Ultimate Guide to Olaf’s Quest OSRS

Olaf’s Quest in OSRS is a captivating adventure within the realm of Gielinor, offering players an opportunity to delve into the rich lore of the Fremennik Province. This quest revolves around Olaf Hradson, a descendant of the legendary explorer, Brundt the Chieftain. Olaf, in his quest for honor and redemption, seeks to retrace the steps of his forefathers, hoping to discover the treasure that his family has sought for generations. However, his journey is fraught with danger, puzzles, and the harsh elements of nature, requiring the aid of a brave adventurer to uncover the mysteries that lie in wait.

The narrative begins with the player encountering Olaf Hradson, stranded and in despair, along the banks of the river just northeast of Rellekka. Olaf’s desperation to reclaim his family’s honor and prove his worth as a descendant of the great explorers before him sets the stage for a quest filled with exploration, combat, and discovery. Players will navigate through treacherous paths, decipher ancient clues, and face formidable foes to aid Olaf in his quest.

Olaf’s Quest Rewards

Upon successful completion of “Olaf’s Quest,” adventurers are rewarded handsomely, reflecting the perilous journey they have undertaken and the significant role they play in Olaf’s quest for redemption. The rewards serve not only as a testament to their bravery and skill but also provide tangible benefits that aid in further adventures throughout Gielinor. The rewards include:

  • 1 Quest Point: A symbol of your achievement and contribution to Olaf’s journey, further enhancing your reputation as an adventurer.
  • Access to the Brine Rat Cavern: Unlocking this cavern provides players with new opportunities for combat and resource gathering, expanding their exploration possibilities within the Fremennik Province.
  • 20,000 Coins: A substantial sum that aids in funding further adventures or purchasing essential equipment and supplies.
  • 4 Rubies: Precious gems that can be used in crafting or sold for profit, adding to the player’s financial resources.
  • 12,000 Defence Experience: This significant boost in Defence experience points helps strengthen the player’s combat capabilities, preparing them for more challenging encounters ahead.

Quest Requirements

Embarking on “Olaf’s Quest” requires adventurers to meet certain prerequisites, ensuring they are adequately prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. These requirements are essential for the successful completion of the quest, as they involve a combination of skills and prior achievements within the world of Gielinor.

Prerequisite Quests

Before a player can begin “Olaf’s Quest,” they must have completed the following quest:

  • The Fremennik Trials: This quest serves as a foundational adventure that introduces players to the customs and lands of the Fremennik people. Completion of this quest is crucial as it ties directly into the storyline and challenges of Olaf’s Quest, ensuring players are familiar with the cultural and geographical context of their upcoming journey.

Skill Requirements

To navigate the challenges and obstacles presented in “Olaf’s Quest,” players must possess certain skill levels. These requirements are as follows:

  • 45 Firemaking: This skill is essential for lighting fires throughout the quest, particularly in instances where warmth and light are necessary to progress.
  • 50 Woodcutting: Players will need this skill to gather specific materials crucial for advancing the quest’s storyline.
  • Agility (varies): While not explicitly required, having a higher Agility level is highly recommended due to the quest involving several agility-based obstacles. The success rate of these obstacles is significantly influenced by the player’s Agility level.

While the following skills are not mandatory for starting the quest, they are highly recommended to smooth the questing experience:

  • High Agility Level: Recommended for navigating agility-based challenges more efficiently. A higher level reduces the likelihood of failing certain obstacles, making the quest less time-consuming and reducing the risk of damage.
  • Combat Skills: Ability to defeat a level 100 monster and other lower-level skeletons. Having adequately leveled combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence) can make these encounters more manageable.

Item Requirements

To embark on “Olaf’s Quest,” adventurers must ensure they have gathered the necessary items. These requirements are divided into essential items that are mandatory for quest completion and recommended items that facilitate a smoother questing experience.

Essential Items

  • Any kind of Axe: Required for chopping wood, which is a critical task within the quest.
  • Spade: Needed for digging at a specific location to advance the quest narrative.
  • Tinderbox: Essential for lighting a fire, which is a key component of the quest.
  • Weight-reducing armor: To minimize energy depletion while running, enhancing agility-based tasks’ success rate.
  • Stamina Potions: These potions are useful for restoring run energy, allowing for faster movement throughout the quest.
  • Food: To heal and sustain health during combat encounters, especially when facing the level 100 monster and other skeletons.
  • A Weapon and some Armor: Necessary for the combat portions of the quest, ensuring players can defend themselves and defeat required foes.
  • Summer pies or Agility potions: Beneficial for navigating agility-based challenges more effectively.
  • Teleportation methods: Such as a Rellekka teleport or Fairy Ring access (code DKS), to quickly reach the starting location of the quest and for efficient travel during the quest.

Starting the Olaf’s Quest


  • Fremennik Province: The quest begins northeast of Rellekka, near the cave entrance that leads to the Mountain Camp. Players can easily locate Olaf Hradson by the riverside, setting the stage for the quest’s commencement.

