OSRS Animal Magnetism Guide

Animal Magnetism is a quest within OSRS that revolves around assisting Ava, an inventor for Draynor Manor, in creating a device that can automatically collect ammo for the player. This device proves invaluable for players who use ranged weapons, as it significantly reduces the loss of ammunition during combat. The quest is known for its unique blend of requirements, including skills, prerequisite quests, and a variety of items needed to complete it.

Overview of Animal Magnetism in OSRS

The quest requires players to undertake a series of tasks ranging from gathering specific items to interacting with various NPCs across the game world. Players will navigate through locations such as Draynor Manor, Port Phasmatys, and the Ectofuntus to collect materials like ecto tokens and undead chickens. The narrative involves helping Ava find a suitable material for her bed, which turns out to involve the collection of undead chickens from Morytania, crafting a special magnet, and obtaining twigs from undead trees. The quest is not only about gathering items but also involves solving a puzzle related to translating Ava’s research notes.

Quest Rewards

Upon successful completion of the “Animal Magnetism” quest, players are rewarded with the following:

  • Ava’s Device: Players receive either Ava’s Attractor or Ava’s Accumulator, depending on their Ranged level. This device automatically picks up most of the arrows fired by the player, with Ava’s Attractor being given to those below level 50 Ranged and Ava’s Accumulator to those level 50 and above. Both devices offer a Ranged attack bonus, with the accumulator providing the higher bonus of the two.
  • Experience Rewards: Players are awarded 1,000 XP in Crafting, Fletching, and Slayer, along with 2,500 XP in Woodcutting.
  • Additional Rewards: The quest also grants 1 Quest Point, potentially an undead chicken (which can be used as a fun weapon), and the capability to upgrade Ava’s Attractor to an Accumulator for players who reach level 50 Ranged post-quest.

Quest Requirements

Skill Levels Needed

To start the “Animal Magnetism” quest, players need to meet the following skill requirements:

  • 18 Slayer
  • 19 Crafting
  • 30 Ranged
  • 35 Woodcutting
  • Additionally, 31 Prayer is required if making your own Holy Symbol, although this can be circumvented by purchasing one from the Grand Exchange.

Prerequisite Quests

Players must have completed the following quests:

  • The Restless Ghost
  • Priest in Peril
  • Ernest the Chicken

These quests lay the foundation for “Animal Magnetism” by introducing players to essential characters and locations used throughout the quest.

Items Required

For Quest Completion

The following items are necessary to complete the quest:

  • Mithril axe
  • Polished buttons (obtainable from the Grand Exchange or by pickpocketing H.A.M. members)
  • Ghostspeak amulet (from The Restless Ghost quest)
  • 4 bones (any type), 4 buckets, 4 pots (for making Ecto tokens if you don’t already have them)
  • Hard leather, 5 iron bars, a Holy Symbol, and a hammer
  • Ecto tokens (20 needed for the quest, but having extra can be beneficial for certain quest steps)
For Making Ecto Tokens

If you do not have Ecto tokens:

  • At least 4 bones of any kind (the more bones you have, the more Ecto tokens you can make)
  • Buckets of slime (can be bought or collected at the Ectofuntus)
  • Empty pots to collect bone meal after grinding bones

To expedite travel and improve efficiency during the quest, the following items and teleports are recommended:

  • Charged Amulet of Glory or Lumbridge teleports for quick access to Draynor Manor
  • Games necklace or Falador teleport to reach Burthorpe
  • Ectophial (if you’ve completed Ghosts Ahoy) or Varrock teleport for quick access to the Ectofuntus
  • Skills necklace or teleport to your house (if it’s in Rimmington) for swift travel to the Rimmington mine
  • Stamina potions and weight-reducing gear to maintain energy levels during extensive travel
  • Extra money (around 3K) for miscellaneous expenses such as charter ships and purchasing items not readily available

Starting the Animal Magnetism Quest

Location and NPC to Start

  • Location: The quest begins at Draynor Manor, which is located to the north of Draynor Village.
  • NPC to Start: The quest is started by talking to Ava, who can be found in the western room on the ground floor of Draynor Manor. Access to Ava’s room is somewhat hidden; players need to interact with a bookcase in the manor to reveal a secret door that leads to her.

Initial Conversation

  • Dialogue with Ava: Upon finding Ava, you initiate the quest by expressing your willingness to help improve her home. Ava reveals her ambition to create a device capable of automatically collecting ammo, a project that directly involves the player. The initial conversation sets the stage for the quest, with Ava explaining the need for various items to complete her invention.
  • Quest Acceptance: During the initial talk, players are prompted to accept the quest by showing interest in helping Ava. She outlines the basic premise and the first steps required to commence the quest, including the gathering of specific items and visiting certain locations.

