Underground Pass OSRS Quest Guide

The Underground Pass OSRS Quest is one of the more notorious quests in Old School RuneScape, known for its length and the complexity of navigating through a treacherous dungeon filled with puzzles, traps, and formidable enemies. It is a crucial quest for players looking to access the elven lands of Tirannwn and is pivotal in the Plague City quest series, furthering the storyline involving King Lathas, the elven lands, and the dark forces of Iban.

Underground Pass OSRS

In “Underground Pass,” players are tasked by King Lathas of Ardougne to navigate the perilous underground pass, a daunting and ancient pathway filled with danger, to reach the western lands of Tirannwn. The quest involves overcoming various physical and mental challenges, including puzzles, traps, and battles against powerful foes. The ultimate goal is to defeat Iban, a resurrected dark mage, by assembling and destroying an effigy that holds his power.

Underground Pass Quest Requirements

  • Completion of Biohazard Quest: Players must have completed the “Biohazard” quest, which is part of the Plague City series, leading up to “Underground Pass.”
  • Ranged Level: A minimum of 25 Ranged is required to progress through certain parts of the quest, specifically for shooting a guide rope with fire arrows to create a makeshift bridge early in the quest.
  • Recommended Skills: While there are no strict level requirements beyond Ranged, it is highly recommended that players have a good Agility level (at least 40 is advised, with 50+ being beneficial for certain shortcuts) to navigate the many obstacles more effectively. A higher Agility level significantly reduces the time and difficulty of the quest.

  • Agility: A higher Agility level is advantageous for navigating the quest’s numerous traps and obstacles more efficiently.
  • Combat Levels: Players should have sufficient combat levels to defeat several high-level foes, including three level 91 demons (safespottable) and a level 89 spider that cannot be safespotted. Thus, good combat gear, along with strategic use of safespots, is essential.
  • Items:
    • Essentials: Rope (at least 3 recommended), spade, bow and arrows (for the initial bridge sequence and can be any type that the player is willing to lose), and a plank (to safely navigate certain traps).
    • Combat Gear: Suitable armor and weapons to defeat the quest’s enemies.
    • Miscellaneous: High-healing food, prayer potions for combat sections, stamina potions for easier navigation of the pass, and an emergency teleport could be crucial for less experienced players or in unexpected situations.
    • Optional but Helpful: Agility potions can assist in successfully completing agility-based obstacles, and a few mithril seeds are useful for a particular puzzle within the quest.

Starting Underground Pass Quest

Talking to King Lathas

To initiate the “Underground Pass” quest, players must first converse with King Lathas in the Ardougne Castle. He is located on the castle’s second floor, which is accessible via the staircase. During the dialogue, King Lathas explains the critical need to find a safe route through the Underground Pass to access the western lands of Tirannwn. He shares concerns about a dark force, led by Iban, blocking the way and the importance of navigating the pass to counter this threat. King Lathas assigns the player the task of defeating Iban and clearing the pass, hinting at the perils that lie ahead and the significance of this mission for the kingdom.

Meeting with Koftik at the Pass Entrance

After receiving the quest from King Lathas, players are directed to meet with Koftik, who is stationed at the entrance to the Underground Pass. The entrance is located to the west of Ardougne, past the West Ardougne walls, in a remote area surrounded by dead trees and a foreboding atmosphere. Upon arrival, players find Koftik near the cave entrance that leads into the pass.

In the conversation with Koftik, he provides an ominous introduction to the challenges within the pass, mentioning the dangerous and unpredictable nature of the path ahead. Koftik serves as the initial guide, offering insights into the dark energies pervading the tunnel and the relentless dangers that adventurers face. His dialogue sets the tone for the quest, emphasizing the formidable journey through the underground and the spiritual warfare players will encounter.

This interaction with Koftik not only marks the true beginning of the “Underground Pass” quest but also highlights the themes of courage, perseverance, and the battle against darkness that players will navigate throughout their adventure.

Crossing the Bridge

After initiating the quest and meeting with Koftik at the entrance of the Underground Pass, players are faced with their first major challenge: crossing a seemingly impassable chasm. To accomplish this, players must use a bow and arrows that have been set ablaze. Koftik provides players with a damp cloth, which they must attach to their arrows. These arrows are then lit by using them on a nearby eternal fire, creating fire arrows.

