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Guide to Smoke Dungeon OSRS

The Smoke Dungeon is a sulfuric fire cave with minimal airflow, known for its smoky atmosphere that fills the screen with animated smoke effects. This effect is not just for show; it represents the hazardous environment of the dungeon, where players must equip specific protective gear to avoid taking damage over time. The dungeon features a variety of inhabitants, including Dust Devils, Fire Giants, Pyrefiends, and Fire Elementals, each with unique drops and characteristics. It’s designed as a single combat zone, although players are permitted to set up cannons within its confines for more efficient monster slaying.

The Smoke Dungeon holds significant importance in OSRS for several reasons:

  • Quest Requirement: Access to the Smoke Dungeon is a part of the Desert Treasure quest, one of the game’s most iconic quests. The dungeon contains elements essential for quest progression, including the challenge of lighting standing torches to open a chest that holds the key to fighting Fareed for the Smoke Diamond.
  • Slayer Tasks: It is a popular location for completing Slayer tasks, particularly for fighting Dust Devils, which require a Slayer level of 65 to harm. The dungeon offers a unique environment for players to engage with these tasks, contributing to the overall Slayer experience and rewards.
  • Unique Drops: Inhabitants of the Smoke Dungeon, like the Dust Devils, are known for dropping valuable items, including the Dust Battlestaff and the Dragon Chainbody. These drops make the dungeon a lucrative spot for players looking to profit while completing Slayer tasks or exploring.
  • Training Ground: Beyond quests and slayer tasks, the dungeon serves as an alternative training ground, offering players a way to engage in combat under unique environmental conditions. The necessity to wear protective gear against the dungeon’s smoky atmosphere adds an additional layer of strategy to navigating and fighting within its confines.

Getting Started with Smoke Dungeon OSRS

Requirements for Smoke Dungeon OSRS

Slayer Level

To engage with some of the dungeon‘s key inhabitants, specifically Dust Devils, a minimum Slayer level of 65 is required. This allows players to harm and effectively slay Dust Devils, which are among the notable creatures within the dungeon offering valuable drops.

Quest Prerequisites

Access to the Smoke Dungeon is tied to the Desert Treasure quest. Players must have started this quest to enter the dungeon. The quest involves various challenges and puzzles within the dungeon, including lighting torches to access a central chest for a key part of the quest’s progression.

Protective Gear Against Dungeon Atmosphere

Due to the hazardous smoke filling the dungeon, players must equip specific protective gear to avoid continuous damage. This includes:

  • Slayer Helmet, Face Mask, or Gas Mask: Any of these items is essential for safely navigating the dungeon’s smoky environment. While all three provide protection against the smoke, the Slayer Helmet and Face Mask also offer the necessary protection against Dust Devils’ attacks, making them preferable for those on Slayer tasks.
Combat Gear Suggestions

While specific combat gear can vary based on the player’s preferred combat style (melee, ranged, or magic), we highlight the importance of gear that balances offensive capabilities with protective measures against the inhabitants’ attacks. For instance:

  • Melee users: Should consider gear that offers high defense or prayer bonuses to mitigate damage from monsters within the dungeon.
  • Ranged and Magic users: Should prioritize gear with good magic defensive bonuses due to the magic-based attacks of some dungeon monsters, notably Dust Devils. This includes wearing armor that maximizes damage output while also keeping the player protected against retaliatory strikes.

Travel Options and Dungeon Entry

House in Pollnivneach

One of the most convenient methods to reach the Smoke Dungeon is having a player-owned house (POH) located in Pollnivneach. Players can use a House Teleport if their construction level is high enough to have relocated their house to this desert town. This option provides a quick and direct route to the dungeon’s vicinity, significantly reducing travel time.

Desert Amulet and Nardah Teleport

The Desert Amulet, particularly the Desert Amulet 2 or higher, offers another efficient way to access the Smoke Dungeon. Players can use the amulet’s teleport feature to reach Nardah quickly. From Nardah, players can then travel west to reach the dungeon. This method is especially beneficial for players who have earned the amulet through the completion of the Desert Achievement Diary, providing a reliable and repeatable teleport option close to the dungeon.

Carpet Ride from Shantay Pass

For players without the above amenities or who are seeking an alternative route, the Magic Carpet ride from Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach serves as a viable travel option. This method involves a small fee but is accessible to all players, regardless of their quest or achievement diary progress. After arriving in Pollnivneach via carpet, players can make their way to the dungeon. This traditional method of desert travel encapsulates the adventurous spirit of OSRS, offering a scenic yet slightly slower approach to dungeon access.