Speaking to Olaf Hradson

  • Initiating the Quest: Players start “Olaf’s Quest” by speaking to Olaf Hradson, who can be found lamenting his situation by the riverside in the Fremennik Province. Olaf shares his desire to reclaim his family’s honor by finding a treasure his ancestors sought. Players agree to help him in his quest, marking the official start of the adventure.
  • Dialogue: When approaching Olaf, players should choose the dialogue options that express their willingness to assist him. This interaction sets the narrative’s tone and provides essential background information on Olaf’s motivations and the quest’s objectives.

Gathering the Materials

A significant part of “Olaf’s Quest” involves gathering specific materials and creating items that are essential for the quest’s progression. This phase is crucial for advancing the storyline and involves a series of tasks that players must complete accurately.

Obtaining Wood for Olaf

  • Chopping the Windswept Tree: After initiating the quest by speaking with Olaf, players are tasked with obtaining wood. This involves going east up a hill from Olaf’s location to find a unique, windswept tree. Players must use their axe to chop this tree, acquiring the necessary wood for Olaf.

Making Carvings for Olaf

  • Crafting Crude Carvings: Once the wood is obtained, players return to Olaf, who then instructs them on how to craft crude carvings from the wood. This step is automatically completed through dialogue with Olaf, where he takes the wood and produces the carvings intended for his family.

Delivering the Carvings

Delivering the carvings to Olaf’s family members in Rellekka is the next critical step. Each family member provides a unique item in exchange for the carving, playing a symbolic role in the quest’s narrative.

Ingrid Hradson: Delivering the First Carving

  • Finding Ingrid: Located near the well in Rellekka, Ingrid Hradson is easily identifiable by her proximity to the water icon on the mini-map. Players must navigate to her location and present the first crude carving.
  • Exchange for Bread: Upon receiving the carving, Ingrid expresses her gratitude by giving the player a loaf of bread. It’s important not to consume this bread, as it may be needed later in the quest.

Volf Olafson: Delivering the Second Carving

  • Locating Volf: Volf Olafson can be found wandering north of Rellekka’s longhall, close to the helmet shop. Players should approach him and give him the second crude carving.
  • Receiving a Cooked Shark: In exchange for the carving, Volf provides the player with a cooked shark. Similar to the bread, this item should be kept for potential use later in the quest.

Delivering the Carvings

The journey of “Olaf’s Quest” continues as players deliver the carvings made by Olaf to his family members. These tasks are symbolic, representing Olaf’s attempt to reconnect with his family and heritage. Each delivery is met with gratitude and further unfolds the quest’s narrative.

Ingrid Hradson: Delivering the First Carving

  • Task: Players are tasked with delivering one of the crude carvings to Olaf’s wife, Ingrid Hradson.
  • Location: Ingrid is found near the well in Rellekka, easily located by looking for the water icon on the mini-map.
  • Exchange: Upon giving Ingrid the carving, she thanks the player by giving them a loaf of bread. This item is essential for later parts of the quest, so players are advised not to consume it.

Volf Olafson: Delivering the Second Carving

  • Task: The second carving is intended for Olaf’s son, Volf Olafson.
  • Location: Volf is located north of the longhall, near the helmet shop in Rellekka. He can be seen wandering around this area.
  • Exchange: Handing over the carving to Volf results in him providing the player with a cooked shark. Similar to the bread, this should be saved for potential use later in the quest.

The Map and the Shipwreck

Following the delivery of the carvings, players are drawn deeper into the quest’s mystery with the discovery of Sven’s last map, leading to a shipwreck that promises hidden treasures and untold dangers.

Lighting the Fire for Olaf

  • Objective: To help Olaf cope with the cold, players must light a fire using the damp planks provided by him.
  • Method: Players use their tinderbox on the damp planks found next to Olaf, successfully creating a fire that warms him and progresses the quest.

Receiving and Reading Sven’s Last Map

  • Receiving the Map: After lighting the fire, Olaf shares Sven’s last map with the player, believing it will lead to the treasure his family has long sought.
  • Reading the Map: Players examine the map, which hints at the location of the treasure. The map indicates that the key to finding the treasure lies with the windswept tree, where the quest first began.

Digging at the Windswept Tree

  • Returning to the Tree: Armed with the map, players head back to the windswept tree located east of Olaf’s position.
  • Digging for Clues: Just south of the tree, players use their spade to dig, uncovering an entrance to a hidden cave. This discovery marks the beginning of the quest’s next phase, leading players into the depths below in search of the shipwreck and its secrets.

As part of “Olaf’s Quest,” adventurers delve into the depths of a hidden cave, uncovering its secrets and overcoming the challenges within. This section of the quest emphasizes puzzle-solving and exploration, leading players through a series of steps to progress.

Entering the Cave

  • Objective: After uncovering the entrance by digging at the windswept tree, players enter the cave, marking the beginning of the dungeon navigation phase.
  • Action: Players simply move into the cave, initiating their exploration of the underground area. This part of the quest sets the stage for the challenges ahead, including the critical picture wall puzzle.

The Picture Wall Puzzle

  • Description: Deep within the cave, players encounter a picture wall that blocks further progress. The wall features a puzzle that must be solved to advance.
  • Task: To proceed, players must interact with the wall, triggering the puzzle mechanism. This puzzle represents one of the quest’s key challenges, requiring insight and attention to detail.

