Stronghold Slayer Dungeon in OSRS: Safespots, Cannons, and Monster Strategies

Welcome to the ultimate Stronghold Slayer Dungeon Guide, The Stronghold Slayer Cave is a pivotal location in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) for players seeking to train or complete Slayer tasks. This guide, drawing exclusively from the video scripts, offers a deep dive into what makes the cave such a critical spot for a diverse array of players, including mid-level adventurers, pures, and ironmen.

Overview of the Stronghold Slayer Dungeon

The cave is introduced as a highly popular destination for players looking to engage in Slayer tasks or level up their combat skills. Its layout is described as not overly complex or intimidating, housing a variety of monsters that cater to different levels of player ability and Slayer task requirements. The guide highlights the convenience of accessing the cave, with the fastest method being the use of a Slayer Ring, which teleports players directly in front of the cave entrance. Additionally, Spirit Trees are mentioned as an alternative means of getting close to the cave, emphasizing the cave’s accessibility from different parts of the game world.

Importance for Mid-Level Players, Pures, and Ironmen

The Stronghold Slayer Cave is particularly significant for mid-level players, pures, and ironmen for several reasons:

  • Mid-Level Players: The cave offers a range of monsters that are suitable for mid-level players to train on, providing a balanced mix of challenge and reward. The ability to use safe spots and cannons can help these players train more efficiently, maximizing their experience gains while minimizing the risks associated with direct combat.
  • Pures: For pures, the cave presents an opportunity to engage in combat without significantly risking their specialized stats. The guide details safe spots and strategic positions that can be used to effectively slay monsters while preserving the pure’s combat build. This aspect of the cave makes it an appealing location for pures looking to level up or complete Slayer tasks without compromising their combat effectiveness.
  • Ironmen: Ironmen, who are restricted from trading with other players, find the cave to be a valuable resource for gathering Slayer experience and obtaining drops independently. The cave’s variety of monsters ensures that ironmen can find suitable targets for their Slayer tasks, while the information on safe spots and cannon use aids in soloing these monsters more effectively.

Accessing the Cave

Gaining entry to the Stronghold Slayer Cave efficiently is crucial for optimizing Slayer tasks and combat training sessions. Based on the video scripts, this section details the fastest methods for arriving at the cave, highlighting the use of Slayer Rings and Spirit Trees, as well as providing guidance on initial orientation upon entering the cave.

Fastest Methods of Arrival

The cave’s accessibility is a key factor in its popularity among players. The scripts outline two primary methods for quick access:

Using Slayer Rings

  • Slayer Rings: The most direct route to the cave is through the use of Slayer Rings. These rings allow players to teleport directly in front of the cave entrance, offering immediate access. Slayer Rings can be obtained from a Slayer master or crafted by players with the required crafting level and Slayer points to unlock the ability.

Spirit Trees and Proximity to Gnome Stronghold

  • Spirit Trees: For those without access to Slayer Rings or seeking an alternative, Spirit Trees provide a viable means of travel. Players can use Spirit Trees to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold and then proceed west towards the cave. This method is noted for its convenience and accessibility from various locations around the game world, including the option to plant a Spirit Tree in the player’s own house for even quicker access.

Entrance and Initial Orientation

Upon arriving at the Stronghold Slayer Cave, players are presented with a layout that, while not overly complicated, requires some initial navigation to maximize the efficiency of their Slayer tasks or combat training.

  • Initial Orientation: The scripts emphasize the importance of familiarizing oneself with the cave’s layout early on. Upon entry, players can consult the in-game map to get a sense of the cave’s structure and the location of various monster areas. Understanding where different monsters reside within the cave can help players plan their movements and combat strategies more effectively.

Navigating the Stronghold Slayer Cave efficiently is crucial for optimizing slayer tasks and maximizing combat training efficiency. The video scripts provide valuable insights into the cave’s layout, highlighting key locations and their strategic importance, along with combat strategies tailored to the unique environment of the cave.

Layout Overview

The Stronghold Slayer Cave is described as a manageable area that, despite its simplicity, houses a variety of monsters suitable for different levels of players. The cave is not intimidating in size, making it a popular choice for players looking to complete slayer tasks or level up their combat skills.

Key Locations and Their Strategic Importance

  • Bloodvelds and Safe Spots: Specific areas within the cave, such as the locations for bloodvelds, are highlighted for their proximity to safe spots. These spots allow players to engage in combat without taking damage, crucial for those with lower defense levels or those looking to conserve resources.
  • Ankous, Hellhounds, and Fire Giants: The guide points out the optimal locations for engaging with ankous, hellhounds, and fire giants. Each of these monster areas is associated with strategic cannon placements and safe spots that can significantly enhance the efficiency of slayer tasks. For example, the area for hellhounds includes recommended cannon spots and multiple safe spots for ranged attacks.

Combat Strategies for Stronghold Slayer Dungeon

General Combat Tips for Cave Encounters

  • The scripts offer general advice for engaging in combat within the cave, such as the utilization of cannons for increased damage output and the strategic placement of these cannons to maximize their effectiveness. The importance of positioning to take advantage of safe spots is underscored, allowing players to minimize damage while dealing with monsters.

Importance of Slayer Helmets and Combat Style Selection

  • Slayer Helmets: The use of Slayer Helmets is strongly recommended due to their bonuses during slayer tasks. These helmets not only enhance the player’s damage and accuracy against assigned monsters but also provide essential defense bonuses.
  • Combat Style Selection: The guide advises on selecting the appropriate combat style for different monsters within the cave. For instance, while melee might be more effective for certain tasks, ranged attacks can be preferable in situations where safe spots are available. The discussion includes the comparison between using a Slayer Helmet versus a Salve Amulet, especially when dealing with ankous, highlighting the intricacies of optimizing gear for specific encounters.


Safe Spotting and Cannon Placement

  • No Safe Spot for First Location: The initial bloodveld location near the cave entrance doesn’t offer a safe spot, typically attracting players who prefer melee combat right next to their cannon for quick reloads.
  • Additional Safe Spotting Options: Further in, other spots allow for safe spotting, especially useful for ranged attackers. One notable spot is slightly north of the third location, where players can engage bloodvelds without retaliation.

Comparison of Melee and Ranged Tactics

  • Melee vs. Ranged: While melee is straightforward, using ranged tactics in conjunction with safe spots can significantly reduce damage taken, making it an appealing option for conserving resources.


Safe Spotting Techniques

  • Limited Safe Spotting: Ankous in the Stronghold Slayer Cave do not offer many opportunities for safe spotting, making direct engagement often necessary. However, strategic movement can minimize exposure to attacks.

Slayer Helmet vs. Salve Amulet Efficacy

  • Gear Selection: The comparison between using a Slayer Helmet or a Salve Amulet (e) for ankous suggests that the choice depends on the player’s combat style. The video scripts emphasize the Salve Amulet’s effectiveness, especially when prioritizing attack speed and damage.


Optimal Cannon Spots

  • Cannon Positioning: The best cannon spots for engaging hellhounds, with a focus on areas that maximize the cannon’s area of effect. Surrounding these spots are safe spots for ranged attacks, allowing players to minimize damage.

Safe Spots for Ranged Attacks

  • Leveraging Safe Spots: Several safe spots are identified around the optimal cannon locations, enabling players to use ranged attacks effectively while avoiding direct combat with hellhounds.

Fire Giants

Effective Cannon Spots and Safe Spot Utilization

  • Cannon and Safe Spot Dynamics: For fire giants, two main cannon spots in the northern area and associated safe spots that can be used concurrently. These positions allow players to engage fire giants efficiently without taking damage.

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