With the fire arrows prepared, players must shoot a guide rope that stretches across the chasm, anchoring it securely to allow safe passage. This task may require multiple attempts as hitting the target is not guaranteed on the first try. Should players fail, they can return to Koftik for additional damp cloths to create more fire arrows as needed. Successfully hitting the rope enables the player to walk across and continue their journey through the pass.

Overcoming the Rock Obstacles

Beyond the bridge lies a series of rock obstacles that test the player’s agility and perseverance. These obstacles come in the form of rockslides and rocky outcrops that players must navigate to progress further into the dungeon. The path is fraught with the risk of falling and sustaining damage, which underscores the importance of having a decent Agility level and bringing along sufficient food for healing.

The key to overcoming these obstacles is patience and careful navigation. Players must climb over rockslides and traverse narrow ledges, with each successful maneuver bringing them closer to the deeper sections of the pass. It’s important to note that failure and falling are common, especially for players with lower Agility levels. In such cases, players may need to reattempt certain sections until they successfully pass.

The Grid Puzzle: Strategy and Tips

The Grid Puzzle is a notorious part of the Underground Pass quest, known for its potential to frustrate players due to its trial-and-error nature. The puzzle involves a grid of traps where stepping on the wrong tile results in falling and taking damage, then being sent back to start the grid section over. The objective is to find the safe path across the grid to continue through the dungeon.


  • Mapping Out the Grid: The safest way to approach the grid puzzle is by systematically testing each tile to determine the correct path. It’s recommended to map out the grid as you go, noting which tiles are safe and which are traps. Players can use a piece of paper, a digital notepad, or any method that allows for easy tracking.
  • Starting Point: The puzzle starts at the entrance of the grid area. Players should choose a tile, step on it, and note the outcome. If safe, they should continue to the adjacent tiles, marking their path.
  • Trial and Error: Expect to fall multiple times. Each fall is an opportunity to eliminate incorrect paths from your map. Persistence and patience are key.


  • Taking Notes: Keep detailed notes of the safe path as you discover it. This information is invaluable, not just for completing the quest but for any future traversals of the pass, including during the “Regicide” quest, where players must navigate the grid again.
  • Agility Potions: Using agility potions can be helpful, not for the grid itself, but for recovering from falls more quickly by enhancing your ability to navigate back to the puzzle start point or across other agility challenges within the pass.
  • Inventory Management: Since falls are expected and can result in health damage, ensure your inventory includes enough high-healing food to recover health. Additionally, managing inventory space to accommodate essential items and rewards from the quest is crucial.
  • Player Collaboration: At times, the OSRS community may share solutions to the grid puzzle. While each player’s puzzle is unique, discussing strategies and tips with others can provide valuable insights and moral support.

Gathering the Orbs of Light

Locating and Retrieving the First Orb

  • Finding the First Orb: After successfully navigating the initial challenges of the Underground Pass, players must gather four Orbs of Light to weaken Iban’s power. The first orb is located beyond the grid puzzle, deeper into the dungeon. Players need to continue their descent, keeping an eye out for a side path that leads to the orb’s location.
  • Retrieving the Orb: The orb is protected by traps that can cause significant damage. Players should use a plank found earlier in the dungeon to safely cross the traps. Positioning the plank on the flat rocks near the orb allows safe passage without triggering the trap. Once across, players can simply pick up the orb.

Safe Passage Through Traps to the Second Orb

  • Navigating to the Second Orb: The second Orb of Light is located in a different section of the dungeon, requiring players to traverse more obstacles and potentially face enemies. The path to this orb involves navigating through more rock obstacles and possibly encountering hostile creatures.
  • Overcoming the Traps: Similar to the approach for the first orb, players must use caution and potentially the plank again to bypass traps set around the second orb. The key is to look for visual cues in the environment that suggest the presence of traps, such as unusual ground textures or objects that seem out of place.
  • Retrieving the Second Orb: Upon reaching the location of the second orb, players need to carefully approach and take the orb. If the path involves traps that require specific items (like the plank) to safely navigate, ensure these items are at hand before making the attempt.

