Conquer Regicide Quest in OSRS: The Ultimate Quest Guide

The Regicide quest is a pivotal part of the Old School RuneScape narrative, continuing the storyline that began with the Plague City quest series. It involves the player being enlisted by King Lathas of East Ardougne to assassinate King Tyras, who has discovered a new land west of Ardougne. This quest is renowned for its challenging navigation through treacherous terrains, including the infamous Underground Pass and the elven lands of Isafdar, filled with traps and hazards. The quest is a test of a player’s agility, problem-solving skills, and combat prowess, culminating in a strategic assassination attempt on King Tyras. Completing the Regicide quest opens up further exploration in the Western lands and is a prerequisite for subsequent quests in the Elven storyline.

Regicide Quest Requirements and Recommendations

Quest Prerequisites

  • Underground Pass: Players must have completed the Underground Pass quest, which requires successful navigation of the perilous dungeon beneath West Ardougne.
  • Biohazard: Completion of the Biohazard quest is necessary, as it sets the stage for the political intrigue and the secretive mission of the Regicide quest.
  • Plague City: The starting point of the entire storyline, Plague City, must also be completed, introducing players to the plague affecting West Ardougne.

Skill Requirements

  • Agility: A minimum of 56 Agility is necessary for navigating the traps in Isafdar and the Underground Pass. This requirement can be temporarily boosted from lower levels using items like Summer Pies.
  • Crafting: While not explicitly mentioned in the quest prerequisites, having a Crafting level to create certain items may be beneficial.
  • Agility Boosters: Consumables like Summer Pies are recommended for their agility-boosting effect and health restoration.
  • Combat Equipment: The quest involves combat against a level 110 Tyras Guard, necessitating appropriate combat gear. The guard can be safespotted, so ranged or magic gear may be advantageous.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Various items are required throughout the quest, including ropes, a spade, a bow and arrows (for firing at a target in the Underground Pass), and items for making a barrel bomb (limestone, coal tar, etc.).

General Recommendations

  • Stamina Potions: Due to the extensive running and navigation involved, stamina potions are highly recommended to conserve energy.
  • Anti-poison Potions: The traps in Isafdar can poison players, making anti-poison potions a necessity.
  • Teleportation Methods: Having teleport runes or scrolls can significantly reduce travel time, especially teleports to Ardougne, Falador, and Taverley.

Preparation and Required Items For Regicide Quest

Quest Prerequisites

  • Underground Pass: A challenging quest that players must navigate successfully to access the areas critical for the Regicide quest.
  • Biohazard and Plague City: These quests introduce players to the complexities of Ardougne’s political landscape, setting the stage for the Regicide quest.

Skill Requirements

  • 56 Agility: Necessary for navigating the traps in Isafdar. This can be temporarily boosted with items like Summer Pies.
  • Crafting: Not explicitly required but beneficial for creating certain items needed within the quest.

Essential Items List

  • Bow and Arrows: Required for a specific section in the Underground Pass where players need to shoot a target to proceed.
  • Ropes: At least two ropes are essential for navigating obstacles in the Underground Pass.
  • Spade, Pestle and Mortar, Tinderbox: These items are needed for various quest-related activities, including creating the barrel bomb.
  • Limestone: Necessary for creating quicklime, a component of the barrel bomb.
  • Coal (7-15 pieces): For distilling into naphtha, another component of the barrel bomb.
  • Strip of Cloth: For the barrel bomb. Players can craft this during the quest or obtain it beforehand.
  • Cooked Rabbit: Used as a distraction during a quest segment. Players can hunt and cook a rabbit in Isafdar if they don’t have one pre-prepared.
  • Anti-Poison Potions: Isafdar’s traps can poison players, making these potions a necessity.
  • Stamina Potions: Highly recommended due to the extensive amount of running involved in the quest.
  • Food: For health restoration from trap damage and combat.
  • Combat Gear: Suitable gear for the player’s chosen combat style to defeat the Tyras Guard.
  • Agility-Boosting Gear: Such as the Graceful outfit, to reduce weight and conserve energy.

