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Throne And Liberty All Classes & Weapons Guide

“Throne And Liberty” is an upcoming MMORPG developed by NCSoft. It features large-scale raids, a dynamic open world, and PvP elements. The initial beta received criticism for static gameplay, leading the developers to promise significant changes and improvements. The game is scheduled for release in the West in 2024, with a Korean launch planned for December.

In “Throne And Liberty,” the weapon classes define player roles, encompassing tanks with sword and shield, stealth and assassination with daggers, melee area-of-effect damage with great swords, ranged attacks with long bows, mobility and sustained attacks with dual-wielded crossbows, support and defensive magic with wand and tome, and magic area-of-effect attacks with staffs. Each class caters to different combat styles and strategies.

Throne And Liberty Weapon Classes

Each weapon class in “Throne in Liberty” offers different abilities and masteries:

Sword and Shield

Throne And Liberty

The Sword and Shield class is designed for players who prefer the tank role. It offers a balanced mix of offensive and defensive skills. The class is equipped with abilities for crowd control, possibly including a taunt ability to draw enemy aggro. Additionally, players have access to various shields and buffs that enhance their ability to sustain damage. Key skills mentioned include the Shield Survival Technique and Impregnable, which contribute to the class’s resilience and defensive capabilities.

  • Ideal for Tank Role: The Sword and Shield is designed for players who like to play as a tank. It offers a balance of offensive and defensive skills.
  • Crowd Control Abilities: This class has skills and abilities that allow for crowd control. This might include a taunt ability to draw enemy aggro.
  • Defensive Skills: Players have access to various shields and buffs that enable them to sustain damage. Skills mentioned include “Shield Survival Technique” and “Impregnable.”
  • Offensive and Defensive Balance: The Sword and Shield class provides a mix of offensive capabilities and defensive strengths, making it a versatile choice for players who want to engage in combat while also protecting themselves and their allies.

This class is tailored for players who enjoy a frontline role in battles, capable of absorbing damage and controlling enemy movements.


Throne And Liberty
  • Stealth and Single Target Damage: The Daggers are focused on stealth gameplay and are effective in dealing high single-target damage. This makes them suitable for players who prefer a more covert, assassin-like playstyle.
  • Poison Attacks: One of the key features of this class is the ability to apply poison with every attack, enhancing the damage dealt over time to the target.
  • Critical and Overall Damage Buffs: The Daggers class allows players to buff their critical and overall damage, increasing their effectiveness in combat.
  • Camouflage Cloak Ability: This ability enables players to slip out of attacking or potentially evade detection, emphasizing the stealth aspect of the class.

Great Sword

  • Focus on Area of Effect Damage: The Great Sword is designed for dealing area-of-effect (AoE) damage. This means that attacks with the Great Sword can hit multiple enemies in a single swing.
  • Increased Damage for Multiple Targets: There’s an emphasis on ensuring that attacks benefit from increased damage that procs (activates) from hitting multiple targets. Skills like “Courageous Battering” are mentioned in this context.
  • Crowd Control Abilities: The Great Sword class also has access to a variety of skills that inflict crowd control on enemies, such as stuns. Some of these skills deal increased damage to stunned enemies.
  • Melee Combat Style: This class is another melee option but differs from the Sword and Shield and Daggers by focusing on dealing damage to multiple enemies rather than specializing in defense or stealth.

The Great Sword class is ideal for players who enjoy being in the thick of battle, dealing damage to groups of enemies and controlling the battlefield with crowd control abilities.

Long Bow

Throne And Liberty
  • Ranged Weapon for Massive Damage: The Long Bow allows players to deal significant damage from a distance. It’s designed for players who prefer ranged combat.
  • Impact of Environmental Factors: An interesting aspect of using the Long Bow is that your arrows are affected by wind. Players need to account for wind direction when taking shots, adding a layer of realism and skill to the gameplay.
  • Skills for Increased Damage: The class offers various skills that benefit from dealing increased damage. These skills might be more effective the further away the target is.
  • Binding Targets: To prevent enemies from closing in, the Long Bow class has skills that can bind targets in place once hit. This feature helps maintain distance from enemies, crucial for a ranged combatant.
  • Ideal for Players Who Like Precision: The Long Bow is suitable for players who enjoy the role of a sniper or a marksman, focusing on dealing damage from a safe distance and strategically controlling their position in combat.

The Long Bow class caters to players who prefer to engage in combat from afar, emphasizing precision, environmental awareness, and strategic positioning.

Dual Wielded Crossbows

Throne And Liberty
  • Emphasis on Mobility and Sustain: This class is characterized by its focus on mobility, allowing players to remain agile and responsive during combat. The ability to move quickly and evade incoming attacks is a key aspect of this class.
  • Rapid Volleys of Arrows: Players using Dual Wielded Crossbows can unleash rapid volleys of arrows. This feature emphasizes a fast-paced, continuous attack style.
  • Advantageous Positioning: The mobility afforded by this class allows players to maintain better positioning in combat. Staying in a more advantageous spot is crucial for maximizing effectiveness and survivability.
  • Comparison to a Fantasy John Wick: The video makes a comparison to John Wick, suggesting a playstyle that is agile, precise, and relentless, but set in a fantasy context.

The Dual Wielded Crossbows class is ideal for players who enjoy a dynamic and fast-paced combat style, focusing on agility and continuous attacks while maintaining optimal positioning on the battlefield.

Wand and Tome

Throne And Liberty
  • Support and Defensive Role: This class is geared towards players who prefer a support and defensive playstyle. It’s designed to provide various support benefits to the team.
  • Inflicting Debuffs on Enemies: One of the primary functions of the Wand and Tome class is to inflict debuffs on enemies. This can include reducing their combat effectiveness through various curses.
  • Dual Function Skills: Many of the skills available to this class have dual functions. They not only impact enemies but also provide support benefits, such as healing or damage buffs, to party members.
  • Closest to a Healer Class: In the context of “Throne in Liberty,” the Wand and Tome class is probably the closest to a traditional healer or support role found in many MMORPGs.

This class is tailored for players who enjoy playing a more strategic, supportive role in a group, focusing on enhancing the abilities of allies while weakening enemies through debuffs and curses.


Throne And Liberty
  • Focus on AoE Ranged Magic Attacks: The Staff class specializes in area-of-effect (AoE) ranged magic attacks. This allows players to affect multiple enemies over a large area.
  • Elemental Control: Players wielding the Staff can control elements, using them to unleash powerful spells. This aspect suggests a diverse range of magical abilities tied to different elemental forces.
  • Massive Spells and Hellfire: The class is characterized by its ability to cast large, impactful spells, potentially raining down destructive forces like hellfire on enemies.
  • Ideal for Players Who Enjoy Magic: The Staff is the go-to weapon for players who want to embody the classic mage archetype, focusing on casting potent spells from a distance and controlling the battlefield with magical prowess.

The Staff class is designed for players who enjoy a magical, spell-casting playstyle, emphasizing powerful AoE attacks and elemental manipulation to dominate in combat.

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