Safety Precautions

Mandatory Protective Gear

To safely navigate the Smoke Dungeon, players must wear specific protective gear due to the hazardous smoke filling the area. This includes a Slayer Helmet, Face Mask, or Gas Mask. Without one of these items, players will suffer continuous damage over time from the dungeon’s atmosphere. While the Gas Mask provides basic protection against the smoke, the Slayer Helmet or Face Mask is essential for those engaging in combat with Dust Devils within the dungeon, as they offer both atmospheric protection and defense against the monsters’ attacks.

Single Combat Zone and Cannon Use

The Smoke Dungeon is designated as a single combat zone, meaning players can only engage in combat with one monster at a time under normal circumstances. However, the use of Dwarf Multicannons is permitted within the dungeon. This allows players to deal damage to multiple monsters simultaneously, effectively increasing their combat efficiency and Slayer experience rates. The ability to use a cannon in the dungeon is particularly advantageous for completing Slayer tasks more quickly or when farming specific monsters for drops. Players should consider this unique aspect when planning their dungeon strategy, as it opens up opportunities for more advanced combat tactics and potentially more lucrative farming sessions.

Smoke Dungeon Inhabitants and Their Locations

Dust Devils

Dust Devils are a notable inhabitant of the Smoke Dungeon, recognized for their valuable drops and the requirement to complete specific Slayer tasks. They are found within the smoky depths of the dungeon, presenting a unique challenge to players.

Combat Level and Safe Spots
  • Combat Level: Dust Devils in the Smoke Dungeon have a combat level of 93. They are non-aggressive creatures that require a Slayer level of 65 to harm.
  • Safe Spots: The dungeon layout allows for strategic positioning, where players can use safe spots to engage Dust Devils without taking damage. These areas enable ranged or magic attacks from a distance, making it possible to complete tasks efficiently while minimizing the risk of harm.

Fire Giants

Fire Giants are another group of inhabitants within the Smoke Dungeon, though they only make up a small fraction of the dungeon’s population. These creatures are known for being aggressive and have a variety of drops that can be beneficial for mid-level players. While other locations in Gielinor might offer more concentrated encounters with Fire Giants, the Smoke Dungeon still serves as a viable spot for players looking to engage these monsters.


Pyrefiends are located within the dungeon and are known for their combat level of 43. They are non-aggressive creatures that can still pose a threat due to their magic melee attacks. Players often seek out Pyrefiends for Slayer tasks, as they provide a relatively accessible challenge for those looking to increase their Slayer experience.

Fire Elementals

The weakest monsters inside the Smoke Dungeon are the Fire Elementals. Despite their lower combat level, they compensate with a heart of gold and a variety of herb and rune drops. These elementals add to the diversity of creatures players can encounter within the dungeon, offering opportunities for both combat training and resource gathering.

Points of Interest

Desert Treasure Quest Features

The Smoke Dungeon is integral to the Desert Treasure quest, one of OSRS’s most iconic and challenging quests. Within the dungeon, players encounter specific quest-related challenges, including:

  • Standing Torches: Players must light four standing torches located at each corner of the dungeon. This action is essential to progress within the quest, as it unlocks the ability to access a central area.
  • Burnt Chest: After lighting the torches, players can open the burnt chest located in the middle of the dungeon. The chest contains a key crucial for the quest progression.
  • Fareed Encounter: The key from the burnt chest allows players to unlock a gate to confront Fareed, one of the quest’s bosses. Defeating Fareed is necessary to obtain the Smoke Diamond, a key item for completing the Desert Treasure quest.

Noteworthy Drops and Farming Tips

The Smoke Dungeon is not only significant for questing but also offers valuable farming opportunities due to the unique drops from its inhabitants:

  • Dust Devils: Known for dropping the Dust Battlestaff and the rare Dragon Chainbody. These items are sought after for their value and utility. Players engaging Dust Devils for Slayer tasks or general farming should consider using magic attacks or safe spots to efficiently deal with them.
  • Farming Tips: To maximize efficiency and profit while farming in the Smoke Dungeon, players are encouraged to utilize the dungeon’s layout to their advantage, leveraging safe spots for combat. Additionally, bringing along gear that optimizes magic defense and offensive capabilities can help reduce downtime and increase farming rates. Players should also consider inventory management strategies to extend their farming sessions, such as using alchemy spells to convert drops into gold or bringing along a gem bag.

Detailed Guide to Slayer Tasks

Dust Devils Slayer Task

Preparations and Equipment

To effectively engage in a Dust Devils Slayer task, players must first ensure they meet the minimum Slayer level requirement of 65. The task requires entering the Smoke Dungeon, for which players must have started the Desert Treasure quest to gain access. Equipping protective gear against the dungeon’s smoky atmosphere is mandatory, with the Slayer Helmet or Face Mask being essential to prevent continuous health depletion.