The Third Orb: Avoiding Pitfalls

  • Location and Approach: The third Orb of Light is situated in an area that’s accessible through navigating a series of obstacles that may include pitfalls. To reach it, players must carefully traverse the dungeon, paying close attention to the environment to avoid traps that can cause significant damage or hinder progress.
  • Strategy for Avoiding Pitfalls: Players are advised to use visual cues in the dungeon to navigate around potential pitfalls. This may involve looking for less conspicuous paths or using items like planks (if applicable) to cross over suspicious areas. The key is to proceed with caution, moving slowly if necessary, to identify and avoid hidden traps.
  • Retrieving the Orb: Once the pitfalls have been successfully navigated or avoided, players can retrieve the third Orb of Light. It is essential to ensure that the path to the orb has been cleared of traps or that a safe route has been identified before attempting to pick up the orb.

Securing the Fourth Orb: Disarming the Trap

  • Locating the Fourth Orb: The fourth and final Orb of Light is located in a more secluded part of the dungeon, typically guarded by a more evident trap that players must disarm or navigate around to secure the orb.
  • Disarming the Trap: To safely retrieve the fourth Orb of Light, players may need to interact directly with the trap. This could involve a puzzle or a specific action, such as searching or using an item on the trap to disarm it. The process might require a trial-and-error approach, with careful observation and timing being crucial to success.
  • Tips for Disarming the Trap:
    1. Observation: Before attempting to disarm the trap, observe its mechanism carefully. There may be visual or contextual clues provided that can help in figuring out how to safely neutralize the trap.
    2. Inventory Preparedness: Ensure you have any necessary items on hand before attempting to disarm the trap. This could include tools or objects found within the dungeon that are key to the puzzle.
    3. Health Management: Be prepared for the possibility of taking damage. Keep your health topped up and have healing items ready in case the attempt to disarm the trap goes awry.
  • Securing the Orb: After successfully disarming the trap or finding a way around it, players can then safely pick up the fourth Orb of Light. With all four orbs in possession, players can proceed to the next phase of the quest, which involves weakening Iban’s hold over the dungeon.

Deeper into the Dungeon

Descending into the Well

After collecting the four Orbs of Light, players must progress deeper into the dungeon by descending into a well. This action marks the transition into the lower levels of the Underground Pass, where the challenges become increasingly perilous. The descent into the well is straightforward but symbolizes a deeper plunge into the darkness and closer to the heart of Iban’s domain.

  • Action: Players need to interact with the well, choosing the option to climb down. This move is irreversible, committing the player to proceed through the dungeon’s lower levels without easy recourse to the surface.

Finding Food Supplies in Crates

Once in the lower levels of the dungeon, sustenance becomes a critical concern. Fortunately, players can find crates scattered around certain areas that contain food supplies. These supplies are essential for healing and sustaining health as players navigate through the dungeon’s challenges.

  • Location: Shortly after descending into the well, players should explore their immediate surroundings for crates. These crates are not hidden but may require a bit of exploration to locate.
  • Contents: The crates typically contain basic food items, such as bread, meat, or fish, which can be used to recover health. The exact contents can vary, but the aim is to provide players with a means to heal.

Unlocking the Prison Door

Progressing further into the dungeon requires players to unlock a prison door, which serves as a barrier to the next section of the quest. This task often involves solving a puzzle or finding a key within the dungeon’s confines.

  • Finding the Key: The key to the prison door is typically located nearby, possibly held by NPCs or found within other crates or chests in the area. Players need to search the vicinity thoroughly to find the means to unlock the door.
  • Interaction: Once the key or method of unlocking is obtained, players must interact with the prison door to unlock it. This may involve a simple “unlock” action or using the key directly on the door.
  • Beyond the Door: Unlocking the prison door grants access to new areas of the dungeon, bringing players one step closer to confronting Iban. It’s crucial to prepare for tougher challenges ahead, including potential battles with dungeon inhabitants or navigating more complex traps.

The Path of Thieving and Agility

The Shortcut for High Thieving Levels

Players with a Thieving level of 50 or higher have the advantage of accessing a shortcut within the dungeon. This shortcut allows players to bypass a significant portion of the obstacles, making the journey through the Underground Pass notably easier and faster.

  • Location and Action: The shortcut involves a locked door that can be picked with sufficient Thieving skill. Upon successfully picking the lock, players can proceed through the door, effectively skipping ahead in the dungeon and avoiding several challenges that would otherwise require careful navigation and agility.

