Defeat the Black Demon & Save The Grand Tree: OSRS Guide

The Grand Tree quest is a pivotal adventure in Old School RuneScape that players can embark on to uncover a mystery threatening the Grand Tree, the heart of the gnome stronghold. The quest is set in motion when King Narnode Shareen shares his concerns about the Grand Tree’s failing health, suspecting human involvement in its sickness. The player’s mission is to investigate these troubles, navigating through a series of clues, meetings with key figures, and battling formidable foes to uncover the truth behind the Grand Tree’s ailment and save the gnome community from impending disaster.

Overview of The Grand Tree Quest

The quest involves a deep dive into the political intrigue and environmental concerns within the gnome society, highlighting the importance of the Grand Tree not only as a physical entity but also as a symbol of unity for the gnomes. Players are tasked with gathering evidence, interpreting clues, and engaging with various NPCs, including the reclusive wizard Hazelmere and the questionable gnome Glough, to piece together the mystery. The journey takes players across Gielinor, from the bustling city of Yanille to the dangerous shipyards of Karamja, requiring a blend of agility, combat prowess, and deductive reasoning to navigate the challenges presented.

The Grand Tree Quest Rewards

Upon successful completion of “The Grand Tree” quest, players are richly rewarded for their efforts in saving the gnome stronghold. The rewards include:

  • Experience Points: A substantial sum of experience points is awarded across several skills, enhancing the player’s combat and agility capabilities. The rewards include 18,400 Attack experience, 7,900 Agility experience, and 2,150 Magic experience, facilitating significant skill progression.
  • Quest Points: The quest grants 5 Quest points, contributing to the player’s overall quest achievements and unlocking further adventures in Old School RuneScape.
  • Access to New Areas and Features: Completing the quest unlocks access to gnome gliders and the mine under the Grand Tree, expanding the player’s exploration and resource-gathering opportunities. Additionally, if the player has completed the Tree Gnome Village Quest, they gain the ability to use the Spirit Tree within the Grand Tree for teleportation, offering a strategic mobility advantage across Gielinor.
  • Other Benefits: Players also gain the ability to use a shortcut from the Grand Tree to the Barbarian Outpost (with 37 Agility), further enhancing their ability to navigate the world efficiently.

Preparation and Requirements

Embarking on “The Grand Tree” quest requires both preparatory measures and meeting certain prerequisites to ensure a smooth journey through the challenges ahead.

  • Agility: A minimum of 25 Agility is required to successfully navigate through parts of the quest. This skill level is essential for accessing certain areas and completing specific tasks critical to the quest’s progression.

To maximize efficiency and ensure readiness for the quest’s various challenges, players are advised to gather several recommended items before starting.

  • General: Players should prepare for a boss fight against a level 172 demon, which can be safe spotted using magic or ranged attacks. Therefore, bringing appropriate combat gear is crucial.
  • Spirit Tree Access: For those who have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest, using the Spirit Tree network is highly recommended for quick travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Alternative Teleports: Players without Spirit Tree access should consider:
    • A Charged Ring of Wealth for quick access to the Grand Exchange, from where they can navigate to the quest area.
    • A Charged Necklace of Passage for alternative fast travel points.
    • Teleports to East Ardougne or Yanille, depending on the player’s progression in the game and available teleport options, to facilitate quick movement across Gielinor.
  • Weight-Reducing Gear: To conserve energy while traversing the quest’s various locations, wearing weight-reducing armor is advised.
  • Stamina and Energy Potions: These potions are highly recommended to maintain energy levels, allowing for faster movement and reduced downtime.
  • Food: Bringing food is essential for health regeneration, especially for lower-level players or those uncomfortable with the boss fight mechanics.
  • Coins: A few thousand coins may be required at certain points of the quest, such as gaining entry to specific areas or purchasing items necessary for quest progression.

Starting The Grand Tree Quest

Embarking on “The Grand Tree” quest involves a series of initial steps that set the stage for the adventure ahead.