Acquiring Ecto Tokens

  • Charter Ship to Port Phasmatys: If you don’t already have Ecto tokens, you will need to navigate to Port Phasmatys. Players can use a charter ship to travel to Port Phasmatys. This requires a fee, and the closest and most commonly used departure point is from the docks of Karamja, accessible via an Amulet of Glory teleport to Musa Point.
  • Alternative Routes: For those who have completed the “Ghosts Ahoy” quest, using the Ectophial to teleport directly to the Ectofuntus area provides a quicker alternative.

Grinding Bones and Collecting Slime

  • Grinding Bones: Upon arrival in Port Phasmatys, head to the Ectofuntus. Players must grind bones (any type) using the bone grinder located in the Ectofuntus tower. This process converts the bones into bone meal, which is essential for worshiping the Ectofuntus.
  • Collecting Slime: After grinding the bones, players need to collect slime from the slime pool located beneath the Ectofuntus. This involves descending into the Ectofuntus dungeon and using buckets to scoop up slime. The slime, combined with the ground bones (bone meal), is used in the worshiping process.

Worshiping the Ectofuntus

  • The Worshiping Process: With bone meal and buckets of slime in hand, players worship at the Ectofuntus by offering these items. This act of worship grants Prayer experience and is essential for earning Ecto tokens.
  • Ectofuntus Mechanics: To worship, players must climb to the top of the Ectofuntus tower and use the bone meal and slime on the Ectofuntus. Each offering of bone meal and slime results in the player receiving Ecto tokens, which are collected from a nearby NPC.

Obtaining Ecto Tokens from Ghost Disciple

  • Speaking to the Ghost Disciple: After worshiping at the Ectofuntus, players must speak to a Ghost Disciple nearby. It is crucial to wear the Ghostspeak amulet during this interaction to communicate effectively with the disciple.
  • Receiving Ecto Tokens: The Ghost Disciple provides players with Ecto tokens in exchange for their worship at the Ectofuntus. These tokens are a currency used in Port Phasmatys and are vital for progressing in the “Animal Magnetism” quest.

Dealing with Alice’s Husband

Finding and Speaking with Alice

  • Location: Alice and her husband are located at the farm west of Port Phasmatys. Alice can be found inside the farm shop.
  • Initial Interaction: The player’s first task is to talk to Alice about acquiring undead chickens, which are needed for the quest. Alice will explain that her husband, who is now a ghost, is the one who actually tends to the chickens.

The Back-and-Forth Dialogues

  • Dialogue Chain: A significant portion of this quest phase involves relaying messages between Alice and her ghost husband due to their inability to communicate directly. The player acts as a messenger.
  • Key Conversations:
    • First, the player must speak to Alice’s husband in the cow pen and then return to Alice with his response.
    • This back-and-forth continues, with the player discussing bank savings and a bank pass (an amusing misunderstanding as banks in OSRS do not use passes).

Acquiring the Special Amulet

  • Modified Ghostspeak Amulet: To resolve the communication issue between Alice and her husband, the player must acquire a special amulet.
  • Visiting the Old Crone: The player is directed to visit the Old Crone, who lives in a small house east of the Slayer Tower. After explaining the situation, the Crone modifies the Ghostspeak amulet, allowing Alice and her husband to communicate directly.
  • Delivering the Amulet: The player returns to the farm and gives the modified amulet to Alice’s husband, enabling the couple to discuss their financial matters without further player intervention.

Buying Undead Chickens

  • Finalizing the Purchase: With the communication barrier removed, the player can now negotiate the purchase of undead chickens from Alice’s husband.
  • Ecto Tokens as Currency: The transaction requires Ecto tokens, which the player should have acquired earlier in the quest. The husband agrees to sell the chickens in exchange for these tokens.
  • Completing the Task: After obtaining the undead chickens by trading Ecto tokens, the player can return to Ava with the required items to proceed with the quest.

Gathering Other Required Items for Animal Magnetism Quest

Crafting the Selected Iron

  • Interaction with the Witch: After dealing with Alice’s husband and obtaining the undead chickens, players must interact with a witch located in Draynor Manor to progress to the next step. The witch plays a crucial role in crafting the selected iron, which is needed to create a magnet.
  • Providing Iron Bars: Players are required to give the witch five iron bars. In exchange, she performs a ritual that imbues the iron with magical properties, making it “selected” and ready for magnetization.

