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Springer Mount GW2 Unlocking Guide

The Springer Mount is an integral part of the Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire expansion, offering players an entirely new dimension of exploration and mobility. Introduced as a bunny-like creature, the Springer is not just a mode of transportation but a key to accessing previously unreachable areas within the game. Its unique ability to perform high jumps allows players to explore vertical landscapes, adding depth and variety to the gaming experience.

Springer Mount

The Springer is characterized by its large, kangaroo-like leaps, setting it apart from other mounts in “Guild Wars 2.” This mount is designed to navigate the vertical terrains prevalent in the Path of Fire expansion. Its appearance resembles a large, robust rabbit with strong hind legs, ideal for its signature high jumps. The Springer’s jumping ability is not only useful for traversal but also crucial in solving various puzzles and reaching mastery points located in high places.

Key Features:

  • High Jump Ability: Allows for vertical exploration and overcoming tall obstacles.
  • Terrain Navigation: Essential for navigating the varied landscapes in the Path of Fire expansion.
  • Unique Design: A bunny-like aesthetic that adds to the visual diversity of the game’s mounts.

Importance of the Springer Mount in Path of Fire

In “Guild Wars 2,” mounts are more than just a means of faster travel; they significantly impact how players interact with the game world. The Springer Mount, in particular, is vital in the Path of Fire expansion for several reasons:

  1. Access to New Areas: Many areas in the expansion are designed with vertical exploration in mind. The Springer’s high jumping ability is often the only way to reach these areas, making it indispensable for thorough exploration.
  2. Solving Puzzles and Challenges: Numerous puzzles and challenges in Path of Fire require the unique abilities of the Springer. Its capacity to reach high places often is the key to solving these in-game puzzles.
  3. Efficient Exploration: The Springer reduces the time taken to traverse challenging terrains, making the exploration of the vast desert landscapes more efficient and enjoyable.
  4. Mastery Point Acquisition: Obtaining Mastery Points, which are essential for character progression and unlocking new abilities, is often facilitated by the Springer’s unique movement capabilities.
  5. Enhanced Game Experience: The Springer adds a unique and fun element to the game, enhancing the overall player experience with its distinctive mechanics and playful design.

Prerequisites for Unlocking the Springer Mount

Obtaining the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2” requires fulfilling certain prerequisites, ensuring players are adequately prepared for the challenges in the Path of Fire expansion. These prerequisites are pivotal for a smooth and successful journey towards acquiring the Springer.

Accessing the Path of Fire Expansion

  1. Expansion Purchase: The foremost requirement is owning the Path of Fire expansion. Players must purchase this expansion to access the new content, including the Springer Mount.
  2. Game Account: An active “Guild Wars 2” account is necessary. Players should ensure their account is in good standing and has access to the Path of Fire content.
  3. Expansion Activation: After purchasing, players need to activate the Path of Fire expansion on their account. This process typically involves entering a code provided at the time of purchase.
  4. Updating the Game: Ensure the game client is updated to the latest version, as this will include all the necessary files and updates for the Path of Fire expansion.

Initial Requirements: Level and Gear

  1. Character Level: To effectively participate in the Path of Fire content, a character should ideally be at level 80. This is the maximum level in “Guild Wars 2” and allows players to handle the challenges and enemies in the expansion.
  2. Level Boost: For players who do not have a level 80 character, the Path of Fire expansion includes a Level 80 Boost. This can be used to instantly upgrade one character to the maximum level, making them expansion-ready.
  3. Appropriate Gear: Having level-appropriate gear is crucial. This includes armor, weapons, and trinkets that match or are close to level 80. The gear should be optimized for the player’s preferred playstyle and character build.
  4. Understanding Game Mechanics: A good grasp of the core game mechanics, such as combat, movement, and character skills, is highly beneficial. This understanding will be crucial when navigating the challenges in the Path of Fire areas.
  5. Completion of Certain Story Elements: While not strictly mandatory, it is recommended to have completed significant portions of the base game’s storyline and the Heart of Thorns expansion (if owned). This provides a richer understanding of the game’s narrative context as players enter the new areas in Path of Fire.

Starting with the Raptor Mount

Before delving into the journey of obtaining the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2,” players must first start with acquiring and mastering the Raptor Mount. The Raptor serves as an essential stepping stone, not only as a prerequisite for the Springer but also as a tool for navigating the Path of Fire expansion effectively.