Recommended Gear:

  • Protective Gear: Slayer Helmet or Face Mask for smoke protection.
  • Combat Gear: Depending on the player’s preferred style:
    • Melee Gear: High defensive or prayer bonuses.
    • Magic Gear: Gear with high magic accuracy and defense.
    • Ranged Gear: Effective for safe-spotting; prioritize magic defense and ranged attack bonuses.
Location and Killing Strategy

Dust Devils are located deep within the Smoke Dungeon. Upon entering, navigate the dungeon to find the Dust Devils in their designated area.

Killing Strategy:

  • Melee Users: Engage directly, utilizing high defensive gear and prayers to mitigate damage.
  • Magic and Ranged Users: Can stand at a distance, using the dungeon’s layout to their advantage, focusing on accuracy and defensive bonuses to reduce incoming damage.
Safe Spot Method

The Smoke Dungeon’s layout includes specific areas where players can engage Dust Devils without being hit back, known as safe spots. These locations are crucial for players using ranged or magic to efficiently complete their Slayer tasks while minimizing the risk of taking damage.

Implementing the Safe Spot Method:

  • Locate the safe spots within the Dust Devils area of the dungeon.
  • Use ranged or magic attacks to draw the attention of Dust Devils while positioning yourself in such a way that they cannot hit you due to obstacles.
  • This method is particularly effective for players looking to conserve health and resources, allowing for prolonged Slayer tasks within the dungeon.

Smoke Devils Slayer Task

Efficient XP Strategies

Completing a Smoke Devils Slayer task efficiently involves maximizing experience points (XP) per hour. This can be achieved through:

  • Superior Encounters: Engaging Superior Smoke Devils when they spawn, as they offer significantly higher Slayer XP and the chance for unique drops. These require purchasing the “Bigger and Badder” Slayer reward.
  • Cannon Use: Placing a Dwarf Multicannon within the Smoke Devil’s cavern to hit multiple targets simultaneously, thus increasing the XP rate.
  • Magic Barrage Spells: Utilizing area-of-effect (AoE) magic spells, such as Ice Barrage, to hit multiple Smoke Devils at once for efficient slaying and XP gain.

Bonepile Lure Method

The Bonepile Lure is a specific technique designed to cluster Smoke Devils around a central bonepile within their cavern, making them easier to hit with AoE attacks. This method significantly increases the efficiency of Slayer tasks by allowing players to damage multiple Smoke Devils with each cast or cannonball.

Implementing the Bonepile Lure:

  • Identify the bonepile within the Smoke Devil cavern.
  • Position yourself and use your attacks to lure Smoke Devils towards the pile.
  • Once clustered, utilize AoE attacks or cannon fire to engage multiple enemies simultaneously.

Gear and Positioning

Choosing the right gear and positioning oneself correctly are crucial for maximizing efficiency during Smoke Devils Slayer tasks.

Recommended Gear:

  • Magic Users: Best-in-slot magic attack gear for maximizing damage with AoE spells. This includes items like the Occult Necklace for increased magic damage, and the Ancestral Robe set for its magic attack bonuses.
  • Cannon Users: Gear that balances between defensive capabilities and prayer bonuses to maintain protection prayers longer.


  • For Cannon Users: Place the cannon strategically within the cavern to maximize its range over the largest possible number of Smoke Devils.
  • For Magic Users Using the Bonepile Lure: Stand in a position that allows you to hit the clustered Smoke Devils with your AoE spells without drawing aggro, utilizing safe spots if necessary.

Additional Tips:

  • Always have an Imbued Heart or Magic Potions to boost your magic level for higher damage output.
  • Consider wearing items that restore prayer points or reduce prayer point consumption to maintain protective prayers for longer periods.

Recap of Key Strategies

For Dust Devils Slayer Task:

  • Preparations and Equipment: Ensure you have a minimum Slayer level of 65 and have started the Desert Treasure quest for dungeon access. Wear a Slayer Helmet or Face Mask to protect against the smoky atmosphere.
  • Location and Killing Strategy: Utilize melee for direct engagement or ranged/magic from safe spots. Equip gear with high defensive or prayer bonuses for melee, or magic accuracy and defense for ranged/magic attacks.
  • Safe Spot Method: Leverage the dungeon’s layout to engage Dust Devils without retaliation, ideal for ranged and magic users to minimize damage and conserve resources.

For Smoke Devils Slayer Task:

  • Efficient XP Strategies: Use the “Bigger and Badder” Slayer reward for Superior encounters, place a Dwarf Multicannon for additional damage, and employ AoE magic spells for groups of Smoke Devils.
  • Bonepile Lure Method: Cluster Smoke Devils around a central bonepile to hit multiple targets with AoE attacks or cannon fire, enhancing task efficiency.
  • Gear and Positioning: Opt for best-in-slot magic gear to maximize damage with AoE spells or balance defensive gear and prayer bonuses for cannon users. Position strategically to maximize AoE spell effectiveness or cannon range.

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