Puzzle Solution

  • Mechanism: The solution to the picture wall puzzle involves manipulating a series of levers or buttons on the wall, each corresponding to different parts of the image depicted.
  • Steps to Solve:
    1. First Lever/Button: Players start by activating the lever/button that corresponds to the lowest part of the image or the foundation.
    2. Sequential Activation: Following the initial step, players must activate the levers/buttons in a specific sequence that aligns with the construction or layering of the image.
    3. Final Activation: The last step often involves activating the lever/button that represents the topmost or final piece of the image, completing the puzzle.
  • Result: Successfully solving the puzzle opens the path forward, allowing players to continue their quest. The exact sequence can vary but generally follows a logical order that reflects the image’s composition.

Olaf’s Quest Combat Challenges

In “Olaf’s Quest,” players face combat challenges that test their fighting skills and strategic thinking. These encounters are crucial for advancing through the dungeon and getting closer to the quest’s treasure.

Fighting Skeleton Fremenniks

  • Objective: As players navigate the dungeon, they encounter hostile Skeleton Fremenniks that must be defeated to progress.
  • Action: Players engage in combat with these skeletons, utilizing their combat skills and equipment to overcome the adversaries.
  • Details: Skeleton Fremenniks vary in level, and defeating at least one is necessary to obtain a key item for the quest. Players should be prepared with suitable armor, weapons, and possibly food to heal any damage taken during the fight.

Collecting the Key

  • Aftermath of Combat: Upon defeating a Skeleton Fremennik, players must collect a key dropped by the skeleton.
  • Importance: This key is crucial for unlocking a door or gate later in the dungeon, allowing players to continue their quest. It’s essential to ensure the key is picked up before proceeding.

Crossing the Bridge

A significant challenge in “Olaf’s Quest” involves crossing a treacherous bridge within the dungeon. This task tests players’ agility and problem-solving skills.

Preparing the Bridge

  • Objective: The bridge encountered by players is damaged and requires preparation before it can be safely crossed.
  • Action: To repair the bridge temporarily, players must use specific items found within the dungeon.
  • Details: Rotten barrels and ropes, located in the dungeon, are used to stabilize the bridge. Players need to collect these items in anticipation of this challenge.

Using Rotten Barrels and Ropes

  • Repair Process: The bridge has gaps that must be covered to make crossing possible.
    • Rotten Barrels: Players place these barrels in the gaps on the bridge to provide a makeshift footing.
    • Ropes: These are used in conjunction with the barrels to secure them in place, ensuring the bridge can support the player’s weight as they cross.
  • Crossing Strategy: It’s recommended to walk and not run across the bridge to minimize the risk of falling. Each gap requires a barrel and multiple ropes to safely navigate. The success of crossing the bridge depends partly on the player’s Agility level and the correct application of the barrels and ropes.

Unlocking the Chest

As adventurers progress through “Olaf’s Quest” in RuneScape, they face the pivotal task of unlocking a chest that holds the key to completing their quest. This involves a series of steps that challenge both their combat abilities and their problem-solving skills.

Matching the Key to the Lock

  • Objective: After crossing the bridge and navigating the challenges within the dungeon, players find a locked chest that requires a specific key obtained earlier from defeating the Skeleton Fremenniks.
  • Action: Players must examine the key and the lock on the chest to determine the correct match. The shape of the key’s handle corresponds to a specific lock on the chest.
  • Process: Successfully matching the key to the lock involves selecting the keyhole that matches the shape of the key’s handle. This step is crucial for accessing the contents of the chest and advancing towards the quest’s completion.

Defeating Ulfric

  • Challenge: Upon successfully unlocking the chest, players are confronted by Ulfric, a guardian of the chest. Defeating Ulfric is essential to access the chest’s treasures.
  • Combat: Players must engage in combat with Ulfric, utilizing their combat skills and strategies to overcome him. It is advisable to be prepared with appropriate armor, weapons, and food to sustain health during the battle.
  • Outcome: Defeating Ulfric allows players to reopen the chest, revealing its contents and bringing them one step closer to completing the quest.

Completing Olaf’s Quest

The final steps of “Olaf’s Quest” involve accessing the shipwreck’s chest and returning to Olaf to report the success of the venture.

Accessing the Shipwreck’s Chest

  • Objective: With Ulfric defeated, players can now access the contents of the chest. This moment is crucial as it unveils the treasure Olaf has been seeking.
  • Action: Players open the chest to discover the treasure, which includes various rewards significant to completing the quest. The contents symbolize the quest’s success and the fulfillment of Olaf’s mission to reclaim his family’s honor.

Returning to Olaf

  • Task: After securing the treasure, players must return to Olaf to inform him of their success and complete the quest.
  • Dialogue: Engaging in a final dialogue with Olaf, players recount their adventure and the challenges overcome. Olaf expresses his gratitude, marking the official completion of the quest.
  • Rewards: Completion of the quest grants players quest points, experience points, and other rewards outlined earlier in the quest briefing. This not only signifies the quest’s completion but also rewards players for their perseverance and skill.

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