Locating King Narnode Shareen

  • Quest Start Location: The quest begins in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, specifically within the Grand Tree. Players must locate King Narnode Shareen on the ground floor of the Grand Tree to initiate the quest.
  • Accessing the Stronghold: For players with access to the Spirit Tree network (following the completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest), the most efficient route to the quest start is via the Spirit Tree from the Grand Exchange directly to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Alternatively, players can use a Necklace of Passage to teleport to The Outpost and then run north into the stronghold.
  • Engaging with the King: Upon finding King Narnode Shareen, players should engage him in conversation. The king expresses his worries about the Grand Tree, which is the lifeblood of the gnome community, showing signs of illness. He suspects foul play and enlists the player’s help to investigate the matter further.
  • Quest Acceptance: Players officially accept the quest during this dialogue, agreeing to help determine the cause of the Grand Tree’s ailment and to find a solution to save it.

Investigation Begins

The initial phase of the quest involves gathering information and clues about the Grand Tree’s condition.

  • Finding Hazelmere: Players are directed to meet with Hazelmere, an old friend of the king and one of the original creators of the Grand Tree. Hazelmere resides on a small island east of Yanille, which players can reach using various teleportation methods mentioned earlier or by traveling on foot if necessary.
  • Dialogue with Hazelmere: The conversation with Hazelmere is crucial, as he provides insight into the Grand Tree’s creation and its current predicament. However, Hazelmere communicates in a language that players cannot initially understand.
  • Collecting Evidence: During the visit, players receive a bark sample from the Grand Tree, which Hazelmere examines. This sample is key to understanding the nature of the tree’s illness.
  • Translation Book: Alongside the bark sample, players are given a translation book by King Narnode Shareen. This book is essential for translating Hazelmere’s dialogue and the clues provided in the form of a written scroll.
  • Understanding Hazelmere’s Message: By using the translation book, players can decipher Hazelmere’s message, revealing that the Grand Tree’s sickness might be due to deliberate sabotage involving toxic stones known as Daconia stones. This information sets the stage for the quest’s deeper investigation into the source of the Grand Tree’s ailment and the quest to save it.

Unraveling the Plot

The quest progresses as players begin to uncover the layers of conspiracy threatening the Grand Tree, leading to critical discoveries and confrontations.

  • Return to the King: After gathering crucial information from Hazelmere, players must report back to King Narnode Shareen in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. The king is informed about the potential use of Daconia stones as the cause of the Grand Tree’s sickness.
  • Providing Evidence: Players present the findings, including the bark sample and Hazelmere’s translated message, to convince the king of the tree’s dire situation and the need for immediate action.
  • Glough’s Role: Glough, the king’s trusted tree guardian, becomes a person of interest as players delve deeper into the investigation. Suspicion arises regarding Glough’s involvement in the plot against the Grand Tree.
  • Finding Clues: Evidence pointing to Glough’s treachery begins to surface, prompting further investigation into his actions and motives.
  • Prisoner Interrogation: Charlie, a prisoner found in the top floor of the Grand Tree, provides key insights into Glough’s plans. He reveals being hired by Glough to acquire the Daconia stones, indicating Glough’s direct involvement in the plot.
  • Gathering Intel: The information obtained from Charlie is crucial in linking Glough to the sabotage efforts, steering the quest towards confronting Glough directly.
  • Searching for Evidence: Players are tasked with searching Glough’s house for any incriminating evidence that could further prove his guilt. This involves a thorough investigation of his premises, leading to the discovery of a journal and other items that shed light on his plans.
  • Uncovering the Plot: The search reveals Glough’s deep-seated resentment towards humans and possibly a larger scheme against the gnome community, adding urgency to the need to stop him.
  • Arrest and Escape: In a dramatic turn of events, players find themselves arrested by Glough and subsequently jailed. However, with the help of Charlie and a subsequent jailbreak, they are freed to continue their mission.
  • Denial by the King: Despite presenting compelling evidence of Glough’s deceit and malicious intentions, King Narnode remains in denial, unable to accept the possibility of Glough’s betrayal. This denial complicates efforts to protect the Grand Tree but motivates players to gather undeniable proof to persuade the king and save the stronghold.

Journey to Karamja

This phase of “The Grand Tree” quest involves critical steps taken on the island of Karamja, focusing on the shipyard and a confrontation crucial to the quest’s progression.