Turning Iron into a Magnet

  • Visit to Rimmington Mine: With the selected iron in hand, players must next travel to the Rimmington mine. This location is chosen for its natural magnetic fields, which are essential for the next step.
  • Creating the Magnet: Upon reaching the center of the mine, players need to face north and use a hammer on the selected iron. This action, performed in the correct geographic orientation, transforms the selected iron into a bar magnet. The orientation and location are critical for aligning the iron’s magnetic fields properly.

Cutting Undead Twigs

  • Locating an Undead Tree: The final item required is undead twigs, which can be obtained from undead trees found near Draynor Manor. These trees are recognizable by their appearance and the unique interaction option.
  • Attempting to Chop the Tree: Players must use their axe to attempt to chop an undead tree. However, instead of yielding wood, the axe bounces off, signaling the player to return to Ava for further instructions.
  • Blessed Axe and Collecting Twigs: Following Ava’s guidance, players obtain a blessed axe, which can cut the undead trees. Returning to the trees and using this new axe allows players to successfully gather undead twigs.

Finalizing the Animal Magnetism Quest

Creating the Container

  • Combining Items: After obtaining all necessary materials, the next step is to create a container for Ava’s device. This involves using the polished buttons and hard leather, which the player has previously acquired, in combination with the research notes that Ava will provide. The process of combining these items is straightforward and done through the player’s inventory interface.

Deciphering the Research Notes

  • Interpreting Ava’s Notes: Ava hands over her research notes, but they’re in a jumbled state and need deciphering. The player is tasked with arranging the notes correctly to understand how to assemble the device.
  • Puzzle Solution: The solution to the research notes puzzle involves clicking on specific sections of the notes to rearrange them into a coherent order. The correct arrangement is essential for progressing to the next step of the quest. This puzzle represents Ava’s technical plans for the device, and solving it simulates the player’s understanding of these plans.

Assembling Ava’s Device

  • Returning to Ava: With the container created and the research notes deciphered, players must go back to Ava in Draynor Manor.
  • Final Assembly: Presenting the correctly deciphered notes and the container to Ava triggers the final assembly of the device. Ava combines these with the undead twigs and the magnet to create either Ava’s attractor or Ava’s accumulator, depending on the player’s Ranged level.
  • Quest Completion: Handing over the assembled components to Ava concludes the quest. She finalizes the device, which becomes a significant tool for players, especially those who use ranged weapons frequently. The device automatically collects ammunition, reducing the cost and hassle of replenishing arrows or bolts.

Quest Completion

Rewards and Their Benefits

  • Ava’s Device: Players receive either Ava’s Attractor or Ava’s Accumulator, depending on their Ranged level. This device automatically retrieves arrows, bolts, and thrown weapons for the player, significantly reducing the amount of ammunition lost during ranged combat.
    • Ava’s Attractor: Given to players under level 50 Ranged. It also provides a small ranged attack bonus.
    • Ava’s Accumulator: Awarded to players with level 50 Ranged or higher, offering a higher ranged attack bonus compared to the attractor.
  • Experience Rewards: The quest completion grants players 1,000 XP in Crafting, Fletching, and Slayer, and 2,500 XP in Woodcutting, aiding in the advancement of these skills.
  • Quest Point: Players are awarded one quest point, contributing to their overall quest progression.
  • Undead Chicken: An amusing, albeit less practical, reward is the undead chicken, which can serve as a fun weapon or a quirky inventory item.

How to Replace Ava’s Device if Lost

  • If Ava’s device is lost or destroyed, players can return to Ava in Draynor Manor to obtain a replacement.
  • Replacement Cost: Ava will require 75 steel arrows and a fee of 999 coins for the replacement. This ensures that players can always regain the device if necessary, albeit at a small cost.

Tips and Tricks for Animal Magnetism

Efficient Item Gathering

  • Preparation: Before embarking on the quest, gather all the required items to avoid unnecessary backtracking. Checking the Grand Exchange for items like polished buttons can save time.
  • Ecto Tokens: If starting the quest without Ecto tokens, consider bringing extra bones and pots to maximize the prayer experience and ensure you have enough tokens for the quest and any future needs in Port Phasmatys.
  • Teleportation Items: Bring various teleportation items to swiftly navigate between quest locations. These include an Amulet of Glory, Ectophial (if you have completed “Ghosts Ahoy”), and teleportation scrolls or runes to key areas like Lumbridge, Varrock, and Falador.
  • Combat and Utility Gear: While combat isn’t a primary focus of the quest, having lightweight armor and a weapon can help deal with any aggressive NPCs encountered during the quest. The inclusion of a stamina potion can also be beneficial for maintaining energy while traveling.
  • Quest Items: Ensure your inventory contains all the specific quest items mentioned in the requirements, such as a mithril axe, ghostspeak amulet, and all the materials for making the container and other components of Ava’s device.

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