Acquiring the Raptor Mount

  1. Initial Encounter: The Raptor Mount is introduced early in the Path of Fire storyline. Players encounter the Raptor after completing the first story mission of the expansion.
  2. Completing the Story Quest: To acquire the Raptor, players must complete the introductory story mission, which involves a series of objectives culminating in the player being granted the Raptor Mount.
  3. First Interaction: Upon completion of the mission, players will have their first interaction with the Raptor, learning its basic movement and abilities.
  4. Raptor as a Travel Companion: Once acquired, the Raptor becomes a permanent part of the player’s mount collection, available for use throughout the game world.

Mastery Points for the Raptor: An Overview

  1. Importance of Mastery Points: Mastery Points are essential for enhancing the abilities of the Raptor, making it more efficient and unlocking new capabilities.
  2. Earning Mastery Points: Players earn Mastery Points by engaging in various activities within the Path of Fire expansion, including completing specific achievements, story missions, and exploring hidden locations.
  3. Specific Mastery Abilities:
    • Canyon Jumping: This is the third skill in the Raptor’s mastery track and is pivotal for obtaining the Springer Mount. It allows the Raptor to leap across much greater distances, which is necessary to reach the area where the Springer can be unlocked.
    • Tail Spin: A combat skill that enables the Raptor to attack enemies, adding a tactical advantage to its capabilities.
    • Bond of Vigor: An ability that enhances the Raptor’s endurance, allowing for more frequent use of its special movement abilities.
  4. Upgrading the Raptor: To upgrade the Raptor, players must spend Mastery Points in the Raptor’s skill tree. This involves not only acquiring the points but also earning enough experience to unlock each subsequent upgrade.
  5. Strategic Use of Masteries: Players should strategically plan the allocation of Mastery Points to maximize the utility of the Raptor, especially focusing on unlocking the Canyon Jumping ability as it directly impacts the ability to acquire the Springer Mount.

Earning Mastery Points for the Raptor

Mastery Points are a key component in enhancing the capabilities of the Raptor Mount in “Guild Wars 2,” especially for obtaining the Springer Mount. These points are crucial for upgrading the Raptor’s abilities, including the pivotal Canyon Jumping Mastery.

Locations of Mastery Points in Path of Fire

  1. Specific Mastery Point Locations:
    • Main City Spawn Points: Several Mastery Points can be found around the main city where players spawn in the Path of Fire expansion.
    • Map Exploration: Mastery Points are often awarded for exploring new areas, completing jumping puzzles, and discovering hidden locations within the expansion.
    • Story Missions: Completing certain story missions in Path of Fire awards Mastery Points.
    • Achievements: Certain achievements in the game, often related to exploration and combat challenges, provide Mastery Points upon completion.
  2. Strategic Locations:
    • Players should focus on areas that are accessible with the base abilities of the Raptor to accumulate enough points for the Canyon Jumping upgrade.

Strategies for Earning Mastery Points Quickly

  1. Completing Story Chapters: Early chapters of the Path of Fire story are a straightforward way to earn initial Mastery Points.
  2. Targeted Exploration: Focus on exploring areas known to have Mastery Points, especially those reachable with the basic Raptor abilities.
  3. Achievement Hunting: Identify and complete specific achievements that reward Mastery Points, balancing effort with the potential rewards.
  4. Community Events and Guides: Participating in community events or following guides can provide efficient paths to accumulating Mastery Points.
  5. Prioritizing Easier Challenges: Initially focus on challenges and achievements that are less time-consuming to maximize Mastery Point gain.

Upgrading the Raptor: Canyon Jumping Mastery

Understanding Canyon Jumping Ability

The Canyon Jumping ability is a significant upgrade for the Raptor, greatly enhancing its leap distance. This ability is essential for traversing larger gaps and reaching areas that are otherwise inaccessible. It’s especially critical for accessing the Springer Mount location.

Unlocking the Canyon Jumping Skill

  1. Mastery Point Allocation: Once enough Mastery Points are earned, allocate them to the Raptor’s Canyon Jumping skill in the Mastery panel.
  2. Earning Experience: After allocating points, players need to earn experience to fully unlock the skill. This can be done through various in-game activities like completing events, exploring, and combat.
  3. Skill Activation: Upon earning sufficient experience and allocating the required Mastery Points, the Canyon Jumping ability becomes active, significantly enhancing the Raptor’s jumping capability.
  4. Practical Application: Players should practice using the enhanced jump to understand its mechanics, such as timing and distance, which will be crucial for reaching the Springer Mount area.

Successfully navigating to the location of the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2” requires a combination of skilled use of the Raptor Mount and knowledge of the Path of Fire landscape. This section guides players through the journey to the Springer’s location, highlighting key areas and tactics.