  • To Karamja: Players are instructed to head to Karamja to investigate the shipyard suspected to be involved in the plot against the Grand Tree. The journey involves using the glider transportation system, which is initially accessed through Captain Daerkin near the Grand Tree. The crash landing near Karamja sets the stage for the next steps of the investigation.
  • Entering the Shipyard: Upon reaching Karamja, players must locate and attempt to enter the fenced shipyard. Access requires interaction with a gate guard and the use of a password obtained earlier in the quest (“Ka-Lu-Min”), signifying Gloph’s involvement and granting entry to the shipyard.
  • Finding the Foreman: Inside the shipyard, players are tasked with finding the foreman, who is integral to the quest’s plot. The foreman, upon confrontation, can either be fought or conversed with, depending on the player’s choice. This encounter reveals the extent of the shipyard’s involvement in the plot against the Grand Tree.
  • Combat or Dialogue: Players may choose to engage in combat with the Foreman or navigate a dialogue to extract information. Successfully dealing with the Foreman yields a crucial item – the lumber order, which implicates Gloph in a scheme to use the Grand Tree’s resources for constructing a fleet, further tying him to the conspiracy.
  • Lumber Order: The document obtained from the Foreman after the confrontation is critical evidence showing Gloph’s orders for large quantities of lumber, ostensibly for shipbuilding. This lumber order serves as concrete evidence of Gloph’s plans and his misuse of the Grand Tree’s resources.

Exposing the Truth

The culmination of the quest’s investigative phase involves bringing the gathered evidence to light, confronting Gloph’s deception, and persuading King Narnode of the true threat.

  • Presenting the Evidence: Players return to the Tree Gnome Stronghold to present the lumber order to King Narnode Shareen, hoping to convince him of Gloph’s betrayal. Despite the compelling evidence, the King initially remains in denial, unwilling to accept Gloph’s treachery.
  • Anita’s Role: Anita, Gloph’s girlfriend, becomes a pivotal figure as players seek her out to gather more evidence against Gloph. Found in the gnome stronghold, Anita provides a key to Gloph’s chest, which contains further incriminating evidence.
  • Key to the Truth: Using the key obtained from Anita, players unlock Gloph’s chest in his home, discovering the invasion plans. This document outlines Gloph’s full scheme to attack and provides undeniable proof of his intentions.
  • Invasion Plans Uncovered: The plans found within Gloph’s chest reveal his ambition to utilize the Grand Tree’s resources for a military invasion, aiming for domination beyond the gnome stronghold. This damning piece of evidence finally convinces King Narnode of Gloph’s betrayal, marking a turning point in the quest.

Preparing for the Boss Fight

To prepare for the boss fight against the Black demon during “The Grand Tree” quest, it is essential to equip yourself adequately. Players are advised to bring along food, armor, and a weapon to defeat a level 172 boss. This demon can be safespotted, so bringing magic or ranged gear can be beneficial. For those who prefer melee combat, ensure to have a high combat level or powerful gear. Additionally, having stamina or energy potions can be helpful due to the quest involving a significant amount of running. Before engaging in the battle, players have multiple opportunities to bank and prepare, so make sure to gear up properly for the fight.

The Battle Against the Demon

The battle against the demon, a level 172 Black demon, is a pivotal moment in the quest. This demon has been set loose as part of the plot to destroy the Grand Tree. Players must engage and defeat this formidable foe to progress in the quest and save the Grand Tree. Despite the demon’s high level, it has been noted that the boss can be safespotted, making it manageable for players to defeat it using ranged or magic attacks without taking damage.

Safe Spotting Strategies

Safe spotting is a crucial strategy for defeating the Black demon without sustaining damage. There are two noted safe spots in the quest guides:

  1. The easiest safe spot is right where Glophrie (Glo) is standing. Players can position themselves on top of him to avoid the demon’s attacks.
  2. Another method involves using the narrow tunnel’s geometry to your advantage. By running a little through where the tunnel gets narrower, players can find a position that allows them to attack the demon without being hit back.

Additionally, for those preferring a more direct approach and needing to avoid the demon’s powerful melee attack, binding spells can be used to immobilize the demon temporarily, aiding in maintaining a safe distance.

Securing the Daconia Stones

The final step in the showdown involves finding and securing the Daconia stones, which are critical to the plot of killing the Grand Tree. After defeating the demon, players must search the area for these stones to prevent further harm to the tree. The location of the Daconia stone is randomized for each player, requiring a thorough search of the roots in the area. Once found, the stone must be returned to King Narnode Shareen to complete the quest and ensure the safety of the Grand Tree.

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