The Stone Bridge Path for Others

For players who do not meet the Thieving level requirement for the shortcut, the alternative route involves crossing a series of precarious stone bridges. This path tests the player’s Agility and patience, as it is fraught with the risk of falling and having to restart from earlier points in the dungeon.

  • Navigating the Path: The key to successfully crossing the stone bridges lies in careful movement and possibly the use of Agility potions to enhance the player’s ability to maintain balance. Players should be prepared for the possibility of multiple attempts, as failing agility checks on the bridges can lead to falls that necessitate backtracking.

The Unicorn Trap: A Gruesome Solution

One of the more macabre puzzles within the Underground Pass involves a unicorn trapped behind a grill. To progress, players must devise a way to free the unicorn, but the solution is far from benevolent.

  • Implementing the Trap: Players find a piece of railing and use it to dislodge a boulder, which then rolls down a hill to fatally strike the unicorn. This grim action is necessary to obtain a unicorn horn, a crucial item for completing a later part of the quest.
  • Acquiring the Unicorn Horn: After the trap has been sprung and the unicorn is deceased, players can then collect the unicorn horn from the remains. The horn is used in conjunction with other items to create a potion or artifact needed to weaken or confront Iban, moving players closer to the ultimate goal of the quest.

Confrontation with the Paladins

Engaging the Paladins

In the depths of the Underground Pass, players encounter a group of three paladins: Sir Jerro, Sir Carl, and Sir Harry. These paladins are guardians within the dungeon, and engaging them is a critical step in the quest’s progression.

  • Combat Strategy: The paladins are formidable opponents, and players must be prepared for battle. It is recommended to have combat gear and sufficient food supplies. Players can use various combat strategies, including melee, ranged, or magic, depending on their strengths. Prayer can also be utilized to minimize damage taken during these fights.
  • Tactical Considerations: If possible, players might find ways to isolate and engage the paladins one at a time to reduce the difficulty of the encounters. Utilizing the dungeon’s terrain for safe spots can also be advantageous for ranged and magic users.

Collecting Paladin Badges

Upon defeating each paladin, they drop a unique badge. Collecting all three badges is essential for advancing further in the quest.

  • Badge Significance: The badges are key items that players must acquire. They serve a specific purpose later in the quest, where they are used to gain access to a critical area or to craft an important quest item.
  • Inventory Management: Given the importance of these badges, players must ensure they have enough inventory space to collect them upon defeating the paladins. It may be necessary to consume food or adjust inventory items to make room for the badges.

Facing Iban’s Disciples

Destroying the Orbs at the Furnace

  • Objective: Players must find and destroy four Orbs of Light at a furnace deep within the dungeon to weaken the magical barrier protecting Iban.
  • Process: After collecting the orbs throughout the dungeon, players locate a large furnace. Each orb is individually destroyed by using it on the furnace, contributing to the weakening of Iban’s defenses.
  • Outcome: Successfully destroying all four orbs allows players to progress deeper into the dungeon, moving one step closer to facing Iban himself.

The Witch’s House: Acquiring the Doll

  • Location: The witch’s house is found within the lower levels of the dungeon. It plays a crucial role in the quest as the location where players can acquire a doll necessary for defeating Iban.
  • Acquiring the Doll: To enter the witch’s house without incurring damage, players must distract the witch by returning her lost cat, which can be found wandering in the dungeon. Once the witch is distracted, players can safely search the house and find the doll inside a chest.
  • Significance: The doll is essential for the quest’s completion, serving as the vessel to which Iban’s essence will be bound and ultimately destroyed.

Combating the Demons for Iban’s Shadow

  • Challenge: In the dungeon, players encounter three demons, each holding a piece of Iban’s shadow. Defeating these demons is crucial for collecting all necessary components to imbue the doll with Iban’s essence.
  • Strategy: Players can use ranged or magic attacks to safely combat the demons from a distance, utilizing safe spots within the dungeon’s terrain to avoid taking damage.
  • Collecting Iban’s Shadow: Upon defeating each demon, players collect a shadow fragment. All three fragments are combined and used on the doll to imbue it with the shadow aspect of Iban’s essence.

