The Ultimate Kudos Guide OSRS

Welcome to the ultimate kudos guide OSRS, In the realm of Old School RuneScape, kudos are more than just points; they are a testament to your contributions to the Varrock Museum and are essential for unlocking new quests and accessing unique game areas.

This guide delves into the various engaging activities that allow players to earn kudos. Participate in the Natural History Quiz in the museum’s basement, where answering questions correctly adds to your kudos tally. After completing the Dig Site quest, you can engage in the Dig Site activity, cleaning finds at the museum and discovering items that, when placed in display cases, further increase your kudos.

Additionally, the Baronite activity, unlocked after the “Below Ice Mountain” quest, involves mining baronite and processing it to find rare items, each contributing to your kudos score. Understanding and participating in these activities is crucial for any player looking to advance and explore the depths of Old School RuneScape’s rich and immersive world.

Here’s a more detailed look at what kudos are and their significance in the game:

Kudos Guide OSRS

Nature of Kudos

  • Non-Physical Reward: Unlike items or gold in RuneScape, kudos are not a physical object. They are a tally or score that reflects your level of assistance to the museum.
  • Indicator of Progress: Kudos are a way to track your progress in various museum-related activities. They show how much you have learned and contributed to the museum’s exhibits and research.

Earning Kudos

  • Activities and Quests: You earn kudos by participating in specific activities within the museum, such as the Natural History Quiz, and by completing certain quests that are related to the museum’s interests.
  • Exhibit Contributions: By finding and contributing items to the museum’s collection, such as rare artifacts from the Dig Site or fossils from Fossil Island, you earn kudos.
  • Sharing Knowledge: After completing certain quests, you can share your newfound knowledge with museum staff, further increasing your kudos.

Importance of Kudos

  • Unlocking Content: Accumulating kudos can unlock additional content or quests in the game. For example, certain quests like “Bone Voyage” require a minimum number of kudos to start.
  • Rewards: Earning kudos can also lead to various rewards, including experience points in different skills. These rewards are often given at specific kudos milestones.
  • Game Progression: For many players, earning the maximum kudos is a milestone that signifies completion of a significant portion of the game’s content related to the Varrock Museum.

Checking Kudos: You can check your current kudos score by visiting the Varrock Museum. The score is typically displayed upon entering the museum or can be inquired about from certain NPCs within the museum.

Kudos Guide OSRS

How to Get Kudos

Natural History Quiz

  • Location: The quiz is conducted in the Varrock Museum, specifically in the lower level where Orlando Smith is located.
  • Process: You assist Orlando Smith with gathering information for creature exhibits. This involves interacting with plaques in front of various exhibits and answering questions.
  • Questions and Answers: Each exhibit has a series of questions. Correctly answering three questions per exhibit earns you kudos. There are correct answers for each question associated with the exhibits.
  • Kudos Earned: Successfully answering the questions for each exhibit grants 2 kudos.
  • Additional Reward: Completing the quiz also rewards you with 1,000 experience in both Slayer and Hunter.

Cleaning Finds

  • Requirement: Participation in this activity requires completion of the Dig Site quest.
  • Location: This activity takes place in the roped-off area in the south part of the Varrock Museum.
  • Process:
    • Collect necessary tools from a tool rack and wear leather gloves and boots.
    • Obtain a dig site specimen rock and clean it at a table.
    • The goal is to find specific items: Ancient Coin, Ancient Symbol, Pottery, Old Coin, and Old Symbol.
    • Finding a Clean Necklace is also beneficial as it enables the creation of a Dig Site Pendant, useful for the Bone Voyage quest.
  • Kudos Earned: Placing each of the five specific items in the correct display case in the museum grants 10 kudos.

Quest Completion

  • Process: Completing specific quests related to the museum’s interests contributes to your kudos. After completing these quests, you should speak to Historian Minas in the museum.
  • Specific Quests: Various quests contribute to kudos, including the mini-quest “Curse of the Empty Lord.”
  • Kudos Earned: Each quest contributes a different amount to your total kudos. Some quests are worth 5 kudos, while others like “Curse of the Empty Lord” provide 10.
  • Reaching 100 Kudos: To reach the 100 kudos required for the Bone Voyage quest, it’s recommended to complete a selection of these quests.
Kudos Guide OSRS

Bone Voyage Quest

The “Bone Voyage” quest in Old School RuneScape is a significant quest that unlocks access to Fossil Island, a location rich in unique activities, resources, and opportunities for discovery. Here’s a detailed overview of the quest:


  • Quest Release: “Bone Voyage” was released as part of an update to Old School RuneScape.
  • Quest Type: It is a members-only quest.


  • Skill Requirements: There are no direct skill requirements to start the quest.
  • Quest Requirements: You must have completed the “Dig Site” quest.
  • Kudos Requirement: A minimum of 100 kudos from the Varrock Museum is required to start the quest.