Detailed Map and Route to Springer Location

  1. Starting Point – Main City in Path of Fire:
    • The journey typically begins in the main city where players first spawn in the Path of Fire expansion.
  2. Key Waypoints:
    • Diviner’s Passage: A crucial waypoint in the journey. Players should pass through here to head towards the Springer location.
    • Highjump Ranch: The exact location where the Springer can be obtained. It’s located in the Desert Highlands, north of the Diviner’s Passage.
  3. Route Description:
    • From the main city, head towards the Diviner’s Passage, located at the southern edge of the Desert Highlands.
    • Navigate through the Diviner’s Passage to reach the Desert Highlands.
    • Travel north within the Desert Highlands to locate the Highjump Ranch Waypoint.
    • The Springer Mount is located in close proximity to the Highjump Ranch.
  4. Map Markers:
    • It is advisable to set map markers or waypoints to stay on course and ensure the correct path is followed.

Overcoming Geographic Challenges with Raptor

  1. Utilizing the Raptor’s Abilities:
    • The Raptor’s enhanced jump, particularly after upgrading with the Canyon Jumping Mastery, is vital for crossing large gaps and canyons that are common in the Desert Highlands.
  2. Identifying Jump Points:
    • Certain areas may require precise jumping. Players should identify and approach these jump points with the Raptor to successfully navigate across.
  3. Avoiding Obstacles:
    • The route may have enemies and environmental hazards. Use the Raptor’s mobility to avoid or navigate through these challenges effectively.
  4. Practice and Patience:
    • Mastering the Raptor’s enhanced abilities might take some practice. Players should familiarize themselves with the timing and distance of the jumps.
  5. Alternative Routes:
    • If a particular path proves too challenging, look for alternative routes that might offer an easier path to the Springer location.

Completing the Springer Heart Quest

The Springer Heart Quest is a crucial step in obtaining the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2.” This quest involves specific tasks and interactions in the Highjump Ranch area, and successful completion is required to gain access to the Springer Mount.

Finding and Starting the Heart Quest

  1. Location of the Heart Quest:
    • The Heart Quest is located at Highjump Ranch in the Desert Highlands area, which is north of the Diviner’s Passage.
    • Players can identify the location by looking for a heart icon on the map when they are in the vicinity of Highjump Ranch.
  2. Initiating the Quest:
    • The quest begins automatically when a player enters the Highjump Ranch area.
    • An NPC (Non-Player Character) near the entrance of the Ranch typically provides initial guidance and objectives for the Heart Quest.
  3. Understanding the Quest Objectives:
    • The objectives of the Heart Quest usually involve helping around the Ranch by performing various tasks, which could include gathering items or dealing with threats.

Interacting with the Heart Quest NPC

Successfully interacting with the Heart Quest NPC is a key component in the process of obtaining the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2.” This interaction involves specific steps and requirements that players must fulfill.

Locating the Heart Quest NPC

  1. NPC Position:
    • The Heart Quest NPC is typically located near the heart icon on the map in the Highjump Ranch area within the Desert Highlands.
    • This NPC is usually found in a central or prominent location within the ranch, often where the quest activities are concentrated.
  2. Visual Identification:
    • The NPC is distinguished by a unique appearance or symbol above their head, making them easily identifiable among other characters in the area.
  3. Map Assistance:
    • The game’s map often provides hints or markers to guide players to the NPC’s location, especially after completing the Heart Quest objectives.

Required Items and Gold for the Springer Mount

  1. Completion of Heart Quest:
    • Before the Springer can be purchased, players must complete the Heart Quest at Highjump Ranch.
  2. Gold Requirement:
    • The Springer Mount typically requires a payment of 1 gold coin. Players should ensure they have this amount available.
  3. Additional Resources:
    • In some cases, additional items like trade contracts or specific quest items might be required. Players should check with the NPC for any extra requirements.

Acquiring the Springer Mount

Finalizing the Purchase of the Mount
  1. Interaction with NPC:
    • After completing the Heart Quest and gathering the necessary gold and items, players must interact with the Heart Quest NPC to initiate the purchase.
  2. Mount Purchase:
    • The NPC provides an option to purchase the Springer Mount. Players should select this option and confirm the transaction.
  3. Resource Exchange:
    • The required gold and any other items are exchanged, and the Springer Mount is unlocked for the player.
Understanding Springer Mount Abilities
  1. High Jump Ability:
    • The Springer is known for its high jump ability, enabling players to reach elevated areas and traverse vertical terrains.
  2. Charge Jump Mechanic:
    • The Springer’s jump can be charged by holding down the jump key, allowing for varying jump heights based on the charge duration.
  3. Combat Utility:
    • While the Springer is not primarily a combat mount, its ability to reach high places can provide strategic advantages in combat situations.
  4. Exploration Enhancement:
    • The Springer opens up new areas for exploration, making it invaluable for completing certain puzzles, challenges, and accessing hard-to-reach Mastery Points.
  5. Further Upgrades:
    • Like other mounts in “Guild Wars 2,” the Springer has its own Mastery track, which can be pursued to enhance its abilities and unlock new features.