Inventory Setup

  • The inventory should include:
    • The essential items listed above.
    • Combat gear suitable for the player’s level and the Tyras Guard fight.
    • Healing food and potions for poison treatment and energy restoration.
    • Additional ropes and a plank may be helpful for navigating the Underground Pass safely.
    • Teleport runes or scrolls for quick travel to and from key locations (e.g., Ardougne, Falador).

Regicide Quest Walkthrough

Starting the Quest

Initiating the Quest at King Lathas

  • Location: Start by speaking to King Lathas in the Ardougne Castle. He will instruct you to assassinate King Tyras in the western lands.
  • Acceptance: Ensure you accept the quest from King Lathas to proceed. This is crucial for gaining access to the Underground Pass.
  • Preparation: Equip your combat gear, bring your essential items, and head to the Underground Pass entrance west of Ardougne.
  • Entry: Enter the pass, a complex dungeon filled with hazards, en route to Isafdar.

The Underground Pass

Obtaining Fire Arrows

  • Mechanism: Once inside, speak to Koftik for damp cloth, use it on your arrows, and light them at the fire near the entrance.
  • Objective: Use the fire arrows to shoot a guide rope, lowering a bridge to cross a chasm.

Crossing Traps and Obstacles

  • Path: Navigate through the traps, including rock falls, grid puzzles, and swinging ropes.
  • Key Points: Use ropes on rock outcroppings to cross chasms and a spade to dig through mud walls.
  • Agility Challenges: Be prepared for agility-based obstacles requiring careful navigation to avoid falling and incurring damage.

Arrival in Isafdar

Dealing with Traps in Isafdar

  • Environment: Isafdar is fraught with traps, including tripwires, pitfalls, and false ground.
  • Strategy: Move cautiously, watching for subtle visual cues indicating traps. Use anti-poison potions as needed due to the prevalence of poison traps.

Finding Lord Iorwerth

  • Location: Proceed through the dense forest of Isafdar, using your agility to bypass obstacles until you encounter Elf warriors.
  • Objective: Locate Lord Iorwerth in the elven camp. He will provide further instructions for infiltrating King Tyras’s camp and crafting the barrel bomb necessary for the assassination attempt.

Gathering Items for the Regicide Quest

Crafting and Gathering Essentials

  • To begin, players must gather essential items and materials required for the quest:
    • Starting Location: Begin at the limestone quarry northeast of Varrock with a pickaxe, at least 200 GP, and runes to teleport to East Ardougne, Falador, and Varrock.
    • Materials Collection: Mine limestone, purchase a bow and arrows, grab a spade from Varrock general store, mine coal at the Barbarian Village, and buy a pestle and mortar from Taverley’s herblore shop.
    • Additional Purchases: In East Ardougne, buy two or three ropes, four balls of wool, and a tinderbox from the general store.
    • Preparation: It’s advised to have anti-poison potions, a few stamina potions, a plank, and some summer pies for agility boost and health restoration.

Distilling Naphtha

  • Players need to distill coal tar into naphtha, a crucial component for creating the barrel bomb:
    • Distillation Process: Use the fractionalizing still outside the chemist’s house in Rimmington. The process involves adjusting the tar regulator and pressure valve to maintain the pressure gauge within the green zone while adding coal to control the heat.
    • Outcome: Successfully distilling the coal tar will produce a barrel of naphtha, essential for the next step.

Creating the Barrel Bomb

  • Creating the barrel bomb is a pivotal task in the quest:
    • Components: Use ground sulfur and a pot of quicklime (obtained by processing limestone and then using a pestle and mortar) on the barrel of naphtha.
    • Final Assembly: Combine these components with a strip of cloth to complete the barrel bomb, critical for the assassination attempt on King Tyras.