Starting the Quest

  • Location: The quest begins at the Varrock Museum. You need to talk to Curator Haig Halen.
  • Objective: The curator informs you about the discovery of an uncharted landmass (Fossil Island) and seeks your help in exploring it.

Quest Progression

  • Tasks and Challenges: The quest involves a series of tasks and challenges that you must complete to prepare for and undertake the voyage to Fossil Island.
  • Navigation and Exploration: Part of the quest includes navigating to the island and beginning the exploration of its unique environment.


  • Access to Fossil Island: Completing the quest grants you access to Fossil Island, which is a significant reward as the island is home to a variety of activities and resources not found elsewhere in the game.
  • Additional Kudos: After completing the quest, you can earn an additional 72 kudos by building fossil exhibits on Fossil Island.
  • Other Rewards: The quest may also offer experience points or other rewards typical of Old School RuneScape quests.

Fossil Island

  • Activities: Once you have access to Fossil Island, you can engage in numerous activities, such as:
    • Collecting and cleaning fossils.
    • Building displays in the Varrock Museum using the fossils.
    • Chopping Sulliuscep mushroom trees.
    • Participating in new mini-games or challenges unique to the island.
  • Contribution to Kudos: The activities on Fossil Island contribute significantly to increasing your kudos at the Varrock Museum.

Historian Minas is a non-player character (NPC) in Old School RuneScape, specifically located in the Varrock Museum. He plays a crucial role in the game, particularly in relation to the museum and the player’s ability to earn kudos. Here’s a detailed overview of Historian Minas and his significance:

Kudos Guide OSRS

Role in the Varrock Museum

  • Position: Historian Minas is a historian working in the Varrock Museum.
  • Location: He is found on the first floor of the museum, typically in the northeast corner.

Interaction with Players

  • Quest Information Sharing: Players can interact with Historian Minas to share information from various quests they have completed.
  • Earning Kudos: By sharing quest information, players earn kudos, which are a measure of their contribution to the museum. The amount of kudos earned depends on the quests completed.

Quests and Kudos

  • Specific Quests: Certain quests in Old School RuneScape are directly linked to the Varrock Museum and Historian Minas. Completing these quests and then discussing them with Minas rewards players with kudos.
  • Maximum Kudos: Players can earn up to 75 kudos from Historian Minas, depending on the number and nature of the quests they have completed.

Dig Site Activity

The Dig Site activity in Old School RuneScape is a significant part of the gameplay, especially for players looking to earn kudos at the Varrock Museum. Here’s a detailed overview:


  • Completion of the Dig Site Quest: You must have completed this quest to participate in the Dig Site activity.


  • Varrock Museum: The activity takes place in a roped-off area within the museum.


  • Collecting Tools: First, collect necessary tools from a tool rack in the museum. This includes items like a trowel, rock pick, specimen brush, leather gloves, and boots.
  • Wearing Proper Gear: Players must wear the leather gloves and boots to participate in the activity.
  • Collecting Unclean Finds: Players take unclean finds from the dig site specimen rocks.
  • Cleaning Finds: These finds are then cleaned on a specimen table to discover various objects.

Specific Items and Kudos

  • Objective: The goal is to find specific items that grant kudos when added to the museum’s display cases.
  • Key Items: These include the Ancient Coin, Ancient Symbol, Pottery, Old Coin, and Old Symbol.
  • Kudos Earned: Each item grants 10 kudos when correctly placed in its corresponding display case.

Additional Notes

  • Dig Site Pendant: Finding a Clean Necklace allows players to create a Dig Site Pendant, which is useful for teleportation but does not grant kudos.
Kudos Guide OSRS

Baronite Activity

The Baronite activity is another way to earn kudos in Old School RuneScape, introduced with the “Below Ice Mountain” quest.


  • Completion of the Below Ice Mountain Quest: This quest must be completed to unlock the Baronite activity.


  • Ice Mountain: The activity is located on the western side of Ice Mountain.


  • Mining Baronite Rocks: Players mine baronite rocks found on the walls of the mines.
  • Collecting Baronite: Fill your inventory with baronite, which is then processed.
  • Using the Baronite Crusher: Instead of a regular anvil, players use the baronite crusher to process the collected baronite.

Specific Items and Kudos

  • Objective: The aim is to find specific objects within the baronite.
  • Items for Kudos: There are five unique items that can be found within the baronite, each granting one kudo when turned into the curator at the museum.
  • Rarity: These items are rarer compared to those in the Dig Site activity.

Additional Notes

  • Decision Making: Whether to engage in this activity for kudos can depend on the player’s preference, as the items are rare and each only grants one kudo.

Both the Dig Site and Baronite activities are integral for players focusing on earning kudos in Old School RuneScape. They offer unique experiences tied to the game’s archaeology and exploration themes, contributing to the overall richness of the game’s world.

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