Utilizing the Springer Mount

Effectively utilizing the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2” enhances the gaming experience, especially in the Path of Fire expansion. Understanding its abilities and how to use them in various situations is key to maximizing the benefits of this unique mount.

Mastery Points Specific to Springer

  1. Unlocking Springer Abilities:
    • The Springer has its own set of Mastery tracks which can be unlocked using Mastery Points specific to the Path of Fire expansion.
  2. High Vault Mastery:
    • One of the significant upgrades is the High Vault, which allows the Springer to jump even higher, accessing more challenging areas.
  3. Earning Mastery Points for Springer:
    • These points can be earned by completing specific challenges, achievements, and events in the Path of Fire regions.

Situations and Strategies for Using Springer

  1. Vertical Exploration:
    • Use the Springer’s high jump ability to explore vertical terrains and access high places that are otherwise unreachable.
  2. Completing Puzzles and Challenges:
    • Leverage the Springer’s unique jumping ability to solve jumping puzzles and challenges scattered throughout the game.
  3. Combat Situations:
    • While the Springer is not primarily designed for combat, its high jump can be used to escape from tough situations or reach advantageous positions.
  4. Resource Gathering:
    • Use the Springer to reach high places where resources or collectibles might be located.
  5. Mastery Point Collection:
    • The Springer is essential for reaching certain Mastery Points that require vertical traversal.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Addressing Frequent Challenges in Unlocking Springer

  1. Difficulty in Completing Heart Quest:
    • Focus on efficient task completion strategies and ask for assistance from other players if necessary.
  2. Insufficient Gold or Resources:
    • Engage in activities that yield gold, such as completing events, selling items, or participating in trading post transactions.
  3. Navigational Challenges:
    • Utilize the game’s map and community resources like guides and forums for better navigation to the Springer location.

Recap of Key Steps in Obtaining the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2”

Obtaining the Springer Mount in the “Guild Wars 2” Path of Fire expansion involves a series of steps that players must carefully navigate. Here’s a recap of these key steps:

  1. Accessing the Path of Fire Expansion:
    • Ensure you have purchased and activated the Path of Fire expansion.
    • Your character should ideally be at level 80 or use the Level 80 Boost provided with the expansion.
  2. Acquiring the Raptor Mount:
    • Complete the first story mission of the Path of Fire expansion to obtain the Raptor Mount.
    • Familiarize yourself with the Raptor’s basic abilities for easier navigation through the game.
  3. Earning Mastery Points for the Raptor:
    • Participate in activities within the Path of Fire to earn Mastery Points.
    • Prioritize earning Mastery Points in locations accessible by the basic abilities of the Raptor.
  4. Upgrading the Raptor with Canyon Jumping Mastery:
    • Allocate earned Mastery Points to unlock the Canyon Jumping ability for the Raptor.
    • This enhanced jumping ability is crucial for reaching the Springer Mount location.
  5. Navigating to the Springer Mount Location:
    • Travel to the Highjump Ranch in the Desert Highlands, north of the Diviner’s Passage.
    • Use the Canyon Jumping ability of the Raptor to overcome geographical challenges along the way.
  6. Completing the Springer Heart Quest:
    • Once at Highjump Ranch, engage in the Heart Quest specific to that area.
    • Complete various tasks such as gathering items or defeating enemies.
  7. Interacting with the Heart Quest NPC:
    • After completing the Heart Quest, locate the NPC responsible for the Springer Mount transaction.
    • Ensure you have the required 1 gold coin and any additional items needed.
  8. Acquiring the Springer Mount:
    • Finalize the purchase of the Springer Mount from the Heart Quest NPC.
    • The Springer Mount will then be added to your collection of mounts.
  9. Learning to Use the Springer Mount:
    • Practice using the Springer’s unique high jump ability to familiarize yourself with its mechanics.
    • Consider earning Mastery Points specific to the Springer to unlock further abilities.

In conclusion, obtaining the Springer Mount in “Guild Wars 2” is a rewarding process that requires completing specific story missions, mastering the Raptor Mount, navigating through the Desert Highlands, and completing the Heart Quest at Highjump Ranch. Following these steps diligently will enable players to successfully acquire and utilize the Springer Mount, enhancing their exploration capabilities in the game.

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