Infiltrating Tyras Camp

Locating and Accessing the Camp

  • Navigate through Isafdar’s dense forests and traps to locate Tyras’s camp, using the guidance of Lord Iorwerth and an elf tracker to find the precise location.

Assassination Attempt on King Tyras

  • Strategy: Use the cooked rabbit to distract the Tyras Guard, then deploy the barrel bomb by attaching it to the catapult, executing the plan to assassinate King Tyras.

Conclusion of the Quest

Reporting Back to Lord Iorwerth

  • After the assassination attempt, players must return to Lord Iorwerth to report the mission’s outcome.

Unveiling the Plot and Returning to Ardougne

  • Players are then tasked with delivering a letter to King Lathas in East Ardougne, revealing further plot developments and concluding the quest.

Combat and Enemies

Preparing for Combat

  • Gear and Potions: Players are advised to prepare for combat by equipping appropriate gear and carrying necessary potions. For the Regicide quest, considering the environment and the enemies you’ll face, gear that offers good defense against both physical and magical attacks is recommended. It’s also wise to have anti-poison potions due to the presence of poison traps in Isafdar and food for health restoration.
  • Combat Strategy: Understanding the combat style and weaknesses of the Tyras Guard can significantly impact the outcome of the battle. Players should plan their combat strategy, whether it’s melee, ranged, or magic, based on their strengths and the anticipated challenges.

Strategy for Defeating the Tyras Guard

  • Combat Style: The Tyras Guard, being the only NPC you need to kill during the quest, can be defeated using a safe-spotting strategy. This involves finding a location where the player can attack the guard without being hit back, making ranged or magic attacks the preferable methods.
  • Safe Spotting: Players should identify and utilize terrain features within the environment that can serve as safe spots. By positioning themselves correctly, they can avoid taking damage while attacking the Tyras Guard.
  • Gear and Inventory: Since the fight involves safe-spotting, the inventory should include a bow and arrows (or magic runes if using magic) for ranged attacks, along with the previously mentioned potions and food for health management.

Overcoming Isafdar’s Hazards

  • Preparation: Before entering Isafdar, ensure you have anti-poison potions, as the forest is riddled with poison traps. Stamina potions and summer pies are also recommended to manage the extensive running and agility obstacles.
  • Hazards: Players will encounter leaf traps, trip wires, and stick traps. These traps can cause significant damage and poison the player, so careful navigation is essential. Use visual cues and be prepared for trial and error in some sections.

Utilizing Shortcuts and Navigation Tips

  • Map Reference: Utilizing a map of Isafdar can be incredibly helpful for navigating the dense forest and its hazards. Maps can provide routes that minimize encounters with traps.
  • Elf Tracker: Early in the quest, players are directed to find and follow an Elf Tracker. He provides crucial guidance for navigating through the dense forest to Lord Iorwerth’s camp. Following the tracker’s instructions closely can save time and reduce encounters with traps.

Crafting the Barrel Bomb

Detailed Steps for Crafting

  • Gathering Components: The barrel bomb requires several components, including a barrel of naphtha, ground sulfur, and a pot of quicklime. Begin by distilling coal tar into naphtha at the chemist’s distiller outside Rimmington, then grind sulfur and burn limestone to create quicklime.
  • Assembly: Combine the ground sulfur and quicklime with the barrel of naphtha. Lastly, secure the concoction with a strip of cloth to finalize the barrel bomb. This item is pivotal for the quest’s climax at Tyras Camp.

Safety Measures and Tips

  • Handling Chemicals: When crafting the barrel bomb components, especially when dealing with quicklime and naphtha, ensure your character wears gloves to avoid injury.
  • Inventory Management: The barrel bomb is heavy, impacting stamina. Manage your load by utilizing stamina potions effectively and keeping your inventory as light as possible.
  • Environmental Awareness: Crafting the barrel bomb requires traversing back and forth between various locations, including potentially hazardous areas. Always keep anti-poison potions and food on hand to mitigate damage from traps and poison.

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