative. A failure to do so not only increases the risk of encountering hazards but also the chance of getting lost.
  • Sudden Attacks: There are risks of sudden attacks from creatures within the tunnel. Although not explicitly detailed in the path instructions, players should be prepared to encounter or evade these hazards as part of their navigation efforts.

Meeting the Dorgeshuun

First Contact with Mistag

  • Location Within the Tunnel: After navigating the maze-like tunnel, players will find themselves in a part of the tunnel where they encounter Mistag, a member of the Dorgeshuun tribe. This meeting is pivotal as it represents the first peaceful contact between the player and the Dorgeshuun.
  • Initiating Interaction: To initiate contact, players must approach Mistag. This interaction is crucial for progressing the quest and establishing a dialogue with the Dorgeshuun, leading to further developments in the quest storyline.

Performing the Goblin Bow Emote

  • Requirement for Recognition: Upon meeting Mistag, players are required to perform the Goblin Bow emote to signify peaceful intentions and to be recognized as a friend by the Dorgeshuun. This emote is a critical component of the quest, acting as a non-verbal communication method to convey goodwill.
  • Accessing the Emote: The Goblin Bow emote can be found in the player’s emote menu, identifiable by an icon showing a goblin. Players must select and perform this emote in front of Mistag to successfully communicate their peaceful stance.
  • Outcome: Successfully performing the Goblin Bow emote in front of Mistag leads to a positive reaction from him, acknowledging the player’s friendly gesture and opening up the possibility for dialogue. This action solidifies the player’s connection with the Dorgeshuun and furthers the quest’s narrative towards achieving peace between the surface dwellers and the underground tribe.

Securing Peace Between Surface and Cave Dwellers

Reporting Back to Duke Horatio

  • Task: After making contact with Mistag and learning about the Dorgeshuun’s peaceful nature, players are instructed to return to Lumbridge Castle to report their findings to Duke Horatio.
  • Process: Players must navigate back to Lumbridge Castle and find Duke Horatio, usually located on the upper floors of the castle, to inform him about the existence of the peaceful Dorgeshuun tribe and the potential for peaceful coexistence.

Confronting Sigmund

  • Context: During the process of reporting back, it becomes apparent that Sigmund, the advisor, harbors prejudices against the Dorgeshuun and may pose a threat to the peace process.
  • Action: Players are tasked with confronting Sigmund to prevent his interference. This involves pickpocketing Sigmund to obtain a key, hinting at his involvement in a scheme against the Dorgeshuun.

Retrieving Stolen Silverware

  • Objective: The quest reveals that silverware has been stolen from the castle, an act falsely attributed to the Dorgeshuun to incite conflict.
  • Method: Using the key obtained from Sigmund, players must access a chest located in Lumbridge Castle or a nearby location to retrieve the stolen silverware, proving the Dorgeshuun’s innocence.
  • Location for Recovery: The exact location where the silverware is found varies, but it is typically associated with the H.A.M. group, implicating Sigmund’s connection with them.

Negotiating the Peace Treaty

  • Final Steps: With the stolen silverware recovered and the Dorgeshuun’s peaceful intentions confirmed, players must then facilitate the negotiation of a peace treaty between Duke Horatio and the Dorgeshuun, symbolizing the quest’s culmination in securing peace.

Quest Completion and Rewards

Final Steps and Dialogue

  • Final Reporting: After securing the peace treaty between Duke Horatio and the Dorgeshuun, players must return to Lumbridge Castle for one last conversation with Duke Horatio to officially complete the quest. This dialogue confirms the successful negotiation of peace and the resolution of the conflict.
  • Confrontation with Sigmund: In some narratives, the final dialogue might include addressing the actions of Sigmund, who is revealed to have been plotting against the Dorgeshuun. The duke may take action against Sigmund based on the evidence presented by the player.
  • Celebration of Peace: The final dialogue encapsulates the celebration of the newly established peace between the surface dwellers and the Dorgeshuun, highlighting the player’s role in bridging the gap between the two communities.

Quest Rewards Overview

  • Experience Points: Players are rewarded with experience points in certain skills, which might include Agility, Thieving, Mining, or a combination thereof, as a direct reward for completing the quest.
  • Access to New Areas: Completion of “The Lost Tribe” quest often grants players access to new areas or shortcuts, such as parts of the Dorgeshuun tunnels, which can be used for faster travel around Gielinor.
  • New Emotes: The quest introduces new emotes, such as the Goblin Bow or Goblin Salute, which are unlocked upon completion of the quest, allowing players to communicate using these unique gestures.

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