Obtaining Iban’s Flesh, Blood, and Conscience

  • Iban’s Flesh: Obtained by using a special dwarf brew found within the dungeon on a specific tomb, then lighting it on fire to reveal Iban’s flesh. The flesh is then used on the doll.
  • Iban’s Blood: The blood is acquired by defeating a giant spider, Kalrag, deep within the dungeon. Upon defeat, the blood automatically coats the doll when the player is in possession of it.
  • Iban’s Conscience: Represented by a dove, is found by exploring the cages of tortured souls within the dungeon while wearing gloves provided by one of the dwarves encountered earlier in the quest. Once found, the dove (Iban’s Conscience) is used on the doll.

The Final Showdown

Preparing the Doll with Iban’s Elements

After gathering all necessary components representing Iban’s essence — his shadow, flesh, blood, and conscience — players must imbue the doll, acquired from the witch’s house, with these elements to create a powerful artifact capable of defeating Iban.

  • Process: The preparation involves a ritualistic enhancement of the doll:
    1. Iban’s Shadow: Collected from defeating the three demons, the shadow pieces are combined and bound to the doll.
    2. Iban’s Flesh: Acquired by igniting the tomb with dwarf brew, the flesh is then attached to the doll.
    3. Iban’s Blood: Obtained from the defeat of the spider Kalrag, the blood coats the doll when in the player’s possession.
    4. Iban’s Conscience: Represented by a dove found within the cages, once located, it’s used on the doll to imbue it with Iban’s conscience.

Each element’s addition to the doll is a crucial step toward rendering Iban vulnerable, effectively stripping him of his protections and powers.

Confronting Iban: Using the Doll

With the doll fully prepared, players are now equipped to face Iban in the climax of the Underground Pass quest. The confrontation takes place deep within the dungeon, in Iban’s inner sanctum, where the forces of darkness are strongest.

  • Location: Iban is confronted in his temple, a dark and ominous chamber located at the heart of the Underground Pass. Players must navigate the dungeon’s depths to reach this final battleground.
  • Action: The ultimate act to defeat Iban involves using the prepared doll on Iban’s tomb or altar within his temple. This symbolic gesture channels the essence captured within the doll back against Iban, exploiting his vulnerabilities and breaking his hold over the pass.
  • Outcome: Successfully using the doll triggers a dramatic sequence where Iban’s power is undone, leading to his defeat. This act not only liberates the Underground Pass from his dark influence but also opens the path to the western lands of Tirannwn, fulfilling the quest’s primary objective.

Quest Completion

Escaping the Dungeon

After defeating Iban and breaking his dark influence over the Underground Pass, players must navigate their way out of the dungeon. The exit path involves retracing some of the steps taken to enter Iban’s lair but is generally straightforward, given the major obstacles have been overcome with Iban’s defeat.

  • Guidance: Players may receive some guidance from NPCs within the dungeon on the quickest route out. Following the defeat of Iban, certain barriers that previously hindered progress may no longer be in place, facilitating an easier exit.

Reporting Back to King Lathas

Once free from the dungeon’s confines, players are tasked with returning to King Lathas in Ardougne to report the successful completion of their mission. King Lathas can be found in his castle, where the quest initially began.

  • Dialogue: Upon meeting with King Lathas, players inform him of Iban’s defeat and the clearing of the Underground Pass, securing a safer path to the western lands. King Lathas expresses his gratitude and discusses the implications of this victory for Ardougne and the broader region.

Rewards and Post-Quest Advice

Completing the “Underground Pass” quest grants players several rewards, including experience points in specific skills and items beneficial for further adventures.

  • Rewards:
    • Experience Points: Players receive experience points in skills such as Agility and Attack, aiding in their character’s progression.
    • Items: The Iban’s staff, a powerful magical weapon, is among the notable rewards, enabling the casting of Iban Blast, a potent spell useful in various combat situations.
  • Post-Quest Advice:
    • Players are advised to keep Iban’s staff safe, as it’s a unique item that can be costly to replace if lost. The staff may also be upgraded later in the game to hold more charges, increasing its utility in combat.
    • The completion of “Underground Pass” opens up new questing opportunities, including “Regicide,” which further explores the political intrigue and challenges in the elven lands. Players are encouraged to prepare for these subsequent adventures by enhancing their skills and gathering necessary equipment.

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